Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just a bit of courage we need...

“We have the ability to fire down the Drones, but we are afraid of the resultant war with NATO”, said Air- chief of Pakistan.

My salute, on such bravery and bold remarks!

I dare to think, and I dare to speak though we don’t have rights, as even after getting independence we are still the slaves.

Firstly, why the NATO will go for any war?? We should be brave and courageous enough like North Korea and Iran. We should not behave cowardly like Iraq, reasons you know yourself. Our politicians are afraid of war from NATO, but is it wise to kill the people of own country ourselves? Is it sane to spend all the money which should be used in the benefit of our country men, in war and destroying our own brothers?
Does it make the difference whether you have war with NATO or war within your country? WAR is WAR! Which only brings LOSS with it.

I just have a question, America has confessed of using “deadly weapons” in Afghanistan as well as in Iraq, whose’ use was prohibited by UNO. Did UNO try anything to stop America from using such terrible technology?

Our country is independent and we know how to defend ourselves, we have modern technologies, still we are silent on Drone attacks? Ah.. I remember when America attacked Afghanistan, I was just 13 years old, but I felt that, the day is not far, when Pakistan will face the same times.
It all deals with UNITY which is now absent in the Muslims.
It all deals with the BRAVERY, which was once the basic element of a Muslim, but no anymore.
It all deals with the firm “BELIEF on Allah” which converts a human into a Muslim, but now we don’t care of such fundamentals.

“A true Muslim is never afraid of anyone, but from Allah”

Isn’t it better to bend our Heads before Allah only and in front others we can walk with our heads raised up?

I’m not suggesting a war with off course, but only some courage we need deadly.

There is not to make reply,
There is not to answer why,
There is but to “do” and “die”!
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Burning Sawat !

Can you see the innocence,hope and love in the eyes of this young cute baby?
Its an immigrant from Sawat!
Unfortunately,he is facing the most terrible condition in his own country. In such a young age, he has suffered from war.He has asked to leave his home,his precious.Who knows if he has managed to come with all his family members or they have become the morsel of death?
He'll grow up in camps,with no facilities of life,our camps are even lacking the basic necessities of food,no water!
Is he supposed to get the confidence and a stronger personality here?No WAY!!
What are we doing?Why are all of us so silent?Do we think that if today the people of our borders are facing so bad times,we well be save tomorrow?Not at all!!
We need to do something,we should save our country!
Its the time to find out Black sheeps.
Yesterday there was a strike call given by Two famous political parties of Karachi.
later i found out the actual reason of the strike which made me stun.
37 buses from sawat carrying 3000 families came khi to get a safe and peaceful shelter BUT they were forced to go Back!!
Oh its so heartless, they might have faced so many challenges while traveling ,their innocent children must be crying cause of hunger and thirst,they must have taken the sigh of relief after entering into khi but how brutally they were asked to go back!!i just cant bare it. They are our own people .ITS the RIGHT of every Pakistani citizen to go where ever he wants with in the borders of Pakistan.How come those 2 parties force anyone to not to enter in their city?

When Brmi,Agha khani, afghani and so many other people belonging to other countries have found shelter here then why not people from SawaT?

ItS simple we have forgotton Allah and the day of judgement!
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Friday, May 22, 2009

Dr Afia Siddiqui's Ex husband's POV!

Today i stumbled across the interview of Dr Afia Siddiqui's husbands.what i got the impression from his thoughts is that he is simply trying to disrespect Dr Afia and now he wants to be the innocent person in the eyes of media and public.
He is simply blaming her that she was some sort of Islamic extremist, fond of jihad and other stuff.
According to him she tried to black mail him by taking fake photographs of herself which depict that he used to abuse her by hitting any by other cruel means.
What the hell, he is saying "kidnap of Afia,was just a propaganda against me,so that i cant meet my children" "it was Afia's revenge of Divorce"
According to him Its also A false fact that she was ever shifted to Bugram jail.

She kept herself hidden in her home during those 5 years,and media kept shouting about "MISSING AFIA"
at the same time HER SISTER Dr Fouzia gave her that spacial pic to media which she took to black mail me.It was only to show that she has been the target of brutality in America But it was all pre- planned,said DR Amjad.

I just cant understand that how can a wise and well educated man like Him can think so heartlessly?this makes me sure that he is really an FBI agent still,No doubt!may be is getting paid for all this mess.

If Afia and her family did it only to disrespect him and only to show the enmity towards him then i Question you Mr Amjad, Who is responsible for Afia's present condition?her one kidney and intestine has been taken out,she cant even stand on her feet now!See her face,it is showing so plainly that she was an unlucky wife of a person like YOU!

I was just wondering when last year newspapers published that, Formerly Dr.Amjad (Afia's Ex husband)
was FBI agent, where was he theN? Why dint he protest against such a blame?
i remember his old pics were showing his cunning nature, but now as he had contacted newspaper to publish his side,he has changed and maintained himself AS a PERFECT Muslim! now you can see a beard on his face and islamic sort of cap on his head.i just question where was he till 5 long years? why is he breaking his silence even now?

i noticed That Dr.Afia's mother has also contacted newspaper after knowing that Dr Amjad's story is going to be published. she'll reply about everything he says, and I'll comment about all here!

update :
P.S please vote in the poll about the verdict given by US court here in the sidebar of blog.
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Saturday, May 16, 2009

LAYS chips are HARAM!

These days lays chips is a so hot issue everywhere in pakistan.No one can decide if its haram or halal.
Lays Masala flavor has E631 flavor enhancer
E631 is obtained by three different sources
1. from sardine fish
2.from yeast use in making beer as a bi product
3.from animal fat.

How can anyone be sure that lays source of e631 is halal?
According to Pepsi cola they import raw material from IFF but when IFF was asked about haram ingredients exported to Pakistan for lays,they simply denied!

Now on whom to believe?
i would just say that AVOID LAYS! as islam says "donot eat those things about which you are not sure if they are haram or halal,like we should avoid prawns as most of scholars believe that they are haram as scientists have not found it out yet if its a fish or some other organism"

i would like to share a research made by DR.Amjad Ali [United States]

you'll get the answer of all your questions here.

According to the LAY'S advertisement in Pakistan's newspaper they are making halal products.They've got a FATWA from Jamia Ashrafia.But When few reporters of a local newspaper went to verify the news about fatwa,authorities of this religious institution looked shocked!They also released a press release mentioning that LAYS are using their name without any permission. They also made it clear that they are ignorant of any such fatwa given by them.
This shows that LAYS is haram! and the company is lying. AVOID THEM!!!
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

MeLTing Da FleSh aNd BOnEs?

Have you ever had this beautiful experience of melting flesh and bones? you must have, i'm pretty sure, just recall all ur memories of doing B.B.Q.You might have melted the flesh but what about bones?
This record of melting the bones was only to be made by K.E.S.C [Karachi electric supply corporation].Pakistan has always made such records, Dont know why there is no place in "The World Record Book" for our dear land!

It really not only melt your bones but also boil your brain when in so hot summer you have to suffer from continuous power failures.The thing which made me most angry are the Ads of KESC and ministry of power supply.
They are alot punctual in two things
1. sending heavy electricity bills
2. When to shut down the electricity!
Let me show a sample about saving electricity campaign : " switch off all the lights and extra fans in morning and utilize Sun light, and in night utilize Moonlight"
woww what the hell, are we so fools to pay the bills then?

Ohh yes we are as we are unluckily Pakistanis!

I dint think that we will ever be able to notice anygood change in our country ever.From bigger issues to smaller we just follow America's policy. We are slaves, we have no right to even think about changing our situation!
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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Inspiration and encouragement?

Whenever i think of my "college days" i regret, about taking admission in university.i know one should be brave enough to accept the challenges of life, but don't you think that all these things are so bookish?
Its something totally different when it comes to life.Books are written only to be read, they present realities in such a way that if there is nothing tragic in the life.
Question is how to get inspiration and encouragement that will help you to proceed in life successfully?
Don't you believe that when a men get success he is encouraged to move forward with a better speed in fact? but what if he is discouraged in life when he fails to achieve something?Hard to stand up again! ah, you can stand once again only IF you are sure that the world is not unfair, that one day you'll get the fruit of your efforts but it looks really impossible here at least to me!

I had a very happy life when i was in college with my friends, in uni the people are not what they are, they have masks on their faces.They are snakes, poisonous ones!
They are knives but pose to be sweet and sincere!

one more day in the memories of my "dear college and friends"
~I love you all~
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Saturday, May 2, 2009

P.R + Good books of professors = Total injusticE!!!

Today is the worse day of my academic life,i never got such poor marks ever before in my life and its more shocking when you had been the position holder of your city.
i would have accepted such a poor result happily if i hadn't prepared myself properly for the exams.
i can swear that when we discussed the subjects before the exam held,my preparation was better among friends, but i have realized it now that university is a place where you don't get, what you actually deserve!! its the place where everyone is busy in making personal relations with every one who has some importance in the social circle, I'm really a very reserved and kind of introvert personality so i find myself in the difficulty of making friends always.
If you have PR with professors, you are enlisted in their good books and so Congrats you are going to get the highest marks!!

Bah... and here in uni you will find so many cheaters. PROFESSIONAL CHEATERS!
and when you have to face cheaters off course you are not going to get more marks than them!and thats really hectic when they tell white lies in front of you!
i mean literally, in exams one girl forbade me to sit beside her, as she wanted some other girl to sit with her,cause that girl let her cheat all her paper! and now today when i said samethign to that girl indirectly, she totally denied that she cheated!!!
Ohh How brave she is, telling lies so openlY??

well at da end i count myself in lucky people as among 31 students only 7 were passed and i'm one of them.i miss my college alot and all of my friends so much , i miss my best college friend hina. i wish i could go back and catch those days which will never come back!
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