Saturday, June 2, 2012

About blog and Author

I am Areeba Siddiqui,from Lahore Pakistan. I am a khi-iet by birth, brought up there and got education till university from karachi. However, had to move and settle in Lahore in 2011.

At this blog you will get to read everything that strikes my attention from fashion reviews to criticism and social writings. I am a professional writer having a B.S degree in Masscommunication with second position (alhamdulillah) from Karachi University batch 2009-2010. I also stood third in Karachi inter board 2006.

I am working as a content writer. Previously I have worked with international firms like "Green Tech", "Root Communications", IT Magazine "MORE" and few others. I also accept free-lance projects other than blogging for which I may charge a minor fees in exchange of my services. If you are an individual or a company looking to hire my services then just drop me a mail stating your agenda at springofautumn at gmail dot com. You will be contacted back with in 24 work hours. (PST GMT+5)

Since writing is my passion and obsession, I love to write. The reviews you read at this blog are not paid and they will never be*.My sincerity is with my readers who trust me. The opinion given about the products is all mine and may differ with others in some cases. Therefore, all claims regarding opinion difference will be rejected.

I hope you enjoy my blog and come back soon.

*Reviews arenot paid,unless mentioned otherwise.


nadeem said...


Omer ali said...

If you are good at something, never do it for free :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Areeba,
It's always good to come across a freelancer. I've read some of your writings, and they seem decent, for the moment. Needless to say, some language improvements, grammar nuances can be enhanced, but overall, it's fine. One suggestion, from an anonymous reader's end, consider changing the colors, font styles, font colors. I somewhat understand your fondness for the color pink, but it's not being used to its full potential. One can say, you're blatantly using it. As you might know, consistency is an important element is grabbing the attention of existing and new readers. Your website suffers on that parameter.

Hope this helps.


ReeBz said...

Dear Anonymous:
Thanks for this detailed analysis. I really appreciate it. Actually i recently changed my blogger template. I understand the issues you raised about the colour pink, but my requirements were only present in this pink template. I am still in search of a better template. As soon as i get my hands on one- I will definitely bring some changes into it.

Once again thanks for coming and for sharing your views.

Omer ali said...

you can switch to wordpress . its far better and easy to manage. even the backup options are handy, so you'll never loose your posts.

Omer ali said...

hey was wondering if you had to pick up a domain name, what would be your preferences ?

ReeBz said...

Omer Ali
for queries and price information, kindly send me an email at

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