Sunday, January 16, 2011

B.S or M.A/M.Sc system of education?

Karachi University has restored the MA/M.Sc system of education and has discontinued the B.S system.B.S system of education is a four years program.Anyone with 12 years of education could get admission 
in B.S.

According to B.S degree program:

"University of Karachi initiated four years B.S program in 2007 to replace the 3 year honours programme.  Masters Programmes have been abolished in departments where the B.S programme was initiated two years back. Candidates holding B.A. / B.Sc. / B.Com (pass) degree can get admission in B.S  third year in these departments instead of masters programmes and after successful completion of 2 years of study,  B.S degree will be awarded to these candidates.  This B.S degree will be equal to the Masters degree under the previous system.  Admission to M.Sc will be offered only in departments that have no B.S program"

In 2009 when i got admission in KU in B.S (from third year)I felt myself lucky to get education on international standards.I was excited to avail a degree which will be recognized by the whole world.In short I welcomed this change.Soon after the session was started,I realized things are not the way i was expecting.University has extended the duration of graduation but there is scarcity of qualified teachers and class rooms for the new courses introduced.Administration also has failed to pay teachers efficiently.
Moreover,there lies also a threat for future of the students coming from colleges and seeking admission in B.S from third year,as Masters program was earlier abolished.They already are coming after spending two years in colleges and already have B.A/B.Sc degrees in hand.After successfully completing two years of B.S they will get yet another degree of graduation.Confusing isn't it?When such students go out in the field for jobs,due to lack of awareness authorities exclaims a big "WHAT?" as if they doubts their degrees and qualification.Some people say that its injustice to reward 4years B.S degree to the students who join B.S just for two years.Students themselves are not happy with this situation as well.I also have experienced that all that glitters isn't gold.

KU lacks long term planning.Therefore such mishap happens.I personally think there should be a uniform method of education in the whole country.When all universities are running B.S/M.S programs quite successfully then why does KU fail?There can be many reasons but the most important reason is to completely abolish masters program.Students coming from colleges should have the option of joining Masters program while the rest should be welcomed to B.S.Only slowly and gradually M.A/M.Sc program should be stopped.

If you are a KU student,old or are currently getting education from KU then do share your views and concerns.

P.S Author is going at long leave from blogging due to shifting in Lahore from Karachi.
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stop SMS campaign against Zubaida Tariq

It is very sad to realize that the people of Pakistan have not managed to learn even in 60 years that how to respect and value the renowned personalities of the country. On the other hand if we just  look around and notice the attitude of our neighbors we will get to know the reason of their success and a rapid progress.Look at India how wonderfully they have treated their national hero-creator of atom bomb.

At first i had a perception that its only government who is not fair towards the national heroes,but now all types of misconceptions have been removed by noticing an SMS campaign against one of our most precious asset Mohtarma Zubaida Tariq.Its the moment of shame for us.We just for few moments' laughter are busy in insulting our national heroes.Zubaida Tariq has not caused any danger to anyone.Then why such a cheap behavior from us?Lets grow up!!I wonder who make such cheap SMS?I m not sure but i suspect that pre-paid companies have set departments for "Forward messages" to earn more in a short time period.

Zubaida Tariq, popularly known as Zubaida Apa has served Pakistan in these many years.She is the one who introduced our taste buds to the delicious foods by her handwork and sincerity .She decided to migrate Pakistan and served Pakistan.She is a famous cooking specialist and her recipes and totkas are very useful and easy to follow. She has also introduced different new masalas which are quite popular. Her cooking programs are telecasted on different TV channels and are watched by many.

I m hurt and angry on every new sms i receive against her.Let us start another SMS campaign condemning  the anti-Zubaida apa SMS. Whenever we get any such sms derogating her,we should reply sender back and educate him/her.Let us play our part as an educated citizen of  our country.

I therefore appeal  all the people of Pakistan to boycott Zubaida Apa messages. Remember! those who do not value their country's honor can never move forward in this challenging world! 

P.S Click to read about Achievements of Zubaida Tariq
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Rehman Malik & Islamic Republic of Pakistan?

According to Islamic Provisions of 1973 constitution only Muslims (male/female)should be elected as a Prime Minister/President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.It clearly emphasizes that being a Muslim is a necessary condition to occupy any position in government unless it is specially designed for non-Muslims and he/she is a minority representative.
Moreover,these provisions also order to take all necessary steps for ensuring Islamic teachings,understanding of Quran and Arabic easy for every Muslim citizen of Pakistan.The federal and Provincial Ministers,the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the National and Provincial Assemblies,the chairman of the Senate and the Governors and Chief Ministers of the Provinces also take oath to preserve and protect the Islamic Ideology.
Even with these Islamic provisions in the constitution of Pakistan we have some ministers like Rehman Malik  who fails to recite "Sura Ikhlas"- a compulsory part of Muslim's faith about oneness of Allah.Not only he fails to recite it,but also he is unable to deliver "
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم" see here:Rehman Malik fails to deliver Bismillah  and here
Its important to note that when someone even doesn't  know the basics of Islam then talking about heaven doesn't suit at him.Rehman Malik in his first press conference after the assassination of Salman Taseer failed to deliver "bismillah" properly but is wishing for a high place for Salman Taseer in heaven.Contradictory,isn't it?Do they even know what are the concepts regarding heaven and hell?  

It is very sad that in Pakistan we do investigate about fake degrees and make a fuss out of it.I agree, its the right of every Pakistani to know the truth about their elected members but no attention is paid towards this issue.Though free media has managed to play its role quite successfully.

One should remember that Salman Taseer has reaped what he sowed.We all know what type of life he was passing.Everyone can google conflicted pictures of Salman Taseer and his family.He was a shame for every Muslim.A person who claims Blasphemy Law  a black  law has now been sent to his destination.I don't support that citizens of state shall take Law and order in their hands but when the courts and law imposing institutes are sleeping then it gets out of control to bear the insult of our Dear prophet S.A.W.To avoid such tragedies in future government and courts should be serious.

A successful Namoose Risalat yesterday in Karachi has proved that we the citizens of Pakistan shall not bear any amendment in the blasphemy law.

Author doesn't support Salman Taseer,and assassination of Salman Taseer,neither does she support Mumtaz Qadri.

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