Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Humair Ishtiaq or "HI-tler"?

Have you ever seen "HITLER" conducting a course "creative writing"?Oh yes!we the students of Mass Com KU are blessed with this honor.He is "HUMAIR ISHTIAQ"-our teacher,commonly known as "HI" but we prefer to call him "HI-Tler".It may be a fortune or a misfortune,that he has been assigned third time to us.He possesses all the qualities which even real Hitler would have dreamed for.

Humair Ishtiaq.Credit :Ayesha Ahmad
His supressed smiles,long thick moustaches, puffy hair cut and a rectangular frame at nose are enough to impress the innocent newbies of the university.They just donot know that after few months they will be mocking hard at their fates that this person with the geeky looks is a Hitler inside.No doubt with all of these qualities he still manage to engage the students with light fun which inturns create a healthy and a friendly atmosphere.Contrary to his occasional lectures,his routine lectures are more like lessons to the young army soldiers.Ah! young soldiers who have to bear this HI-tler all the time and have to accept everything as it is.The lecture hall in his presence seems like a "TORTURE CELL" where students cant even dare to utter a word-yet asking questions is a far-fetched idea.

He also bears some kind qualities in him which offcourse doesnot suit him =D.If historical war hero Hitler comes and see those kind qualities in him then he will shoot(us,not him).So what if kindness is a trait which has nothing to do with him all the year long?He shows much of it ALWAYS during exams-doesnt matter even if they are just the "PASS-MARKS".What does a blind want,two eyes?So we want MARKS only:D There is a simple solution to this issue.Hi-tler isnot interested in whatever the rubbish we write in the exam copies,similarly we are also not interested in attending his lectures.We know we will get 50/100.kind enough,eh ;D?

Lets see after reading this humourous article on him,which award does Hi-tler decide to decorate my shoulder with!! =P

P.S:We had our mid-term exam today in which we were asked by Humair Ishtiaq to write an observational humour on him.We had only 30 mins and 30 marks to write for.I could only come up with this. I know its more satirical than humour:D Awaiting your comments and thoughts!!
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Karachi: On the hit list again

 I found in my home-came from some unknown direction
Metroploitian city Karachi is again on the hit list of terrorists.More than 80 people have been deprived of their lives.Is this the city karachiiets were proud on?A search opeartion will now be conducted in sensitive areas of karachi.

It was such a horrible feel for me to watch the very famous and over crowded places of karachi on Tv- not crowded with people going offices,colleges and universities but with an air of horror and intense firing, burnt tyres and violence.Like every other peaceful citizen I also wish for the safety of Karachi and khiiets.Sometimes i think that we are more unlucky as comapre to people of Afghanistan,Kashmir,Bosnia and Palestine.They are in the clutches of enemies-whom they can easily recognize. But what about the innocent people of karachi,who are the residents of an independent state but are in more danger than them.

We donot know that when a bullet from an unknown direction would come and pass through piercing our hearts!!I live in a safe area guarded by the armed guards 24/7 hours.Still it doesnot matter when you live in a horrible and hate mongering city like karachi.TWO bullets from some where came in our home in these two days.Thanks to Allah that all of us are safe.

Dekho... Door ek Laash pari hai..
Chohraaye key Daaie'n Janib Konay per
sun-san gali ki Kachra-Kundi dekh rahey ho ?
Os ke pas, Lahoo me Luthrri Khak-Alooda,
Bhikrri Bhikrri Ghair Ya apna, kon hai Jane ?

Aao ..! Dekhe'n aur Pechane'n Naqsh mita daley,
Goli ney Rangat khoon me Doob gai hai Jeib ta-tolo, kya rakha hai ?
Ye 2(dau) khoon se tar, Gajray hen 10 , 10 ke do note rakhey hen

Haath jo neechey daba hoa hai Es ki sakhat griffet me kya hai ?

Shayad..! hai school ka Basta

Jeib se ye kya Jhaank raha hai Ek Parcha hai, Khat hai... shayad Tooti Phooti si Urdu mein Rang-Brangi Pencilo'n key Sab Rango'n se Likha hoa hai . . . . .

" Aaj Jo Bhoolay Basta mera Katti ho jaye gi... tum se toffee aur Biscut bhe lana...! Peyarey Abu, Jaldi ana...!!!"
Published in  "Urdu News, K.S.A" on 24/10/2010
Shared by Ibne Hanif

Karachi being the economic hub of the country should be free from target killings and all sort of riots. Unfortunately government has failed to controll the situation.I donot see any point in avoiding ARMY.People of karachi will be relaxed and the terrorists will be caught.Pakistan Army also belongs to Paksitan and we have trained them for the same time.It should be no shame for government to call army in karachi.We all know that POLICe is the most corrupt department and if it it is removed than ratio of crime will be down to 50%.Anyhow i pray that real terrorists be caught and punished terribly for all their crimes.(one of my far-fetched dream,i know)
What do you think?
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