Thursday, February 25, 2010

The gift of new life on my birthday!

What can be the best birthday gift for your birthday and from whom? If the situation had been different than this question would seem pretty childish and may be difficult one to choose an answer for.

It was my 22nd birthday yesterday and i had not made any special plans for it as  i have left celebrating birthdays since after i crossed my teen-age.Therefore, my birthday is as normal for me as every normal day is.No cheerfulness,no greetings,no confetti's ,no clapping and also no special thankfulness from my side as i simply don't remember and care much that i have been blessed with one more happy and successful year and i have entered in a new year of my life to enjoy this world.

But yesterday i realized and experienced something totally scary and horrible which left me terrified and at the same time i was being grateful to Allah as much as i could.

I really consider this birthday  the MOST special birthday as i received a very SPECIAL and most valuable gift from most valuable Being-ALLAH!

My mother was blessed with the same gift on 24-February-1988 when i was born in her home,and after 22 years i got the very same gift on my birthday in the form of "New Life". Yes! Allah the most merciful saved me twice in a single day from deadly accidents yesterday!

I was coming back to home from university and was about to enter in a bus but i changed my decision as i found no free seat inside.Then after few minutes i was inside in another bus.Travel was fine and i had comfortable seat too.I was a bit tired too as just one day before i came back from a very long long journey of train from Lahore so i dozed off.Suddenly i started feeling suffocated and i saw fire so close to me inside bus.Just in few seconds there was panic among people and every one wanted to jump from the bus to save life.In such a situation i was seeing death close to me.Oxygen got insufficient and like me many were near death.Moreover, driver left his seat in confusion and without pulling the hand break he made himself busy in extinguishing fire, so bus was moving in a light speed.I pushed many people in dark and smoke to save my life, Allah helped me and i managed to step out of it suddenly.Thanks to Allah like me all remained safe!

After taking full long breaths in fresh open air i decided to start my journey again in order to reach home.only few moments had passed i heard the news that the same bus which i left earlier as it had no free seat had been turned over while it was in full speed resulting the death of five innocent people near "Natha Khan Road". I saw road full of blood, some one had tried spilling mud over it.Ambulances,police vans,TV channels cars and peoples cries were everywhere...

It is all so terrible that every time i remember it, i get goose-flesh.. It was really a gift of "NEW life" right on my birthday from Allah the great.Now im considering myself most lucky and cheerful.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Memorable wedding or memorable actoress?

Few days ago my parents decided to visit lahore as they had to fix some issues and had to do some     arrangements,but the thing making me crazy was the thought of meeting my little cute cousins.Though i wanted to blow my maternal relatives there with surprise but  my dear mom always kills the joy of a surprise.Anyway all the time i passed there was full of memories but i can never forget 22-feb-10 when my youngest cousin only 2.5 years old caught our attention by wrapping herself in red dupatta (head covering) of my aunt's bridal dress.

She was as serious as the bride is with sweet light suppressed smiles on her lips and bent eyes with shy which is the most evident factor of eastern young brides with naturally long eye lashes.Surprisingly enough she kept busy in giving different poses to photographers[ who were definitely me and other cousins with their mobile phone cameras :D]

Contrary to the nature of a child, she remained cool and calm for more than an hour and kept doing for what she was asked minute to minute. 
At the end of the wedding a small session of "Rukhsati" [when the bride leaves her parents home for her hysband]was also arranged :P. And to my surprise she did it very well.Her Calm, slow and silent steps as taken by the real brides made us laugh alot and gave us a very memorable nice time to cherish our lives.

Everything was fake and had nothing to do with real life but still everything was memorable and mind-blowing.All this shows that children are perfect imitator or impersonator, whatever you call :D

To enjoy the video of this sweetest wedding click here

P.S :I hope you enjoyed reading it, and you know i always love the feedback :D
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Saturday, February 6, 2010

A salute from the nation for Dr.Afia siddiqui.

Dr.Afia Siddiqui- a neuro scientist from Pakistan is the most unlucky and at the same time luckiest woman of the world.It is suspected that Afia has to face imprisonment of minimum 30 to maximum 100 years.The verdict given by US court was pre-planned as we all expected.US is so called lover of peace,humanity and justice.I do not understand why US court did the drama of  running the trials for her when it had to declare Afia a convict at all cost.They couldn't prove that she shot with M4 riffle on American soldiers still they sentenced her for the same and proved her guilty without any proofs!Amazing! This could only be observed no where but in the courts of Super power which fights for the poor and claims justice for all!US has broken all the records of mental and physical torture on Afia Siddiqui.All was bad, but the intervention of US media was the worst part of it, we knew that they will prefer more to protect their own benefit  and so the verdict will be against her.

I would call Afia lucky as she has given us the reason to survive, she alone has done something ,which we all couldn't do!She has applied soot on US so-called justice and courts.she has become the reason to let all the world know that how dishonest is the US system of judiciary.

Afia is our pride. The nation of Pakistan consisting on the population of 16 carore individuals is proud on her.She is the hope herself,she has awakened the youth of Pakistan, and yes yet alone the youth shall take us ahead..!!!

I salute to the great mother of  Afia's  and Dr. Fouzia Siddiqui who at this time came forward to request the nation to avoid panic and stay calm, it really matters. I would like to quote Afia's mother in the end,

      "Down Fall of America has just begun with this unjust verdict given by the US court"

To watch Afia's mother's response click on the following link.
Afia's mothers response-down fall of america has just begun.

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