Thursday, May 27, 2010

Youm-e-Takbeer --- A powerful Pakistan.

2 8th May 1998 is a very historical and a memorable day for Pakistan.We successfully conducted nuclear explosion.Every year on 28th may i get lost in memories and my thoughts take me back in the year 1998.Clips of atomic explosion and the echoes of "Nara-e-Takbeer" fastens the blood flow and encourage us to do something worth memorable once again for Pakistan.

"Today, we have settled a score and have carried out five successful nuclear tests"  
Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, 28 May 1998"

We know that Israel and South Africa have full nuclear capability -- a Christian, Jewish and Hindu civilization have this capability ... the Islamic civilization is without it, but the situation (is) about to change.
Deposed Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, from his jail cell, 1978

I remember that how owners of confectioneries started distributing lots of sweet among the people free of cost. People were doing bhangra everywhere,and everyone was busy in exchange of wishes with each other.No doubt, it was a great success for every citizen of Pakistan.Pakistan always wanted to see the world free of arms but to protect her own solidarity she had to go for the creation of atomic bomb,which is still a thorn of an eye for many anti- pakistan powers'.India's successful explosion give a new momentum and speed to Pakistan's atomic project and the very first time India  was proved a blessing for us.

Now we are the proud citizens of an Atomic power state but question is still the same. Does it make any difference?Though its enough to threaten our enemies, but  are we really doing so? Purpose of doing an atomic explosion was to protect solidarity of Pakistan, but we really have failed in it. Apparently we are successful, but i reckon we are a double-failed nation. Even after all the resources,and all the powers ,we are mentally a slave nation.We feel shame in following our own cultures and traditions.We are often begging for aid from foreign powers.

We have power, we can talk our enemy eye-to-eye, but what is preventing us from it?Why we don't speak when our innocent brothers,sisters and little sweet kids lose their lives in our tribal areas due to American drones?why we are always ready to do operations in our own country after taking dictation from the so-called super powers?When we are blamed for terrorism in the whole world why cant we point out boldly that who the real terrorist is?According to Sebstian-a writer U.S is world's No.1 terrorist.She had attacked Iraq, Afghanistan and is a danger and a threat for Pakistan's survival and safety.

It is also not a hidden fact that how terribly we treated our national hero Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan.We didnot miss even a single chance in disgracing and insulting his honor.We even blamed him that he stole formula from some foreign country for pakistan?We didn't stop even here, we moved  one more step forward and blamed him that he is involved in wide-spread of nuclei material?We imprisoned him?Shame on us!We should learn from India.They are the real people who know how to respect talent.

Now, where we are standing? There is a great need  to judge it and to take appropriate steps.This is the right time when we should recognize our enemies.This is the time when we should take steps for the development of Pakistan. Lets make a resolution that on this "Takbeer Day" we will stop blaming the government of Pakistan.Its a common attitude,we think that our work is done by blaming the authorities as we have no power.
NOO this is downright wrong concept. We the people of Pakistan, the youth of Pakistan has lot of power, we can change the things if we try, if we think about it, we can BE the change! we can make the difference!!
Lets come,join hands and take initiatives!We shall take Pakistan AHEAD!We shall make Pakistan the leader of the whole world.InshaAllah!


P.S Congratulations everyone.I'm adding up some fire works here as a celebration for a day:)


Hasaan Rafique said...

Yep, 28th May is really memorable.. Our hero, Dr. AQ Khan saved us from the pressure India would've inflicted on Pakistan, had Pakistan not been a nuclear Pakistan though India had been...
It's such a pity to see our hero jailed like this... :(

And yes, i agree that we should bring about the change in ourselves and take Pakistan ahead. I wish all Pakistanis acquire the same spirit...

Anonymous said...


India's Nuclear project is CHINA THREAT ORIENTED.Majority of Indians feel that Chinese are unduly hostile towards India and thereby a THREAT to our Nation.Believe it or not all our Missile/Nuclear projects are aimed at creating a minimum deterence against China,not Pakistan.

Do possession of Nuclear weapons make any impact on enemy? My answer would be yes.We will never witness FULL FLEDGE WAR in future and thats purely due to presence of Nuclear weapons.

At the height of Cold war it was said that USSR and USA collectively had enough Nuclear weapons to destroy this Earth 73000 times!!!

Celebrations and jubilations followed in India too after Succesful Nuclear Test.A sense of strength augurs our minds.Fact that we are safe and in stronger position makes us happy.

Y does USA attacks countries like Afghanistan and Iraq? Because its knows very well that they cannot hit back.Hence in my view possession of Nuclear weapons is must for very country.

India conducted Nuclear tests 4 or 5 days before Pakistan did...Amazing thing is that no one in India even remembers that date,forget abt celebrating it.There is hardly any reference to our Nuclear programes in media,its like that majority of us hardly care for it.

Things are changing very fast by is not the same....People are increasingly becoming impatient...virtue of Tolerance is fading fast..There is fight for supremacy.Every person,Religion,Nation wants to prove that they are the best and would do all kinds of misdeeds to justify that.I fear the day when this weapons of total destructions fall in wrong hands.What if a hot headed Army general or Head of state or a Terrorist organisation gets full access to Nuclear weapons.

Out of Millions and Millions of planets there is life only on Earth.We are alone in this BIG universe.We will have to save our Planet.Younger Generation has this responsibility.

Vinod Vyas

ReeBz said...

Vinod Vyas
Thanks for coming and sharing your views.

I agree with you in many points.I agree and i hope that there will be no full fledged wars because many of the countries possess atom power.I think no different from you when you say that America attacks on those countries as they are the third world, they have nothing to defend themselves,and may be thats the reason which is keeping America away from attacking Iran.

so it seems, that everyone's nuclear project is cause of some threats?India's atomic project was a dire threat for Pakistan and people of Pakistan demanded a quick explosion.

As far as celebrations are concerned, well there are no any such celebrations on the government level,not even on the media,but we the people of Pakistan can never forget the day, so we celebrate it in our own way :)

smarty said...

I'm not in the favor of nuclear projects or of atomic bomb but i do feel strong and relaxed that we are one of the strong nations of the world.
I would prefer disarmament if all the world is poliferating their programes, otherwise every country must haveit!

and whoaa so lovely fiReworks, just to fit with the post! aweSomExD

hina said...

To me its one of the biggest happiness. Paksitan is strong and powerful.Foes of Paksitan will think twice before seeing her with a bad eye!!!!

P.S lVd these fireworKs!

filpaki said...

HEy congratulations to all!
Happy takbeer day!

one unhappy event happened today.Lahor in attacks...

Muhammad Hamza said...

@Vinod Vyas,
I also agree with the first part of your comment.But what you have written in the end is totally un-agreeable for me.
You said India tested their atomic bombs only 3,4 days before Pakistan..!@
Wow..But tell you what India,the active arms racer,tested it's nuclear bombs in 1984.
Secondly,why don't Indian's celebrate the day because of the bitter truth.According to your own scientists,all the atomic test were a complete failure except one which's yield was also not more than a kiloton.
Whereas,Pakistan's all tests had yields of more than a kiloton,the largest was 35 kiloton,which is 80 times the bomb dropped on Hiroshema in Japan.
Secondly,You feared that Pakistan's nukes might fall in some terrorist hands,so what do you mean by that..?
A nation,a very poor nation who made an atomic bomb knows better to protect it.we knew how to make it and we know how to defend it.
Secondly,atlking about hard headed army chief and leaders,well I dont see any in my country but I can see many in yours..
Remember your army chief's statement last year that India will defeat China and Pakistan in 45 minutes of war..?
Moreover you got "cool' people like Shiv sena and BJP in your nation.So you should be concerned about your NUKES,before concerning ours.

Last of all,China isn't a match for India.China is equals with the USA.So please don't fancy yourself as a super power.Having the largest number of population doesn't make a nation a super power.It's defense,economy of the nation which makes a super power.
Proudly,My nation's defense is much stronger,giving me all the right to celebrate.

On a side note,please get aware of your banana government.This government is fooling you all.Your government is spending the food money of your countrymen on weapons from Israel.Moreover the weapons bought are useless.India should concentrate on it's missile system.It's 2010 now.Times have changed.Now missile will do the speaking instead of guns.So do concentrate on your internal issues before pointing out others without any real reason.

Ps: If Pakistan isn't a threat for India then why post million soldiers on the Pak-India border../..:P

Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

Another intense and passionate post from the young blog wizard who's credentials as a blogger are going places and who style of addressing issues is very focused. This post is so written immaculately from Pakistan's perspective and highlights our desire for peace and concerns for security. Pakistan Zindabad.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hamza,

Just one correction.Pokhran 1 was conducted in 1974 not 1984

Muhammad Hamza said...

@Anonymous,If you are Vinod Vyas,then how come you now remember the date ..?
As you commented earlier that Indians even don't even remember the date of the tests...:p

And if you are someone else,then thanks for elaboration.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hamza,

Yes earlier comment was written by me,forgot to add my name.

U got it all wrong...When i saw article on Nuclear test in this blog i recalled that India also had conducted tests few days earlier.There was no mention of it anywhere in our media.Thats it.I fail to understand y u got offended by that statement.

U say that i feared Pakistan Nukes might get in hands of terrorists.Where did i say only Pakistan nukes...i made a general statement.Almost all countries now have this weapons...Human nature is unpredictable,,what if this weapons of destruction fall in wrong hands?

I have no idea what u mean by Banana Government? I heard abt Banana Republic..a state with no system of Rule and Justice.26% of our GDP is alloted for Defence which is very less when compared to other nations.

There are always two ways of saying a thing.One can say Glass half empty or half filled,,both means the same but way of saying is different.

Truly i dont like debates of "WE ARE BETTER THAN U " types.

Lastly only one thing i want to say..My dear friend ur 18..u will be emotive.When i was ur age i was the same..Only one advise i would like to give...Dont get offended easily....There will be times when Life will put u in position where u will have to bear a lot.Only way of coming out of that will be to stay calm and remain cool.

Vinod Vyas

Anonymous said...

A really nyc pOst, U knOw m sUre no onE hs describEd nUclear pOwer sO sweetLy!!
da whOle poSt ws a depictOn of writer's beauty ;)

Hamza: well repliEd, WD


ReeBz said...

Calm down every one.
Though i had lots of debates here with Indians and infact with many Indians, but i don't like any debate when the conversation is sort of friendly.I agree with Vinod Vyas that every nation should posses nukes for its safety.I had though objection when he said that India's nukes are china threat oriented, and so Hamza replied it.
anyhow there should be no criticism only for the sake of criticism.
India and Pakistan can never be friend thats an open fact!Therefore, no need of striking heads with each other :)

Vinod but i must say if you consider it a success then you also should remember the dates of your nuclear explosion tests :)Dont you feel strong and blessed?Then why don't you feel like celebrating and paying tribute to your heroes?I know you have done much for your national hero as compare to Pakistan, but actually that attitude was confined to our diplomat mush's govt..

ReeBz said...

Thanks to Sir Akhter and Rain for the kind words, and for Hamza to make "the comment section" of my blog lively :)

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