Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stop SMS campaign against Zubaida Tariq

It is very sad to realize that the people of Pakistan have not managed to learn even in 60 years that how to respect and value the renowned personalities of the country. On the other hand if we just  look around and notice the attitude of our neighbors we will get to know the reason of their success and a rapid progress.Look at India how wonderfully they have treated their national hero-creator of atom bomb.

At first i had a perception that its only government who is not fair towards the national heroes,but now all types of misconceptions have been removed by noticing an SMS campaign against one of our most precious asset Mohtarma Zubaida Tariq.Its the moment of shame for us.We just for few moments' laughter are busy in insulting our national heroes.Zubaida Tariq has not caused any danger to anyone.Then why such a cheap behavior from us?Lets grow up!!I wonder who make such cheap SMS?I m not sure but i suspect that pre-paid companies have set departments for "Forward messages" to earn more in a short time period.

Zubaida Tariq, popularly known as Zubaida Apa has served Pakistan in these many years.She is the one who introduced our taste buds to the delicious foods by her handwork and sincerity .She decided to migrate Pakistan and served Pakistan.She is a famous cooking specialist and her recipes and totkas are very useful and easy to follow. She has also introduced different new masalas which are quite popular. Her cooking programs are telecasted on different TV channels and are watched by many.

I m hurt and angry on every new sms i receive against her.Let us start another SMS campaign condemning  the anti-Zubaida apa SMS. Whenever we get any such sms derogating her,we should reply sender back and educate him/her.Let us play our part as an educated citizen of  our country.

I therefore appeal  all the people of Pakistan to boycott Zubaida Apa messages. Remember! those who do not value their country's honor can never move forward in this challenging world! 

P.S Click to read about Achievements of Zubaida Tariq


Peerless said...

Very purposeful indeed, you have doen a good job. This is certainly a marketing plan of telecom companies to earn more money, but is really disgusting. This should be stopped. I am also looking forward to another post from you about Aya's and Ahadith being spread without any verification, this is also a very serious matter.

hera k said...

Reebz I want to like seriously clap for this post or give you an applause or something because I so agree with this. I don't know what people around us get by sending text messages insulting people they don't even know for real. And I do agree that Zubeida Apa has only tried to make lives of people easier by her household tips. I guess its the only way these random people find some excitement in their otherwise meaningless lives.

ReeBz said...

Thanks for coming and for sharing your views on this very serious issue which is spoiling the teen agers,young children and even adults.We need to take serious steps now.Atleast we should spread awareness.

ReeBz said...

hera K:
Hey hello! so glad to see you here after a very long time :)
Thanks for coming and for leaving your valuable comments.

Anonymous said...

i njOy..!

hina said...

very brilliant of you to raise your voice on such an issue to which most of us just donot give any attention.

Talha said...

The way we humiliate our national figures shows our national character. Either we stand against such people or we are with them.

Muhammad Hamza said...

ha ha ha.
You are right.But did you write about faraz ahmed faraz too..?
He was/is a big joke in the msging world.

I think this is a part of the 'modernization of Pakistan campaign.They want to be like the west,making fun of everything,everyone.
So that they could slowly snatch our only last weapon,which is our respect for Islam,it's pillars and finally the prophet (pbuh).

Recently,I heard a young guy,sitting next to me, saying to other next to him,kiddingly,"yar it is said that5 fasting is not obligatory on travelers,so as the life is a journey we are travelers so n fasting no prayers..ha ha ha..!"

So,we need to clarify our priorities,and stick to our faith and culture.

Sorry for the xtended comment.

ReeBz said...

Hamza:since it is not possible to write about every evil of the society,its not possible to write about Faraz and many other national figures whom we have made the target of our mockery.If i write about Zubaida Aapa it simply shows my intentions on all the matters related to this issue :)

I agree with your later part though!When a nation gets involved in FUN and GAMES more than necessary then the downfall approaches.Same happened with The mughal emperors!

Mad Gir| said...

there is a minor but a real difference between joke and making fun of anyone! Now people just want to laugh whether its a joke or fun ..!

so not only its about respect but also about sense of humor..

girly-girl said...

just let them do what they want.they ll never listen to anyone.they just spoiling everything.

Anonymous said...

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