Friday, December 10, 2010

Big Boss needs to be banned.

Pakistani Culture is very unique in terms of its social and ethical values. These values are something which are given due importance. Islam in Pakistan set the code of ethics for the cultural life of Pakistan.Since the social and ethical values are  dictated by Islam,hugging, kissing, touching or any types of physical contacts with opposite sex are strictly forbidden. Violating or crossing the limits as described by Islam in any form may create chaos and big mental disturbance to the citizens of Pakistan. Therefore, Media should be very careful before broadcasting any program which may be in conflict with the cultural and ethical values of Pakistan.
Due to the emergence of cable networks subjects which once were taboo have now become a routine discussion and the envelop of acceptability has been pushed even further. Despite this liberation the network standards and practices department should still exercise some caution. Local stations also exercise self-regulation. Occasionally a local station decides that a network show is in appropriate for their audience and decline to show it.
However, Pakistani media and PEMRA seem to appear as if they have closed their eyes towards the broadcasting of  BIGBOSS openly for Pakistani population. Big Boss contains the content which is contradictory to Pakistani societal norms and culture. Appearance of Veena Malik and her open mindedness is the most conflicting and disturbing genre of this show to Pakistani society. 
According to Pemra code of ethics no programme or advertisement can be aired, which contains element of pornography, obscenity or indecent or is likely to corrupt public morality

 Bigg Boss & Pakistan:

1. Catfights, abuses, cheap slang words and vulgarity – the reality show "Bigg Boss" is packed with adult content in the garb of entertainment.

2. In Islam it is strictly forbidden for the “Na mehrams” to live below a single roof together. Program BIGBOSS can be easily rejected at this point. It is an Indian program with Indian celebrities. Hindu culture is focus of the show which is totally opposite with Islamic values.

3. Dress codes are given no attention. Skin fitted dresses showing bosoms and body figure is not allowed in Islam.

4. This program openly shows open interaction of opposite sexes. Hugging and kissing anytime is a common feature. Moreover, romantic language is also used often in the program by the contestants who are also not considered good according to Pakistani cultural and ethical values.

5. This program is not family friendly. It may pollute young minds. Big boss content in dressing, language and in every other aspect is not suitable for our society.

               Moreover,Indian also media played a wonderful tact to gain maximum profit by deciding to involve Pakistani celebrities in BIG BOSS 4. Veena Malik is the most conflicted and a dislikable personality of Pakistan. She knows how to stay in the media and gets everyone’s attention.In big boss 4 too, she has committed serious crimes, if judged according to the ethics and values of the culture/religion she belongs to. As she is a Pakistani contestant, the show big boss is getting very famous in Pakistan, therefore the cable TV channels and Pakistani satellite channels ARY are broadcasting all the episodes. It is a source of corrupting the young generation as well as hurting the family values. Big boss is allegedly creating bad taste in the prime time of family. 

Bigboss is being considered unethical even in India .A local court has issued notice to the Chief executive.Officer of Colors channel on a petition demanding immediate ban on the 'Big Boss 4' reality show.As it telecasted some very unethical scenes of two contestants at the show which offended Indian culture.For details click here
It is proved by the mentioned facts that Big Boss is a program not suitable for Pakistani population. It contradicts extremely with the moral, religious and cultural values of Pakistan.Big Boss should be banned immediately as it is violating the codes and conduct of Pakistani electronic media. Cable operators should also be instructed to stop delivering it to their subscribers.Until it is completely banned, there is no other way to protect the society from the resulting damage which may harm the norms of Pakistani culture.

Pictures of Veena Malik and Ashmit Patel havebeen removed from this blogpost.Author had been repeatedly asked to remove them due to indecency. 

Read this article at Pakistan news blog here
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Peerless said...

Bigboss is a very popular show not only in India but in Pakistan too, and Veena has rightly claimed herself as the reason for that. As we have earlier discussed that Paksitani court have passed a judgment to ban Indian channels in Pakistan, but PEMRA is not interested. Regarding Bigboss, I think you have ignored the fact that the most part of the show is not a vulgar as the part in which Veena Malik is involved. Some very talented and good guys have been thrown out of it but i can bet that Veena Malik will remain till the end. She is doing it free of cost what Indian female actors take huge money to do. We can not blame Indians for the mess, we all are equal culprits, if not we all can make a commitment not to watch the stupid Indian channels and their programs then everything will be fine.
And the dress codes you have discussed are not very different from the dresses we watch on our own channels in new dramas. So we also need to have a reality check on our own media too. By the way it is a good post .

Aishah said...

There are lots of things on television here that I object to, like the cartoons that you mentioned in a previous post. There are many Indian drama programs that many of the people that I know watch, they sometimes feature Hindu rituals or things like the touching of feet for respect, things that are forbidden for Muslims.

I don't think that the problem lies with the companies broadcasting the programs, because they are just in business to make money and will show only what people want. I think the bigger problem is the people at our level, the general public is asking for these types of shows. Until the regular people of Pakistan stop watching then the companies will keep showing these things.

ReeBz said...

Thanks for your valuable comments. I agree with you partially.however its to clarify you that i didnot blame indian or indian culture even once.I talked about PEMRA and PAkistani media.
I also have the same feelings that they are not going to eliminate veena.There may be two reasons:
1.Presence of veena is necessary to create bad image of PAksstan. just google and watch the videos by indian media and you will feel insulted to be a pakistani cs of her."or ye dekhen ye hen parosi "musley" mulk ki beti veena jinhon ne hamarey des me a ker papon k pahar tor dale hen"-- its an example of one report against veena malik.There are several such.

2.To gain maximum profit.If veena malik is omitted out than it will lose sponsors from pakistan.

ReeBz said...


Problem is not with the common man.When everything is in the control of government then why not such ethical issues?People are in a big large crowd and all cant be pious.There must be some regulations to rule them ofcourse.And so there are.but there is no one to see whther such rules are being implemented or not.
If government bans such stuff then companies are bound to not to show it.In this way we can keep our culture and society safe.

I donot agree that if people have desires for porn stuff we start showing them porn, if they want violence, we start showing them violent films.No,its simply insane.

If a child is attracted towards a burning coal, mother keeps him safe from holding it.Because the child doesnot know about good or bad.Same is the case with us.Our values have been totally destroyed due to the vulgar media.MAny of us cant differemtiate between hindu culture and a muslim culture.whose fault? peopleS? no, not every time!

filpaki said...

I cant understand why people keep saying that problem is with people? its the j0b of media and govt to keep a check on everyone.If these institutes go wrong then what the hell can we expect from a common man?

Anonymous said...

Well,not just this but infact for every good we want,the change has to come from bottom not top which means from masses and not ruling elite.We must mend our ways and let the change begin.Moreover as they say it "Charity begins at home",remove the pictures of veena from your post as I believe your words are enough to draw the attention who feel the pain for nation's plight.

ReeBz said...

I agree with you.There are many people who find nothing wrong in big boss,there pictures were to show them the real thing.

I myself donot watch any Indian channel at all.I specially did a research and a content analysis of this show as I had to make assignment on a programe/news ignoring PEMRA/PRESS codes of ethics.

smarty said...

no doubt its obscene but what to say about geo programes and our pvt sector dramas where dress codes are not given any attention, plus no offense miss, but they 2 are showing hugging openly.I saw one such scene myself.............

ReeBz said...

Smarty well said.I respect your views.but i actually have written on private media sector.I think you missed it :)

Thinking said...

hmm...I never get a chance to see the no comments....

But I read you.... :)

Aishah said...


I disagree that the Pakistani government should be responsible for safeguarding the morals of the people of Pakistan. As the government is largely corrupt I think that it falls to the common people to take control of themselves. The people are not children, they should know the difference between right things and wrong things, they are choosing themselves to watch such things.

For an example-when my nund are watching some Indian drama, I have asked them why they change the channel when their father or brother come in the room, and they say that feel ashamed to be watching such things in front of them. If someone feels ashamed of something they are doing shouldn't they realize that it is wrong? But even though people have this feeling they keep watching these types of things.

If the government were to ban these types of things then the people would simply find another way to get them. It would be a situation similar to pornography, drugs, alcohol, or prostitution, all of these things are available here, it is just hidden from the surface view. Until the people decide to reform themselves haraam things will be available in a black market.

Syeda Zehra said...

First of all sorry,for disappearing and not commenting on your previous posts,cuz I was away and couldn't blog for some time.

About this post you are absolutely right.
But,sister,please remove pictures from your post as well as they make your blog quite vulgar as well.

ReeBz said...

Thanks for coming.. I'm honored :)
Better dun watch this show ever.. :)

ReeBz said...

You are partially right in your first paragraph, government can not correct the morals of people at individual level.Ofcourse,its not possible to keep a check and balance on 16 carore people.There are lots of ways availiable to find porn and unethical content even if govt bans.

But actually, what concern me arenot the moral and innerself of people at individual level but i talked about MEDIA-collective level.
It is Islamic Republic of PAkistan, so media should reflect same.Banning such content at media will not make people pious but these are the basis of forming our media on Islamic codes.
Rules are made to be followed.If you have to show all what people desire,then why the hell rules are made by PEMRA? just keep showing whatever people desire,just keep making business.
But yes, donot cry when the child of 4 will be discussing things so cheap,so obscene that are beyond his age.

Watch this clip, its a request!

ReeBz said...

Syeda Zehra:
Welcome back dear.Glad to see your comment here again.

Pictures have been removed as you and few others asked for.
Thanks for the suggestion.

Aishah said...

I did try to watch the video, but I don't speak very much Urdu, as I've said before.

I do understand what you are trying to say about how government bans would show that Pakistan is an Islamic society and rejects such things, but the message gets lost in the world. It would be seen as a hypocritical move, that a government and the elected leaders would ban a certain type of unethical thing while they themselves are indulging in exactly the types of things that they are shouting against.

In a normal society I agree that the government can be responsible for creating a moral society, but in a place where the government it rotten from the inside it would do no good. Change never comes from the top down, in any country it always comes from the people at the bottom.

The people of Pakistan must themselves create the change, starting in their own homes. Let me ask you a question, please don't take offense-When you go to a shadi, or any other type of function do you cover all except your face and hands? Or is it more common to just keep your duppata draped in a fashionable manner with hair showing and a made up face?

Every change starts small, the bast way to make a lasting change in Pakistan is to start at home. It is better, instead of the government making a hollow gesture of banning immoral things that will continue anyway, that the people themselves change to show the whole world how Muslims are supposed to act.

ReeBz said...

you are truly very right.But you are talking about grass-root change i.e long term change and such a change needs years to come :) I on the other hand talked about the surface change only as it may be achieved quicly by imposing certain things.
I agree that we need long term change, but thats only a dream.We couldnot move towards such a change even in 60 years of independence,then how come now?Its true,mentally we are still slaves we are still living with hindus.Those who wanted a change sacrificed their lives in the noble cause during making of PAksitan.
well,thats a very long debate to talk on.But yes,Aishah i agree with you change come from the bottom.But i know we the people of Paksitan have lost our honour,our unique identity and our integrity.People want no change.Therfore,in PAksitan change can be brought only by FORCE!!You are right that government is itself involved in corruption.
so is Pakistan involved in corruption see again a grass root change we need.For grass root change we need to work hard. We need to create awareness bewteen good and bad,and thatswhat m doing.. Trying to bring a change in my own way.. IT may be fruitless, but if there are many like me then change will come soon. I m sure youth of today is more clever than our elderly people :)

ReeBz said...

and here is your question's reply:
I alhamdullillah belong to a somewhat religious family.I rarely go in seggregated weddings,so i can follow all sorts of fashion which are not crossing limits of Islam.As far as other events are concerned I always go out in abaya and Hijab.I stay in uni for almost 6 to 7 hours but in aba and hijab.

I know Aishah, to point out others is damn easy but i donot point out others, i only point out things which i realize are bad and wrong.

Aishah said...

I think that maybe you mean to say you don't attend De-segregated weddings? My question was mostly rhetorical, to show that it is the small things that we our selves need to change before we can tackle larger obstacles.

Inshallah you will be able to start the changes that will make Pakistan a better place, through your children. Teaching the next generation will be easier than older generations trying to unlearn what they know.

Sis, you do not have to curse, so far the discussion has been rather civil.

ReeBz said...

Yes Ayesha I got your point :)but i still felt like replying your answer, as i didnot know how to amswer your question rhetorically as well :)

Anyways, i donot get one point.Where did you feel that i curseD?I love discussions and there have been several long debates at my blog in past too:)

Aishah said...

It maybe a small cultural clash, but saying things like "what the hell" and "damn easy" are cuss words. When I was young it would get your mouth washed out with soap for having a dirty mouth. :-) Generally, if you wouldn't say it to your mother then it is probably better left unsaid.

ReeBz said...

If you were offended,then I'm sorry but to be very honest I m not so sensitive about using such words,neither i meant to hurt your feelings.Sorry once again.

Secondly "damn easy" i used for only myself not for you(I ofcourse have no personal grudges with you),Still I will be careful next time.Thanks for pointing out :)

Connie L. Nash said...

Dear ReeBz and her fans/friend/readers:

OF course for years as a mother of four I've been quite upset at how the Media/Culture here in America has more sway than we often do.

And I apologize for so many of our US films which export trash....

One additional aspect to consider besides seeking to help set standards...

In the study of people with addictions to lower-based media/images, one "cure" over time is to focus our attentions on the best in Art, Film, Drama and Literature and write reviews. While many such -even of the higher standard - may not be the perfection we would like, helping ourselves and others develop the APPETITE for the HIGHER and more VALUABLE may help provide immunity that will be one of a lifelong benefit.

Thanx, dear young and gifted friend, for bringing up such concerns. Pakistan media will continue to benefit greatly by your new and traditional pathways.

By the way, I am constantly fretting for how slowly I follow-through on promises and have recently lost touch with a brother-in-law with the BEST photos you'll ever see of nature I want to send. But I found a friend with scanner so in a couple of weeks, should send a few. What form would be best?

ReeBz said...

Thanks for understanding :)
You may take your time. donot worry about me waiting for the photos :) Do it when you can easily manage.Thanks a bunch in advance!!

Anonymous said...


Very nice post.Agree in toto.This show should be banned.

Its high time we understand that every civilization and societies need some kind of moral policing to safeguard its value and beliefs.

In India there is equally resentment against blatant use of vulgar language,unnneccasary skin show.Every time i saw Veena Malik doing silly things i skirmed and prayed that this program be not telecast in Pakistan.Unfortunately it is.

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