Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Memorable wedding or memorable actoress?

Few days ago my parents decided to visit lahore as they had to fix some issues and had to do some     arrangements,but the thing making me crazy was the thought of meeting my little cute cousins.Though i wanted to blow my maternal relatives there with surprise but  my dear mom always kills the joy of a surprise.Anyway all the time i passed there was full of memories but i can never forget 22-feb-10 when my youngest cousin only 2.5 years old caught our attention by wrapping herself in red dupatta (head covering) of my aunt's bridal dress.

She was as serious as the bride is with sweet light suppressed smiles on her lips and bent eyes with shy which is the most evident factor of eastern young brides with naturally long eye lashes.Surprisingly enough she kept busy in giving different poses to photographers[ who were definitely me and other cousins with their mobile phone cameras :D]

Contrary to the nature of a child, she remained cool and calm for more than an hour and kept doing for what she was asked minute to minute. 
At the end of the wedding a small session of "Rukhsati" [when the bride leaves her parents home for her hysband]was also arranged :P. And to my surprise she did it very well.Her Calm, slow and silent steps as taken by the real brides made us laugh alot and gave us a very memorable nice time to cherish our lives.

Everything was fake and had nothing to do with real life but still everything was memorable and mind-blowing.All this shows that children are perfect imitator or impersonator, whatever you call :D

To enjoy the video of this sweetest wedding click here

P.S :I hope you enjoyed reading it, and you know i always love the feedback :D


Connie L. Nash said...

OH, MY!! What a dear and precious blog and I simply adore your growing gift with words, dear ReeBz, as well as the phenomenally charming photos...This is a blog to get a Gold Medal! I'll bet you the photos alone would win a contest!! What about a little book at least for family and friends? How did you manage such gorgeous evocative photos and backgrounds with mobile phones?

Well, NOW, I see why you were filled with tears both of JOY and sadness as you left your relatives abodes!!!

You have really captured something here WONDEROUS and I'm So glad to have stopped by before beginning another arduous writing day!

Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

I haven’t seen a blog post as beautiful as this. The idea is novel, the actress is an angel and the blog writer is master of her craft. One thing that first came to mind viewing the blog was “Fleur-de-Lyse”. But moving along each image and each line was just a joy and pleasure, and one wanted this experience to last longer and longer…… ReeBz fantastic work!

Adeela said...

woww WhaT a LOVe1y PoSt!
I woUlD lv to aPprecIate Ur writing StylE~
in very Less wordS u have created all Da SceNe herE!!
AgReeD with CoNniE!

thumbS UP tO Ur BloG!!!

mEe missinGgg IfRAaa januu :(

Adeela said...

NO doUbT V aL! DiD sooo Muchh hullA guLla in this FaKe but SweeTest WeDDing eVeR! <3

filpaki said...

aapi ur post is a source of pleasure for us. i read it and all the scene was before my eyes, and i got teary.
we miss u ifra qt pie :)

ReeBz said...

Coniie ur comment are always full of appreciation! and i really feel encouraged by it. m really planning to show this post and these comments to my aunt who is the mother of this young cutie pie :) it will definitely make her happy, and a bit i have already introduced you with all of them :)
All pics are not edited on mobile, few i edited in pc on adobe photoshop. but this photo work isnot perfect as it was my first try. Thanks for liking!

Sir akhter
Oh i m really feeling honored now and showed your comment and connie's to my mom. she felt happy too :)
i dint know that this post gonna attract readership!

Adila and filza so right you both are :)

Komal Khan said...

Oh so cute she is... and My God how she is so perfect to do all the 'necessary' things a Pakistani bride usually does on her wedding day.

and ReeBz you just provided us a complete video of that event. I must say you did it beautifully!

And one thing more.. Sorry to wish you late.. Belated Happy Birthday!!! 25 February has just started..

Thanks to Connie who reminded me of your birthday..

May you have many more blessed birthdays... Aameen.

God bless you!

Thinking said...

hmm...good to see you in happy moods...

Happy Birthday dear...

Children are always source of joy and happiness....

You have beautifully narrated the whole occasion.

Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work !

ReeBz said...

Komal and Thinking thanks alot for the birthday wishes :)
and i would like to pay special thanks to Connie.

Komal by video i remembered i just added a video here of this it :)

Bushra said...

Ifra is really our jaan.
i liked the comments and the article is an example of cuteness itself. u really deserve to win a gold medal

smarty said...

haw haye arey bhai ye to ap ne bari hi kamal chz lkhi hey!or ifra to mahrani lag ri hey. or pics to ap ne ese li hen jese full photoshoot ho gi.100 no ap k

ReeBz said...

bushra and usra
nice to see you both here:)
i hope you will keep coming!

Komal Khan said...

Hey ReeBz I am unable to watch the video as by clicking on the link it shows a message 'Video Unavailable' or the 'Video has been removed'...

Please check it coz I want to watch it!

ReeBz said...

komal i'll check and fix the problem as soon as possible.

ReeBz said...

can you see the video now? actually it was uploaded on facebook and it had some privacy issues. now i've opened it for all. i hope you can watch it without problems:-)

Komal Khan said...

Yeah I have seen the video.. She is looking sooooo cute MaashaAllah! A BIG hug for her from my side..

Thanks for sharing this video :)

Connie L. Nash said...

You are SO Deserving of ALL these beautiful comments...YES...we really have talent on this RR site!!! Amazes me every single time...back soon for more comment on your latest!!!

ReeBz said...

Komal your hug has been delivered through different channels :D
she is in lahore and i'm in khi, i had to tell about your hug to my cousin,then she had to tell aunt who is the mother of this baby and so hug reached its destiny:D!

Thank you!
i have a question which i'm ashamed to ask,and feeling stupid but i have to ask it anyway. what do you mean everytime when you say RR? i used to think it is the short of "Republicc of Rumi" isnt it?

Hamza said...

WoW.She's a cute kid.You wrote the whole incident in such a awesome manner that like as if i was there watching the kid wearing the huge duppatta myself.!

ReeBz said...

Thanks Hamza for coming here and for choosing to comment :)

I liked that you enjoyed reading it :)

hina said...

Aww how sweet mashaaalah :)

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