Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shoe hurled at Clifford May.

KARACHI, Pakistan: The culture of throwing shows at opponents has covered a long journey having started from Arab, it has now arrived in Karachi, Pakistan as an un successful bid of hurling shoe at a US scholar was made at Karachi University.

A student hurled shoe at a US scholar, journalist and the president Foundation of US Democracy (FoUSD) Clifford May when he was delivering lecture on democracy but he remained unharmed.

The lecture organizer Monis Ahmer confirmed to Geo news that a student threw a shoe at a US journalist but he escaped unhurt.

He said hurling shoes at guests is a condemnable act and we excused our guest over the incident.


The issue is very thought provoking.Its not only about throwing a shoe but it compels all of us to think beyond the surface value.

If we view it in the light of "mannerism" then no doubt it is strongly a shameful act and should be strongly condemned.This will only be the surface value of the issue.As we have to think beyond the surface value,we must dig the facts to prove ourselves as well-aware citizens.

Question is why Hussain had to take such a step?If we think about it deeply,i bet we can solve our many problems without being the victim of inferiority complex and we will never need to bend our heads before superpowers!!

He asked a very simple question about the bloodshed in Palestine.Instead of replying Mr Clifford May passed a sarcastic smile which doesn't suit at a scholars profession.It clearly showed how low he thinks about Muslims

You have my support Husaain!

If America is imposing keyry-lugar bill on us,Blackwater intruding our country,moreover the "noble peace award wanner " Mr Barak Obama killing our innocent people by deadly dangerous drone missiles then why aren't we allowed to express even our hatred?Ameica wants to get hold of our nuclear plants, plus America is preparing a device which can destroy others' atomic plants and storages.Can anyone tell me who has given this authority to America?Mr.Barak Obama, see how much disaster you have caused to all world.What have you done in Iraq,Afghanistan and now you are trying to clutch us.Its YOU and your policies which have created hatred among all Pakistanis for Americans.Therefore Hussain is no any culprit.

Our leaders can be blind for your aid, but we aren't mind it!

I agree as an educated citizen one must show some level of maturity and should avoid such things.For this purpose, one should sign petitions,writers should create awareness,people can form groups to work together for achieving a cause and also letters can be written to authorities.Many things can be done,no doubt. But what to do of those history records which reveal that no benefit we are going to get by all these efforts?

Several applications,letters and petitions were signed for Dr.Afia siddiqui's release, but we all know that nothing is going to be changed.

In situation like this, what a person can do other than expressing hatred only?

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