Sunday, August 9, 2009

Shameless PTV!

This is to draw everyone’s attention towards a PTV series Partition Stories. It is being aired daily after 9 o’clock news.

As obvious from the name, this serial is allegedly about “happenings” during the making of Pakistan. I’ve been watching it for the last two to three days and I can’t explain in words how brutally PTV HOME has crushed my feelings, and I’m sure same would be the feelings of every individual who has a heart which beats for Pakistan!

The saddest thing about this series is that in all the stories so far have focused only on “Hindu families” and the problems they had to face. I don’t deny the fact that many Hindus lost their lives as well, many innocent children and girls were killed but I oppose strongly the way PTV is trying to create a negative image of Muslims, negative feelings about the creation of Pakistan.

I wouldn’t mind if the message that came across from these programs was that although both Hindu and Muslim lives were lost, we are still lucky to have Pakistan and everyone should be an equal citizen now. Unfortunately this is not the case, and on the pretext of sympathizing with minorities this series is only telling us that the whole thing about 1947 was a futile loss of life. The inevitable conclusion which is driven home by these programs is that for the sake of Islam, so many lives of non-Muslims were lost and it would have been better if the demand for Pakistan wasn’t made in the first place.

Freedom of expression must be respected and it would have been quite another thing if this program was aired by some private channel at any other time in the year – or released on DVD. Yet, this is being promoted on a daily basis in the week before the Independence Day by the official television channel of the nation. In other words this is an attempt to subvert the meaning of independence and to nullify the very meaning of Pakistan.

The timing of this program is a bit intriguing as well: why is this program being aired so soon after the "tragedy of Gojra" which in itself is being suspected to be a conspiracy for disrupting the unity of Pakistan?

The younger generation which hasn’t even finished schooling is already very successful targets of Indian satellite channels and programs. At this time at least our media should come forward and perform its duty honestly, but instead it is trying to move our hearts away from Pakistan. Shameless and irresponsible behavior, I must say!

In the last night’s story, Hindu women were shown jumping in the wells and rivers to save their honor and to protect their chastity from Muslim hoodlums – I dare question if the drama has taken a balanced view of the realities of those times. Nor can it be said that this lopsided view of things has been presented in order to foster goodwill among the present day Hindus and Muslims living in Pakistan – even a child can see that this is not the way to foster nice feelings and I hope that the producers of this series will at least not try to insult our intelligence by taking that plea!

Is PTV manipulating these facts to gain the love from Indian government and media?

This will provoke countless Muslims in Pakistan and elsewhere to remember the other victims whom the producers of this series seem to erase from our memories: innocent Muslim girls who, in much greater numbers, filled the wells by jumping into them to save their honor and respect; infants who were thrown in air in front of their mothers and collected on spears; those countless Muslims who had to die because they moved their tongue for Pakistan. Is it too much to expect from PTV that they would show difficulties we had to face when our ancestors were shifting to Pakistan from India? (“Difficulty” is in fact a very little word for the hardships they had to suffer).

I request you all to please take a step against this series of PTV, write letters to newspapers and let this series be stopped NOW! I think that the nation is within its rights to demand an unconditional apology from PTV and the writers, directors and producers of this series.

I request PTV’s directors, managers and producers to please not to waste the efforts and the sacrifices of our ancestors. Not at least in front them: some people who took part in Pakistan movement are still alive, please respect them, respect Pakistan and Love Pakistan.


Connie L. Nash said...


Wow - you can write gal!

Your understandable anger is something I recognize although this may take a different form with me such as a minister who recently misused history and scripture to portray Christians out as better than Muslims.

Your passion for justice, your faith and your deep love for Pakistan wants to find audience willing to be enlightened. Poetry can somehow get away with -even NEED this passion at times....(the "attitude" I spoke about or edge to become more candid, interesting and current than some overly tactful yet dishonest piece.)

IF in prose, I would suggest that you address the beautiful history of Pakistan and Sufi Muslims particularly - if in some way without comparisons to the other - confident that there is no contest here in the very tone itself.

Either or any way you choose - you may perhaps be most effective by writing something as if you'd never seen the PRV yet with the deep reverence and knowledge you have of your own history. As if having the confidence of a top Cricket player who needs no justification.

This kind of measured "detachment" - without losing an molecule of deep burning concern- is something I'm still learning and often from the principles as well as people here.

So, this has been a growing edge for me with Christians with limited background as to the real "other" whom they see as "the enemy". Thus, I'm reviewing scripture, history and praying to see my truest desired results - whether merely to "win" or to somehow find a way for discussion that goes further than anger on both sides.

I'm with you in your devotion and passion for truth! Ignore anything that doesn't fit. I certainly need your suggestions as well for how to talk with Christians having limited telescopes.

Blossom forth as you are doing and you have quite a future!

Khurram Ali Shafique said...

ReeBz, thanks for bringing this to my notice. I shall support you if that PTV program is just what you say it is (I still haven't watched it).

However, please pay attention to Connie's comments. Your post is honest and moving, but it will be more effective if some lines were replaced with more throught-provoking matter.

I would be glad to help you revise it if you are willing - because in that case, after revision, we can make this page of your blog a centerpoint for a campaign, forward it thru email and facebook.

Hasaan Rafique said...

I am shocked and grieved to hear about this. I must say, i didn't expect all this from PTV atleast. Its really outrageous if they're portraying the Muslims that way, when infact it was the other way round. I can't believe how someone could be so shameless to produce a series such as this. Improper portrayal of history is, according to me, one of the most offensive and punishable crimes. Shame on PTV for all this, when infact the Muslims were in minority and were constantly butchered by the Hindus, the Sikhs and the English.

Lord Robert: "I happened to pass through Chandni Chowk of Delhi and there were heaps of corpses everywhere, and the hooves of my horse were immersed in the blood of the Muslims"

William Hunter: "The Muslims were killed, their bodies stitched in the hides of pig and burnt."


"Being a Muslim was held a crime. The properties of the Muslims were snatched and distributed among the Hindus and the Sikhs"

The Hindus openly started several movements to crush the Muslims and their culture. What about Shudhi, Sanghtan, Arya Samaj, Barhamo Samaj, Hindu Muhasiba and other movements?

When the partition took place, again it were the Muslims who suffered. They had no army and weapons as Lord Mountbatton and Nehru planned. They were openly exposed to all attacks from Hindus and Sikhs and there was nobody to help them. The passages leading to Pakistan were either blocked or infested with Hindu infantry. Those who could get access to public transport were not any more safe, and several trains arrived Pakistan carrying nothing but corpses. Villages looted, houses burnt, men killed, children and women enslaved, their honours stolen under the very eyes of their family. This is the real story.

Now, i wouldn't have been so deeply grieved if such a Television series was aired on an Indian channel, i expect no better from them. But sadly, its PTV Home, shame on them!

I intend to watch the programme tonight to learn more about it, to know the names of the shameless director, producer, screenplay writer and so on. And I agree Sir. Khurram, revise the text and then we can start a campaign against this television series through different means.

Connie L. Nash said...

How terrible this gruesome history! How I wish so that we could all be in one room to hold one another in the light. This campaign sounds more than justified to me. ReeBz with Khurram Sahib's help you can do this!!!

ReeBz said...

Connie,Sir Khurram and Hasaan thank you very much for the immediate responses and the comments!

Connie,i'm glad that you are always ready to help me and give nice tips about writing.Your comments always help me in understanding that how a non-Pakistani, having totally a different culture and set of norms view my posts and how much my writings influence people like you.

i agree,i may get very rude and harsh at some places,but i expect with your and sir's help I'll hopefully overcome this flaw of mine.. :)

i'm looking forward for your help in revising and replacing the sentences of this blogpost with the better & more effective ones.

Very nice comment,it has added even more to my post!I'm glad to see that how nicely you have quoted all the references to make my post effective.

ReeBz said...

For all.
The exacti time of this series is from 10pm to 11pm daily.
one thing more to notice, the title has only indian flag on it..
i noticed one more thing yesterday, the production is by Najam sethi,(for beyond borders )
was also written with da producers name.
there were few more producers names written under da heading of assistant producers. I was wondering if this serial has actually been produced by India? well i'm not aware of these typical terminologies and i can't differentiate exactly about assistant production and production.. but only i was guessing so.

what do you think? kindly watch it today and notice these points!
waiting for you all to come here tomorrow with your opinions.

Connie L. Nash said...

Do you think the series might be available to those outside your region?

In our culture of the young - "attitude" is usually honest, hip - not usually rude and harsh. Often attitude is considered a plus depending on the venue. I LIKE attitude sometimes - especially YOUR kind of attitude and really wish you'd use more here with us. I RECOMMEND using it for everyone in some kind of pieces - especially try using it with your poetry - it's original and draws attention - it's easier to find an honest beat if the poetry comes from your own inside beat. I meant it as a compliment because I don't FEEL you at all as rude or harsh. Anyway, Sir will show you what to do (I'm sure you won't have to change much) & you are really onto something important not only for your TV network yet also for your own professional development. Keep up the excellent work and your own honest and original expressions!

Hasaan Rafique said...

Areeba, i turned my television set on at the proper time, but the series was not shown in favour of the cricket match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka. We'll have to wait until tomorrow to see it.
Hmmm... Read your comments... Will see search more and try to find about the filming of this series...

ReeBz said...

Connie, thanks once again for the compliments and for the post full of appreciation.I'm lucky to get people so professional like you and Sir on my blog.Because of you people i come to know what mistakes i do and on what skills i need to work more.
I don't think that it might be available anywhere else other than Pakistan.But if you have PTV satellite in your area then you can watch it.Sadly it is in urdu. A language barrier between you and us :(

i misssed yesterday's episode but i think Sir managed to watch it.

ReeBz said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

ReeBz said...

Connie, you can read this post again as now it contains few edited parts by Sir khurram.

Thanks for making this post more effective

Hasaan Rafique said...

@ Sir Khurrum

Thank you for helping Areeba with editing of this post :)

Connie L. Nash said...

The more I learn about this history and what has transpired on the PTV - the more I am so glad you left in most if not all of your passion and outrage! I need to spend more time very soon reading the history sent to me. The revised piece here reads with both logic and feeling - indicating the writer is master over what is expressed. Somehow the piece as even gained in strength - I sense. Your piece should definitely get some attention.

Abdullah Naeem said...

Aptly spoken.

Connie L. Nash said...

You are so right, Areeba, that Urdu is needed to grasp this situation! Please send anything in English pertaining to this issue. Also since you published in Dawn already - consider doing so again and let me know.

Connie L. Nash said...

I have left a new message on "trade..."

Connie L. Nash said...

I have recently looked through YES! Magazine and would love to see some here write for this Magazine. I will be very glad to help. What about a community effort from RR? The Editor had a great idea after finding out about the generosity of the Pakistani people for the displaced...she said what about Americans using their money NOT for an American Embassy but to help the Pakistani people feed the displaced. Look for Editor Yes! "Why Not Generosity"....

Anyway, this magazine tries to show the sunnier side of change and is full of inspiration. Let me know if you can't find some of the articles online.

ali haider said...

Guess what.Any series on creation of Pakistan would have to feature , that much hated indian, GANDHI. Wasnt he really the father of Pakistan?

Khurram Ali Shafique said...

Ali Haider, I think that Pakistanis would like to go by what Quaid-i-Azam said on the death of Gandhi (as well as announcing an official day of mourning in Pakistan) - nothing more, and nothing less than this:

"There can be no controversy in the face of death. Whatever our political differences, he was one of the greatest men produced by the Hindu community, and a leader who commanded their universal confidence and respect."

Hasaan Rafique said...

@Ali Haider, Gandhi was not the father of pakistan. he was the one who opposed the idea of division at every stage in the history of the sub-continent.

You might be unaware about the actual history of pakistan, so try to learn more about it.

According of Vijay Lakshmi Pandatt : Even if Muslim League had 100 Nehru's and 200 Abu Kalaam's, and Congress had only one Jinnah, Pakistan could never have been made"

Lord Mountbatton : He was unpurchasable and incorruptible. (....) Muslims will probably never get another leader like him.

Gandhi himself said : Pakistan wouldn't have been created if only we had half of Muhammad Ali Jinnah.


Gandhi was an important leader of the Congress who strived to STOP any kind of division of the Sub-continent.
He always stated that Muslims and Hindus were the same nation and should have the same homeland. Moreover, while talking to Muhammad Ali Jinnah, he officially stated: "If Muslims are indeed a separate nation, they should go back to the place they came from" (Referring to Arab) Jinnah replied him by saying that they would go back if the Hindus also go back to the place where they came from (Referring to the original homeland of the Aryans who invaded and took hold of the Indus valley)

I am not being offensive, but keep in mind that Gandhi was involved in many occurrences which caused major damage to the Muslims. Best not say much about that.

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