Saturday, March 27, 2010

60th earth hour.

All world is celebrating earth hour from 8:30pm to 9:30 pm today, to show their love and responsibility towards earth.Read history of  "Earth hour" here ,amp; Time line here  and also watch Official video of Earth hour

In Pakistan too earth hour is being observed in different areas, all the unnecessary lights have been turned off as well as the famous and important buildings are also presenting a dark look.Different TV channels are also encouraging public to switch off their lights to get their love for the earth recorded.A famous private TV channel presented their news bulletin in dark news room with all the lights off.
I was thinking that instead of just showing off, we need to take some real practical steps if we love our planet, but we the humans have become materialistic and selfish as well.In our love for material things, we even try to betray ourselves. I simply cant understand that whats the benefit of switching off the lights for an hour?It can definitely bring no change.To show love to the planet we live on, one must try to grow trees, one must try to not to use plastic bags, one must try to not to burn the heaps of rubbish.But should avoid such silly things.
   Would you like turning your lights off while living in a country like Pakistan?In my opinion if we are supposed to show our love like this, than Pakistan is the only nation which loves PLANET EARTH most.I can bet it.This is the nation which shows its responsibility not at any specific hour but many times a day for many countless hours, for an unlimited time in the form of load shedding..
  I just cant understand that why our government tries to copy other developed countries in the things which they consider a fun,and its their right if they do so.Their each and every person is responsible and hardworking but we proud Pakistanis don't copy them in good and productive things. Here in Pakistan,people are living below or at poverty line, they don't have bread,water,clothing and shelter.Electricity is far-fetched thing for many people because of heavy bills.Does it suit to ask for switching off the lights??Shame on our government, who just loves to copy others but don't use sense!

Dear reader,did you switch off your lights to show love or you had a power cut during this time?Don't worry then,K.E.S.C and WAPDA did it for you!
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Zaid Zaman Hamid-A motivator for Pakistan or a dangerous pest?

Today is 23rd March.The lucky day for all the Pakistanis indeed,but the situation which was in 1940 was better than 23 march 2010 in the context that at that time we knew who were our true leaders but now we are so ignorant and some agendas have trapped us so badly that we are unable to differentiate between good and bad.Zaid Zaman Hamid is the most famous and at the same time most controversial personality in media these days.According to his official profile he is :

"Mr. Zaid Hamid is a security consultant and strategic defense analyst. He is the founder of BrassTacks, a unique Pakistani Think Tank devoted to the study of regional and global political events and their implications for Pakistan's security and interests."

And his message is:

 , "Our organization is Pakistan, our identity is Islam, and our constitution is the quran". We represent nothing other than this. Our mission is to revive our pristine religious values, and helping create awareness among the people so they can understand the finer, subtle truths of our Islamic wisdom in relation to our current situation.

He has a great influence on the youth of Pakistan.Therefore, it has become very important to find out his reality.But as the nation is divided into two opposite parties it is difficult to find out the is the party, which supports him and is not agreed to hear a word against him, and the second party is the one which doesn't support him and is working to create awareness against him.I don't fall in any category, I'm standing somewhere in the mid and to be honest i want to be at one side, for which I'm making investigations and trying my best to learn the truth.As i also belong to youth, i was also inspired by his motivational speeches.and a big fan of him, but as much as i learn about his past i get confused more and more.
His history records tell that :
He was the follower of Yousaf Kazzab in 1990s and Yousaf made him his khalifa,but when yousuf kazzab was put to death as he claimed that he was the continuity of naozubillah Holy Prophet S.A.W.Zaid Zaman Hamid went underground.
Now, after almost ten years he appears again on television networks with his self-sponsored programs and tries to make place in the heart of under twenties by emotionally motivating them.To catch the attention he adopts the policy of anti-Americanism.

The thing which makes me confuse about his past are the evidences,which can be seen  here
Secondly, he is reluctant to declare yousuf Kazzab a blasphemy.If he really has no links with him then what on earth is stopping him to call Yousuf Kazzab bad before the whole world?Still he unconsciously admits his links with Yousuf  here .
Plus he says that his mission is for peace and he wants to turn Pakistan into a real powerful and strong country,where no offense or harm will be caused to any member not even to those who are against him.But if you hear the above video carefully you will notice him saying to shoot a fire in the skull of the person who calls him a lier.

Moreover it is being said that Zaid Hamid is involved in the murder of Molana Mufti Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri as he was the major hindrance in Zaid's goal. he wrote a book against him with evidences and was also distributing pamphlets about zaid hamid's past in youth.

Still with these proofs i'm not against him, but i'm confused.I'll soon reach on a point where i would be able to make my conclusion about him.Therefore, i want your opinions about Zaid Zaman Hamid,but i hope i will not get the comments of blind-followers here.Please come up with some logic and proofs either  you are in his favor or if you are against.I hope you all will share your opinions.
To read the opinion of  Pakistan islamic organisation Tanzeeme Islami click here
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Friday, March 19, 2010

Future of Pakistan is in rags...

Today while going university few little children who were selling tissue papers caught my attention.I daily notice them though,but today i got a chance to observe them long.They all are under seven years of age and they have only one work to do i.e.. To sell more and more tissue packs.Since early morning till late at night these little innocent children work hard to earn their livelihood.

Everyone can notice the sudden flash of  brightness, hope and happiness in their eyes and the innocent smile which plays on their lips whenever any bus full of girls arrives as it can be the best option to get a great no.of customers.They enter in the bus happily,few starts jumping everywhere whereas few get busy in convincing their customers to buy tissue packs from them.I can not forget those cute little hands joined together as if begging,bare-feet,disheveled hairs,dressed in rags bodies and the eyes full of questions staring at me..upon looking at them i feel a rush of disappointment and hopelessness inside me as I'm unable to answer the hidden questions of their eyes..I wish i could buy all of the tissue packs from each and every child and  could be the reason of the smile which would dance on their sweet pink lips.

Among them i personally adore one baby girl.She has big hazel eyes and her lips are always decorated with a sweet naughty smile.The thing which makes her different from her fellow friends is her sense of responsibility and the trust her parents may have on her.I never found her wasting time by playing with her friends in soil.she never throws coin in air and never laughs as the coin comes down.It seems as if she has some target fix for the day.She just try to sell her tissues and her smile increases her daily sale!I buy a tissue pack from her almost daily and i have several packs now,enough for many months for me.Now, she comes to me daily first with a wide smile which shows her teeth as if she is sure that i'll buy one from her.But, one thing making me scared that what will i do tomorrow.I get very limited pocket money and now i have nothing left to spend more on tissues...

I just wonder that if we all regulate our money in the form of zakat and our country really becomes the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN then no child will be deprived of his basic rights.These are the children who will grow up in the form of tomorrow's youth, who have to run the country, but unfortunately future of Pakistan is in rags,unluckily they are unable to get even two meals per day..
54% of inflation rise since MR.Zardari  has arrived, pushing more and more people below poverty line per month, but Mr.President is busy in preparing bullet-proof expensive doors for his three private residences.
I just want to give a message to Mr.President that no matter how much you try to save yourself from Death,but Allah has fixed a time for it and it is a must-come.Your wife also died in a bullet-proof jeep! Please think over it!
Think about your country men,about whom you'll be asked on the day of judgment!!
May Allah save Pakistan before it is completely destroyed.Amin.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Why :(?

Many times it happen that we keep on praying for something but we don't get it. I have heard it many times from my elders that if you are not getting the thing of your choice then don't lose hope Allah has something much better for you.Just wait for the right time.But can anyone tell me what is the right time?And why, the right times comes after the actual right time passes? Obviously, if we are in need of something and praying for it, it means that we want it now! not after ages! But well, we have to be happy what Allah wills as we are Muslims! and we cant do anything if He doesn't want anything to happen like we want.We are help less!
 But i just sometimes feel so lonely!Where to go, even if Allah is not answering you? You cant even commit suicide as it is Haram.Then what a frustrated man should do?Allah is the only hope for us and we have firm belief on Him.But we are HUMANS not ANGELS! we want our prayers to be answered!We want to accomplish what we want and even more after asking and begging something from Allah!Allah is the king, nothing is difficult for Him, than why does He makes us wait so much :(?
  Plus,it seems that Allah likes testing those people who are trying their best to follow the right path,but difficulties come in their way! Why it happens to those only who are trying to follow Allah's rules already??All say that its "AZMAISH" but why Azmaish is only for the right people :(?There are many people who are engaged in every sort of wrong deeds but no obstacle comes in their way!
Allah has said that if you are being grateful to me I'll bless you with even more! but why this has proven wrong when it comes to us :(? I literally want to cry now..This is the first random post from me.. i m just posting thoughts whatever is coming in my mind...because i'm feeling LOST!!!

Whenever i say this all to mom, she starts scolding me terribly.. she doesn't hear my problem.She is very religious, so she cant bear to hear it..
Thereis no one to hear my mental problem except you all..

May Allah answer our prayers,May Allah save us..

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Blast from the Past.

There come only few moments in life when you feel proud and extremely happy only because of yourself.Your joy is doubled when you realize that your happiness is not only your happiness but it has also brightens up the eyes of those who are near and dear to you.Some few years back i also managed to hold and capture these little birds of happiness in my fists.I wanted that may time stops, and these moments never go!

It was the time when i was declared THIRD by Board of Intermediate Education Karachi in September 2006.I still remember that how tears were rolling down my cheeks continuously and that VERY first shriek of joy i made, after coming to know that i have grabbed third position in the whole Karachi city.It was an honor  for me and a big reward of all my efforts!First time in life i felt that we don't  shatter hopes only but also can give true happiness to our dear loving moms.I look back in past and remember those very immediate hugs and the crystal clear tears-of-happiness by my mom which were only for me.I can never forget the kiss on my fore head given by my dearest father.It was indeed a lucky day for me and worth memorable.

Just after a month,B.I.E.K arranged a party for the position holders and including other two position holders i was the chief-guest.That all experience is beyond explanation.I just cant put all the feelings and emotions in words.It was unique experience of its  kind and really only few people are so much lucky that they can get the result of their efforts so beautifully.I feel as if Allah was special kind on me that day.

It was the first time i addressed a little press-conference:D When i came on dice, my legs started trembling with confusion as there were so many people sitting in front including the journalists whose questions i had to answer. I cant tell that how difficultly i manage to stand therefor full ten minutes :D As i was third position holder all the easiest and simple question were already asked from the first two,and therefore only few very tricky and hard questions were left for me.Our college principal had instructed us to not to answer those typical questions.But really i had to answer as it was the only way to prevent myself from being bombarded with several questions from the press so i simply told the truth with shaking legs.They were the real lovely moments of my life.To my surprise,the next day newspapers highlighted quotations from my interview with my picture by neglecting the first two position holders.Woww every day was full of surprise and happiness for me.
Not to mention i also got a scholarship of Rs/= 17777.I later came to know that it would be Rs/= 20000 but some amount was deducted in TAX.what a shame !tax even on the scholarships!!
Since 2006 to 2007 i kept attending parties arranged by different private organizations and NGOs and now i have so many shields and certificates of the one single event.

Whenever i look back and remember this event of my life i prostrate myself in gratitude to Allah and to my parents whose prayers  blessed me with such a great happiness and an achievement!!

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mini buses of Karachi.

I want to draw the attention of  City government towards poor transport of Karachi.Karachi is  a big and metropolitan city of Pakistan.Being the biggest and the backbone of the country's economy it should be the model city in all the aspects but unluckily it seems that all the problems are for khi-iets whether it be the electricity problem,water shortage,drainage system or the transport.Though city government has built-up many over-head bridges and under-passes.No doubt this all is worth appreciation but at the same time there should be a strict check on the bus drivers as well as on the conditions of buses.As there is no check and balance over them bus drivers do very and rash dangerous driving .

They also break rules:
1.By playing the songs in full volume.
Last week I was coming back to home via bus when suddenly it caught the fire.Reason was driver seemed drunk and was listening songs in ears-bursting volume.Luckily all the passengers remained safe and no harm came to anyone.

2.Race competitions:
I have noticed when two buses of same route are close to each other, both of the bus drivers try to cross and overtake each other as if there is some sort of  bus-competition going on.This risk the lives of several passengers sitting in the buses.Moreover,in order to win these illegal competitions they don't give enough time to passengers to step out from the bus properly after they reach their destinations which may also cause injuries and sometimes dangerous accidents.

As a student I request City government to please launch the buses for "Female students" as Punjab government did and keep the fares low.Buses for female students are an increasing demand now because the simple mini buses running in all over the city don't have enough space for the girls. They contain a very little sized compartment for girls which is also over crowded with the gents.As a result girls feel insecure and uncomfortable inside.
Plus, the songs which are being played in the buses have very vulgar language and are contradictory to our cultural values and ethics.Therefore "tape recorders" should be strictly banned and government should take more measures to make sure the comfortable environment for all the passengers equally..

Use of extra mirrors:
Usage of extra mirrors should also be banned,drivers and conductors harass the female passengers indirectly via looking in those mirrors.I cant understand why on earth they use so many mirrors inside when  they cant be used in anyway other than harassment.

This is the voice of many Khi-iets, specially students.We all shall be grateful to City government if our voice is heard!

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