Friday, June 29, 2012

Wish Company-Delivering Korean Trends & Goods

Wishtrend is a Korean online shopping store that stocks and supply korean beauty, fashion and entertainment brands.

I like wishtrend since the beauty brands they supply are aimed at Asian skin tones. Not only their cosmetics are relevant to my skin type and tone but the products that are intended to make the skin appearence better for instance, making it smooth, even and free from blemishes etc do wonders on my skin.

Wishtrend sells cosmetics under following categories:
  1. Makeup-BB creams, eyeshadows, brushes,applicateors and powders
  2. Skin Care- Cleanser, toner, serum/essemce, cream and masks
  3. Body Care-Body moisturiser,body cleanser, hand, value kit
  4. For Men- Cleanser, toner, serum/essence, grooming and cream
  5. Variety-pouch,bags, socks,magazine & cartoons
They are dealing with following Korean brands:
  1. Bubble Bon Bon
  2. Caolion
  3. ciracle
  4. Daycell
  5. Gatzmen
  6. Hello everybody
  7. JJOY
  8. Klair's
  9. Lyramoa
  10. MUSTAEV and several others
Wishtrend have started an amazing program for bloggers of the world. They provide "WISH magic box" every month with some goodies inside to try out. The wish box for the month of june contains some products from Skin & Lab. They are:

  1. Dr.Vita vitamin E plus moisturising cream
  2. Dr. vita clinic Vitamin C
  3. 10 samples
I will be reviewing the full sized products in 2 weeks. I need a period of three weeks to try out the product before i could write a review.

I am pretty satisfied with the service they provide. The customer service department is most important and I feel no hesitation in declaring that Koreans are really very friendly and sweet people :-) The delivery duration is 10 to 14 days maximum. Products are carefully wrapped in bubble packaging, so you need not to worry. Simply place your order and get your hands on some amazing korean beauty products that suit your skin :)

P.s You can also avail wish coupon for $5 discount. Look for it in my side bar!
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

JoJo Khata Saeb Review

JoJo is a big good name that is famous for distributing lusciousness around. The colourful lovely packaging attract consumers even more. Today, I am going to make all the kids happy, who are consuming lots of their time on the laptops and PCs in summer vacations. JoJo treasure box sent "Khata Saeb" candy for review today :)

My Experince:
Khata saeb candy, as the name sounds is a bit sour, bit sweet in taste. It tastes like a raw apple. Being green in colour, it is so much welcoming for the tastebuds in summers. It comes in a box of 70 pieces. Similar to its siblings Kata lemon and khati strawberry, it also has got an icon ofa naughty fruit on the box. The raw green apple seems in a pretty good mood, with wide opened mouth, tongue out and eyes troubled. This all comine together to suggest a peaky sour taste.

It contains sugar, liquid glucose,citric acid E330, artificial flavour apple& artificial colour E102 (tatrazine ) E133

JoJo foods are the most consumer interactive confectioners and keep organising activities from time to time in different schools and parks/resorts. The photogallery of such events can be viewed here. Not only this jojo has much more for its facebook fans as well.Like their facebook page or visit their website here
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Spa Ceylon Hand Cream & Cuticle Balm Review

Spa Ceylon offers extensive hand care range, out of which I got a chance to try & review Cardamom Rose Hand Cream & Cardamom Rose Nail & Cuticle Balm. What sort of experience I had with these two Ceylon's Ayurvedic products? Read below to find out.

Cardamom Rose Hand Cream

It is a white milky solution, of slightly thin consistency with strong but amazing aroma of cardamom. The bottle is semi-transparent plastic made & green. It contains cardamom, rose, honey, virgin coconut and almond- 100% Ayurveda actives.

I found it a light hydrating formula, specially made to moisturise and nourish dry and rough skin. It leaves my hands soft and smooth, even toned with a light herbal fragrance that soothes and relaxes over-worked hands. It doesnot make hands greasy or oily in anyway. Easily blendable and gets absorbed just in few minutes. I prefer applying it at night before i go to sleep to get the maximum benefit of the hand cream. However, it is suggested that the cream should be used several times in a day-everytime after washing hands to notice a quick difference in parched and dry hands. It helps prevent moisture loss & keeps hand fresh and youthful.

Cardamom Rose Nail & Cuticle Treatment Balm

It is semi-sollid, part of it will melt if you keep it in a warm temperature/surroundings. However, if you keep it in air-conditioned room, it will remain semi-solid. It melts in instants when it gets intouch with skin. It has hint of light yellow in it. It smells much like cardamom rose hand cream with the dominent aroma of cardamom. It helps conditions and soften the cuticles whereas treat & repair dry brittle nails.

It contains essential oils for intensive cuticle and nail treatment. It made my cuticles soft and removed the thick ,black lines from cuticles though, it didnot help much in treating the nails. My hand nails have few crinkle lines (i know i need to improve diet), that i had hoped, will be removed with the regular use of this balm. However, I had to face little disappointment. The crinkle lines have been REDUCED, not fully removed. My foot nails are dry, brittle and have developed dark patches that are obvious only when seen carefully. Sadly, the nails still look lusture free and dull. I guess, with an improved diet I need to continue the balm treatment for some more weeks in order to see complete results.

It is to be used at night. I apply it on cuticles and nails with a spare small eye brush by taking a generous amount. Then massage it for few seconds and leave overnight. I also love finishing off my pedicure & menicure with this cuticle balm and soothing hand cream.

Pros and cons
  1.  Refreshing and soothing
  2. Helps prevent moisture loss
  3. Nourishes & make skin soft including treating cuticles
  4. Easy to use
  5. Smell so natural that lifts up the soul & energies
Major turn on: Oh, the AROMA!!
Major Turn-off : Nothing

End of the line:
Both the products are worth buying since they really live up to the results claimed. If you are a lover of natural aromas in your cosmetics then get your hands on Spa Ceylon's products. I am extremely satisfied with hand cream and partially with the cuticle balm. I am sure, continuing balm treatment for several more weeks will definitely remove my problems, as claimed by the company. Since my foot nails were longtime fogotten by me, I understand nothing can help in a swish of wand. Overall, both the products are recommendable!

Click here to access Spa Ceylon website. They offer free worldwide shopping for purchase over US $75.

Read my previous reviews on Spa Ceylon Foot Care here & Spa Ceylon Ayurvedic Treatment here
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Monday, June 18, 2012

Spa Ceylon Ayurveda-Cooling Foot Scrub & Foot Relief Review

I havebeen using Spa Ceylon's green mint cooling foot scrub and green mint cooling foot relief for more than three weeks. Whether or not both the products live upto their expectations, continue reading below to know.

Green Mint Cooling Foot Scrub-(Soothe Foot Care)

It is a granulated thick paste with a soothing smell of fresh mint leaves. It contains, lime peel, dark grapes and volcanic minerals that aim to lighten dark patches, rough skin areas and discolourations. Whereas peppermint and lemongrass essential oils,helps to cool and refresh the feet, also controlling the bad odour rising often from feet.
Since I have to go office daily, my feet were affected severly by the harmful UV rays and therefore, some unwanted dark patches were developed on feet. Also, i rarely get time to pedicure, which makes my feet hard, with those ugly cracked heels. I also got bad marks near ankle, and at the sides of feet due to uncomfortable shoes. However, after using the foot scrub- i noticed that the rough patches and dicolourations are being reduced gradually. This natural purifying formula literally softems, smoothens and revitalise the dead, dull and tired feet. The cooling effect of green mint soothes tired feet and also the tired soul. The scent is quite strong, but I love it. It healed the cracked dark heels, and turning them soft and pink!

It is damn easy to use. I use it twice a week/ sometimes once only. You only need to massage it in circular motion like anyother scrub, focussing extra on rough skin patches. Keep massaging it until it gets dried and starts peeling off by itself. Now wash your feet and see the difference.

Green Mint Cooling Foot Relief

It is a white milky solution, smells soul-wrapping, that is enriched with the benefits of peppermint, virgin coconut, arnica and lime peel to soften and revive tired and dry feet.Almond, soya oil and lemon grass protects against moisture loss, calm and deodorize feet. It is best to be used after scrubbing your feet. Even with the very first application you will notice a soft glow in your feet and a feel of softness you will love to adore. It doesnot make feet greasy,just provide an adequate amount of moisture that our feet deserve. For best results, it should be applied at night before sleeping.

Scrub and foot relief both come in plastic packaging. The colour theme is refreshing green with black lids that suggests love with nature. It is suitable for all skin types.

Pros and Cons
  • Refreshing & soothing
  • Softens and revive feet
  • Treat rough patches, and heals discolourations
  • Smells amazing
  • Natural purifying formula with no side effects
  • Easy to use
  • Cool packaging

Major turn on: The smell
Major turn off: Nothing

End of the Line:
Is it difficult for you to get a time for visiting a parlour? No worries, get both these products and enjoy the professional pedicure at your home! Explore more about Spa Ceylon here. Read my previous post about Spa Ceylon's Ayurvedic treatmenet here.
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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Liz Earle Botanical Essence- Fragrance Review

Has it been hard for you to pick a fragrance, perfectly formulated to stay along with you during sizzling hot summers? The cruel scorching rays of the sun make you demand for a perfume that could uplift your mood and over all sprits without causing a feeling of an unwanted strong scent. If you have had a hard time picking your summer perfume, then the following review is going to help you this season.

Liz Earle naturally active fragrance claims to contain 98% natural ingredients.

Arent you fascinated on hearing about a perfume having all natural ingredients, including herbal and floral essences? If you are not into strong scents but crave for an over all body boost during heavy body perspiration days then you must consider yourself buying Liz Earle fragrance. It smells heavenly. As soon as with the first spray, you will find your self and soul wrapped up in a true citrus feeling that will be soon faded and replaced away with a sweet floral scent. With in some 20 minutes you will be indulged in the warmth of woody and almond-like soft sensual odor.

It contains essential oils such as patchouli, bergamot, lavender essential oil etc that are famous for their soothing and stress relieveing powers whereas Damask rose adds energetic floral fragrance to this entire natural formula. I must say the notes of this fragrance are a very careful selection of experts that deals to address a tired body and soul.

To develop a clear understanding of Liz fragrance notes, find the infographic below that has been taken from the Liz website.

Liz earle donot need introduction and description when it comes to packaging. The brand itself is the guarantee of everything from packaging to its functional qualities. The fragrance comes in a beautiful and delicate glass bottle that is ofcourse transparent. The carton is something that i found very unique. It is a draw like carton, which you need to slide out in order to access your most wanted everyday fragrance. The carton keeps the bottle safe inside from any unexpected jerks or accidental falls.
I wear it daily while going office, or in some casual friendly parties. It goes best for corporate functions and meetings. Unfortunately, the staying power isnot very good. You need to keep spraying on when you feel like awaking your energies that fall asleep during works;)

Price: 50 ml spray bottle  £45

Pros and Cons
  • Indulging scent that wraps your heart and soul
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Suitable for daily wear
  • Doesn't stay long.
  • Very expensive
Major Turn-on: Packaging & fragrance
Major turn-off: Price tag

End of the Line: If money isnot a big deal for you when it comes on spending perfumes, then there is nothing which should keep you away from grabbing a bottle for yourself. ☻

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Friday, June 8, 2012

First Giveaway Sponsored by WISHTREND

As promised a very exciting giveaway is here. I am quite excited since this is the first giveaway ever hosted by me. Many thanks to Wishtrend for sponsoring the giveaway. Wishtrend is a Korean makeup store that stocks everything Korean! Have a look at their site and just imagine how great it would be if you become the lucky winners. You will get a $20 voucher in your account to shop anything of your interest from wishtrend:) The gifts will be dispatched to your homes by the WISHTREND itself, after I announce the winner.

The rules to enter are very simple.Two entries are mendatory that includes being my follower with GFC and like wishtrend page at fb :)

 Giveaway ends on 8/July/2012. Fill in the rafflecopter to enter the giveaway.

P.S Sorry I had to make few changes. Instead of $10 free voucher, the winner will get $20 voucher, but there will be only ONE winner now, not three. Hope you understand :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

First Giveaway at Spring of Autumn

Image source: Google
A giveaway is coming very soon to your way at spring of autumn blog. The giveaway will be something newn and exciting. Stay updated and keep coming back to know more about the giveaway. You may be the one of the three lucky winners :)

Keep in touch with spring of Autumn!!
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Monday, June 4, 2012

Rings and Tings Jewelry Clicks & Review

Every girl likes to adorn herself with the glitters found in this world.The desire of enhancing her beauty is fulfilled by the enchanting jewelery items. The search of a perfect jewelery piece to make your day, has now been made even more easy by the online fashion stores. No matter, where in the world you are, you can order anything upto any limit just with a click of your mouse. You donot need to leave your place. Just stay in your relaxing couches, and enjoy the fun online shopping has brought into your bedrooms!Today, I have to share some reviews about Rings & Tings online fashion store. This store stocks various types of necklaces, rings, bracelets and different kind of dresses.
I was sent
  • A love chain necklace
  • Three rings ( two pearl & one bow ring)
  • Spikadel bangle
  1. LOVE Necklace

This is a golden chain necklace, 47cm long with a golden pendant that reads "Love". It is very beautiful with awhite pearl at the place of "o" and a rhinestone hanging from the "e". Chain is pretty long and is adjustable. I like wearing it as visible in the pic. However, i was very disappointed to notice that with in some 5-6 hours of wearing, it started changing its colour and transformed into copper colour from golden. I am sure it will be turning black with in few more uses. The pearl and rhinestone remain unaffected. See below

Price: It is available for £3.50

Pros and Cons:
  1. Beautiful
  2. May make a good gift
  3. Affordable
  4. Adjustable
  5. Available in silver and golden
  6. Poor colour fastening. (The colour quality is much like those of ordinary chains that are available in street sunday bazars etc)
Major turn on: Attractive and eye catchy
Major turn-off: Poor colour fastening


All the rings I received from the store are cute and lovely. They are not very much detailed. As you can see in the photo, one ring is pearl and rhinestone studded whereas the other has only a golden little bow made on it. The rings are slipable only in very thin fingers. They are non-adjustable, hence you should be very careful to order it for yourself if you donot have "lady-fingers" ;-) Rings are metal made and both are golden in colour. They feel comfortable in fingers.

 Iam very sorry, i couldnt find these rings on the website, therefore I am unable to update the prices here. I'll very soon mention the rates.

Pros and Cons
  1. Cute and simple
  2. Metallic
  3. Pearl and Rhinestone studded
  4. Comfortable
  5. Non- adjustable
Major turn on: Cuteness!
Major turn off: non-adjustable


Spikadelic, as they call it-is a wooden bangle, painted green,with metallic copper spikes on it. The size is extreme big. It even passes through my elbow. Moreover, the bangle isnt water resistant- hence leaving off colour in contact with water or light body perspiration. It also spoils your arm and fingers. Honestly speaking i donot like it, it seems more like a monster bangle.

Pros and Cons:
  1. If you are into wooden jewelry it is good for you
  2. If you want to try out something new, the spikes will definitely attract you
  3. Poor colour fastening
  4. Extra jumbo size.
Prices not available on the website.

Major turn on: Nothing for me
Major turn off: Big size

Have you tried anyhting from Rings and Tings? Check out their website, if you want to have a look at their collection!
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Saturday, June 2, 2012

About blog and Author

I am Areeba Siddiqui,from Lahore Pakistan. I am a khi-iet by birth, brought up there and got education till university from karachi. However, had to move and settle in Lahore in 2011.

At this blog you will get to read everything that strikes my attention from fashion reviews to criticism and social writings. I am a professional writer having a B.S degree in Masscommunication with second position (alhamdulillah) from Karachi University batch 2009-2010. I also stood third in Karachi inter board 2006.

I am working as a content writer. Previously I have worked with international firms like "Green Tech", "Root Communications", IT Magazine "MORE" and few others. I also accept free-lance projects other than blogging for which I may charge a minor fees in exchange of my services. If you are an individual or a company looking to hire my services then just drop me a mail stating your agenda at springofautumn at gmail dot com. You will be contacted back with in 24 work hours. (PST GMT+5)

Since writing is my passion and obsession, I love to write. The reviews you read at this blog are not paid and they will never be*.My sincerity is with my readers who trust me. The opinion given about the products is all mine and may differ with others in some cases. Therefore, all claims regarding opinion difference will be rejected.

I hope you enjoy my blog and come back soon.

*Reviews arenot paid,unless mentioned otherwise.
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Trendy Summer Bun

Turn your summers into FUN!

Whenever i notice some yound kids enjoying baldness during summer vacations I feel that how lucky ther are. :P If you have some really long hairs then they might be troublesome specially in summer season. Try buns, as they will ensure that your neck and back gets enough air. The normal buns that the housewives and girls make in routine, looks a bit untidy and messy. These days, I am in love with bun sticks or bun pins as some people call it. There are many trendy pins available in market with which you can adorn your self by wearing a trendy hair bun.

You can try Koren buns also.Just back comb your hairs that are at your head's back and wrap them in a neat bun. Tie it with your favourite bun stick and enjoy the well managed hairs even in the summers.

Tip: If you have curly and unmanageable hairs that look terrible with those tentacles projecting outside in the bun, then apply some livon after shower. Now, enjoy the tamed hairs ;)
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JoJo Khati Strawberry Review

Oh scorching rays of sun have been so brutal for last few days in Lahore. Every one is looking dull, with parched dry lips. Seems all the fun is gone with the lovely and colourful spring. Our appetites donot welcome anything heavy,children are being affected mostly. In summers, light snacks and sweets do the job well for our stomachs.

Today I bring the review of summer's light sweet, which is the sure favorite product of not only the young kiddos out there but it may also please the taste buds of the elder ones. JoJo Khati Strawberry is a deliocious strawberry candy, that tastes more like the strawberry smoothy. If you are craving for strawberries in hot and sizzling summers, no worries. Get yourself some khati strawberries and enjoy the real taste of real fruit smoothie.

As mentioned by the name it is slightly sour, but creamy. It tastes like a smooth creamy mixture that melts in the mouth and spreads lusciousness of strawberry within few minutes.

It comes in a colourful pink box that contains 70 candies. Strawberry on the pack looks pretty naughty with big wide eyes and tongue out. The strawbeery caricature has been made on the pack to indicate the sour taste it possess.

It containssugar, liquid glucose, citric acid E330, artificial flavour strawberry and artificial colour E129.

Formore information about JoJo foods click here

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