Friday, May 22, 2009

Dr Afia Siddiqui's Ex husband's POV!

Today i stumbled across the interview of Dr Afia Siddiqui's husbands.what i got the impression from his thoughts is that he is simply trying to disrespect Dr Afia and now he wants to be the innocent person in the eyes of media and public.
He is simply blaming her that she was some sort of Islamic extremist, fond of jihad and other stuff.
According to him she tried to black mail him by taking fake photographs of herself which depict that he used to abuse her by hitting any by other cruel means.
What the hell, he is saying "kidnap of Afia,was just a propaganda against me,so that i cant meet my children" "it was Afia's revenge of Divorce"
According to him Its also A false fact that she was ever shifted to Bugram jail.

She kept herself hidden in her home during those 5 years,and media kept shouting about "MISSING AFIA"
at the same time HER SISTER Dr Fouzia gave her that spacial pic to media which she took to black mail me.It was only to show that she has been the target of brutality in America But it was all pre- planned,said DR Amjad.

I just cant understand that how can a wise and well educated man like Him can think so heartlessly?this makes me sure that he is really an FBI agent still,No doubt!may be is getting paid for all this mess.

If Afia and her family did it only to disrespect him and only to show the enmity towards him then i Question you Mr Amjad, Who is responsible for Afia's present condition?her one kidney and intestine has been taken out,she cant even stand on her feet now!See her face,it is showing so plainly that she was an unlucky wife of a person like YOU!

I was just wondering when last year newspapers published that, Formerly Dr.Amjad (Afia's Ex husband)
was FBI agent, where was he theN? Why dint he protest against such a blame?
i remember his old pics were showing his cunning nature, but now as he had contacted newspaper to publish his side,he has changed and maintained himself AS a PERFECT Muslim! now you can see a beard on his face and islamic sort of cap on his head.i just question where was he till 5 long years? why is he breaking his silence even now?

i noticed That Dr.Afia's mother has also contacted newspaper after knowing that Dr Amjad's story is going to be published. she'll reply about everything he says, and I'll comment about all here!

update :
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Khurram Ali Shafique said...

Can u provide the link of the newspaper where these interviews are being published?

Hasaan Rafique said...

The interview was taken for GEO TV in February.

@Khurram Ali Shafique

Here's the link.


Well in my opinion, Dr. Aafia's husband is one of the most cruel, selfish and cowardly persons that i know of.

His mere approach regarding the matter is enough for anyone to hate him. At least i do and all my sympathies are for the innocent Muslim scientist, who has been a target of brutality at the hands of foreigners for the past 6 years...

ReeBz said...

here is the link
i would have given a direct link,but right now some problems with my ISP and my PC is stuck.

when i google about Dr Amjad's interview it gave me the same result of channel GEO,but probably its not the one i'm discussing here.
i guess Dr,Amjad has started clearing his side by speaking out here and there.
i read that he contacted himself to "THE DAILY UMMAT"

anyhow, back to the topic
I personally think that He is not a good least he should not remember her in such a bad words. i agree she might not be a good wife but she was a good intelligent, Pakistani daughter.Are we unable to find any soft portion in our hearts for this innocent daughter of our country?
Shame on us!!

If today its Afia,tomorrow it will be someone Else!
Please wakeUP!!

Anonymous said...

DR aafia should be freed and we pakistani's should take action against our (pakistan's and muslim's)enemies by electing those people for our goverment who can protect us and our rights

umer said...

Dr. AFia was actually a scientist of Pakistan and she was a intellegent girl. She was doctor in America. When they know about her they think that this women could benifit Pakistan, so they order Musharaf for her kidnapping, and Pakistan intellegences kidnap Dr. Afia, while she was going to Rawalpindi from karachi in metro cab. She was kidnapped with her children's with out any legal warrent. First she was sent to Bajram Jail In Afghanistan and then to America. She told in a Interview that she was raped for seveteen times in a day. And now she had lost her memory

Inshallah Dr. Afia would get freedom soon and person's responsible for her case would be destroyed
Dr Afia's brother as muslim,
Umer Shahzad Chaudhary

ReeBz said...

@ Umer
Well said!

Anonymous said...

Afia we all love you and we all are with u

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