Sunday, January 22, 2012

LenseCircle- Geo Medical Aqua Grey Circle Lense Review

Lenses and Lenses! How to choose your store when you need to get a pair of lenses in this competitive online market? Here is my little effort to help you choose yours.
I happened to get my pair from There were several reasons I was attracted to them.
  1. Very attractive and easy-to-browse website
  2. Most of the information present on the homepage
  3. A huge collection of lenses by design and colour
  4. Detailed product info of every product.
  5. Loads of offers for every customer.
  6. Not just graphics but real pictures.
 I got Geo Medical's Aqua Grey Circle Lense with the promised  items. They are:
  1. Lense care card
  2. Contact Lense case
  3. Gift bag to keep the lenses in.
Comes in bubble envelope
My package reached me within 10 days for which I am really happy. The complete package was bubble wrapped for protection. Therefore, it reached me safely with no damage. LenseCircle was kind enough to send me a discount coupon code of 15% on my future purchases.
Item code WT-A75
It was my first ever experience to try any circle lenses and I was a bit hesitant at first go. However, the lense care card and how to wear card made every step easy for me. It is a best practice to read the cards and the leaflets very carefully, you receive with your package before giving it a try. I was pleased, that no irritation or redness was observed in the eyes after putting them on. They are in big diameter that are supposed to make your eyes look big. Keep in mind that all the lenses with diameter 14.00 mm are normal eye lenses, whereas all the other with more than 14.00 mm in diameter are big eye lenses.

The specs of the pair i got are below:
  1. 15.00mm diameter
  2. Base Curve Radius: 8.40 ~ 8.60mm
  3.  C.T: 0.04 ~ 0.13mm
  4.  Water Content: 38 ~ 42%
  5.  Using Cycle: One Year
  6. Price $34.95
The only thing I disliked was its big diameter. It makes eyes look pretty. However i personally felt that due to big eye lenses the eyes looked unreal and a bit sharp. The colour is really pretty and suits well in people with fair complexions.

If you want to get yours from LenseCircle then you really are lucky. Enter code SPRING10 to avail 10% discount on your purchase. Moreover, enjoy free shipping on purchase of every two items from LenseCircle Enter code: FREESHIP

The most exciting offer i found on the website is that you get a cute animal lenses kit for every two pairs of lenses you order. Do give your feedback and share your views if you also had a purchase from LenseCircle :-)



Fakiha said...

Very deeply informative review. Thanks for sharing. I really liked cheetah print gift bag :)

Jabeen said...

Try putting some makeup on :)

humera said...

geo is a very authentic name. good choice :)

Anonymous said...

I cannot understand what is your verdict. At the same place you are praising pinky paradise and now Circle Lense. I am sure in future you will be praising some other brand. What should we consider truth?

ReeBz said...

Dear Anonymous
I am not advertising any brand here. I just write reviews to help you choose yours. My purpose here is to create awareness about many different products available in the market. since no one is paying me, I am in no way bound to any specific brand!

ReeBz said...

Oh yes, I will definitely the next time. It was my first time so i avoided makeup :)

ReeBz said...

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

I came here while i was making a routine search for my monthly haul. I must say this is a very well written review. Thanks for sharing with us and for giving the lenses. Anyone who reads this review, will get a detailed idea of the store and the product.
Keep Reviewing.
With warm wishes and regards,
Amber <3

ReeBz said...

aww thank you so much amber. your appreciation keep me going :)Keep looking at this place, i am planning to arrange a giveaway. I hope i succeed :)

filpaki said...

I really liked the packaging and the soft felt pouch. The way they ship is something that deserves praise.

Jabeen said...

Gawjus looks wd makeup ;)

Zareen said...

I think its packaging is really amazing. but pesey bhi to zada hen na :D

Anonymous said...

hehe now Uniqso. i predicted same. Didnot I :P?

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