Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pakistan wins the cyber war-Pakistan Zinda Bad

After a very long time of disappointment from Paksitan's government there is a happy news from Pakistan Cyber Army.Its really a blast of happiness.PCA hacked CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation)-A top civilian website of India.It was a response to a cyber war began by India.Almost 40 Paksitan's government websites were hacked by India and in a response Pakistan hacked 270 indian websites along with CBI.

I agree,Its a war which leads no where but our enemies should know that we are not weak. WE WERE ASLEEP BUT NOT DEAD! "we donot interfere anyone,but if you poke your legs in our affairs,we know how to rip them apart!" So,watch your head or we know how to behead our enemeies :D!

According to the IT experts, there are hundreds of highly professional hackers operating in both the countries.However, H2O and Hindustan Hackers Organistaion(famous hacking teams of India) admit that at cyber-front, Pakistan had always been winning the war. The two prominent Pakistani hacker groups are Pakistan Hackers Club (PHC) and G-Force. The founder of PHC is claimed to be Karachi-based while G-Force, consisting eight members, is from Lahore.My special prayers and best wishes to both of these groups. May Allah help you and increase your strength.
Here is a screen shot of the website: A must read for every loving Pakistani.

I loved the warning by PCA: "Stop complaining about PAkistani websites security,first protect your own ASS, stop this war you started or else we will make your internet hell"

Atleast now they enjoyed a good thrashing.Donot poke your nose, it will not benifit you.We are not weak and are not afraid of anyone.You should think a thousand time before hitting Paksitanis the next time :D!

P.S: I was informed that my favorite page "Young Paksitan" has also been hacked with the profiles of seven admins.I condemn it.If Indians are not going to stop it, then we shall keep giving them mind blowing, services, and they will drop their jaws off!

Author doesn't support cyber attacks and consider it a mere wastage of energies,However  appreciates replying back bravely.


Anonymous said...

well , there is no result for such a war , why the two governments are wasting their energies and time , instead of doing this they should take some seriouse positive steps to improve their economy and to help their people to bring them out of darkness , we are developing countries and we cannot afford such wars as they will take us back to ages

ReeBz said...

I agree with what you said, but as i already said this war isnot started by us. It was just a response and m glad that this response is more powerful and strong than our emenies. they shall learn it that we are brave.
They even hacked my favorite facebook page "young Paksitan". i hate them!! not all the Indians are same, but those who dun think good for us, i hate them all.

Young Pakistan said...

To be honest i dont like the fu#*#ng cyber wars.
It is something like a person gives his time, money, mind, struggle and hardwork to a website or a page and it vanishes in a minute. The example is me, i spent about 1 and a half year to manage a facebook page named Young Pakistan (the author knows it very well), managed to get 37000 fans and it gets hacked and deleted.

I m asking this question from our hackers that hacking others property is not something to be proud of, to get back our property make us proudy.

Any ways , good work . Thumbs up

sibzz said...

these hackers are time wasters if you ask me. this is not the first time this is happening. if you follow the propakistani blog you can see that this has been going on for around 3 years or so.
And senior hackers from both sides of the border decided around 2 years ago not to deface any websites across the border.
These guys are probably young hackers who dont have any thing better to do.

this is a post from 2008 on propakistani

Muhammad said...

This is the 21st century....the only thing i'd like to say is that Pakistan should concentrate on building its economy rather than anything else!
We should be learning atleast something from our beloved neighbour China !

ReeBz said...

Young Pakistan:
I can understand how it feels. I too condemn it, but as a brave Paksitani i cannot bear that they keep causing us damage and we stay silently.
Our government can be weak that they dont feel like replying back to done attacks but atleast the youth of PAksitan is not dead yet!

ReeBz said...

I know the history of cyber wars between India and PAksitan. It links back to 1998 when it was first started.
I donot believe on any agreements made by Indians.As you can see,this time too they started this war!Therefore,as a brave nation it doesnot suit on us that we stay silent. I m not in favour of disturbing others but i LOVE replying back with barvery.

ReeBz said...

Well said. But donot you think that replying back is a good thing?If we donot,than world will think we are weak.No, we are strong, specially Paksitan is enriched with mind blowing young talent and everytime its our youth who save us from insult!

Hasaan Rafique said...

Well hacking does not lead to any real end result, neither do I support it, but as they were the ones to start it, it's a direct offence and the best way to snub them is to give them the same in return, with a bit more intensity :p
It's really good to have powerful computer programmers from Pakistan. In a way, they have done a great service to the nation by their actions. If there had been nobody from Pakistan to give a return to the Indian hackers, then Indians would continuously keep hacking and infesting Pakistani websites with their dirty minds.
So hats off to the valiant Pakistani techy's :)

ReeBz said...

Exactly Hasaan:)Thatswhat i tried to express in my blogpost.

R. Ramesh said...

peace peace peace...:) cheers n wishes

ReeBz said...

Ramesh thanks alot for leaving your comment and your wishes :)
you will always find peace at the other side of the border InshaAllah,but there are some nuts who always act as an hurdle in our practices towards peace.To snub them in the beginning is the only wise thing better for both the countries :)
what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Hum se takraoo gay to ho jao gay PAaash paash!
tum ghorey ho ja ker khaooo GHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!


filpaki said...

They desrved it.I though never expect from paksitan to waste energies in such a useless work which only develops hatred in hearts, but yes they deserve it! for peace both parties should respect eachother.otherwise u vl end up in this!

hina said...

ehehehe! good job! No one is in favour of wars but jesa karo gay wo to bhugtnaa parey ga naa :D?

majid mukhtar butt said...

my dear of weapons of mass destruction, or be it cyber war....there primary purpose is to keep our neighbors in alarming status, we have to spend a lot in accordance with any military development india demonstrates....otherwise, morale will be down in our force, in our nation...india will never stop bugging pakistan what so ever the agreements are...and to be very honest,,old stories are withered away....not only india but the whole world has realised that its nearly impossible to win conventional war from pak army...thats why they are creating insurgencies in our different areas....which cause more economic, social and demographic damages...

sibzz said...

dont know why people keep calling it "war"
its just simple pure cyber-vandalism and nothing more.
what i fail to understand is that why all these website that get hacked fail to implement even the most basic security, specially the government offices. I think they dont take computer security very seriously.

ReeBz said...

Anonymous: well =D =P! you are extra expressive! :P

thanks for the comment.

well said :)

ReeBz said...

Majid :
Thanks for sharing your precious views.I agree with all you said!You have started another burning issue of Pakistan i.e Pakistan Army. I shall write about pakistan army soon.I hope what we expect from our army is true...

ReeBz said...

Doesnot matter whatever you name it.Whether you call it war or cyber vandalism,its something very unjust and un-ethical.If you cant keep any agreement, then it wont be our fault if same is done to you with a bit more intensity.

you have raised a good question and it can be answered only by the authorities.I too wonder same!

Anonymous said...

no calling it war more or less means that a government is behind it
what im trying to point out is that this is done by some nerdy guys who are looking for recognition.

ReeBz said...

No our govt is no longer the govt of old days with same spirit of love for mother land.To her it doesnot matter if someone is taagetting the honour of the country.I'm glad that new blood is fresh and energetic.Our youth know how to hit the enemy back and bring him to his knees.

Its being called a war as india and paksitan are traditional rivals.therefore anything which if off the track is always a war!

I wont call them nerdy or goofy.As they didnot start it.It was as usuall started by some Indian nuts, and replying back near me is bravery!

majid mukhtar butt said...

my dear ones,... when there is the martter of any country's defense, govt. has less role to play...its our pak army, which is strategically so profound, that enemy has no measure...i liked what Reebs said about youth,,,,bkaz, a nation is born at hands of youth and it dies at hands of politicians,,,govt. earns short term benefits, but nations harvest its inevitable damages for generations....i believe youth of my country is capable of any given task at any horizon...

t3amnut5hackers said...

Latest Update:
A new hacker group from india has hacked 80+ websites today.They have warned pakistani hackers about defacing Indian websites in their message.
80+ down
worth checking

ReeBz said...

well said and infact beautifully.

As i said its a war, it has been started.If 80+ Paksitani sites are down then same will be happening with Indian webs too.Thats a good update you posted.But there should be one update too that,how many more indian webs are down :)

ReeBz said...

I just saw those webs which you have mentioned dear nut,but we never have heard about these webs,even if they exist, they are lay man's websites.They dont really have considerable security, anyone can do it.
Breaking the security of big websites like CBI matters.
plus it seems as if hacker himself created those websites to leave a message and posing as if they are Paksitani websites :D there must be some content present from the web owner too!

smarty said...

can u plz tell me CbI weB?

Anonymous said...

Jaisa Karo Gay Waisa Bharo Gay

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