Sunday, May 30, 2010

Taking a break

Excitement is on the peak these days inside me.The day for which i was waiting since many days has finally arrived.

We are going lahore once again to meet with my sweetest,little and lovely cousins and all the uncles and aunts who love us equally.Sometimes loneliness kills you, but sometimes it acts like a blessing.When you meet your loved ones after a long time,then it is proved as a double excitement which is beyond explanation :) If you have relatives abroad,then you can understand my feelings very well.

I'm surely gonna miss all of my blogosphere friends and their writings.Philosophical posts of Urooj which are opening new doors of thinking,Komal's stray reflections from Iqbal's diary, daily sweet incidents of HR's life wrapped in the riddles and sir Akhter's versatile blog.I wish i manage to get a quick internet connection there, otherwise i will try to stay in touch via my mobile internet connection.

Just one thing is making me a bit depressed,Lahore's hot weather.Scorching rays of sun are enough to tan you and hell of powercuts simply turn you mad, atleast me :D

See ya all!


Komal Khan said...

Aww.. Its very kind of you ReeBz that you mentioned my name :)

Enjoy your trip to Lahore and have the best time with your loved ones. Will miss your posts too :(

And don't worry somehow the situation is same in Karachi, hot in the afternoon and power failure but yes you will miss the Cool Breeze of Karachi in the evening which cools down all your annoyance of the noon's heat..

urooj malik said...

Have a nice and safe journey, and have fun. We all will be waiting for you.

Muhammad Hamza said...

Great..I hope You Do enjoy there.And do Capture More pictures of your that little cute "bride'.
Well,it's not even coOl here n Karachi.

ReeBz said...

Thanks for all of you for the wishes and above all for posting your comments :)
Yeah Hamza its not cool in here but as Komal said evenings and nights are rather cool : and i just love the cool breeze of night! we pass all our day after maghrib upstairs;) cause simply love the breeze :)

vv said...


Ur Blog looks very beautiful.I too have a blog...Can u reveal the source from where u got this template. Plus at end of every post there is pic of flowers,how u did it? When u r free pls do mail me abt that.My mail id is

Vinod Vyas

ReeBz said...

Hello Vinod.
Thanks for liking my blog :)I mean I'm really happy that finally someone praised the looks of my blog :D i have been working on increasing its aesthetic value since many days, and well its the game of HTML code-something at which I'm very poor:D but finally i managed after doing many blunders :P
You can check this template here: more information scroll down and see the details at the very bottom of my sidebar.As far as flowers pic is concerned, it is known as "Image divider", you can search for it in photo bucket :)
For more help check this site. Its simply brilliant :)

ReeBz said...

Do tell me after you bring any changes to your blog, i would like to pay a visit on your site then :)

Vinod Vyas said...

Hi Reebz,

Thanks a lot for ur gracious help.I blog on Indian Horse racing,a subject which may not excite u.Still i would request u to visit my blog and give ur feedback.

ReeBz said...

Hey nice change :) I opened your blog yesterday, but actually i couldnot get the hand of any thing written in it and now i got it that why:P
Its about horse, and i really duno anyhting about horses, so yes you are right :D!
but now the blog looks so beautiful and attractive :)
Keep it up!

Connie said...

Simply lovely descriptions of our friends here...I am holding you in the light as we are each on our breaks/journeys and are here so rarely. Finally right after end of May 31st am able to leave relieved.

Blessings and Prayers to you, dear. :)

Hasaan Rafique said...

Nice! :) I hope you enjoy your visit and have a wonderful time :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Gud lUck For ur tym in Lhr.. hapPy jOurnEy!, wiSh I can go sOmwhERe in ds sUmmer too!
khair U tc alOt nd Allah Hafiz :)


ReeBz said...

Thanks dear Connie,Hasaan and Rabeeta :)

Thinking said...

hmmm...I am now kind a miss you deari...

when you will be back???

Anyhow...stay safe and be happy.

Jennie said...

Hmmm now that you mention it, the blog layout has changed a bit since you took it over. Looks good.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, things have been slow on there lately, work has been crazy busy. I've got 2 or 3 big posts that I'm 2/3rds done with, I just need to find the time to wrap them up. No stress though, I write for fun.

Enjoy your travels, I just had a great 3 day weekend with a bunch of my family. Nothing can compare to spending time with loved ones.

ReeBz said...

thinking i'm also missing all my fav blogs, i keep reading posts which attract me but as i've limited access to net, i can't comment usually. we'l be back around 16 to 18 inshaallah.
m seriously missing my home alot now plus its extreme terrible weather here:-(

hi jennie thanks for praising the blog's layout. will read your blog once again in detail as soon as i reach ma own city. thanks for leaving comment:)

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