Thursday, December 31, 2009

Taliban or Black water??

On Muharram 10, A big tragedy hit Karachi.Soon after the blast in Shia procession more than 3000 shops were burnt by few unknown people [point to think over, are they really unknown??] in Bolton Market of  Khi.
Plastic,paper,medicine,cloth and armory market  had to suffer from great loss.

As a result an extreme scarcity of  all the above mentioned items is expected which will cause inflation.It is said that approximately more than 30 arab PKR loss was caused by this destruction and terrorist activity.

Questiona are,
1.who were those people from inside or outside the procession having plenty of chemicals enough for burning full markets?

2.When after the blast in procession all institutes,industries,offices and all other activities were off,then who printed those "banners and pamphlets" in such a big no. that only in one night they were not only printed but were also distributed and pasted on almost every chowk of the city claiming that this activity is done by "Taliban"?

3.When closed circuit cameras were specially arranged to strictly monitor the procession, then why they were turned off when they were most needed?

4.Why didn't Police take any action when they were called for help by poor shopkeepers whose all life-saving was being burnt by terrorists?

5.Who were those armed persons at fire brigade offices, who forced shopkeepers to run away from the office without even registering a fire-complain?

6.Why fire-brigade sent help after three hours of fire?

This all shows, that higher authorities were involved in this cruel terrorist activity,or at least if there were no involvement of higher authorities then their permission was involved for sure!!

It is the hidden agenda/propaganda which has now become obvious to blame everything on Talibans. Who're Talibans? I never knew that they exist in such a big no.? I just cant understand like every common Pakistani, that why our govt without any investigation says that every blast was a "SUICIDAL ATTACK" and every terrorist activity was by  "TALIBAN"

On the other hand, great attention should be given on the activities of "BLACK WATER"  we have open proofs of their mysterious activities but we have sewn our lips and closed our eyes when it comes to Blackwater?
again govt is involved!!
Blackwater trucks loaded with don't-know-what travels in all the country specially in Lhr,Isb and Khi.but they never let anyone to inspect what they are carrying in trucks and where?That day i was reading in newspaper that almost till four hours, security agents tried to check their luggage but they didnt allow them, then a call from some govt official came on mobile to let them go!WHY???
Secondly, blackwater is openly using fake number plates on their cars and they have denied to use the original ones OPENLY!


In my opinion Pak govt and blackwater are the name of two bodies but one soul!
To hear things like "pakistan na khappay [may pakistan dont live long]", and Pakistan was made for secularism from our govt people is heart cracking.whatever comes in their mouth, they say without thinking.

We got Pakistan on the name of Islam and was  the only state which came into being on an ideology basis but how sad we have forgotten all.
I expect that the youth of Pakistan and the upcoming generation will be much better than these old folks who have sell their conscience at the cost of few dollars?

We Should face It Bravely to save the Honour of PAKISTAN and of ISLAM.Do your Duty and have Faith in PAKISTAN.It has Come to stay.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Love & Sympathy are better healers than medicines.

Surviving in the blue times with no hopes of survival is in fact a big deal.One must have firm belief on Allah who has created him.You should be very very optimistic about the ship that will, somehow magically appear over the mighty waves of the sea to take you away from all the worries and one should believe, that far away in the midst of the burning desert ,its not a mirage but a real little pond of water Allah has created for you in the fraction of a second!

As the followers of  Holy books and divine religions we believe on the One and Only Allah/God,but at the same time,there is something, something inside & hidden which Allah has left for us to uncover & to unfold which helps us in strengthening all these beliefs and hopes..  and guess what, they are little two pearls "LOVE & SYMPATHY" which are scattered everywhere but unfortunately only few people in the world own them.

I myself didn't know the real importance of love and the words of sympathy before the time of my accident, but when unfortunately i got my left arm's bone totally broken, i experienced personally that how beautifully they can affect your life.I was asked to stay in hospital for 3 days after surgery but God bless my friends who came to see me and showered me with the power of these pearls, and so i was discharged the very second day of surgery as i was recovering fast.

I bet we can make this world a heavenly place to live just even with the little amount of love and sympathy we share!! we only need a little workout.. We just need to find out,if there is someone who needs these pearls more than us..

"The more we share,the more they increase"

Dedicated to my family and friends Zunaira,Ayesha,Tatheer,Faryal,Erum,Tabassum etc and to Connie- who kept asking about my recovery time to time &as well as to all others who are one of the real true owners of the pearls "love & sympathy"

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