Sunday, July 25, 2010

Book launch:My feelings!

Sir Khurram(Third from the left,Miss Bushra Khurram and son Hamza)

It was a very fine evening on 23-July-2010 when i decided to attend the book launch of Sir Khurram Ali Shafique. Though i had persuaded my mother and father both to take me there but i was still very much afraid that I'll be late and miss the essence of the program.

It was my first ever experience to attend a gathering of writers and their circle,therefore i was nervous a bit.But the excitement of meeting with Sir Khurram ,Komal.Urooj and HR overcame all the other feelings.We hired a taxi and directed him to take us to our destination.I was continuously checking the time at my cell phone and every passing minute was making me sad that the program might have started and I'm still wandering in the streets of the near-by area.

Finally we reached at the right spot.PAF Kiet Building looked quite impressive that I felt that no other place could be as suitable for the book launch as this place is.Ceremony was arranged in Room no 20.As soon as i entered the room I put a deep glance over the hall to find the author.I had thoughts that he will be a man with a very high collar and stiff neck with a leg over the other.It is a common issue of our society that if a man is enjoying a good status and his followers are increasing day by day then these specific circumstances turns him so.To my surprise, I couldn't find such a person in the whole room!
I selected a chair for myself and for my parents.Speakers came and went.It was interesting to hear all but my ears were waiting to hear Sir Khurram!

And Whoa!! i was totally amazed when i actually saw the author! Contradictory to my thoughts i had about him, he seemed a very simple man with no proud at all!After having a little chat with him at the end of program i found him really "Shafique" as according to his name.

I also got a chance to meet with Miss Bushra Khurram.I was pleased to know that she belongs to English department of Karachi University. I have strong associations with this institute as I'm a student of KU.I found her very nice, decent and elegant!I really felt honored,having finally got a chance to meet Sir Khurram and Miss Bushra Khurram.I hope someday I will also manage to attend the weekly sessions.
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

A complete biography of Rashid Minhas.

A first and a complete biography of Pilot officer "Rashid Minhas Shaheed Nishan-e-Haider"(URDU version) has been launched officially yesterday.The book is written by a renowned Scholar,educationist,journalist and a screen writer "Khurram Ali Shafique".

The book contains a detailed life sketch of the young patriotic pilot who did not hesitate in sacrificing his life for the mother land.

"Man wants to know the truth, the truth about himself, about the world, about everything. This is what they call the eternal quest for truth (Rashid Minhas, 29 October, 1969, Risalpur)"

The book has been published by Alfattah Academy which was established in 1979 by the great URDU writer Ibn-e-Safi.

The writer Khurram Ali Shafique is himself a person born with a sensitive heart towards the country and its men.Only such a person's pen can do complete justice and honesty when writing a biography of a national hero.His major focus is the life and thoughts of Allama Dr. Sir Muhammad Iqbal.

Author wrote this book when he was just 18 years old, but it got published now after little changes.Once you start reading the book,you will find yourself completely indulged in it,as it is a story of a national hero who's heart beats were only for the honor and love of Pakistan and also written by a young,patriotic and emotional citizen of a Pakistan whose blood is warm in the love for country and whose heart is enthusiastic to climb new horizons!

This book is a great effort by Khurram Ali Shafique and Alfattah academy to bring the young generation back to its foundations.It costs only Rs.100.The book price has been kept low so that every one can afford it.Buy it,read it and gift it to your fellows. It may be the best gift ever which will decorate the bookshelves even more!

Read at Pakiology here
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Some memories.

city of lights
Alhamdullillah I'm back to the city of lights.During my long visit in Lahore i noticed there are many differences between the three big cities of Pakistan .Karachi is the best city.Don't think I'm being biased but my opinions are based on logic. Karachi looks developed and glamorous whereas Lahore and Islamabad seem somewhat backward to me.
There is extreme load shedding in both the cities and you can see no lightnings on the roads at night.Malls,roads,buildings everything is much better in Karachi than Isb and Lahore.Again i would pay thanks to City government who gave the lights of Karachi back and also fulfilled the promise of "Green Karachi".
Anyways,though there are certain differences but  i respect and love all the cities of Pakistan as whole Pakistan is mine :)
I had a very lovely time in Lahore with my sweet cousins, and i was more excited as we have started construction of our home there and InshaAllah its gonna be more beautiful then the current home.Its true that :
"whatever you cross,whatever you pain
There'l always be sunshine,after the rain"

Perhaps you may stumble,perhaps even fall
But Allah is always ready to answer your call"

I remember some time back in January when i wrote a poem "hope is the only hope left for me" was connected with the blue times we had been facing.It seemed as we are trapped and there was no way out.But Allah is always ready to answer your call. We just  need firm belief and faith on Allah.Now Allah has solved all our problems so smoothly and beautifully.Thanks to Him.
In the end i would like to share a pic of the young bride who has grownup a bit now:)

My cutie Pie!

DISCLAIMER:Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion.Anything mentioned in this blog post and the comparison of the cities is subjected only to the author's opinion.Author doesn't intend to hurt anyone's feelings.
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