Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Remington Pro Ionic Ultra 2200 Watt Blowdryer D5020 Review

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 These days hair straighteners are 'in' but i wanted a look that is more natural and something away from those dead straight and sleek hairs. My hairs are naturally curly, but God forbid not those Afro curls. I therefore, was looking for a hair dryer that couldn't only straighten my hairs but could also prepare my unmanageable puffy hairs for a hair style. Many thanks to Sara Hassan who suggested me to get Remington pro ionic ultra, 2200 watts.

Remington Pro Ionic Ultra- Features
  • 2200 watt power
  • Low noise
  • Ion indicator light
  • Diffuser for extra volume and body
  • Concentrator for precision styling and drying
  • Ion generator
  • Ion indicator light
  • 3 heat settings
  • 2 speed settings
  • hang-up/ storage loop
  •  Ceramic tourmaline grille for even heating
  • 3 years warranty
My Experience
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 The pro ionic ultra Remington blow dryer has a two in one black and chrome body. It is an excellent saloon style professional hair dryer with comfortable grip and a cord more than average in length. However, you still need a mirror close-by your switch and plug board.

 Pro ionic conditioning is a technology that transform the water droplets, present in damp hair into smaller and numerous water droplets which ensures quick drying. This ofcourse, means less heating and thus less damage to the hairs. Moreover, the grille is also ceramic-tourmaline that emits 90% more ions than other hair dryers. This protect hairs from spot-damaging and keep hairs healthy, shiny and bouncy for a long time.

After using this blow dryer on towel dried hairs, I feel happy to notice the absence of those freaky fly-aways , smooth touch and the healthy shine. It has three heat settings. I feel most comfortable with the level 2 heating. The concentrator attached with the packaging makes it even more reliable, since it helps in targeted quick drying and helps hair cuticles lie flat to reflect more light! By the help of diffuser one can create extra bounce and volume in hairs or even may use for defining curls and waves. I havent used it yet, as i really do not appreciate any added volume in the hairs that are CURLY. It also has a cold-shot button to blow blast of cool air, for setting the hair style.

The buttons are a drawback. I would have liked if the buttons were placed vertically instead of in a horizontal position. It becomes quite hard to switch between different heat and speed settings when you are yourself drying your hairs alone .The storage loop is quite handy. In between drying-session, it can easily be hung-up on a nail while you make a style or fringe in your hairs.

My hairs with Noor-Jehan inspired hair style :D
I am happy with my investment and hopes that it will work longer for me.  I got it from at PKR 4450/- including delivery and handling charges. I had to place a special request for this dryer as it was not available on the website.

End of line
Good for small to medium length hairs. Excellent for normally thick hairs.
Get it if you want shiny, straight hairs free from frizz and flyaways.
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Friday, October 19, 2012

Spa Ceylon's Pain Relief Therapy

How much do you give importance to "Soothe" in your life? All of us, at some turns of life feel hectic, terribly tired with our nerves tauten and muscles stretched. This, prevent us from using our best skills and abilities even after putting-in all our efforts and energies. Therefore, one must not neglect  mental health. Mental and physical health go side by side. Spa Ceylon, with their ayurvedic treatments is serving the people, helping them feel relaxed and peaceful.

I have previously reviewed some very great products of the brand, and today I am here to review yet another wonderful item from their stock. It is "Comfort Pain Reliever Balm" and "Vatha Pain Reliever Herbal Compress".

Comfort Pain Reliever Balm

I must say this balm is excellent. Much better than traditional pain reliever balms like moove or iodex. It  has a very buttery consistency that appears semi-solid in the bottle but will melt as soon as you touch it and apply on your body/affected area. It has very strong mint smell that immediately lift-up the senses. Applying it provides instant comfort and relaxation from worldly thoughts. It lays a very soothing effect and quickly reduces muscular pains, joint aches and sprain.

It contains paraffin free pure essential oils. I do not recommend to use it serious medical conditions, however it is  quite effective for minor body aches and sprains. I got a steel rod fallen on my foot from the height of almost 5ft. I immediately applied the balm and kept it in use till 3 days twice a day. It lessen the pain in first few uses and totally vanished the third day.

Vatha Pain Reliever Compress
 It is a heat activated herbal compress. It soothes, calm and relaxes both mind and body. It is best for therapy and cures muscular stiffness. My mom has backbone disc problem and she often feels pain in her back muscles.

It should either be heated in steam for 10-15 minutes or in a micro-wave. After checking the temperature, start herbal therapy with the suitable pain relief balm. I used it with Comfort pain relief balm on her. The compress invigorates the senses and soul, and the patient will fall asleep most probably.

Both of the products are available for $10 at

The compress may be used upto 10 treatments, and should be refrigerated between uses.

End of the Line
Over all both of the products are just amazing. It should be in your first-aid box :)
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cute & Charming New Arrivals at Blue Jewel

I was sent a sample of Lapis Lazuli pendant by Blue Jewel, Islamabad. It seemed more like a talisman, therefore I suggested the supplier to come-up with some uniquely carved jewellery items. I was happily surprised when I got an email by them with some sneak-peak of their new arrivals.

Now you can wear the stone of kings and queens, the stone of love, peace and confidence with full confidence!! This will not only keep evil eyes away from you but will also enhance your beauty. Wear it like a Fashionista and flaunt like a Beauty. Now all Lapis Lazuli jewellery  is "two-in-one". Stay protected by the qualities of the stone and look like a princess as it is beautifully made!

*This post contains some parts of a Press Release

Please check their website for more items:
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Eid Discount Offer at Blue Jewel

In my latest post, i introduced Blue Jewel- house of genuine Lapis Lazuli.

At the auspicious occasion of Eid, Blue Jewel is offering its customers a 10% discount on all items. You only need to enter the code :-)

*Extract from a Press Release*
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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blue Jewel- Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Review

Stones have some very dominant effects on one's life, myth or a fact? Today I am here with a review on gem stone which is known as "stone of heaven" and "blue gold". This stone is Lapis Lazuli which is known for its positive energies of love, truth and confidence for the wearer. 

Blue Jewel-Home of Genuine Blue Lapiz Products
Blue Jewel is an on line store of Islamabad, Pakistan that offers a great variety of jewellery made by lapiz lazuli gemstone. You may browse through their collection of cuff-links,bracelets, pendants, earrings and rings. 

Locket of Love and Truth

I was sponsored with locket of love and truth by the store. It is rectangularly shaped, hand-polished, very smooth in touch, shiny and deep blue with golden pyrites. Lapiz Lazuli is always in blue, though shades may vary with either white or golden touch. The pendant i got, seems more like an amulet, but can be worn as a jewellery item if studded.

Effects of Lapis Lazuli

  • It is believed that lapis lazuli when worn as a locket,  helps wearer in making strong decisions and brings victory closer. 
  • In ancient times Lapis was known as the love of kings and queens. King Solomon, Cleopatra and Dr. Allama Iqbal would wear and use lapis in different forms. Cleopatra would use its powdered form as an eye-shadow.
  • It is the gemstone of love, courage and truthfulness. It makes wearer confident, so it may be used as an healing agent for those who are too shy to face public due to lack of confidence.
  • It is known for its anti-depression and anti-stress qualities.
  • It keeps danger away and repel magic and evil eyes.
  • It improves and cures medical conditions of eye and throat. It also cures blood-pressure.
  • It is the birthstone of September and December
Packaging and Specs

  • Hand polished and shiny
  • Comes with a nylon-thread cord (black)
  • Very adorable classy jewel box to keep your gemstone safe when not wearing.
  • The gem box has red-velvet covering with a glass top.
  • Available for Rs 1,900/-
History related to the gemstone

Courtesy: GreekJewelryShop
I am fond of tracing the origin of the different things specially when they have a history attached. It is said that lapis lazuli was among the first gemstone that was carved and used in jewellery. It is found in Egypt, Chile, Russia and USA and in Pakistan but the best quality comes from Afghanistan. It is believed that the more blue the stone is, the more worth it possess. Egyptians would admire this stone as precious amulets. Worldwide lapis lazuli jewellery is widely common. It make very fine rings, bracelets and earrings. People love to keep the stone in many different shapes and styles as an alternative to jewellery and may be as an amulet due to its healing powers. 

End of the Line
Lapis jewellery may serve as the best gift for your loved one, and the packaging you are to get on your purchase at Blue Jewel speaks for itself. You can also look for Lapis and silver jewellery at Blue Jewel, Islamabad, Pakistan.
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Friday, October 5, 2012

BH Party Girl-40 color eyeshadow palette (Limited Edition)

I am super crazy for eye shadow palettes, therefore few days back i thought of trying 40 color BH- Party girl palette. I wanted a full funky palette but at affordable price tag and BH- party girl seemd a good option.

Bh Cosmetics BH Party Girl

"This 40 Color BH Party Girl Eyeshadow Palette was made to fulfill the ultimate socialite's dreams. Whether you want to go for flirty or cosmopolitan, this makeup palette contains must-have shimmer & matte shades for double-taking beauty at your next big event", says company.


BH 40 colour party girl eye shadow palette comes in 40 vibrant and joyous shades that will most probably fulfill all the party makeup needs. It is a sleek matte-finish plastic palette that is black-jet in colour, hence developes finger-print on frequent touching/holding.It is a good combination of matte and shimmers of bright and cheerful shades. Having a fine number of natural, party and smokey shades it is sure to stay my favourite for a long time.

My Experience:

It is highly pigmented, however some shades are more hard in application than others. Specially you need to workout pretty long when you are working with shimmers. Mattes are not only good for blending but also invite less fall-outs than shimmers.

Brown family with rust, bronze, mustard and gold is the winner of the palette if you have an appeal  of wearing natural eye-makeup. The most eye-popping colour in the whole palette is Yellow, that stands alone! It will attract your attention as soon as you open the palette. Honestly i didnot want to see it but it creates cool look. On the other hand green is the most populated family with seven shades.

Over all the palette is extremely good for blending and you can create many different eye looks with this single palette.

Price : I got it from at the rate of PKR 1,500 only.

End of the Line: A good value for money if you are looking for a funky eye shadow palette.
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