Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hats off to Help in a Box!

Flood water sees no boundaries,neither should our generosity.Pakistan has been hit by the worst flood of its history.In this time of need and distress only love,compassion,and devotion with addiction can help us overcoming the terrible effects which the flood has left on us.There are many NGOs and organizations working for the IDPs but I specially would like to appreciate the work done by "HELP IN A BOX"

Help In A Box is a thoughtful initiative taken by Adeel Hashmi and Shahazad Qureshi which was later joined by Jago-The Evolutionary Awakening..Help in a Box is a team of energetic and high-spirited Pakistani youngsters who are trying to collect basic life supplies for the flood effected people of Pakistan. The team's aim is to provide 100,000 boxes to the effected people before Ramadan .Since they get 70 -80 volunteers daily from all walks of life,which increases to 150-200 on the weekends,it seems they are quite successful in the achievement of their goals.

It is a fact that our youth alone can solve many problems of the country.Let the youth be given opportunities to come forward  and to contribute in the development of the country.I salute these bright stars of the country who despite of all their engagements are volunteering themselves in the virtual cause.Click Help in a Box for more information and donation.

In the end i would like to dedicate my own poem to help in a box team.(Though their fruitful efforts deserve much more than just mere a poem)

Hamen shaheen banna hey,
sitaron pay ubherna hey,
naya kuch azm kerna hey,
naya kuch raqm kerna hey,

badalni he,inhi hathon se apne,
chamn ki qsmat,
badalne hen abi mosam,
badlna hey fazao'on ko
banain gay naii tareekh,
sanwaren gay watan apna,

hamen shaheen banna hey,
kamanden daal rakhi hey sitaron per,
chalo ab faisla ker lo,
watan jub b pukarey ga
watan ka sath den gay hum,
na choren gay ise tanha
na hon gay pasheman hum,

watan ka sath den gay hum,watan ka sath den gay hum.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Evil wants good to prevail.

Persian poet Rumi tells a parable about the first Omayyid caliph Amir Muawaiya who was awakened by a strange man" "Who are you?"Caliph Asked,
"I'm a Lucifer"Replied the strange man.
"But what do you want from me?"Caliph interrogated.
"I want you to offer your prayers"said the Lucifer.

Caliph became confused, and realized that some thing is wrong.He questioned Lucifer more and he kept explaining Caliph.,"Though i have been punished and cursed by Allah, but i still love and respect Him,infact it was due to extreme love that i got jealous when Allah created man"Lucifer tried to defend himself.But once again Caliph didn't believe him.Caliph offered his rituals with even more faith and repentance. Lucifer kept awaking him from his sleep till three days and caliph kept asking forgiveness from Allah.Finally Satan accepted the defeat and made it clear to caliph that If he would miss his prayers that day due to sleep,next day he would offer the prayers with more devotion,more love and with more repentance.Since a tear which falls down from the eye due to the fear of Allah Almighty ,has a great value in the eyes of Allah which Lucifer would be unable to bear.Lucifer does not want any good, he will keep making people choosing wrong from the right, but sometimes he uses "Good" as a stair to spread the "Bad" in the world. In short, Evil wants good to prevail to accomplish its own bad intentions..

Now after so may years,Pakistan is also facing the same situation which caliph had to face.Pakistan is surrounded by the hundreds of Lucifer morally,spiritually and geographically.Now its our duty to keep our eyes open and to follow the caliph.Pakistan is facing worst flood of its history.At such a bleak time we can notice many evils impersonating good and divine angels.But we must not go astray as we have examples from our forefathers before us. It is a food for thought that INDIA released more than 8 times  of water into rivers of Pakistan without giving any prior warning,causing a very intense and heavy flood in Pakistan.
For reference please click here.Not to mention how much loss the flood has caused us already and now India playing an important role in the destruction of Pakistan.

 Isn't it clever of India to come up with 50,0000 US$ Aid for the flood affectives? We the people of Pakistan of course don't want the aid from India but yes it is enough to greed our puppet government..Its enough for them to build their private residences in France,London and Switzerland.
I just wonder that if India wants good for Pakistan then instead of being good infront others by offering aid,why not India tries to kill the root cause of this trouble??
Help in a BOX-flood relief camp

Help in a BOX by JAGO
Once again evil wants to prevail good,by being good..We all know the theme,the idea and the conspiracy behind this goodness.Its time for us to repent and to show compassion for our brothers and sisiters who have lost everything in this terrible natural disaster..
May Allah help us identifying our friends and foes.(Amin)

References:India causes fresh floods in Pakistan 
Ummat publications 
Courtesy: The mentioned Incident of Rumi is taken from a book "Like the flowing river" by Paulo Coelho.
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

When everything was possible...

While her arms are wrapped around her bent legs,her head resting on her knees and her curly hairs flowing in the cool breeze smoothly.She is swimming in the sea of her childhood memories, thinking about her gone days.

A suppressed but sweet smile can be noticed on her lips when she thinks of running after every other butterfly,and how surprised she would get by seeing the beautiful colors  butterfly would leave on the finger tips of her elder cousin, who was working as a trainer of catching flying butterflies...

She would get crazy by seeing the gas balloons and all those funky bright colors would make her jump all around with happiness and excitement.She misses the time when she would fly kites with her father and how innocently she would ask her dad to tie the thread of balloon in her little finger instead,as she was unable to manage kite flying on her own.
 A tear rolled down from her cheeks to remember that how a perfect shopkeeper she would become,when her mother would return from shopping with 3 to 4 big bags full of new clothes and accessories.She would carefully hang the new frocks at every place,she could manage to reach with her baby-height.Some in the door of fridge,some on the handles of doors, some in the windows and would spread the un stitched ones over the floor.

In her childhood everything was possible.She sometimes would imitate a Tandoor wala,without taking her mom's scolds into any consideration.She would pick up Sofa back round cushions,and would tear newspapers into square shaped pieces to make the "chapatis".Now when the time has gone, it seems the most sweetest thing that how she would make the newspaper wet by first dipping her little hands in a bowl of water and then to the chapatis so that she could stick them on the walls of tandoor just as tandoorchis do.(The underside of the bed would perform the function of tandoor).
She still remembers crawling into the tunnels of cushion and then hunting for the toffees and other little things which her siblings would hide for her in the tunnel game.
 When she grew-up ,her loving father,bought her a new PC. Now she doesn't sew the curtains and bed sheets for her doll anymore.She reads Harry Potter and fancy imagining herself in Hogwarts.She fantasizes the broom sticks,the qudditch games,the robes, the owls, the train and the wands!!

As time passes by,she changes her hobbies and interests.Now she has everything she has ever wished for, she is happy for all Allah has blessed her with, but why her eyes are still dimmed and her cheeks pink with some hidden sorrow?Because.. she knows that she will keep getting new things,she will keep discovering every day molding into another lovely day, but the time, the golden time of her childhood when she cracked the most silly jokes,laughed till her belly aches, and the satisfaction of making everything possible will never come back....

"Kitne achey they din,mere bachpan k din,
mere bichron ko muj se mila dey koi,
mera bachpan kisi mol la de koi...."

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Monday, August 16, 2010

A dream came true!

Major General Asfand Yar Patodi, General Officer Commanding presenting souvenir to Master Basit

Master Basit,a 15 year old young boy made the history by becoming a proud soldier of Pakistan Army for one day.The child is Thelessamia patient and it was his utmost desire to serve in the Pakistan Army.
He wrote a letter to Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani through an NGO "Make a wish Foundation". 
Make a wish foundation

Make a wish foundation is an NGO bringing joy,pleasure and happiness to the children with life-threatening medical conditions by granting them their one biggest desire across Pakistan.The NGO is working as a HOPE for such children and their families.

In response to the child's letter,Keen personal interest was shown by the Chief of Army and the directions were given to fulfill the child's greatest desire.

Master Basit spent a full day in Pakistan Army unit on the 63th Independence day of the mother land.
Despite being extremely ill and fragile he put on the uniform and his chest was swollen with pride and honor.Moreover he reported with full patriotic spirits to Punjab Regiment of Malir Cantonment Karachi.He spent his time with officers of his unit where he was warm heartedly welcomed by the Pakistan Army.

We appreciate Pakistan Army and the Chief of Army staff for fulfilling the child's biggest desire.It is an open request from  every one who reads this piece of news to kindly inform every such child and his family about the particular NGO,so that many other children can see their dream coming true.The NGO'S official website can be accessed here .For donations and Zakats click here.
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Saturday, August 14, 2010


Another Independence Day, and another celebration.14th august is a special day in the life of every Pakistani, no matter what is the relation between you and Pakistan but you still party.

63 years back our great ancestors made the history by sacrificing their lives for us and for this beautiful motherland.History is still being made but there is a great difference.Difference which cannot be kept hidden,differences which we have created among ourselves.Are we the one NATION? Do we love Pakistan,the same as we ought to? Are we sacrificing for Pakistan anymore? NO,we are only sacrificing PAKISTAN for our greed,illegal benefits and for the satisfaction of our racial differences!
When I compare my motherland with the other developing states,I get tears into my eyes.Pakistan stays behind than all.But who is responsible for it? Criticizing government always isn't the right thing.We alone can bring a revolution,We alone can make the difference if we are loyal and devoted to Pakistan.Unfortunately, we are deteriorating the roots of the same country who has given us a shelter to hide in.Pakistan needs the same devotion,same love and same spirit of sacrifice which she observed at the time of creation.

Now, we donot think as a Pakistani, we think as a Sindhi,Balochi,Pathan etc.I was extremely shocked when some few days back some body hurled shoes at Mr.President,i started getting texts from the followers of Zardai, like "GEO ZARDARI GEO SINDHU DESH" I call it "Jihalat" only..

Everyday TV bulletins,newspapers and sirens of ambulances give the news of deaths all over the country.They don't know their fault, we don't know too. Not even the murderers know the reason..

Who is responsible?Mr.Zardari or Mr. Respected Geelani? Or David cameron/Obama?No one else is responsible except US, except the common man!Its we who should think logically before voting for anyone, Its us who lack awareness, its us who have become soul less,mind less,heart less! We are sitting idly hand-on-hand, seeing our so called leaders to use Pakistan as a BAIT!

We cant solve our problems until and unless we become one despite of racial,regional or religion differences.Even if you are a non-Muslim, but your heart should be Pakistan.Pakistan needs YOU,Pakistan Needs ME, Pakistan needs true LOVE,Devotion, Faith and UNITY! Pakistan needs Pakistan!

Wish you all the Independence day, i hope next year I'll be proud enough to wish a HAPPY independence day, for which I've no courage right now..I hope that my arms will again get the same strength,and my heart will be powerful enough to once again hold our FLAG and hoist it proudly..  I just hope...

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