Friday, December 31, 2010

New year's night.. (poem by me)

Today when the last sun of 2010 rose,I thought of a new sun,new morning which will bring hopes,pleasures and joys for all of us and our country.When I looked back in past I realized that peace of heart is something which we cannot get by going into caves and passing rest of life in solitary,but by sharing the sorrows of other people.We can achieve happiness,and can make others happy by our presence.There is just a little need of painting a rainbow full of love,joy,happiness,care and affection on the sky of our heart!
Here are few poetic lines,few random thoughts of mine.
(I know its not perfect,honest comments are appreciated)

As I pass through the autumn fields,
And the leaves crushing beneath my feet.

The  rhythm of  love and joy prevails,
As  I   silently  swish     my       trails.

Beyond my thoughts,away from hopes,
Soothing is my land,fresh is my soul.

Finding serene in a solitary bliss,
Hidden is the sanity,in the dewy eye drips,

As December sets,a new sun rise,
Enlightens new hopes,reviving fresh lives

Lets join hands,wipe weary eyes,
This is how,I rejoice New Year's night.



Anonymous said...


ReeBz said...

Thanks for coming:) but really I'm wondering what made you hide your identity on this post.I would be glad if you hadn't. anyways, happy that you felt like leaving a sweet smiley!

Komal Khan said...

Great effort ReeBz!

Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

ReeBz this poem is definitely much more measured and expressive than a poem you wrote sometimes back. Actually everything needs practice and perseverance for excellence, as you would know about your blog that writing which is improving day by day and post by post, as you are writing and learning along.

These lines I especially liked in the poem:

Finding serene in a solitary bliss,
Hidden is the sanity, in the dewy eye drips,

filpaki said...

woww!I'm not good at understanding of poetry. but this rhymes so beautifully!
this is such a poetic poem! see the collection of words!IAm impressed!!!!!

smarty said...

I had to open the dictionary :D!
good effort:)

Talha said...

In your post you wrote you are not perfect. I beg to differ. Perfect poem. Very nice!!

Anonymous said...

its great!! u r lucky that u can convert ur thoughts in ur words brilliantly

Muhammad Hamza said...


R. Ramesh said...

Wishing the best of 2011 for u n yr near ones too..cheers friend

Connie L. Nash said...

Keep nurturing this another beautiful, outstanding GIFT you have with expression.

And I notice how you so quickly have found balance in midst (or after) the challenging issue discussions.

This is what I notice here among this RR family...that along with unlimited creativity and deep study there is this health-giving RESILIENCE along with all the talent for universal conversations.

ReeBz, KEEP Writing Poetry along with your other styles and types of work.

Blessings to ALL here for a delightful, fulfilling New Year.

hina said...

woww very beautiful & perfect.
your poems we see only once or twice in a year But its really a quality work:)))

ReeBz said...

Komal thanks for coming and thanks for appreciating :)

ReeBz said...

Sir Akhter,
I m honored that you came, read and left detailed comments.It always encourage me to come up with something more better the next time.

I always feel that writing poems isnot an easy work, however still I feel that i cannot write a poem just because i "feel like" it.Its something which comes itself in my heart and then i have to work a bit,to rhyme the lines and re-shape the thoughts in a poetic version.

eg:those lines which you have mentioned as your favorite were the most difficult lines for me to rhyme.It was difficult to find a word which could rhyme "bliss".I took an hour almost!

Thanks for appreciation :)

ReeBz said...

Thanks :)

it happens :)
your vocab increases with the passage of just need to struggle a bit for it.

ReeBz said...

thanks alot.I m appreciated!

Thanks.I m really thankful of Allah for blessing me with this creativity!

ReeBz said...

thanks alot!!

Thanks for coming.A happy new year to you too!

ReeBz said...


Thank you so much.Thanks for your generous comment.I love opening universal debates,i donot care whether they are controversial or not.I just want to create awareness as much as possible.People can opine differently but their opinions will only be welcomed by me if they talk with logic in order to prove me wrong.

I donot take any thing on my nerves.when a debate is over,it is over!It has no rights to influence/disturb my private life.
So,yes, i know hoe to keep a balance even after so much controversial discussions :)

Thank you for appreciating me :)

ReeBz said...

Dear hina:

Thank you.I m honored!

sm said...

nice poem
happy new year

Mad Gir| said...

As December sets,a new sun rise,
Enlightens new hopes,reviving fresh lives

These lines sound so refreshing ..!
A new year with new thoughts and dreams ..

Asma said...

that is one nice do u ppl do it..i mean write poems..thumbsup:)

ReeBz said...

thanks for coming:)

ReeBz said...

MAd girl:thanks I m honored!

ReeBz said...

aww thankyou :) its actually something which is inside you by itself :)

PriTh said...

huuuh why i am here ? dont know how come i end up in this page..was searching something,this google sometimes behave weird lol...watzever gud little poem and what happen to the pic ! lolz
P.s- happy belated new year ^_^

ReeBz said...

the pic was randomly selected from an image hosting site. It might have been expired or taken down i guess:)

PriTh said...

Guess! hmmmmm
me gueesing you may be the victim of SOPA!

ReeBz said...

I donot think so, it was not a copy right image or someones property. google's images are raandomely used everywhere:)

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