Sunday, May 3, 2009

Inspiration and encouragement?

Whenever i think of my "college days" i regret, about taking admission in university.i know one should be brave enough to accept the challenges of life, but don't you think that all these things are so bookish?
Its something totally different when it comes to life.Books are written only to be read, they present realities in such a way that if there is nothing tragic in the life.
Question is how to get inspiration and encouragement that will help you to proceed in life successfully?
Don't you believe that when a men get success he is encouraged to move forward with a better speed in fact? but what if he is discouraged in life when he fails to achieve something?Hard to stand up again! ah, you can stand once again only IF you are sure that the world is not unfair, that one day you'll get the fruit of your efforts but it looks really impossible here at least to me!

I had a very happy life when i was in college with my friends, in uni the people are not what they are, they have masks on their faces.They are snakes, poisonous ones!
They are knives but pose to be sweet and sincere!

one more day in the memories of my "dear college and friends"
~I love you all~


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