Saturday, August 21, 2010

When everything was possible...

While her arms are wrapped around her bent legs,her head resting on her knees and her curly hairs flowing in the cool breeze smoothly.She is swimming in the sea of her childhood memories, thinking about her gone days.

A suppressed but sweet smile can be noticed on her lips when she thinks of running after every other butterfly,and how surprised she would get by seeing the beautiful colors  butterfly would leave on the finger tips of her elder cousin, who was working as a trainer of catching flying butterflies...

She would get crazy by seeing the gas balloons and all those funky bright colors would make her jump all around with happiness and excitement.She misses the time when she would fly kites with her father and how innocently she would ask her dad to tie the thread of balloon in her little finger instead,as she was unable to manage kite flying on her own.
 A tear rolled down from her cheeks to remember that how a perfect shopkeeper she would become,when her mother would return from shopping with 3 to 4 big bags full of new clothes and accessories.She would carefully hang the new frocks at every place,she could manage to reach with her baby-height.Some in the door of fridge,some on the handles of doors, some in the windows and would spread the un stitched ones over the floor.

In her childhood everything was possible.She sometimes would imitate a Tandoor wala,without taking her mom's scolds into any consideration.She would pick up Sofa back round cushions,and would tear newspapers into square shaped pieces to make the "chapatis".Now when the time has gone, it seems the most sweetest thing that how she would make the newspaper wet by first dipping her little hands in a bowl of water and then to the chapatis so that she could stick them on the walls of tandoor just as tandoorchis do.(The underside of the bed would perform the function of tandoor).
She still remembers crawling into the tunnels of cushion and then hunting for the toffees and other little things which her siblings would hide for her in the tunnel game.
 When she grew-up ,her loving father,bought her a new PC. Now she doesn't sew the curtains and bed sheets for her doll anymore.She reads Harry Potter and fancy imagining herself in Hogwarts.She fantasizes the broom sticks,the qudditch games,the robes, the owls, the train and the wands!!

As time passes by,she changes her hobbies and interests.Now she has everything she has ever wished for, she is happy for all Allah has blessed her with, but why her eyes are still dimmed and her cheeks pink with some hidden sorrow?Because.. she knows that she will keep getting new things,she will keep discovering every day molding into another lovely day, but the time, the golden time of her childhood when she cracked the most silly jokes,laughed till her belly aches, and the satisfaction of making everything possible will never come back....

"Kitne achey they din,mere bachpan k din,
mere bichron ko muj se mila dey koi,
mera bachpan kisi mol la de koi...."


Syeda Zehra said...

Ah..Childhood is the real part of my lyf..
I wish I was 2 again and with my mother too...!

ph_the princess said...

I so want to live my childhood once more !
P.S. I like your blogs layout :) hanks for your visit keep visiting !

Hasaan Rafique said...

Very nice post :)

ReeBz said...

Syeda Zehra..
Oh I'm sorry,I guess your mother isn't with you?
But i wonder, how much beautiful she must be, since I got to know that she belonged from Iran, i m feeling a strong desire of seeing her :)

ReeBz said...

ph_the princess

Thanks for liking the layout, i keep bringing changes in it, and thtswhat i love :)
Yes for sure,i will pop back in your blog, as I'm following it now! you too come back again, i would love to have your comments :)

ReeBz said...

Dear Hasaan, thank you :)
your words are always a source of appreciation for meh! :)

filpaki said...

Now i understand that why mom misses her childhood so much.. it seems we all miss the time once it is passed...

hina said...

woww what a beautiful beautifUll post! such lovely photos are explaining the picture of childhood very well!
Nice post!
i think everything can still be possible just you need to have faith and belief..
keep uP the good worK!

Namrah Mahmood said...

A very beautiful post indeed.
True, childhood is the most precious Time in one's life and perhaps it molds the person in you, carving the being you become when u r old.
and i just love that song "Mere Bachpan kay din" :)
But there is one thing that i would like to add. You can always keep that child alive within your soul, and get amused by its tricks and childish habits whenever u r in the mood of doing so. In that way the child never leaves u :)
Thanks for sharing a wonderful post.

Mere Drizzle said...

Aah..! First wud luv to praise ur post, I enjOyed evry bit of it as I ws rejOicing my childhood alOng wd yOu ! nd U knOw, m Unable to stOp a tear dts sLiding dOwn my cheek bt dts jUst a tribUte to my lOvely mEmories from 'bachpan'..

Thankx alOt :)

ReeBz said...

Namrah Mehmood.
Thanks for leaving the comment, i agree with what you said :)

Keep coming, it appreciates :)

smarty said...

What a beautiful collection of equally meaningful photots!em l0vinG it...!!

yaa! childhood is the best time of life, care free and tension free...

ReeBz said...

Mere Drizzle
Thanks lot for coming and visiting my blog again! :)
as far as tear is concerned, er i think it was my success, that my post touched your heart so much that it compelled a tear to be pushed down from your eyes :)

Connie L. Nash said...

I pray and I do believe you will still have much time to enjoy your youth once more and to remember easily your beautiful childhood. So lovely that you do have these memories of gladness and joy and they will help you more than the world's greatest collection of gold all your life and help show you what to do with each difficult moment.

Love, Prayer, Hugs!

Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

Reebz, what is this? A memory of past, a fantasy or a magic!
All people have memories of past, and especially fond memories of childhood, but very few are fortunate enough to recollect and then describe the wonder of childhood as vividly as you have done. Your post is so pleasing and is decorated with marvelous photographs one feels so delighted to scroll down while lovely flowers fall like rain drops amid a very tightly written text with skill and exuberance.

ph_the princess said...

@ ReeBz : I'll keep changing too :P So See here I am just for you my new good friend :) To add you write with simple and good words which I like the most :)*may spring will always be the season of your days* :)


floydian said...

Insightful and marvelously written. Your last two paragraphs are inspirational.

Btw, love the song bachpan kay din by Shehki & Afshan. Cheers.

ReeBz said...

Connie that was a real beautiful prayer :) Thank you!!I too think that one day I'll be remembering my youth once it is passed, but childhood is the real treasure of my memories.. :)The most innocent and the lovely time :)

ReeBz said...

Sir Akhter,
Thank you very very much, for the beautiful selection of words you have done and adds to the beauty of the post! I feel alot encouraged specially by getting your comments and Connie's.Thanks to you both.

This is packed with the three,memory and a magic, now its a fantasy for me, my childhood :)These are just few incidents i could describe in post, there are many other loveliest memories which make me smile now, whenever i feel lonely..

ReeBz said...

ph_the princess
woww, its how sweet to see you again!M really very very happy :) Thank you and thanks for the lovely wish!
It means alot alot to me :)


Thanks for visiting my blog,not to mention leaving comment was a big kindness which deserves a bunch of thanks and gratitude :)

hera k said...

As kids we long for the day when we'll grow up.......when we wont have to be told what to do.....when our decisions will only be our own......when we will be able to live life independently. However now as grown ups you wish things could go back to being that way. When in tough situations there was someone who told you what to do, in times of trial you wish there were people who made the decisions for you and above all you wish the only worry you had was just mere homework!

ReeBz said...

Hera k
Well said =)

Nostalgic said...

Commendable narration. I loved going through the whole post, beautiful collection of photos. Made me reminisce about my good old days :)

..following you now!

ReeBz said...

Thanks nostalgic:)
Keep coming :)

t said...

such a touchy blog m missing my childhood...made me nostalgic

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