Monday, January 2, 2012

Easy to Carry Snack- JoJo's Cheese & Chicken Pingos

Onion Cheese

Photo taken from the JoJo Facebook Page
Whether its mid morning or evening tea, we all shout out loud "SNACKSS!!" JoJo foods since working internationally at a large scale understands to your food craves and keep responding them by launching various tastes. Today I am going to review my all time favorite "Pingos".

Pingos is a light form of snacks. Available in two flavors i.e "Cheese Onion" and "Chicken". They are ring shaped and round. Cheesy flavor is appreciated most by children and teen agers. To be very honest, both flavors are exciting, but I also prefer cheese onion. Having a hot cheesy aroma, with light spices- It is irresistible. Whereas chicken flavor is a treat for spice lovers. Therefore you can say that JoJo foods has once again taken care for both types of people- Those who love light spices and those whose taste buds are always hungry for a food, rich in spices.

Colours used in packaging are also very relevant, and the product inside is temptingly delicious. Pingos are easy to carry and  serve as the best fun time snack. Planning a picnic or a long drive? Get your hands on your  favorite flavor :)


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