Sunday, September 5, 2010

Grafitti Art.

Today the child inside me wokeup and compelled me to revive my old memories.I was getting bored, i decided to make a grafiiti. Grafitti making is an art and not all can do it properly including me. I just tried and to my surprise the final form of the grafitti which came was perfect and m loving it.

Its childish but i really loved making it =)

P.S size is quite big which is not properly fitting into my blog :(


Mia Mirza said...

OMG! That was sooo adorable *hugs*

Nostalgic said...

Wow, awesome graffiti. I loved the apples. You're artistic, lady!

Namrah Mahmood said...

so beautiful :)
I liked the flower one more, though the apples were also loving :D
Keep it up ;)

ph_the princess said...

thats so cool and sweet :) *hugs* for you girl :)

ReeBz said...

Aww, thank you all so much =)
Lol i thought all would mock at me by doing such childish worK,but the feedback is so opposite =)

Thank you all for liking my apples :D
Namrah thanks for liking my untidy flower as well :D

Sana Castellano said...

Awwieee goodie! Now I wanna do some grafitti art too =D Love the apples and the pink rose! you draw quite well.
Cute Template!!!

Thinking said...

hmmm......good wrok !

A graffiti a day...keeps the childhood back.

floydian said...

Ingeniously amazing oeuvre.

Connie L. Nash said...

Dear Friend,

What an artist and with such heart! A brave way to help yourself back to health. I've been eating lots of those apples these days as this is the season for them...hmmn...think I'll have another since dawn's a way off...(fasting with my friends...)

Now, if only to have you come help me with my neighborhood very young friends who love to do art...

More soon...take care of yourself.

Mere Drizzle said...

Cool ! I nvr knEw u were artiStic :)

Leviathan said...

Hi Reebz,

Thanks for following my blog. I hope you enjoy everything I have done so far over. Looking forward to hear from you there.

Btw, nice graffiti arts. You can also play around with the html code and change the "width="580" height="370" in the embed src to fit it in your blog space.

filpaki said...

Cute :D D D

ReeBz said...

Thanks for the handy tip. will try it next time for sure :)

Yes i will drop by to your blog soon inshaAllah :)

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