Thursday, December 31, 2009

Taliban or Black water??

On Muharram 10, A big tragedy hit Karachi.Soon after the blast in Shia procession more than 3000 shops were burnt by few unknown people [point to think over, are they really unknown??] in Bolton Market of  Khi.
Plastic,paper,medicine,cloth and armory market  had to suffer from great loss.

As a result an extreme scarcity of  all the above mentioned items is expected which will cause inflation.It is said that approximately more than 30 arab PKR loss was caused by this destruction and terrorist activity.

Questiona are,
1.who were those people from inside or outside the procession having plenty of chemicals enough for burning full markets?

2.When after the blast in procession all institutes,industries,offices and all other activities were off,then who printed those "banners and pamphlets" in such a big no. that only in one night they were not only printed but were also distributed and pasted on almost every chowk of the city claiming that this activity is done by "Taliban"?

3.When closed circuit cameras were specially arranged to strictly monitor the procession, then why they were turned off when they were most needed?

4.Why didn't Police take any action when they were called for help by poor shopkeepers whose all life-saving was being burnt by terrorists?

5.Who were those armed persons at fire brigade offices, who forced shopkeepers to run away from the office without even registering a fire-complain?

6.Why fire-brigade sent help after three hours of fire?

This all shows, that higher authorities were involved in this cruel terrorist activity,or at least if there were no involvement of higher authorities then their permission was involved for sure!!

It is the hidden agenda/propaganda which has now become obvious to blame everything on Talibans. Who're Talibans? I never knew that they exist in such a big no.? I just cant understand like every common Pakistani, that why our govt without any investigation says that every blast was a "SUICIDAL ATTACK" and every terrorist activity was by  "TALIBAN"

On the other hand, great attention should be given on the activities of "BLACK WATER"  we have open proofs of their mysterious activities but we have sewn our lips and closed our eyes when it comes to Blackwater?
again govt is involved!!
Blackwater trucks loaded with don't-know-what travels in all the country specially in Lhr,Isb and Khi.but they never let anyone to inspect what they are carrying in trucks and where?That day i was reading in newspaper that almost till four hours, security agents tried to check their luggage but they didnt allow them, then a call from some govt official came on mobile to let them go!WHY???
Secondly, blackwater is openly using fake number plates on their cars and they have denied to use the original ones OPENLY!


In my opinion Pak govt and blackwater are the name of two bodies but one soul!
To hear things like "pakistan na khappay [may pakistan dont live long]", and Pakistan was made for secularism from our govt people is heart cracking.whatever comes in their mouth, they say without thinking.

We got Pakistan on the name of Islam and was  the only state which came into being on an ideology basis but how sad we have forgotten all.
I expect that the youth of Pakistan and the upcoming generation will be much better than these old folks who have sell their conscience at the cost of few dollars?

We Should face It Bravely to save the Honour of PAKISTAN and of ISLAM.Do your Duty and have Faith in PAKISTAN.It has Come to stay.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Love & Sympathy are better healers than medicines.

Surviving in the blue times with no hopes of survival is in fact a big deal.One must have firm belief on Allah who has created him.You should be very very optimistic about the ship that will, somehow magically appear over the mighty waves of the sea to take you away from all the worries and one should believe, that far away in the midst of the burning desert ,its not a mirage but a real little pond of water Allah has created for you in the fraction of a second!

As the followers of  Holy books and divine religions we believe on the One and Only Allah/God,but at the same time,there is something, something inside & hidden which Allah has left for us to uncover & to unfold which helps us in strengthening all these beliefs and hopes..  and guess what, they are little two pearls "LOVE & SYMPATHY" which are scattered everywhere but unfortunately only few people in the world own them.

I myself didn't know the real importance of love and the words of sympathy before the time of my accident, but when unfortunately i got my left arm's bone totally broken, i experienced personally that how beautifully they can affect your life.I was asked to stay in hospital for 3 days after surgery but God bless my friends who came to see me and showered me with the power of these pearls, and so i was discharged the very second day of surgery as i was recovering fast.

I bet we can make this world a heavenly place to live just even with the little amount of love and sympathy we share!! we only need a little workout.. We just need to find out,if there is someone who needs these pearls more than us..

"The more we share,the more they increase"

Dedicated to my family and friends Zunaira,Ayesha,Tatheer,Faryal,Erum,Tabassum etc and to Connie- who kept asking about my recovery time to time &as well as to all others who are one of the real true owners of the pearls "love & sympathy"

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shoe hurled at Clifford May.

KARACHI, Pakistan: The culture of throwing shows at opponents has covered a long journey having started from Arab, it has now arrived in Karachi, Pakistan as an un successful bid of hurling shoe at a US scholar was made at Karachi University.

A student hurled shoe at a US scholar, journalist and the president Foundation of US Democracy (FoUSD) Clifford May when he was delivering lecture on democracy but he remained unharmed.

The lecture organizer Monis Ahmer confirmed to Geo news that a student threw a shoe at a US journalist but he escaped unhurt.

He said hurling shoes at guests is a condemnable act and we excused our guest over the incident.


The issue is very thought provoking.Its not only about throwing a shoe but it compels all of us to think beyond the surface value.

If we view it in the light of "mannerism" then no doubt it is strongly a shameful act and should be strongly condemned.This will only be the surface value of the issue.As we have to think beyond the surface value,we must dig the facts to prove ourselves as well-aware citizens.

Question is why Hussain had to take such a step?If we think about it deeply,i bet we can solve our many problems without being the victim of inferiority complex and we will never need to bend our heads before superpowers!!

He asked a very simple question about the bloodshed in Palestine.Instead of replying Mr Clifford May passed a sarcastic smile which doesn't suit at a scholars profession.It clearly showed how low he thinks about Muslims

You have my support Husaain!

If America is imposing keyry-lugar bill on us,Blackwater intruding our country,moreover the "noble peace award wanner " Mr Barak Obama killing our innocent people by deadly dangerous drone missiles then why aren't we allowed to express even our hatred?Ameica wants to get hold of our nuclear plants, plus America is preparing a device which can destroy others' atomic plants and storages.Can anyone tell me who has given this authority to America?Mr.Barak Obama, see how much disaster you have caused to all world.What have you done in Iraq,Afghanistan and now you are trying to clutch us.Its YOU and your policies which have created hatred among all Pakistanis for Americans.Therefore Hussain is no any culprit.

Our leaders can be blind for your aid, but we aren't mind it!

I agree as an educated citizen one must show some level of maturity and should avoid such things.For this purpose, one should sign petitions,writers should create awareness,people can form groups to work together for achieving a cause and also letters can be written to authorities.Many things can be done,no doubt. But what to do of those history records which reveal that no benefit we are going to get by all these efforts?

Several applications,letters and petitions were signed for Dr.Afia siddiqui's release, but we all know that nothing is going to be changed.

In situation like this, what a person can do other than expressing hatred only?

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

The ancient city of Banbhore.

This is the article i wrote few years back which was published in DAWN'S "young world".I count it as one of my achievements therefore want to share here.


Ancient cities are of major importance for everyone. They describe old civilisations, traditions and cultures. Centuries ago, these cities too had a civilisation and culture of their own, yet now they are mere excavation sites. However, even then a lot can be learned from these places.

There are many ancient and historical places in Pakistan. Each one is of great importance, but today we will talk about a city “Banbhore” situated in Sindh.

Banbhore is more than 2,100 years old. Around the 10th century Banbhore was the capital of a chief Bamboo Raja and was named Bhambor after him. The city was later destroyed in 1250AD. It is an ancient city through which Islam entered the sub-continent when Mohammad Bin Qasim invaded it. The first mosque of South East Asia was also built during this period. After the young general conquered the city, Muslims built more mosques, other residential buildings and fifteen walls around the town.

Banbhore is situated at a distance of about 64 km east of Karachi. It’s an archaeological site and reveals that it was once a well-planned city.

Some scholars identify Banbhore with Debal, the port city where the 17-year-old Arab Conqueror Mohammad Bin Qasim landed in 712 AD. He was a general in the army of Hajjaj Bin Yousuf. Hajjaj Bin Yousuf was the governor of Iraq and was known for his strict administrative qualities. At that time Sindh was ruled by Raja Dahir, a Hindu Raja who was notorious for his cruelty and oppressive rule. Muslims were the most oppressed class in Dahir’s domain and were treated in a cruel and barbaric manner.

However, Hajjaj sent two expeditions under Ubaidullah Nibhal and Budial Bin Tahfa, which ailed when their commanders died in battle against Hindus.

Hajjaj then decided to send another army under the leadership of Mohammad Bin Qasim who was only 17 at that time. He attacked India on 10 Ramazanul Mubarak, 92 Hijri, October 28, 711 AD, and laid a strong siege around Debal, which was the strong fortification of Hindu armies. A catapult (manjaniq) known as Al Aroos was used to dislodge the Hindu armies. Eventually Debal was conquered and Dahir was killed. Mohammed Bin Qasim then occupied the delta towns, marched north up the Indus and within a few weeks reached Multan.

Banbhore was first inhabited by central Asian Sythians and Parthyans; later this site became the last conquest of Alexander the great from where he went back westwards and died on his way to Iran.

Banbhore is also associated with the famous romance of Sassi and Punnu. Sassi belonged to Banbhore, but their graves are in “Othal” in Balochistan.


Just after entering the museum you can find a model map of Banbhore enclosed in a glass case. There are many guides appointed by the Pakistan government who provide loads of information to the tourists on the age-old civilisation.

The museum at the site also displays pottery, china ware, beads, coins and many other articles used by the people of this ancient land. When we walk around the museum we learn that Banbhore was a well-planned and advanced city. The people had nice tools and equipments to cope up with the daily challenges. For cooling the water, they had a mud-clay-cooler with a long stem at the bottom of the same material. The stem was used to fix in the sand, which kept the water cold. You can also find toys, needles, buttons, etc. These objects take you back in time and one even forgets to bat an eye while observing.


Now, after getting information from the museum, one moves towards the archaeological site. You can hire a guide here too; he will lead you to the site and tell you about different discoveries. You can find the excavations of the first mosque of South East Asia, the bricks which have been used are very modern and remain cool in summer and become hot in winter.

Temple ornaments

Other than the mosques there were other places of worships such as temples too. During excavations certain objects and statues were found that hailed the presence of temples in this age-old civilisation.


Market places in this area consisted of huge areas of land. Road networking and the drainage system are other aspects of the city that signify the high level of intelligence that the people of the area possessed.

These discoveries shed light not only on the Muslim era but also on pre-Muslim times. These tell the tale about the civilisations of early centuries of the Christian era. Some human skeletons have also been found in streets and houses. The Hindu temple of the pre-Muslim era has also been unearthed along with coins belonging to the Khilafat period. Other stone, glass and ivory objects, pottery, jewellery, arms and certain human skeletons with arrows in their heads show that this town came to a violent end.

Banbhore has given our museums a strong archaeological heritage, one that attracts tourists from all corners and all continents of the world.

direct link to dawn
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Friday, September 4, 2009

"Roti, kapra aur makaan"

The above picture may sound funny for some people but those who have deeper insight will think beyond what these words explain.

It is a bitter truth that public representatives, NGOs, who are totally devoted to the services of the mankind, and the writers whose job is to write on the problems of a common man, are unable to illuminate this fact and clearly. The point to be noted is that how beautifully this Rickshaw driver, who might, obviously, not be very educated and skillful in explaining his point of view, has said all what they failed to say. At the same time, he has compelled many of us to ponder over this issue.

By a rough idea, it is not only this rickshaw driver who stands his voice but it is the voice of 40% Pakistan’s population, which is passing its life below the poverty line.

In Pakistan leaders come and leaders go, governments keep on changing but they all work on one single agenda, i.e. to fill their own pockets and bank accounts, & to impose as many taxes on the public as possible. At the time of election, they make big and magnanimous promises; therefore, people expect them to eradicate all the mentioned evils from the society and solve the problems that they earlier promised to solve. But after successfully be-fooling the innocent people, it is very easy for them to state “We inherited problems of load-shedding, water shortage, poverty, illiteracy (and the list goes on) from the previous government, so its not possible to get control over them soon” but history records are enough to show that even in the period of 10 years appropriate steps are not taken.

Question is,
“Are they unaware at the time of election that they are going to inherit a bundle of problems which they have to solve?”
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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Shameless PTV!

This is to draw everyone’s attention towards a PTV series Partition Stories. It is being aired daily after 9 o’clock news.

As obvious from the name, this serial is allegedly about “happenings” during the making of Pakistan. I’ve been watching it for the last two to three days and I can’t explain in words how brutally PTV HOME has crushed my feelings, and I’m sure same would be the feelings of every individual who has a heart which beats for Pakistan!

The saddest thing about this series is that in all the stories so far have focused only on “Hindu families” and the problems they had to face. I don’t deny the fact that many Hindus lost their lives as well, many innocent children and girls were killed but I oppose strongly the way PTV is trying to create a negative image of Muslims, negative feelings about the creation of Pakistan.

I wouldn’t mind if the message that came across from these programs was that although both Hindu and Muslim lives were lost, we are still lucky to have Pakistan and everyone should be an equal citizen now. Unfortunately this is not the case, and on the pretext of sympathizing with minorities this series is only telling us that the whole thing about 1947 was a futile loss of life. The inevitable conclusion which is driven home by these programs is that for the sake of Islam, so many lives of non-Muslims were lost and it would have been better if the demand for Pakistan wasn’t made in the first place.

Freedom of expression must be respected and it would have been quite another thing if this program was aired by some private channel at any other time in the year – or released on DVD. Yet, this is being promoted on a daily basis in the week before the Independence Day by the official television channel of the nation. In other words this is an attempt to subvert the meaning of independence and to nullify the very meaning of Pakistan.

The timing of this program is a bit intriguing as well: why is this program being aired so soon after the "tragedy of Gojra" which in itself is being suspected to be a conspiracy for disrupting the unity of Pakistan?

The younger generation which hasn’t even finished schooling is already very successful targets of Indian satellite channels and programs. At this time at least our media should come forward and perform its duty honestly, but instead it is trying to move our hearts away from Pakistan. Shameless and irresponsible behavior, I must say!

In the last night’s story, Hindu women were shown jumping in the wells and rivers to save their honor and to protect their chastity from Muslim hoodlums – I dare question if the drama has taken a balanced view of the realities of those times. Nor can it be said that this lopsided view of things has been presented in order to foster goodwill among the present day Hindus and Muslims living in Pakistan – even a child can see that this is not the way to foster nice feelings and I hope that the producers of this series will at least not try to insult our intelligence by taking that plea!

Is PTV manipulating these facts to gain the love from Indian government and media?

This will provoke countless Muslims in Pakistan and elsewhere to remember the other victims whom the producers of this series seem to erase from our memories: innocent Muslim girls who, in much greater numbers, filled the wells by jumping into them to save their honor and respect; infants who were thrown in air in front of their mothers and collected on spears; those countless Muslims who had to die because they moved their tongue for Pakistan. Is it too much to expect from PTV that they would show difficulties we had to face when our ancestors were shifting to Pakistan from India? (“Difficulty” is in fact a very little word for the hardships they had to suffer).

I request you all to please take a step against this series of PTV, write letters to newspapers and let this series be stopped NOW! I think that the nation is within its rights to demand an unconditional apology from PTV and the writers, directors and producers of this series.

I request PTV’s directors, managers and producers to please not to waste the efforts and the sacrifices of our ancestors. Not at least in front them: some people who took part in Pakistan movement are still alive, please respect them, respect Pakistan and Love Pakistan.
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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bhutto's soul and Justice Rtd Jawed Iqbal

I was finding more facts and figures about the NDEs and I wanted one from Pakistan.
I’m sure it’ll interest you all.

Rtd. Justice Dr Jawed Iqbal writes in his book “apna graiban chaak”

“In the Lahore High court case, the bench under the leadership of Molvi Mushtaq Hussain proved Bhutto guilty and sentenced him to death. The other members of the bench were Zaki-ud-din Pal, S.M.H Qureshi, Gulbaz Khan, and Shahid Karam Ilahi Chohan. Molvi Mushtaq Husain was the friend of friends and a foe of foes. It was against his nature to forgive an enemy.
He further writes; that few events in life have made me believe on the “existence of souls”. In this regard, the first incident is related to Bhutto’s sentence. No one among us knew the exact date of his death sentence but one night in the beginning of April I and Nasira were sleeping, almost around 3:00 am I felt as if someone has thrown away the sheet from over me. It made me frightened and I immediately opened the eyes.I saw that Bhutto in a shirt with open collars and open sleeves buttons telling me angrily in English language “Look what they have done to me”
Meanwhile Nasira woke up too. She asked what happened. Did you see any scary dream? I replied just before few moments Bhutto was present here, it seems that he has been put to death..

It shows that souls have some connection with those who are alive, and this connection even sometimes continue with their appearance in one’s dream.
My mother tells that after the death of my paternal grandfather My eldest uncle (son of grandfather) saw in his dream that grand father is asking him to pay the loan he took from a friend living in “Gharib Abad” during his life but he couldn’t pay it.(as he died by an accident)
Amazingly,when the uncle woke up,he took out grandfather’s diary and was shocked to notice that he really took some money from a friend of “Gharib abad” about which he was asking him to pay it back.
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Friday, July 3, 2009

An interview from a hellish NDEr.

Most of the NDErs told they felt themselves rising up in the heavens and they find themselves in reluctance to come back.
According to "Evergreen researchers" there was only "one" Hellish NDE,which they define as an NDE that contains extreme fear,panic,or anger and may also contain visions of demonic creatures.In that a man reported that he was ushered into hell by mistake during the second of three NDEs.His is an enlightening and entertaining interview:

Respondent: The second experience was different,i went downstairs!Downstairs was dark,people were howling,there was fire,they wanted a drink of water...then somebody came to me,i dont know who it was,he pushed me aside and said,"you are not coming down,you are going back upstairs"
Interviewer:Did he actually use those words?
Respondent:Yeah "you are going back upstairs.we dont want you here because you are not mean enough"
Interviewer:did you first experience the black and then...
Respondent:Pitch black!frist we went was pitch black.
Interviewer: did you go down a tunnel?
Respondent: it was not a tunnel,more than a tunnel,a great big one.I was floating down..there was a man there waiting,he says,"he is not the one"
Interviewer: Could you see the ppl that were yelling?
Respondent: i seen alot of people down there,screaming,howling...
Interviewer:Were they also in clothes?
Respondent:No,No,no.No clothes at all!!!
Interviewer: They were nude?
Interviewer:and they were how many,could you guess?
Respondent:Oh Christ,you cant count them!they were all so miserable and hateful,they were asking me for water..
Interviewer:And there was a presence watching over them?
Respondent:Yes he was there.he had his little horns on...
Interviewer:He had horns on!Do... who do you think... Do you recognize this person?
Respondent:Oh yes i know him anywhere.
Interviewer:Who was it?
Respondent:The devil himself!!

Experiences like these are rare ones.The evergreen researchers combined their research with Moody's and Ring's and found that only 0.3% described their NDEs as being "hellish"

NeXt:Encounter of Zulfiqar Ali bhutto's soul with Justice(Rtd).Javed Iqbal
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Sunday, June 28, 2009

MY own NDE.

Its strange and whenever i remember it i get a bit afraid.It was all so clear that i remember even the narrow details.

I had a "nose-surgery" in September 2007 at Liaqat National Hospital khi,As i was suffering from severe "sneezing" cause of dust allergy.DRs told that my nose bone as well as the flesh inside is growing with time so i need surgery.

For doing surgery i was made unconscious fully,it cant be done only by making nose area numb.Surgery went fine (thanks to Allah).My NDE started when i was being shifted to my own room from the operation theater.Anesthesia was losing its effect and i started to come in consciousness,but then i became unconscious again for a long time.

I saw myself lying on bed,with my head moving on either of sides with great speed.i cant describe how much painful it was.Then i saw A total "BLACK-BEING" standing on my left side and few "light-beings" standing at my right side.The black thing was all black dressed in black,eyes black,teeth black but still i could recognize his each body part,whereas the light beings were Tall so tall!i felt comfort to see those beings.As my head was moving at left and right,They both were waiting for my head to chose one side and stay there.The black being was smiling with terrible teeth out and he was sure that i will choose his side.But luckily my head stopped at the right side.Then i heard a laugh from those white beings and they ordered the black being to go away.They said "This person is OURS" and they smiled.

The Black-Being disappeared.Then the dialogues between me and the white-beings started.
Their first question to me.
1.Who is your GoD?
I recited "sura Ikhlas" in reply.(These verses of Quran are about the Oneness of Allah)
Second question was about Prophet and i recited first kalima in reply.

Then they asked me to offer prayers,i literally heard Azan.But i replied that i'm sick and i cant perform wazoo.They still ordered me to offer prayers on bed and so i did but only one Rakat.

Later my mom told me that it was the time of "zohar prayers" during my unconsciousness.

After i answered all questions correctly,they smiled so much and with them i smiled and laughed too.Then they prepared to go,i stopped them and asked 2 questions from them.
my first question was will i die? They replied happily "No",second question i can't tell :)

Then thew flew out from the window of my room,and i opened my eyes immediately.I found my mom reciting Holy Quran besides me,and it comforted me much.

Here my NDE ended.
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

who,How many and Why?

First it was thought there are only few numbers of NDEs but as the researches were made and this mystery came into light,Psychiatrists started playing their role in more effective way and provided awareness to people many NDEs were encouraged to discuss their own experiences.

A research by Pollster George Gallup,Jr,tells that eight million adults in the united states have had an NDE.That equals one person in 20.He was further able to analyze the content of these NDES by polling for their elements.Here is what he found:

1. Out of body 26 %
2.Accurate visual perception 23%
3.Audible sounds or voices 17%
4.Feelings of peace,painlessness 32%
5.Light phenomena 14%
6.Life review 32%
7.Being in another world 32%
8.Encountering other beings 23%
9.Tunnel experience 9%
10.Precognition 6%

Such a poll clearly showed that NDE are much more common in society,but there is a need of bringing them into light.

Now i'm going to quote some true incidents as our minds have now a clear idea that what is meant by the term near-death experience.

a)It happened with Professor Dr.John Marshall.He viewed his apparently dead body from the distance on the hospital bed,while entering into the brilliant light that emanated love,and seeing every event of his life reviewed in a three-dimensional panorama.

b)Another Psychiatrist Dr.George Ritchie had the remarkable experience of passing through a tunnel and seeing beings of light after being declared "dead" because of double pneumonia but later he resuscitated successfully.


Note :In my next post I'll share my own experience dated few years back i.e 2007 September.
I experienced Accurate visual perceptions and audible sounds or voices and bits of light phenomena.What i experienced was something different than all these researches,so it might be pretty confusing to understand.Few people tells me that it was just mental illness,but i don't agree.You can decide what it was and help me solving the mystery as you have clear idea about NDEs.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

NDEs and NDErs. [Near-death experiences]

There are many ordinary people who have been to the brink of death and reported miraculous glimpses of a world beyond,a world that glows with love and understanding that can be reached only by an exciting trip through a tunnel or passageway.

The persons who return after the death are never the same.No matter,what was their temper earlier,after having this experience,they value most to "love and knowledge"as they think these are the only qualities you'll take back with you.

To understand it better,we can say that these people have had "near-death experiences"[NDEs].Dr.Raymond Moody coined this term in his book "Life after Life".People have many different words/phrases to define this phenomenon.Few are "otherworld journeys,flight of alone to the alone,breaking of the plane,near-death visions etc"

The point to be noticed is that,no matter what they are called by different people of the different areas of the world,they all had similar set of experiences.
NDErs experience some or all of the following traits:
1.A sense of being dead
2.peace and painlessness even during a painful experience
3.bodily separation,
4.Raising rapidly into the heavens.
5.Entering a dark region or a tunnel
6.Meeting deceased friends and relatives,bathed in light.
7.Encountering a Supreme Being
8.Reviewing one's life
9.Feeling reluctance to return the world of the living.

Here,there are few points which i think are most important and attention drawing.

Whether you are a Muslim,Christian,Hindu,Jew or even Antheist encounter a Supreme Being.The one and Only,as the author interviewed people from all religions.Isn't it interesting? The followers of the Holy-Books do believe on One Allah or one God but even those who Count many gods encounter ONE supreme being.I think this confirms that there is one God only.

Second point,which i found interesting is "Reviewing one's life".It is proved by different Quranic verses too but unfortunately i can't give specific reference.I would like if any of the reader shall provide the references.
In very childhood i read in some Islamic book that at the time of your death,you are shown with all your life deeds whether good or bad altogether.It is difficult to understand for us and even difficult for those to explain who actually experienced it. In my future posts i'll quote the experiences of different people which you will find really interesting and mysterious.

I invite you all people to share your knowledge and experiences if you ever had any.
Connie please share your contributions :)

Next: who,how many and why?
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

What happens after death?

What happens when people die?That is probably mankind's most often asked and perplexing question.Do we simply cease to live,with nothing but or mortal remains to mark our time on earth?are we resurrected later by a Supreme Being only if we have good marks in the Book of life?Do we come back as animals,as the Hindus believe,or perhaps as different people generations later?

The above is an excerpt from a book "The light beyond" by "Dr.Raymond Moody"

I have read some very interesting facts in this book which i want to share here.As a Muslim we all know that one day we will be made alive by the order of Allah and it will be the day of judgment.

but one question intrigue us always what happens right after the death?
here I'll share all the research work of Dr moody and his companion Paul Perry.
it can be a very interesting discussion indeed.

NeXt :About NDEers
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We are more than we are, WE ARE ONE!!!!

hum hen Pakistani hum to jeetain gay,han jeetain gay..

I'm happily amazed that how we all stayed united during the Twenty20 worldcup,specially in the semi final and the final.
Only few representatives of Pakistan were struggling for Pakistan's victory seven seas far, but here each and every Pakistani's heart was beating for Pakistan's success.
Every loving Pakistani was busy in praying for their victory,thousands of sms prayers made me smile,cheerful,excited and hopeful.

I'm not a die hard fan of cricket,i even don't know the basic rules.I'm totally unaware of the technicalities of this game,i don't know what role did the pitch play in our victory nor i have any information whether it was the batting pitch or bowling.I just know one thing That I'm a Pakistani and i WON!!

We proved our mettle in LORD'S.

We gave a message to those who are wise enough to understand the hints.

Don't try us,we are not easy to be defeated!!when we get united we are more than we are, WE ARE ONE!!!

We are one nation, under one flag,We are Proud Pakistanis, We are Brave MUSLIMS!!

Like all Pakistanis my eyes got dimmed with thankfulness and gratefulness to Allah when our team members offered "sajida-e-shukar" immediately.Thats what we are!

here i want to quote the golden words by Shahid Afridi.When he was asked in Semi final if his team is going to win the final as well or not.He gave a very straight forward reply with a very confident tone and firm belief on Allah.It was short but was all in all.

He replied " INSHAALLAH"

kafir he to shamsheer p karta he bharosa,
Momin he to be- taigh bhi lerta he sipahi..
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Strategy or a Union? (GUEST POST)

Before his marriage, his mom said "Keep a distance between yourself and your wife!"

Before his marriage, His dad said "Don't turn an ear when she sheds crocodile tears!"

His brother said "She'll expect you to give all of your salary to her, so never tell her your salary!"

His friend said "Never give her money to spend, she'll develop the bad habit of shopping!"

This is all he learned.

Meanwhile, her dad said: "Be very polite and gentle in early days. First few years of submission are necessary for a life time of domination!"

Her mom said "Learn how to exclude out your in-laws from your husband's life!"

Her sister said "Don't even think of sharing a secret with him, he will use it against you!"

Her friend said "Man is a dangerous creature and you must tame him tactfully!"

That's what was poured into her mind.
Why did they do so? Didn't the realize what would be the end result of such a marriage? How could they expect the marriage to be fruitful? Why did they turn a sacred relationship, a union of two souls, into a quest for rule and domination? Why did they eliminate honesty from such a relationship?

They lack honesty. They behave just as they behave in all circles of their lives. They not only ruin their life but also of others. To most people, marriage is just a joke or an obligation, and that too, a shameless joke and a loveless obligation. What they must all realize is the real meaning of the word Marriage as taught by Islam. Only then can this relation turn into one which involves mutual care and love, but alas, people fail to realize it.

This post is written by Hasaan Rafique
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Friday, June 12, 2009

The World We Live In (Guest Post)

There he was right beside me...

I was so lost in myself that I didn't even realize his presence. He had been there for quite a long time now. I tried to ignore him but this time he didn't allow that...

He said he knew what I was thinking about... He said he knew each of my worries and claimed to have a perfect cure. I told him he knew nothing and neither did he understand...

I was worried and stressed, he seemed calm, happy and enjoying. like ever before. He asked me to say what i wanted to and ensured that he was listening...

I stormed on what was going on in big and small cities, towns, districts and villages of ours. Many of our youngsters having no respect and affection for parents and teachers and yet calling themselves educated and civilized. Concerts, fashion shows, night outs, parties being their ultimate charms. Dating and flirting being their ultimate aims and all the heck going around... almost everyone doing the same. Every bad becoming good every odd becoming even, parents being so busy in earning more and more to meet "superficial" "material" needs of theirs and their children. Spiritual training becoming non-existent and considered useless. Many of them leaving their weak sapling in the brutal hands of environment and society as a consequence distances between parents and children living under the same roof becoming immense...

All these and many others were hammering my mind , crushing my heart and grinding my soul.I wanted to say more and more... I was feeling like a lonely crystal of salt present in a rushing stream being washed away every moment..

He stopped me and said, " My friend, let them have it, this is what we are earning for what they name "Modernization...."

I fell silent....

this post is written by Hasaan Rafique
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

If “Today” is conserved well, then “Yesterday” can be the guideline for “Tomorrow”

It is quite true that as we move further in life, we discover new things, many times our opinions about life changes, some times we are encouraged and some times we are discouraged and disappointed by our fates. It is very important to remember; we are never constant, some times we are going up and sometimes we are coming down. Similarly our “past” can also be “ghost” for us, till only we are afraid of it. But once we have made our mind to learn from the past, it will serve as a guideline.

As children grow, their “aims” changes many times in life, perhaps they are not the aims but mere desires. An aim can’t be marked until and unless you are aware of your abilities and skills i.e. which profession you can serve most efficiently. Childhood is the time of discovering “own self” thatswhy “aim of life” keeps on changing.

At this time of my life, I can mark my aim with confidence and stability that it will not change again until I get it.
My aim is “Discovering the inner-self”- what I’m from the inside? Am I different from what I look like to the public or same? For this purpose three things are most important to know. “What I was, what I’m and what I’ll be”. People spend all of their lives in planning for better future, but I focus only on” present”. I’m saving my”past”, to make it serve as the guidelines for future.

If “Today” is conserved well, tomorrow it will become yesterday not to frighten us but to show us the right paths in the bleak times. The day is not far when we will be touching the highest peak of the glory as ,one day “tomorrow” will become “today”, yet all of the attention should be only on “today” to save “ past” because “The life goes on…”
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Sunday, June 7, 2009

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Monday, June 1, 2009

A poem by me..

I wrote few poems and wanna share one which was liked by many of my friends

A silent whisper with an unshed tear,
A broken heart with a solitary sphere,
Makes me cry.
The fear of losing you,
and the thought of getting separate,
Has snatched my sleeps,my laughs,my dreams.
Why are you leaving me?
why are you going far?
Cant you notice,
My wet lashes and my tears trickling eyes?
Without hesitation,without trepidation
I just believe you and ran towards you
To grab your hand and to share my views
As you were always there,
To wipe my eyes and to console my fears
But,everyone has now gone
Except my sincere tears
Time is passing on,
but moments seem to be ceased,
My life has gone
But i still breath!
If you are near,
listening to me there,
I just have one request
Dont forget me dear!!!
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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just a bit of courage we need...

“We have the ability to fire down the Drones, but we are afraid of the resultant war with NATO”, said Air- chief of Pakistan.

My salute, on such bravery and bold remarks!

I dare to think, and I dare to speak though we don’t have rights, as even after getting independence we are still the slaves.

Firstly, why the NATO will go for any war?? We should be brave and courageous enough like North Korea and Iran. We should not behave cowardly like Iraq, reasons you know yourself. Our politicians are afraid of war from NATO, but is it wise to kill the people of own country ourselves? Is it sane to spend all the money which should be used in the benefit of our country men, in war and destroying our own brothers?
Does it make the difference whether you have war with NATO or war within your country? WAR is WAR! Which only brings LOSS with it.

I just have a question, America has confessed of using “deadly weapons” in Afghanistan as well as in Iraq, whose’ use was prohibited by UNO. Did UNO try anything to stop America from using such terrible technology?

Our country is independent and we know how to defend ourselves, we have modern technologies, still we are silent on Drone attacks? Ah.. I remember when America attacked Afghanistan, I was just 13 years old, but I felt that, the day is not far, when Pakistan will face the same times.
It all deals with UNITY which is now absent in the Muslims.
It all deals with the BRAVERY, which was once the basic element of a Muslim, but no anymore.
It all deals with the firm “BELIEF on Allah” which converts a human into a Muslim, but now we don’t care of such fundamentals.

“A true Muslim is never afraid of anyone, but from Allah”

Isn’t it better to bend our Heads before Allah only and in front others we can walk with our heads raised up?

I’m not suggesting a war with off course, but only some courage we need deadly.

There is not to make reply,
There is not to answer why,
There is but to “do” and “die”!
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Burning Sawat !

Can you see the innocence,hope and love in the eyes of this young cute baby?
Its an immigrant from Sawat!
Unfortunately,he is facing the most terrible condition in his own country. In such a young age, he has suffered from war.He has asked to leave his home,his precious.Who knows if he has managed to come with all his family members or they have become the morsel of death?
He'll grow up in camps,with no facilities of life,our camps are even lacking the basic necessities of food,no water!
Is he supposed to get the confidence and a stronger personality here?No WAY!!
What are we doing?Why are all of us so silent?Do we think that if today the people of our borders are facing so bad times,we well be save tomorrow?Not at all!!
We need to do something,we should save our country!
Its the time to find out Black sheeps.
Yesterday there was a strike call given by Two famous political parties of Karachi.
later i found out the actual reason of the strike which made me stun.
37 buses from sawat carrying 3000 families came khi to get a safe and peaceful shelter BUT they were forced to go Back!!
Oh its so heartless, they might have faced so many challenges while traveling ,their innocent children must be crying cause of hunger and thirst,they must have taken the sigh of relief after entering into khi but how brutally they were asked to go back!!i just cant bare it. They are our own people .ITS the RIGHT of every Pakistani citizen to go where ever he wants with in the borders of Pakistan.How come those 2 parties force anyone to not to enter in their city?

When Brmi,Agha khani, afghani and so many other people belonging to other countries have found shelter here then why not people from SawaT?

ItS simple we have forgotton Allah and the day of judgement!
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Friday, May 22, 2009

Dr Afia Siddiqui's Ex husband's POV!

Today i stumbled across the interview of Dr Afia Siddiqui's husbands.what i got the impression from his thoughts is that he is simply trying to disrespect Dr Afia and now he wants to be the innocent person in the eyes of media and public.
He is simply blaming her that she was some sort of Islamic extremist, fond of jihad and other stuff.
According to him she tried to black mail him by taking fake photographs of herself which depict that he used to abuse her by hitting any by other cruel means.
What the hell, he is saying "kidnap of Afia,was just a propaganda against me,so that i cant meet my children" "it was Afia's revenge of Divorce"
According to him Its also A false fact that she was ever shifted to Bugram jail.

She kept herself hidden in her home during those 5 years,and media kept shouting about "MISSING AFIA"
at the same time HER SISTER Dr Fouzia gave her that spacial pic to media which she took to black mail me.It was only to show that she has been the target of brutality in America But it was all pre- planned,said DR Amjad.

I just cant understand that how can a wise and well educated man like Him can think so heartlessly?this makes me sure that he is really an FBI agent still,No doubt!may be is getting paid for all this mess.

If Afia and her family did it only to disrespect him and only to show the enmity towards him then i Question you Mr Amjad, Who is responsible for Afia's present condition?her one kidney and intestine has been taken out,she cant even stand on her feet now!See her face,it is showing so plainly that she was an unlucky wife of a person like YOU!

I was just wondering when last year newspapers published that, Formerly Dr.Amjad (Afia's Ex husband)
was FBI agent, where was he theN? Why dint he protest against such a blame?
i remember his old pics were showing his cunning nature, but now as he had contacted newspaper to publish his side,he has changed and maintained himself AS a PERFECT Muslim! now you can see a beard on his face and islamic sort of cap on his head.i just question where was he till 5 long years? why is he breaking his silence even now?

i noticed That Dr.Afia's mother has also contacted newspaper after knowing that Dr Amjad's story is going to be published. she'll reply about everything he says, and I'll comment about all here!

update :
P.S please vote in the poll about the verdict given by US court here in the sidebar of blog.
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Saturday, May 16, 2009

LAYS chips are HARAM!

These days lays chips is a so hot issue everywhere in pakistan.No one can decide if its haram or halal.
Lays Masala flavor has E631 flavor enhancer
E631 is obtained by three different sources
1. from sardine fish
2.from yeast use in making beer as a bi product
3.from animal fat.

How can anyone be sure that lays source of e631 is halal?
According to Pepsi cola they import raw material from IFF but when IFF was asked about haram ingredients exported to Pakistan for lays,they simply denied!

Now on whom to believe?
i would just say that AVOID LAYS! as islam says "donot eat those things about which you are not sure if they are haram or halal,like we should avoid prawns as most of scholars believe that they are haram as scientists have not found it out yet if its a fish or some other organism"

i would like to share a research made by DR.Amjad Ali [United States]

you'll get the answer of all your questions here.

According to the LAY'S advertisement in Pakistan's newspaper they are making halal products.They've got a FATWA from Jamia Ashrafia.But When few reporters of a local newspaper went to verify the news about fatwa,authorities of this religious institution looked shocked!They also released a press release mentioning that LAYS are using their name without any permission. They also made it clear that they are ignorant of any such fatwa given by them.
This shows that LAYS is haram! and the company is lying. AVOID THEM!!!
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

MeLTing Da FleSh aNd BOnEs?

Have you ever had this beautiful experience of melting flesh and bones? you must have, i'm pretty sure, just recall all ur memories of doing B.B.Q.You might have melted the flesh but what about bones?
This record of melting the bones was only to be made by K.E.S.C [Karachi electric supply corporation].Pakistan has always made such records, Dont know why there is no place in "The World Record Book" for our dear land!

It really not only melt your bones but also boil your brain when in so hot summer you have to suffer from continuous power failures.The thing which made me most angry are the Ads of KESC and ministry of power supply.
They are alot punctual in two things
1. sending heavy electricity bills
2. When to shut down the electricity!
Let me show a sample about saving electricity campaign : " switch off all the lights and extra fans in morning and utilize Sun light, and in night utilize Moonlight"
woww what the hell, are we so fools to pay the bills then?

Ohh yes we are as we are unluckily Pakistanis!

I dint think that we will ever be able to notice anygood change in our country ever.From bigger issues to smaller we just follow America's policy. We are slaves, we have no right to even think about changing our situation!
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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Inspiration and encouragement?

Whenever i think of my "college days" i regret, about taking admission in university.i know one should be brave enough to accept the challenges of life, but don't you think that all these things are so bookish?
Its something totally different when it comes to life.Books are written only to be read, they present realities in such a way that if there is nothing tragic in the life.
Question is how to get inspiration and encouragement that will help you to proceed in life successfully?
Don't you believe that when a men get success he is encouraged to move forward with a better speed in fact? but what if he is discouraged in life when he fails to achieve something?Hard to stand up again! ah, you can stand once again only IF you are sure that the world is not unfair, that one day you'll get the fruit of your efforts but it looks really impossible here at least to me!

I had a very happy life when i was in college with my friends, in uni the people are not what they are, they have masks on their faces.They are snakes, poisonous ones!
They are knives but pose to be sweet and sincere!

one more day in the memories of my "dear college and friends"
~I love you all~
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Saturday, May 2, 2009

P.R + Good books of professors = Total injusticE!!!

Today is the worse day of my academic life,i never got such poor marks ever before in my life and its more shocking when you had been the position holder of your city.
i would have accepted such a poor result happily if i hadn't prepared myself properly for the exams.
i can swear that when we discussed the subjects before the exam held,my preparation was better among friends, but i have realized it now that university is a place where you don't get, what you actually deserve!! its the place where everyone is busy in making personal relations with every one who has some importance in the social circle, I'm really a very reserved and kind of introvert personality so i find myself in the difficulty of making friends always.
If you have PR with professors, you are enlisted in their good books and so Congrats you are going to get the highest marks!!

Bah... and here in uni you will find so many cheaters. PROFESSIONAL CHEATERS!
and when you have to face cheaters off course you are not going to get more marks than them!and thats really hectic when they tell white lies in front of you!
i mean literally, in exams one girl forbade me to sit beside her, as she wanted some other girl to sit with her,cause that girl let her cheat all her paper! and now today when i said samethign to that girl indirectly, she totally denied that she cheated!!!
Ohh How brave she is, telling lies so openlY??

well at da end i count myself in lucky people as among 31 students only 7 were passed and i'm one of them.i miss my college alot and all of my friends so much , i miss my best college friend hina. i wish i could go back and catch those days which will never come back!
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Thursday, April 30, 2009

ItzzzZz fully my worlD!

Whenever life faces blue times,be sure there is always spring even in autumn.Just wait for the shadow of happiness to arise and fill the hearts :)
here i'll discuss everything which makes me sad, happy cheerful and excited :)
So time to CHEERS~
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