Thursday, July 22, 2010

Some memories.

city of lights
Alhamdullillah I'm back to the city of lights.During my long visit in Lahore i noticed there are many differences between the three big cities of Pakistan .Karachi is the best city.Don't think I'm being biased but my opinions are based on logic. Karachi looks developed and glamorous whereas Lahore and Islamabad seem somewhat backward to me.
There is extreme load shedding in both the cities and you can see no lightnings on the roads at night.Malls,roads,buildings everything is much better in Karachi than Isb and Lahore.Again i would pay thanks to City government who gave the lights of Karachi back and also fulfilled the promise of "Green Karachi".
Anyways,though there are certain differences but  i respect and love all the cities of Pakistan as whole Pakistan is mine :)
I had a very lovely time in Lahore with my sweet cousins, and i was more excited as we have started construction of our home there and InshaAllah its gonna be more beautiful then the current home.Its true that :
"whatever you cross,whatever you pain
There'l always be sunshine,after the rain"

Perhaps you may stumble,perhaps even fall
But Allah is always ready to answer your call"

I remember some time back in January when i wrote a poem "hope is the only hope left for me" was connected with the blue times we had been facing.It seemed as we are trapped and there was no way out.But Allah is always ready to answer your call. We just  need firm belief and faith on Allah.Now Allah has solved all our problems so smoothly and beautifully.Thanks to Him.
In the end i would like to share a pic of the young bride who has grownup a bit now:)

My cutie Pie!

DISCLAIMER:Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion.Anything mentioned in this blog post and the comparison of the cities is subjected only to the author's opinion.Author doesn't intend to hurt anyone's feelings.


connie nash said...

Dear ReeBz,

How fun to see your little slightly older "bride" again. Are you the photographer par excellence here? Also, I loved hearing your comments about Pakistan, particularly about Karachi which like you I find to be lovely by many photos and descriptions I've seen. Happy house remodeling or building to your family. And your faith is catchy because you express this so heartfelt, with patience and reality.
More in a few days...

Extra note: I don't feel badly at all being off FB although I have no way to find out if the FB technicians have in fact closed my account for good & the instructions I followed said NOT to go back into the site at all once procedures were taken to get clear out - so any suggestions?

Waiting for this to write up a little piece...maybe next week.

Are you navigating well without FB & finding other connections beyond Pakistan? had a good article about it a few months ago.

ReeBz said...

Dear Connie, thanks for leaving your comment :)I'm really happy to see you after such a long time.

Conniw when i deactivated my account at facebook i had no intentions of rejoining.I spent a lot of time in finding any better substitute but all in vain.Yesterday i met Sir Khurram's wife in the book launch and we both felt that reactivating accounts there is necessary as there is no better substitute as well as no unity among us. IF all had left FB and would have joined anyother web then things would be different now. But As FB has developed so much over time,everyone has existence at FB which is quite informative.So we both have decided to use FB again.Right now i'm trying to find her at FB but i duuno which account in search results is showing her :S

Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

Welcome back young scholar with your articulate writings and beautiful blog settings that in itself is so aesthetically pleasing that I for a while just enjoy seeing the computer screen.

ReeBz said...

Thank you sir,
You appreciate always so generously that I start feeling that my blog doesn't deserve this much
Thanks for coming and for appreciation.
I guess you weren't present yesterday in the book launch? It was a nice little gathering.I felt honored to meet Sir Khurram,Miss Bushra Khurram and the fellow bloggers.

Syeda Zehra said...

Lovely post...
I agree with you at all points..
Soory to the Lahorities ,there's isn't a proper Book store there...!

Welcome BaCk.

Mere Drizzle said...

Glad Ur baCk :)... Missed U litErally!


Eyewitness said...

Salaam sister,
Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Lahore and Karachi.
Your post "some memories" has inspired me to dive into my some memories as well.
I have been living in Lahore for the last 18 years, I love this city and its friendly citizens.
But Karachi has always been a city of my dreams. I have always wanted to spend a few years of my life in this city of lights. I can not forget the day when I was16 and finally, I had managed to enter in this city but unfortunately, I had to leave the city of my dreams after 2 or 3 hours of my arrival there.

I never got any chance of going there again. But I have arrived here in Jeddah, Saudia Arabia, and my colleagues have told me that Jeddah and Karachi are like twins.
Although, they have provided some arguments as well but I don't want to agree without eyewitnessing it myself...
Your following words are really amazing and true too.
"whatever you cross, whatever you pain
There'l be always be sunshine after the rain

Perhaps you may stumble, perhaps even fall
But Allah is always ready to answer your call"

May Allah bless your home !

ReeBz said...

Eyewitness:Thanks for your comments.You indeed are at the very best place right now.I havent seen jeddah though i think that Khi may have no comparison with Jeddah.
My mom tells that that Jadaah is far more developed than karachi but it is almost 7 tp 8 years old thing that time there was no development in karachi.

Thanks for likingthose lines, no doubt they are very inspirtional.Some anonymous poet wrote those lines:)

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