Thursday, January 26, 2012

Uniqso- I.Fairy Hera Brown Circle Lense Review

Today I am here to review another pair of circle lens with another online store that stocks them.Yes I am talking about the most loved brand of bloggers-UNIQSO. They are an online store that sells unique big eye circle lenses and other eye accessories. You may also find some makeup accessories and nail accessories at

Why should you choose Uniqso? I loved uniqso for the following reasons
  1. They have an excellent customer service. The person who corresponds with buyers is someone with a very good heart. Whatever you ask-whether the most silly question you will be responded back with a humble smile and polite attitude. 
  2. They do not only stock circle lenses but some must-to-have eye makeup and nail polishes. Therefore, you can get your hands on your favorite goodies in order to make yourself unique from a single place.
  3. All the products are affordable. Thats what i loved most :)
  4. You get 15% off that costs you nothing! Post your picture at their Facebook page and enjoy shopping!
  5. Huge collection of circle lenses by brand and colour.
  6. Cute models- yes thumbs up! it helps most in making a choice!

I was sent two pairs from Uniqso for review purpose.  Unfortunately, one pair has some manufacturing faults since it never sticks on the eye ball. It keeps popping out from the eye. I have been told by them that I will be sent another pair at its place. Aww, aint it sweet :)? Anyhow, I will restrict my review to the I-Fairy Hera Brown Circle Lense that has become my ultimate love in all my collection of circle lenses.

Specs are given below:
  1. Item no:LNIF013BR
  2. Brand:Ifairy SINn BON
  3. Weight:0.1000
  4. Unit of measure:Kg
  5. Price:$USD 22.90
  6. Diameter:16.2
  7. Base Curve:8.66mm
  8. Water content:55%
  9. Replacement period:1 year

I was a bit disappointed to see the packaging. However, you will be glad to remind yourself that in such an affordable rate, you still got something worth beautifying. It comes in a little box that is made of hard paper with bubble mats inside. You also get a free lens kit with every pair you purchase. No lens care card or etc was included in the package. Might be a bit problematic for the first time wearers. There should be a card inside that is intended to make the process of putting on and putting off easy.

They are completely irritation free, soft and are plastic thin. I faced a minor difficulty while inverting the lenses from the vials into the lens case.I prefer that vials should have measured solution that can be transferred easily with lenses. Since the vials had some extra liquid in it, the lens got stuck at the vial bottom whereas all the solution was transferred in the case. I then had to pour some solution back into the vial and threw of the extra amount. Other than this, I absolutely love this pair. See below how do I look while wearing it.

Since some of you requested to put some eye makeup last time, here is a pic with easy daily wear eye makeup :)
Last but not the least, they ship worldwide and you will get your package within 10 days. Moreover there is an announcement for all the aquarians.You get 10% discount on all your lucky colours. Avail this cool offer before it ends.

Enjoy 10% discount by using the following code.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

LenseCircle- Geo Medical Aqua Grey Circle Lense Review

Lenses and Lenses! How to choose your store when you need to get a pair of lenses in this competitive online market? Here is my little effort to help you choose yours.
I happened to get my pair from There were several reasons I was attracted to them.
  1. Very attractive and easy-to-browse website
  2. Most of the information present on the homepage
  3. A huge collection of lenses by design and colour
  4. Detailed product info of every product.
  5. Loads of offers for every customer.
  6. Not just graphics but real pictures.
 I got Geo Medical's Aqua Grey Circle Lense with the promised  items. They are:
  1. Lense care card
  2. Contact Lense case
  3. Gift bag to keep the lenses in.
Comes in bubble envelope
My package reached me within 10 days for which I am really happy. The complete package was bubble wrapped for protection. Therefore, it reached me safely with no damage. LenseCircle was kind enough to send me a discount coupon code of 15% on my future purchases.
Item code WT-A75
It was my first ever experience to try any circle lenses and I was a bit hesitant at first go. However, the lense care card and how to wear card made every step easy for me. It is a best practice to read the cards and the leaflets very carefully, you receive with your package before giving it a try. I was pleased, that no irritation or redness was observed in the eyes after putting them on. They are in big diameter that are supposed to make your eyes look big. Keep in mind that all the lenses with diameter 14.00 mm are normal eye lenses, whereas all the other with more than 14.00 mm in diameter are big eye lenses.

The specs of the pair i got are below:
  1. 15.00mm diameter
  2. Base Curve Radius: 8.40 ~ 8.60mm
  3.  C.T: 0.04 ~ 0.13mm
  4.  Water Content: 38 ~ 42%
  5.  Using Cycle: One Year
  6. Price $34.95
The only thing I disliked was its big diameter. It makes eyes look pretty. However i personally felt that due to big eye lenses the eyes looked unreal and a bit sharp. The colour is really pretty and suits well in people with fair complexions.

If you want to get yours from LenseCircle then you really are lucky. Enter code SPRING10 to avail 10% discount on your purchase. Moreover, enjoy free shipping on purchase of every two items from LenseCircle Enter code: FREESHIP

The most exciting offer i found on the website is that you get a cute animal lenses kit for every two pairs of lenses you order. Do give your feedback and share your views if you also had a purchase from LenseCircle :-)


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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Volumize and Lengthen Your Lashes with Lashem Double Trouble Mascara

I had heard alot about Lashem's products and about their extra ordinary qualities of making your eyes look beautiful.Women all around the world have a great desire to grow long thick lashes, for which they have been applying certain tricks to make them appear impressive. I, also had similar desires but unfortunately I never found that my eyes ever appealed for a mascara. I stopped using it in my early teen age, because mascara always would cause irritation into my eyes. I always had a feeling that no matter what the brand is, but it gets into my eyes and annoy me as much as possible. However, Lashem's double trouble mascara lives upto its name & claims. It has gained my love- yes the first ever mascara to love my eyes is made by "Lashem". HOW does it manage to grab such a position? Continue Reading to find out more.

Lashem Double Trouble Lash Mascara claims to define and smooth your lashes with a smooth even application. It doesn't only provide an instant extension to your lashes but also hydrate and nourish them. By one end of the mascara you can boost up your lashes with an obviously noticeable volume whereas with the other end you can create a lengthening effect in your lashes.

What are you waiting for? Say good bye to all those fake lashes as now you have a real product to beautify your real eye lashes.

Volumizing Mascara seems more like to be dedicated for a lengthening effect due to its manufacturing looks. I, therefore to counter check any possible printing mistakes on my packaging verified from the website and found out that it is meant for creating not length but volume. It did a real magic on my lashes and provided an instant quick volume to my lashes. However, to get a real noticeable difference it could do with your lashes, you must apply both the mascara wands.

My lashes are naturally a bit long than usual but are thin. Therefore, I always had wanted to create a volume in it. With Lashem's double trouble mascara i got a perfect solution.

 lengthening mascara also runs smooth and even. But i found some clumps in its bristles. However, it does not make lashes sticky or hard. I really enjoyed using the lashem double trouble mascara and loved the beautiful change it enhanced my eyes with.

Packaging & My Experience:
It comes in a very classy steel container. Both mascaras have separate wands for application made with flexible cotton fibers. It is smooth, does not feel runny or thick. Completely irritation free.To my surprise when i inverted the bottles i did not find any solution pouring downwards. I felt as if they are empty. To avail a double trouble lashes look, one needs to apply volumizing mascara first and then to finish it off, one must apply lengthening one.

A measurable difference can be noticed even in the lower lashes. The look has been achieved by applying both volumizing and lengthening mascaras of Lashem
Staying power:
It easily stays 6 to 8 hours if you are not in a habit of rubbing your eyes or not allergic to such products.

Pros and Cons:
  1. Attractive stylish packaging
  2. Smooth and even application.
  3. Irritation free
  4. Does not make eye lashes hard or stick them together
  5. Best for daily wear.
  6. Deals lashes in both fields- volumizing and lengthening.
  7. High price & Availability issues are its cons.
Price & Quantity
US$ 19.99 for 0.6fl.oz/6ml

Where to Order?
you can order yours from their website here. They ship worldwide via Fedex and reaches you within 10 business days. Sounds amazing, aint it :)? To add to their shipment policies, they will also provide you with a tracking number. So, don't worry you can track your package daily once it has been shipped :)

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fortress: My One Stop Shop for Winter Wear

I used to be crazy for designer made dresses but more than often I found them above my range. I would therefore, prefer copying their designs and would order my tailor to stitch just exactly the same. However, when I visited Fortress Lahore, I jumped up with pleasure and excitement. Loads of dresses, beautifully stitched and designed were available in a very very affordable and easy to reach range.

I wanted to buy each and every dress, but ofcourse no one can empty the banks just in shipping :D. I still bought few dresses I would love to share.

This is Khaddar A-line dress with very intricate thread embroidery that has been embellished with small white beads. It has a very long mustard shawl, perfectly suitable for winters and a mustard pent-style trouser.

The other dress is in white chiffon which I am absolutely in love with :)

This dress is not less than a designer made dress. Pleated with 3 silver brooches make it extra ordinary. Has managed to get special place in my wardrobe. There were many other collections in there, I would love to shop once again.
Have you ever been to Fortress? Do you prefer Liberty or Fortress? Care to share.
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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hapless Father to Receive Daughter into Pieces- Yells for Help

For me its just another morning, just another day but there are few unfortunate Pakistanis for whom its another beginning of an unending horrific tale. What's their fault? Why are they being treated in every inhumane way? Let's take an over view and try to unveil many faces who claim themselves to be working hard for the common man of Pakistan.

Image source:beats24*
Shamsul Anwar is a poor, unfortunate father of nine innocent children including two twin daughters and seven sons. He has served in Pakistan Army as a Lance Naik for some seventeen years and got retired in 1992. He had everything to be grateful to Allah even after his retirement. However, he had yet to face the biggest trauma of his life in the return of his sincere efforts, and his love for his homeland.According to The News  , he caught a terrorist red-handed, who was then busy in planting explosives in Jamia Masjid of Dhoke Gujran at Misrial Road, Rawalpindi back in 2001. The News, further reported that 17 more of the terrorists belonging to the same group were arrested, who were later on shifted to an undisclosed place. After, some five years of this incident, terrorists played a nasty game to avenge this brave man of the nation. They kidnapped two of his sons, Muhammad Yaseen and Faizullah aged 16 and 14 respectively from the school in broad day light. 

Terrorists demanded a huge money which ofcourse he was in no state to pay. Shamsul Anwar then contacted police and Army, where he had spent 17 years working for his country men. Sadly, police department shun him away with its traditional humiliating attitude and army too couldn't help him. I personally feel that when 70% of the country budget is being spent on Pakistan Army,then why Army couldn't find any budget to get his son released? Aren't we- The people of Pakistan growing a White Elephant in the form of Pakistan Army? Do we give these many taxes only for generals and colonels of our army? I respect Pakistan Army with all my heart, but this account and several others are disappointing. Army is unable to stop NATO attacks, unable to stop terrorist activities of America & backwater, unable to detect any drones- and so unable to take any suitable action against our enemies. Do we need such an army? An army who has failed to protect its country men?   

Shamsul Anwar, got the pieces of his eldest son in a gunny bag. Terrorists had killed his son in the most brutal way. Not even this, they even recorded the whole tragedy and gifted the CD with his son's body pieces to him. This is not the end of the horrific story, brace your mind for even more terror to come. His second son was released by the captors after a long bondage on the payment of a heavy ransom which he paid by selling out his home and some vehicles. Miserably, his second son was injected with poisonous medicines during the captivity and was diagnosed with Blood Cancer. Piteous  father had no money left for the treatment of his young son after paying the ransom. He therefore contacted Imran Khan-Chairman of PTI to help him. Alas! Imran Khan who seems to be the apple of all hearts these days, could pay him only Rs 20,000 with a reference chit of Shaukat Khanam Hospital. Administration estimated a bill of Rs 1.2 million!

I just wonder that if Shaukat Khanum has no funds even for this man, then whom for? I don't consider the stats available on his sites authentic that claim to treat thousands of people for free per year. We all know that Pakistan government has failed, but people of Pakistan are expecting  a "safe, peaceful revolution" from Imran. All the youth seems to be blind for him, but I always feel confused about him. For me he has a contradictory personality. When he is asked that why does he meet Munter secretly, then he shuns such questions by adopting a humiliating way! 

Shamsul Anwar- The unlucky father is these days screaming out loud for the release of her daughter from the same group of captors. Who is going to help him? the so called NGOs, army or the Symbol of  Hope- Imran khan? 

Let us wait together, for these faces to be unveiled. Meanwhile watch these puppets controlled by agencies! 

UPDATE 2: It has been confirmed by various news sources that this guy was a scam and has been arrested. Read here and here. Though its difficult to decide that whom should we believe since the earlier story was also a news story and the later ones too. I am still happy that we all stood for a cause. Its been heard army regiment is trying to send back all the donations.

UPDATE: Few bloggers have given some account numbers to send in donations. However I don't consider them authentic. It might be a fraud, even if it is not- It will activate many other kidnappers demanding heavy ransoms. I would also suggest to not to contact him at the given contact numbers, available at internet. We should pray that authentic NGOs or individuals who have gained enough trust from public, come forward to help this man.  IF you want to send donations, contact them.
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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

DmGm Power Shine Colour Gloss- Simply Lovin' It

F or a very long time I was in search of an excellent lipgloss, which instead of making my lips gooey,adorn them with a rich lustrous shine.My search came to an end last week when during shopping I stumbled upon DmGm products in HyperStar Lahore.

I always like natural shades since I donot prefer a face that looks unnatural due to overly done makeup. Therefore, Instead of getting pink this time, I looked for a bit darker,yet neutral shade. I tried coral rose & marble rose. I found both of them totally awesome.  However, I picked  DmGm Power Shine Color Gloss in Marble Rose. It has a very natural look. Provides irresistible lip shine and high gloss as rightly claimed by the company.

I personally liked the packaging. It has very fine and sharp ends whereas the applicator consists of an extra ordinarily silky brush. Enough to comfort you with an extremely smooth and fine application. DmGm power shine lip gloss gives a natural pout if applied with a single coat. However if you want an ultra high pout you could achieve it by applying three to four coats of it. In this way, you will also receive a mirror shine that will please you without making your lips sticky.

Since after its first use, I have become a fan of this gloss. It leaves your lips shiny and moisturized. If you are a working lady or a party-lady you will definitely want to use it, since you can easily achieve both the looks suitable for office and party just by using this simple gloss. Depending on the number of coats, you can easily attend a party or an office meeting.

If you are going to order it from their site then please match the swatches below, present on their website and on my hand. Swatches given on the website are always slightly different. I found it less darker than the website swatch.

I bought it from "Scentsation" HyperStar-Fortess Lahore. To add to this review, Scentsation has a very nice helping staff. I really liked this outlet where, you will be greeted happily by one of their staff members as soon as you step in. Also, making a choice in cosmetics is not a difficult step anymore. A pretty lady will be there to help you making a decision according to your skin problems, your price range and your requirement. I must say, whenever i will be needing cosmetics my only destination will be "Scentsation".

Price: 780Rs
Quantity: 6 ml/20 oz

I will definitely recommend it to all who want a natural look :-) It stays easily for more than 4 hours without fading away.

  •  Rich and Shiny capable of making your lips soft.
  • Smooth application
  • Free from stickiness or harsh smells.
  • Long lasting
  • A bit expensive, but its quality speaks for itself.
  • No other bad point :)
Donot forget to share your views :)
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Monday, January 2, 2012

Easy to Carry Snack- JoJo's Cheese & Chicken Pingos

Onion Cheese

Photo taken from the JoJo Facebook Page
Whether its mid morning or evening tea, we all shout out loud "SNACKSS!!" JoJo foods since working internationally at a large scale understands to your food craves and keep responding them by launching various tastes. Today I am going to review my all time favorite "Pingos".

Pingos is a light form of snacks. Available in two flavors i.e "Cheese Onion" and "Chicken". They are ring shaped and round. Cheesy flavor is appreciated most by children and teen agers. To be very honest, both flavors are exciting, but I also prefer cheese onion. Having a hot cheesy aroma, with light spices- It is irresistible. Whereas chicken flavor is a treat for spice lovers. Therefore you can say that JoJo foods has once again taken care for both types of people- Those who love light spices and those whose taste buds are always hungry for a food, rich in spices.

Colours used in packaging are also very relevant, and the product inside is temptingly delicious. Pingos are easy to carry and  serve as the best fun time snack. Planning a picnic or a long drive? Get your hands on your  favorite flavor :)
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