Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hats off to Help in a Box!

Flood water sees no boundaries,neither should our generosity.Pakistan has been hit by the worst flood of its history.In this time of need and distress only love,compassion,and devotion with addiction can help us overcoming the terrible effects which the flood has left on us.There are many NGOs and organizations working for the IDPs but I specially would like to appreciate the work done by "HELP IN A BOX"

Help In A Box is a thoughtful initiative taken by Adeel Hashmi and Shahazad Qureshi which was later joined by Jago-The Evolutionary Awakening..Help in a Box is a team of energetic and high-spirited Pakistani youngsters who are trying to collect basic life supplies for the flood effected people of Pakistan. The team's aim is to provide 100,000 boxes to the effected people before Ramadan .Since they get 70 -80 volunteers daily from all walks of life,which increases to 150-200 on the weekends,it seems they are quite successful in the achievement of their goals.

It is a fact that our youth alone can solve many problems of the country.Let the youth be given opportunities to come forward  and to contribute in the development of the country.I salute these bright stars of the country who despite of all their engagements are volunteering themselves in the virtual cause.Click Help in a Box for more information and donation.

In the end i would like to dedicate my own poem to help in a box team.(Though their fruitful efforts deserve much more than just mere a poem)

Hamen shaheen banna hey,
sitaron pay ubherna hey,
naya kuch azm kerna hey,
naya kuch raqm kerna hey,

badalni he,inhi hathon se apne,
chamn ki qsmat,
badalne hen abi mosam,
badlna hey fazao'on ko
banain gay naii tareekh,
sanwaren gay watan apna,

hamen shaheen banna hey,
kamanden daal rakhi hey sitaron per,
chalo ab faisla ker lo,
watan jub b pukarey ga
watan ka sath den gay hum,
na choren gay ise tanha
na hon gay pasheman hum,

watan ka sath den gay hum,watan ka sath den gay hum.


hera k said...

I know I am really impressed by them too. And that people are making efforts to donate to them. As it is there is a weird atmosphere of mistrust and doubt everywhere which refrains people from donating. Everyone wants to donate but just doesnt because they are not sure whether the little that they give will actually reach the affectees. However "Help in a box" is showing concrete efforts so I guess people are donating without worries. We need more of these people!

ph_the princess said...

youth should be trusted and given opportunities to effort for the betterment of the country ..
Appreciating Help In A Box work

filpaki said...

At this time of distress we should just donate as much as we can rather than going into troubles like "whether my money would reach the correct persons or not"
Anyhow good work help in a box team and Jago!
and yes of course you are weldone ReebZ.

smarty said...

I always trust youngsters whenever there is a call f0r d0nati0n!
atleast i don't think anyone in Pakistan trusts the flood relief camps arranged by the govt.

Namrah Mahmood said...

Great job done by the volunteers, and i love your poem. Its so hopeful, motivating and encouraging :)

Connie L. Nash said...

What a great beginning to this post...It's like you to structure your work with great analogies and catchy gripping ways. I want to come back and try to translate the poem. IF there is a US address which may work for any of these groups, I do want to add them to my items I send various places.

Keep up the great work!

hina said...

There are many others who are working for the relief, not only help in a box :)
But indeed a good work and you posses a good grip on your surroundings ReeBz~

hina said...

Love your poem.lovely,beautiful and in rhythm

Hasaan Rafique said...

Yes, indeed. We should all contribute towards the relief efforts for the flood-affected.

If we can't step forward and do something practical, atleast we can contribute generously and help them!

And lastly, that's a very nice poem!

Keep up the good work!

ReeBz said...

Thanks all for sharing your views.
I also donot trust the famous names like fakhre Alam,shahzad roy and other so-called trustees including the govt flood relief campaigns.I trust these youngsters who are like us and from within us!

ReeBz said...

Connie, kindly please elaborate a bit.Do you want a US address at which you and people in US can send donations?If yes, then i think i can arrange one. I'll ask it for you.

I'm not good in translations of poems but I'll try it for you,if possible :)

floydian said...

Yea hats off to them and all those who are helping and assisting the people caught up in the current cataclysm.

"Hamen shaheen banna hey"
Wow! mesmerizing poem and beautifully composed too.

But kash hum pehle insan bana seekh lay :(

ReeBz said...

Thanks for appreciation.

your last line is the voice of every patriot.its true that half of our population is composed of the people who want to blow up all the others and rest are those who just want to get drunk and party.Thatswhy we are a doomed nation..But still there are some hopes left,somewhere hidden in the crowd of corruption,agony,and the riots.We have to pull those hopes out of this heap and have to lead our country by being united!

Mere Drizzle said...

I do appreciate 'Help in a bOx' and evry-one who's sUpporting em,
nd thnx Reebz onCe again for d valUable info (m living quite behind d prEsent tym, I gUess)

"chalo ab faisla ker lo,
watan jub b pukarey ga
watan ka sath den gay hum,
na choren gay ise tanha" Great poem :) WD

--nd itx 'Rain', 4get to add in prEvious cOmments.

Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

Shabash Reebz, beautiful sentiments and beautiful poem.

connie nash said...

Dear, if you'd like to send me an update by Friday or thereafter attached to this particular post, I'd love to feature this on my little blog oneheartforpeace...

Beautiful work again...I want to come back for much more when I get time!

ReeBz said...

HeY Rain thanks for dropping by, i really appreciate it =)Thanks for liking poem as well.why are you living behind the present time :S? you not very much into news etc :S?
Take care of yourself and keep appreciating me by your valuable comments :)

ReeBz said...

Sir Akhter,
thank you so much.I really didnot know that this poem of mine would appeal everyone.But i think its just this that poem is fitting into the current scenario.
Thanks once again.

ReeBz said...

Dear Connie;
InshAllah I'll try my best to update you.

Connie L. Nash said...

To your: Do you want a US address at which you and people in US can send donations? YES! and it will be one of many I'm trying to post and also trying to inspire some fundraising internationally.

YES, I'd love a translation but only when you get the time.

ReeBz said...

That will be great Connie.I'm grateful to you for all your efforts!
Let me contact the concerned persons and then i will let you know very soon InshaAllah!

ReeBz said...

Dear Connie:
Here is the address:
Adjacent Mohatta Palace, Plot # 52, Old Clifton and also contact them online in case you want to donate: and
Remember if you want to send any donation or want others from US then be quick as the camp will be operating till 29th of Ramadan.

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