Friday, June 29, 2012

Wish Company-Delivering Korean Trends & Goods

Wishtrend is a Korean online shopping store that stocks and supply korean beauty, fashion and entertainment brands.

I like wishtrend since the beauty brands they supply are aimed at Asian skin tones. Not only their cosmetics are relevant to my skin type and tone but the products that are intended to make the skin appearence better for instance, making it smooth, even and free from blemishes etc do wonders on my skin.

Wishtrend sells cosmetics under following categories:
  1. Makeup-BB creams, eyeshadows, brushes,applicateors and powders
  2. Skin Care- Cleanser, toner, serum/essemce, cream and masks
  3. Body Care-Body moisturiser,body cleanser, hand, value kit
  4. For Men- Cleanser, toner, serum/essence, grooming and cream
  5. Variety-pouch,bags, socks,magazine & cartoons
They are dealing with following Korean brands:
  1. Bubble Bon Bon
  2. Caolion
  3. ciracle
  4. Daycell
  5. Gatzmen
  6. Hello everybody
  7. JJOY
  8. Klair's
  9. Lyramoa
  10. MUSTAEV and several others
Wishtrend have started an amazing program for bloggers of the world. They provide "WISH magic box" every month with some goodies inside to try out. The wish box for the month of june contains some products from Skin & Lab. They are:

  1. Dr.Vita vitamin E plus moisturising cream
  2. Dr. vita clinic Vitamin C
  3. 10 samples
I will be reviewing the full sized products in 2 weeks. I need a period of three weeks to try out the product before i could write a review.

I am pretty satisfied with the service they provide. The customer service department is most important and I feel no hesitation in declaring that Koreans are really very friendly and sweet people :-) The delivery duration is 10 to 14 days maximum. Products are carefully wrapped in bubble packaging, so you need not to worry. Simply place your order and get your hands on some amazing korean beauty products that suit your skin :)

P.s You can also avail wish coupon for $5 discount. Look for it in my side bar!


Anonymous said...

Wow reebz, keep enjoying!

Shang J. said...

Sounds good. Waiting for the reviews! :)

humera said...

awaiting reviews:)

smarty said...

oh cool1 reviews soon pleasE!

smarty said...

hmm, wanting to hear about vitamin C thing

Laveena said...

cool products! wish company is sweet <

hina said...

woww, di review sooner a bit

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