Monday, May 30, 2011

FC College secures first two positions in the int’l competition

Students of Forman Christian College (FCC) won the laurels for Pakistan in an international competition by defeating 139 teams. Two teams of MBA from FCC secured first and second position in the Glo-bus Best-in-strategy invitational championship.
Students from different business schools around the world were invited and participated in the contest. There were 139 teams which were divided into 15 groups. Groups were assigned to design a 15 year business model by taking care of competitive dynamics in the global digital camera industry. These business plans were prepared on the software which was used for the first time by FCC students.
They were judged on the basis of financial and practical dimensions of their projects. Moreover, they were directed to use complex business variables such as:

* Research and development,
* Workforce compensation,
* Production,
* Outsourcing,
* Product-line performance,
* Pricing and
* Finance.

Glo-bus “global business stimulation strategy” is an online game/ exercise built for educating the business students which focuses upon aspects such as Production design, marketing, assembly (for both entry-level and multi-featured), compensation and labor, discount bids, corporate citizenship and finance and cash flow. Glo-bus is now used by several hundred universities of business administration worldwide. It was developed by a team under the guidance of Professor Arthur stick land, Emeritus professor of strategy at the University of Alabama US.
Winning team members were:FC College

* Faisal Pervez,
* Syeda Ataat Zehr
* Hasnain Saqlain

They defeated the teams from National University of Singapore, which is famous for its previous glo-bus expertise and efficiency. The team of Ali Imran, Sohaibul HAq and Azher Moazzam stood second in their industry.

Originally it was written by me for Voice of Pakistan. See here
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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Black magic & sorcery

Today I’m going to write on a topic which is spooky and scary. I have no personal knowledge of it, but observation is the essence and you can acquire any knowledge regarding any topic if you are good at it. Since I’m a social writer I consider it my duty to write on the topic of black magic and sorcery. Black magic is getting common in the world, even in Pakistan. Whenever I discuss it with my friends and acquaintances, I find out that almost all of us suspect one of their “khandaan’s family” to be involved in this sin.
There are many things/symptoms by which you can figure out if you are one of the victims or not. Here I will discuss only those which MOST of the people have suffered from.

1. staring:
In life you will meet with some people who are fond of staring at you without any reason. Such evil people are mostly found in family gatherings. It is the MOST common way of doing magic, I also have confirmed it from net. Such people have bad eye and they can cast spell on any person just by looking. STAY AWAY FROM SUCH PEOPLE. Most often, this is done by “females”. If you find any lady (who is also your relative) staring at you whenever you meet, then I m telling you, stay away from her. I also have seen such a lady. It is her habit to stare at EVERY ONE. She tries to pressurize her victims by staring. Believe me, all would say that her eyes are strange and when once I noticed, I saw that her iris is not of a common sort. It was sort of elongated. These staring females are also fond of squeezing your hand. DONOT let them touch YOU! Check yourself at net, magic is done simply by staring and squeezing. Once I found her staring at meh, I was feeling a lot afraid, yes- if a normal man is staring at you, you will not feel afraid but such people’s glares having evil intentions will give you gooseflesh! I gathered all my courage and stared back at her, right in her eyes by reciting all QULLs and surahs I remembered that time, believe me, she got a jerk in neck and then looked away! Since then I’m sure she is an evil women as EVERYONE says so! ALLAH’s curse upon her and on her offsprings. Ameen.

2.Avoid eating
NEVER eat things at such person’s home who does not eat same with you. Yes, sorcerers will make you eat things. They possibly have mixed something bad in your food which will pave way for them to do magic. One of my friends who were from interior sindh and her father was a religious scholar quoted same issue in detail. I also left eating at that same lady’s home I mentioned above cause of same reason. Keep a check on these fishy people, if they are offering edibles to you or one of your family members separately. Sometimes, these women target male members of your family and will very cunningly bring tea for them separately in such a way that you will not even notice it. I hate those people who don’t take a portion of food from the same bowls they have served for the guests. Once again I’m asking you do not eat if they do not eat with you. No matter what, make them eat or deny openly that you CANNOT eat unless your host shares the same food.

2. If there is someone who is fond of making sweets and desserts for you, be warned! Again follow the same rule, make him eat from the same bowl/plate. I read on internet too, that sweets and desserts help in breaking the auric shield, which makes a person vulnerable. If there is a person in your family whom you suspect for magic, then NEVER eat sweets from his home.

3. NEVER let anyone to lock the doors of your home when they pay a visit to you. They may be probably busy in hiding bad stuff under your mattress or pillows. This is also not uncommon. They excuse that they have headaches, stomach aches and want to rest, so they will ask a room from you and will get permission from you to lock it. Never allow them. Give them a room, ask them to rest but do not let them close the doors. Assure them that they will not be disturbed, so there is no need of closing doors.

4. If you suspect someone in your family, keep an eagle eye on them. These persons try to steal personal things from your home like a clothing, glasses or any thing else. I have heard that any item which directly touches your body is capable of catching strong magic.

5. Do not, use comb or ask for a comb from fishy people. They may get your hairs from it.

6. The easiest thing which you should be doing, if you start suspecting anyone for sorcery. Stop meeting them. Yes immediately cutoff with them, whether they are your blood relatives. Your life and your safety must me your top most preference.


• Do not skip prayers, please. When you skip your prayers, evil spirits can get hold on you easily.
• Keep your thoughts and yourself clean.
• Recite MANZIL daily, at least once. They are different ayats from Quran. You can easily get them in a form of a book from any stationary.
• Keep reciting ayatul kursi, and Qulls when you have to pay a visit to these fishy people. It helps!!
• You are most vulnerable for evil spirits while you are asleep. Therefore, sleep after reading ayatul kursi.

Symptoms if you are a victim:
• Depression
• Sleepless nights
• Blockade of family income.
• Dark complexion and dark circles. (you will easily differentiate if its because of your week health or magic)
• Obesity in some cases.
• Short breath while you sleep and grey smoke when you wakeup.
• A condition similar to sleep paralysis. It’s a state when you feel during your sleep that some body is over you or on your chest, trying to strangle and suffocate you.
• Do not sleep in an open air atmosphere, especially if you are a girl.

Some people donot believe on magic. However, it’s a fact that its true and evil sprits exist. Once our dear holy Prophet also suffered from witchcraft till a year. He suggested reading MANZIL to get yourself protected. We should follow his words, as it is the only BEST option.

Allah ki lanat ho un sub logon per jo dunya ka sukoon berbaad kerna chahte hen. Ameen!
Stay protected!
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Meera- The Hilarious!

Meera the most entertaining star from Lollywood celebrated her 25th birthday on May, 21st 2011. According to Meera, she celebrates her birthday every year with journalists’ community at Lahore Press Club.

The famous star Meera , in whose presence everyone gets a chance to laugh out loud, made her entry in Karachi Press Club almost half of the hour late than expected time. Dressed in cream colored outfit, Meera spent her birthday evening with media in style.

While speaking to the journalists, Meera said, “I would like to thank Aziz Awan and Asif Ali Pota, for remembering my birthday, which although falls on May 12, I was busy shooting certain programmes, recording certain stuff and so I could not travel back to Lahore to celebrate my birthday with my family and friends.” “On May 12, people from various quarters and places of Pakistan wished me, for which I am very thankful to them.” She added.Meera-celebrated-25th-Birthday

Meera, as usual, kept her unique identity maintained and gave various chances to the lucky journalists, for laughing out loud. She uttered “Happy birthday” on her own on which media man could not resist to make crazy laughs. While cutting cake, a lot of journalists present at her birthday started questioning about her age. She remained very careful and did not utter a single word; perhaps she was busy calculating her age. Before she could come up with a “finally-thought and decided age”, someone besides her shouted that Meera has turned 25. “It is her 25th birthday”. This again pushed the journalists in the “laughing-zone” which made Meera nervous and upset for quite some time. Meera however, once again surprised everyone by stating some very sensible words, which are not expected from her. She said, “We need to become serious, we are not serious people, just look at the nation, this non-serious attitude has led us, where? Sadly, Pakistan has become a laughing stock in front of the entire world.”

This made media men silent but wore evil grins on their mouths shortly, which called for Meera’s thrashing again. “I would want a serious attitude from the media, this is a serious business, and we have to give each other respect.” she said.

Sharing some other stuff she said: “I started working when I was hardly nine years old, I believe one is a born artist.” Stating in the same breathe: “Every morning I wake up and learn new things.”Giving other details, she said: “Now, I am planning to make a film called Askar. I am a Pakistani national; I hold a Pakistani nationality and represent my country on those same lines.”

However, in the end of occasion, Meera denied to respond about joining the former President Musharraf’s political party.

She said, “I will not comment on this. I am just here to cut the birthday cake and celebrate my birthday, today. No comments.”
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Incredible Pakistan

Following article by me was printed in the MORE magazine for the month of May,21011

While the inside and outside media stay busy in portraying Pakistan negatively to the whole world, they forget to illuminate the other side of the picture. The other side is comparatively positive and brighter, hence spreading the message of hope among the citizens of Pakistan. Though bombs, suicide attacks, corruption, unemployment and other evils cover most of the space in our news bulletins, there should also be a dedicated portion to enlighten the efforts of our talented youth. Our exuberant youth possess lots of talent, intellectual skills, and great ideas to turn impossible into possible. Despite of instability in Pakistan’s political and economical conditions, our youth have high potential to grow tremendously. Young talent of Pakistan keeps setting world records on international forums and makes the whole nation feel proud at them. Meeting with Arfa karim Randhawa- World’s youngest Microsoft certified professional, Bill Gates exclaimed that he does not know whether or not this young wonder kid was impressed by him, but he was certainly impressed by marvelous intellectual level and skills she possess.

Arfa Karim is a young student from Faisalabad, who at the age of 9, in 2004 became the youngest Microsoft certified professional. In recognition of her smartness, she was invited by Bill gates to visit the Microsoft headquarters in U.S.A which itself is a big honor. Arfa represented Pakistan on many international platforms. She was also invited by the IT professionals of Dubai for a two week stay. After the news was disclosed by foreign media, a competition was at rise in Pakistani TV channels and newspapers. All wanted to give full coverage of Arfa’s accomplishment, which in fact is an achievement for the whole nation, on their channels and newspapers respectively. She is a highly decorated student, one of her age, with many different rewards.
·         In 2005 August, Prime minister of Pakistan of that time presented her “Fatima Jinnah Gold medal” in the field of science and technology.
·         She was also rewarded with “Salaam Pakistan youth award”, in August 2005 by the president of Pakistan.
·         Arfa is the youngest recipient of Pakistan’s highest civil award “Pride of performance”.
Arfa Karim is the young bright star of Pakistan, who despite of all corruptions in Pakistan, grabbed this position and enabled us stand with our heads high. Not only Arfa, but the list goes on. Pakistan has produced incredible talent, rich in education, science, engineering, IT and software development. All we need to do is to focus our talent and help them in growing more. 

Ammar Afzal is another young IT genius from Okara. He secured one more world record for Pakistan by winning first global position in Stanford University England’s (SUE) World Computer Soft ware Course. He surprised the whole world by obtaining 4.99 marks out of 5 in Oracle 10. At the time of setting this record, he was the student of class 9th and aged 15. “Ammar Afzal has earned dignity and honor for the nation by winning the top global position in the contest,” Sahiwal division commissioner Tariq Mehmood Khan said.
·         He was awarded with a cheque of Rs 100,000.
·         British Computer society has also offered him a job of Rs 25 lack per month.
·         He was also offered by US to accept their nationality for himself and his family, but this bold, patriot rejected the offer and vowed to serve Pakistan after completion of his education.
Pakistan is a land of world setters. If full attention is made sure on the government’s part to these growing young buds, then no doubt Pakistan will be no. 1 in every field. Our youth is optimistic and talented. They just need a leadership.  

Babar Iqbal is another legendary student from Dera Ismail Khan who is commonly known as “Genius Cyber Kid”. Making world records for Babar is not something new. At the age of 12, he sets forth world record in the field of computer. He is also one of the youngest Microsoft certified professional and the youngest certified wireless network administrator. He also became youngest certified web professional associate at the age of 10. Recently, at the age of 12, he has made yet another world record in Dubai and is also recognized as Youngest Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist now. Interestingly, the participants of this competition were aged from 20 to 35 years. Babar was the youngest participant, and secured the first position by defeating all others who were double in age to him.
·         President Asif Ali Zardari invited him to the presidency where he was awarded with a cheque of Rs 5 million in recognition of his extraordinary achievements. 

Muhammad Waqar Qureshi is a young student of BCS. He is just 20 but has grabbed three inventions in the field of IT on his credit. He bears a distinctive mind and is always ready to explore. Government should create opportunities where these bright stars of nation could polish their skills even more. His first invention is:
·         Non-touch Interface System
This is basically a glove which has all needed software and hardware applications, attached with a pen. By using this technology, one can be able to operate all his system including typing without even touching PC. This technology can be used as the substitute to our sometimes-annoying-mouse. “This is the first time that a person can interact with the computer through the air without touching anything. If a patient is on bed and he can’t move or walk then he can use his operating system through this device.” says Waqar.
·         Second invention under his belt is “Head Tracking System”. By wearing this device on head, cursor on monitor moves with the movement of head. Unfortunately, this device cannot perform well as it requires “Video goggles”. He could not attach video goggles as they are too expensive for him to afford. After the video goggles are added to this tool, it will be converted into Virtual Reality system as was shown in the Matrix film. It will leave the user with a feeling that he is inside the game, if the device is worn while playing games.
·         Waqar has also invented a system which can easily switch on or off all electrical appliances without any physical movement. It was my personal project, keeping in view my budget and requirements. Presently I’m operating only eight devices, but it can operate a maximum of 250 devices, which is the maximum range of a parallel port.”, says Waqar.
·         These days he is working on another incredible, amazing project known as “Brain Interface system”. This device will be able to convert ones thoughts into occurrence.

Students like Waqar are an asset to the country. It is now our duty to nurture their talent.
In 1986 world saw FIRST ever computer virus created by Farooq Alvi brothers from Lahore. They named it “Brain”. IT was a boot sector virus that wildly spread across the world. However, Pakistani lads are also not lagging behind in the antivirus technology. Hafiz Usman and Imran made the first ever anti-virus of Pakistan which is also registered with the government of Pakistan. It is developed by “Real Soft”- a Pakistani software solutions company. This antivirus is available in market with the name of “Instant virus killer”. It is capable of not only killing the virus, but can also recover the lost data within seconds. Moreover it can fix the reboot issues of Microsoft windows affected by the virus and can give 90% protection against USBs, web and pirated CD viruses. 

Pakistanis are talented and genius in their fields. Be it the armed forces or the scientists, the educationalists or the researchers, the sportsmen or the software developers, we HAVE some of the finest brains in our country. Our people can do anything. What we only need is some motivation and opportunities. There is a shortage of energy all across the country and government finds no appropriate solution than increasing the rates of petroleum products. It should rather appreciate its own students who always lend their services to solve the problems of the country. The students of NED university Karachi created a fuel efficient car at a cost of 0.5 million named UZBAA. “The car is fully locally created and can cover 80 kilometers per litre, it has cold back engine. The body is prepared from fiber glass, whereas its total weight is 125 kg”, says Haris Rehman, leader of the group. The car was made to represent Pakistan in the global competition arranged in Malaysia.

Pakistani students keeps astonishing world with their remarkable achievements in their respective fields. Observing the talent of Pakistan, the cream of our nation is being exported to other countries. They are offered with attractive scholarships, jobs and other opportunities by foreign countries. Unfortunately foreign powers can recognize our hidden rubies, but we keep our eyes closed. These students need our appreciation and ample opportunities. Contradictory to education sector, an average player from the national Pakistani cricket team earns more than 7 to 8 million per year as revealed by Pakistan official stats. They are also awarded with millions of rupees depending on their performance and numbers of fours and sixes per match. Sad, we have funds for sports but nothing for these bright young students of our country. Government needs to rearrange its preferences and should keep education as the top most of its agenda. Moreover, government and NGOs of Pakistan should arrange meetups for tech savvy youth and others, where they will be able to share ideas and develop recommendations, to serve their country in the best possible ways.
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Freedom of speech and expression: A western lobby

When a scholar was asked to define “Freedom of speech and freedom of expression”, he said, “Stretch your arm to full length and where it ends, the limit of your freedom ends”. Freedom of speech is one of the most fundamental rights of every individual. Its existence is necessary for democracy and human dignity. Almost in every country around the world, some degree of “freedom of speech & expression” is practiced. Surprisingly, West alone seems most interested in free speech and appears as the biggest advocate. While free speech is everyone’s right, it should be practiced in limits. Nothing in world has infinite boundaries. Similarly, absolute free speech is just a myth. According to the dictionary of "Oxford University Press"- "Oxford guide to British and American culture", Freedom of speech is:"The right to express any opinion in public. This right became part of American law under the "First Amendment". If the opinions expressed are false or damage a person's reputation, however that person can take legal action under US law. In Britain people are free to express most opinions, but it is against the law to express some ideas, e.g. ideas that aim to cause RACIAL hatred."
Free speech has been adapted dastardly, by west as a tool to defame and target Islam and Muslims. To what they call freedom of speech and expression is nothing but western lobby and terrorism. There are hundreds of examples where Islam has been targeted on the name of free speech. Where in the free speech acts it is allowed to damage some one’s reputation just because of anger and hatred towards him, let alone defaming two billion Muslims of the world? If the absolute freedom of speech is allowed to prevail then world will become a jungle where everyone would be busy in dragging others’ legs. Therefore certain level of censorship should be appreciated. Even CNN and BBC practice self-censor ship, as absolute freedom is neither desirable, nor possible.

Unfortunately, extreme detestation towards Muslim has led the western media to manipulate free speech. As a result, they end up disgracing Islam as a religion and become responsible for hurting the values of Muslims in the every possible way. Western media and activists of free speech keep launching campaigns, to prove their enmity towards Islam in favor of right of free speech. It is just another source of pulling them away from being called a “civilized nation”. Why Muslims are exasperated as a race? Why Islam is defamed as a religion and Hijab as a dress code? Why Islamic architecture- Minarets are being banned for the sake of freedom of expression?
Western lobby setup the stage for freedom of speech back in September 2005, when a Danish newspaper “Jylland-Posten” printed blasphemous cartoons of the revered prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W). After this, a series of campaigns to vex Muslims were launched. Some of them are as follows:

• Geert Wilders, a Dutch Politician clearly demanded a ban on the holy book of Muslims i.e Quraan.
• He also produced a film “Fitna” in 2008, in which he shows Islam as a religion of violence, communism and Nazism.
• In 2010 Molly Norris a Seattle cartoonist repeats the history of 2005 and once again the blasphemous cartoons were drawn as a mockery.
• Molly’s evil cartoon series “south Park” led to a global controversy and outraged 2 billion Muslims of the world. The famous social website “Facebook” was used as platform to send the message of hatred for the Muslims of the entire world. A contest “Draw Muhammad Day” was initiated which caught fame and support of non-believers including Christians, jews, hindus , Sikhs and pagans with the speed of fire.
• Terry Jones, a pastor of Florida came up with an idea of “Burn Quran Day” last year, which as expected got the attention of Islamic antagonists. Some 40,000 copies of Holy Koran were burnt under his leadership.
• Recently, a new bar in the business area of Manhattan, Ne w York, has been opened, named as Apple Mecca which is similar to Kaaba in shape. This Bar will be used for supply of Wine and Drinks.
• Several times, verses from Holy Quran are printed on clothing, beddings and shoes to mock Quran and play with the sentiments of Muslims.
• Asya bibi, a Paksitani Christian passed derogatory comments about holy prophet (P.B.U.H). Though it created an endless debate, Asya bibi immediately caught the attention and support of western lobby.
Islam is a religion of peace .Islamic views towards freedom of speech are in complete contradiction with the views of capitalism. In the capitalist ideology God and religion are kept separated from one’s life affairs. Human beings define how to live their lives free of the constraints of religion which is why freedom of individual, ownership, religion and speech are essential cornerstones of Capitalism. Whereas in Islam, it is Allah who gave the right of speech to people by defining the limits as to what is acceptable and unacceptable. “Whosoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, then let him speak good (khair) or remain silent.”, Says Quraan. History proves that Muslims have always respected other religions and prophets as for them, all prophets are equally respectable. In 2003, a controversial book “Davinci code” by “Dan brown” came onto the scene, in which “Mary Magdalene”- a prostitute was shown as the wife of Jesus (Hazrat Isa) Christ. Later on a film was also produced on the same topic. It blew up Christians, leading to the world wide protests, demanding ban on the publication of book and film. Muslims along with Christians condemned the publication and production of the book and film respectively.
The limits and boundaries for freedom of speech in west need to be re-defined. In every country there are laws to protect religious books and personalities, known as “Blasphemy laws”. In Pakistan, blasphemy laws have been criticized and an amendment is being demanded. Opponents of blasphemy laws in Pakistan claim that these laws are depriving minorities to their right of free speech and freedom of expression. Interestingly, if defaming Islam is freedom of speech to Europe, then why not there are any campaigns in support of “Holocaust”? Geert wilders produced a film against Islam but why did not he choose to produce a film on the inhumane treatment of Israelis towards Palestinians? It shows that freedom of speech is nothing but a western lobby, which does not allow Muslims to practice right of free speech and expression.

The debate of free speech leaves us with following questions:
• Why do not international media speak up against the cruel behavior of Americans with the prisoners of Guantanamo bay?
• Why no steps have been taken yet to bring Afia back to Pakistan?
• Why minarets have been banned in western countries?
• Why a Muslim lady shaheeda-tul-Hijab (title) was murdered in a court, as she spoke in the favor of Hijab?
• Why in US Muslims are forced to get bodily screened?
Freedom of speech does not mean degrading others. It is a right to express one’s views, but by being in social constraints. You are free to express yourself but there is no margin for offending any person, race, or any ethnic group in the laws. Scholars of the entire world should join hands despite of the differences in their religions or cast and should make joint efforts to mark, the clear boundaries of right of freedom of speech and expression. These laws and rights should be used to spread love in the world, not hatred.

This Article by me was published in MORE MAY magazine,2011
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Pakistan's weak cyber force

Following article appeared in MAY,2011 MORE magazine:

There is a famous saying,"The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts." Besides primary education which is considered “basic” right of every child, there are some other elements as well, in whose absence even the primary education would be insufficient to bring any change. World is becoming a global village, being bombarded with new inventions and modern technologies. If one has to keep his identity and integrity intact, he must get his nation equipped with the modern education. Unfortunately in this “Digital Era”, where the rest of world is moving steps further towards modern scientific and technical education, we are still cursing our Primary Education system, which doesn’t let us stand with our heads high on the international platform.
We are in 21st century which is known as “Digital Era”, therefore producing enough IT literates is the need of time .Not having IT skills will soon be as serious as not being able to read. Lord Mitchell, chairman of an international IT service provider put it into words like this, “We live in a very flat and accessible world so we have to ensure that our kids are prepared with the skills they need for 21st century. There are few jobs that don’t require any IT so people without these skills will become increasingly disadvantaged”. Pakistan, on the other hand has failed to produce enough IT literates. BOI (Board of Investment Pakistan) brings about very alarming statistical data. Pakistan is a country consisting of 63% youth of the total population (under 25years) with above 20 million internet users, but posses only 3,125 technical and vocational centers.  It is obvious, that government of Pakistan has failed to develop ground for IT education despite of the impressive IT policies. There is a need of creating enough opportunities that could meet the current needs.
It is even more saddening that we could not keep the status of dignity which our forefathers had achieved after struggling hard. Muslims ruled the world over 1000 years by proving their mettle to world. Spain and Baghdad were considered the centre of Education and Literature in the Muslim era.  As now, everyone seeks admission in western universities like Oxford and Harvard, there was a time when we were leading the world with our educational institutions. Al-Azher University Cairo, Egypt is an evidence that speaks for itself. This University was built in 970 AD and was the centre of Islamic learning. During the reign of Izz al-Din Aydmer , al-Azher became the highest ranking institution of Islamic learning in the whole world. For over a thousand years Al-Azher has produced thousands of eminent scholars and educationists who worked for preserving Islamic heritage and identity. In the late 19th century some modern obligatory subjects were also introduced in the university.
Not only in the field of religious learning but Muslims also paved the way for the basic concept of engineering. The world’s first robot was also invented by a Muslim in 11th century. That robot could sing songs, play music and beat drums for the audience. This proves that Muslims had a rich religious, educational and modern culture. In every field whether science or arts, it would be Muslims winning the laurels. Muslims were the first to bless the world with the basic concepts in the field of physics, algebra, chemistry etc. On these pillars, foundation of the modern world was laid. Unfortunately, as we started moving away from our pre-destined path, we lost our much- struggled identity.
Contrary to the past, Muslims are the most oppressed class now. If, we have to snatch back our identity then we will have to dress up ourselves with modern tools of education. History proves that unless we make education affordable and in everyone’s reach we cannot achieve our targets. Pakistan’s existence on the map of world is a solid example. When in the sub-continent Muslims were lagging behind due to illiteracy, Sir Syed Ahmed khan stood up and took the responsibility of creating education awareness among the masses of Muslims. Same is to be done now; we have plans but no implications. We form policies but fail to create their followers.
In this challenging world, Pakistan needs to pay most of its attention to IT sector. Government should:
·         Launch programs for IT training and IT education across the country, without differentiating in rural and urban areas.
·          Ensure the cheap availability of computer sets with internet connection for students.
·          Launch schemes and educate youth for the constructive use of ICT.
·          Inter connect all the universities, engineering and medical colleges, and other higher educational institutes for improved quality of education.
·          Inter connect all the government institutes and departments.
·         Establish virtual classrooms that would assist use of audio/visual aids- internet and video facilities to students.
·         Establish a computerized system of data collection and processing in hospitals, public care centers, police stations and other government departments.
·         Develop computer literacy programs, offering registered and recognized degrees to the students. This would be a step above to the unrecognized small computer centers established in every nook and corner of the country, which are offering excellence only in small courses like MS Word, Excel etc.
·         Make Investments in IT training.
·         Establish technology parks for both software and hardware industry.
Instead of paying immediate concern to these very severe needs, we find our government spending millions in “Danish School Projects”. Government primary preference should be a focus on the performance of existing schools with an increased attention on IT education. Punjab government has though launched “Punjab IT Labs project” with an estimated amount of Rs.5 billion but this project is also unable to provide expected results as we lack the vision required. Providing labs, only with the infrastructure is not the total solution. These labs must have skilled IT literate personnel, who would deliver lectures, train students and make the most of the given equipments. Contradictorily, these labs have old-fashioned teachers/trainers who themselves need to be trained first.  They cannot understand the essence of IT, therefore are unable to deliver purposeful information. Moreover, these teachers are allegedly found in taking Rs 50 to 100 per student as an entry fees in the IT labs.

As Pakistan is unable to produce enough IT literates, Pakistan is losing its strength on the cyber front. There may be a strong cyber army who possess the abilities of attacking and counter-attacking, who can penetrate deep into the system of enemies, but these professionals are too limited to be mentioned.  Rather than war in the battle fields with bomb and missiles, we need to educate our population with modern education, giving most of the importance to IT education. In order to hoist our flag on the map of world, we need to win the war of economy which can be achieved only by establishing more and more technology parks, by encouraging the growth of software and hardware products, and by supporting the export of these products. Government should allocate enough IT funds to turn the 63% of our raw youth into a strong cyber force. Otherwise, instead of moving forward we will be taking a reverse gear in near future!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Q55 She phone!

Qmobile launched its cell phones in Pakistan last year and just within a year it became a leading selling brands in Pakistani handset industry. Website of Q mobile says, “almost 500,000 units were sold out last year”. There are 11 models of Q mobile available, co-branded with companies like Yamaha Wolfson and Swarovski Crystals. The unique features of Q mobiles are their stylish look and feel, QWERTY keypad, touch phones, social networking and affordability.
Impressed from the TVC of Qmobile, I decided to buy She phone. The reason I was impressed because they (Q Mobile) selected a hi-profile model “Eman Ali” for the commercial, which puts most of the customers in confusion that the phone will be something really good. It is beautiful no doubt, but beauty is not enough to fulfill all the needs. There must be good software inside (OS) to take care of all you want from a mobile phone.iman ali q55 she mobile 300x200 Q55 She phone review, not the best mobilephone

* Company claims one touch launch of Facebook, Skype, Yahoo, hotmail and E-buddy messengers with easy Google search, Google talk Operamini and twitter.
* Supports dual SIMs
* 2.0 mega pixels camera
* Full QWERTY keypad
* 2.4″ QVGA LCD (240 x 320 Resolution)
* FM Radio / FM Recording
* Bluetooth / EDGE / GPRS / WAP 2.0 / MMS
* Internal Memory 20MB
* External Memory (Support Up to 16 GB)
* According to the company it can run Java applications as well.

However, it is important to note that all that glitters is not gold. There are several flaws in Q55, that one, if knew earlier, would never have bought it. What I experienced is mentioned below

* Q55 allows one touch Facebook launch, true. But it is not the headache of the company, whether or not you are able to USE Facebook as well. Company promises for one-touch LAUNCH only!
* You need to launch Facebook, every time you want to log into it. However, it will never log you in. Login at Facebook in Q-55 always fails.
* She phone’s Google search engine facility is also another garbage. It will load you a page with non-supported script (boxes only) every time. In order to keep continuing your work, there will be a microscopic text for “Google English” which you need to click on.
* Finally, you can use Facebook after so many hurdles by making a search in Google search engine (English version). This is a handset about which company claims EASIEST social networking!
* Bookmarks also do not work. The purpose of bookmark is to save your time by loading up the desired page quickly. Sadly, it will only load you a page of non-supported scripts. User is required to repeat all the cycle every time. a) Launch Google search engine. b) Select Google English c) Open your desired page d) Go for page’s English version to fulfill your needs, otherwise again you will be left with a page of non-supported scripts.
* Moreover, Internet speed is as slow as turtle. She phone shows a lot of problems in picking up the GPRS settings. There is no auto-configuration.
* There is no facility of Zoom for pictures. Only camera album pictures which go in “Image viewer” can be zoomed in and zoomed out.
* For the rest of the pictures, there is no facility of easy viewing. You need to press back button and select every picture INDIVIDUALLY to view it.
* Another mega flaw is in the SMS application. It does not tell you about the SMS length. You will never know that the SMS you are going to send is equal to how many messages.
* There are no short keys for turning the phone silent. You need to select a separate “user-profile” if you want to turn your phone on silent mode.
* With all these flaws regarding internet facilities, if you still dare to send an email via She phone, you will have to suffer from great disappointment, that you cannot type more than 120 words in the email.
* However, IM works quite well on Q55.
* It supports java dictionaries, but with a mess. Q55 has QWERTY keypad, while in dictionary it supports only numeric keys for searching a word.
* You cannot mark, unmark all messages and photos for deleting or moving them into another folder, respectively.
* To many users, change in RINGTONE can be the biggest problem ever. Does not matter, how hard you try, ringtone will not change. Though it shows that it has been, but when the phone rings, it will play the “default ringtone” only.
* If one still wants to change the ringtone, then first your stamina will be tested! Yes, you can change it. Go in your phone book and assign your desired ringtone to all your contacts. Only this way you can get rid of the default ringtone. However, this trick it is limited to the “known numbers” only.
* What worse? The phone does not have its own music, ringtone or wall papers library at all. Even no themes are available.

Q55 She phone launch price was Rs 9,000 but now, the new company rates are Rs 6,999. At some shops, after a bit of negotiation you can get it for Rs 6,600 or 6,700 as well. After these many listed flaws, you will be compelled to confess “All that glitters isn’t gold”! Do not compromise on quality just because of its cheap rates. Sooner or later, you will have to get another phone for yourself!

It is worth mentioning that all the series of Qmobile is a copied version of India’s Micromax phones. It is available by the name of Q55 bling in India. Both phones are replicas of each other. Indian users have also quoted the above mentioned problems in micromax bling. I think all the handsets are made by one supplier, who is bombarding in Pakistani and Indian mobile phone industry with Q55 she phone and Q55 Bling respectively. Had one of them been a patent product of any specific company, then it would have sued the other company for infringement. It seems Q series is a china mobile series, which has assigned brands to them with one year warranty to increase its sales. If the series is a real product, then management of Q mobile should add software in it as per the needs of Pakistani market.

Read at apnaTime

Someone has replicated my review at his website here. Kindly report~
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Monday, May 9, 2011

Best gift of Mothers day!

I cannot express my feelings and emotions in words, though I wish I could. Yesterday was one of the most important days of my life and yes the happiest moment for my mom as well. I alhamdullilah , secured second position in “Karachi University” department of “Media Sciences and communication” for year 2010/12

Earlier I stood third in Karachi board of Intermediate, but the circle of happiness in which I’m flowing right now is 100 times more than the old one. I believe, if you are loyal to yourself, your parents and your loved ones, then none of your efforts go waste. Give your best to your task, struggle hard, leave all on Allah with full faith in him. And yes, stay LOYAL- that’s the key to success, that’s what I have experienced.

Those who cheat can never come forward, believe me I have observed it myself especially in these two years of uni life:) Cheating and forgery can though give us temporary happiness and temporary status, but once it is over, we FALL down, destroying the entire fake image of our personalities. Allah is keeping a sharp eye on us. Believe it, that if you call HIM for help, He will not leave you alone. Victory is for the “Believers”!

I don’t think I could have pleased my mom more than I have pleased her now, on this “mother’s day”. This all became possible due to her prayers of course.

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War against terrot-where Pakistan stands?

Osama has died million times and once again he dies. The best part is that he died in Paistan.Srange, he was hidden in Abbotaabad, which may be considered as the “Head quarter” of American intelligence agency “Black water”. We all know that black water is a lot active in Pakistan, especially in the areas surrounding capital.

Some years ago or so, when we were pushed in war against terror I wasn’t as mentally mature I’m now but still I felt that we are not doing something good by providing our land to America for attacks on Afghanistan. I agree that Afghanis are not our friends at all. I never appreciate Zia’s policy of welcoming Afghanis open heartedly in Pakistan. It’s our country and only we deserve to live in it. Our forefathers shed their blood and sacrificed their lives for us, not for them. Pakistan is heading towards destruction. In my opinion more than parliamentarians, more than PM and President, only citizens of Pakistan have rights to decide about the future of their country. Why the hell on first place Afghanis were allowed to migrate to Pakistan? Whoever came into government just worked on fillingin his pockets? Zia did jihad or whatever but he was a pro-American. He also fought a war of America. Now too some years back we were pushed in “War against terror” only to get “LOVE” from America. Government of Pakistan spent billion of dollars in this war, did operations in its own country, and took the lives of many innocent people, just to get so-called aid from America. Our government is “Murderer”, PM zardari, geelani, Kyani and Pervez Musharraf are all culprits, may be agents of America. Before this war against terror, there were no as such suicide bombers, no Taliban’s and no terrorist activities. This was all the out-growth of America’s evil nature. I remember when America asked Pakistan to be its Patron for war against terror all were afraid that if Pakistan did not agree to the terms and conditions of America then we will be sent to Stone Age. Well where are we standing now? Is it something different from Stone Age? Even after spending billions on this war we are still in danger, even in more critical and life-threatening dangers. Pakistan is no more a sovereign state. Curse on the entire coward Army of Pakistan. Shame on the “Army of Pakistan”, General Kiyani should be ashamed of himself. Such a coward chief of army staff I have never seen in my life. In my opinion there is no need of nurturing the white elephant of Pakistan Army when they are unable to protect Pakistan. More than 70% of country’s budget is spent on the army of 7lack cowards. But what are we getting in return?

Raymond Davis in the context of current event:

We all believe that Raymond was a hi-status American agent whom our stupid government released without even taking us in confidence. Raymond deserved “DEATH” or at least we should have made a deal to bring Afia back. I don’t know if there is a single person loyal to Pakistan in our government or opposition. America once imprisoned one of Nigerian minister for 21 years as he was involved in the accident of a US citizen. In the light of this Raymond Davis should be hanged to death right after the case was registered against him.
We released him with those thousands of pictures he took during his stay in Pakistan. I DONOT BELIEVE THAT THERE WAS ANY USAMA IN ABBOTTABAD. The changing and still developing American statements can prove it.
At first we heard that:
• Usama had no weapons.
• There were no telephonic or mobile usage in that compound, therefore American intelligence started suspecting that Osama is inside this compound.
Later on, the next day we heard different contradictory statements from US officials:
• According to them they killed usama, though they wanted to arrest him alive. But as Osama had powerful weapons, they were not left with any other option than killing him.
• Forces recovered hundreds of laptops and mobile phone devices.
• Thirdly, they claim that Osama did not keep Relations with any of the neighbors, then why was he interested in inviting children to him by awarding them RS 50 per ball? If this world be the case, then Osama would never love to interact with the street kids!
See, yourself and judge.

Secondly OSAMA was the most wanted TERRORIST of the world, and all the NATO forces wanted his death. I just can’t understand that why his dead body was buried at sea when the entire world was hunting for him? At least they should have celebrated their victory in front media. Were they so much afraid of his dead body even, that they wanted to get rid of him immediately?

I personally believe that this raid on Osama is just a fraud by Obama as elections are approaching. So, all the US presidents use Osama to win elections, that’s why pity Osama keeps dying again and again. What a magic!! Strangely enough, the weird and fishy construction of that compound, seriously ring the bells. In my opinion either it was built for backwater agents or there was some important documents hidden by Pakistan army or government which US army wanted to occupy. Most probably, atomic program of Pakistan isn’t safe anymore. This compound could also be one of the Raymond Davis’s camera’s special? What do you think?

We as a nation, demand resignation from President, PM and Chief-of-Army staff! Protect Pakistan or be off! Be a pet dog of America yourself! But we will not let you USE us!

P.S: General kiyani and Shuja Pasha-Head of ISI have got three and one year extension respectively. Don’t you think this all was preplanned? And govt of Pakistan was equally involved in it? They were assigned to assist US forces, so they were awarded with a prior extension!

P.P.S: I m sorry dear readers, weekends are always so busy, as I had more important works and more important posts for my blog this weekend, I couldn’t form “the interview “ as I promised. InshaAllah I will not make you people wait long. Kindly do me a favor and help me bringing those people to me, who took part on creation of Pakistan. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

NUST inroduces cheap Biodiesel alternate energy

Students of National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) have produced low-priced bio-fuel, made from Jatropha plant. NUST is one of the top 350 universities of the world and is among Pakistan’s leading universities. The price to make one liter of biodiesel is just Rs 25 which is extremely cheaper than the current crude rates. Last year, cabinet committee drafted regulations to encourage bio-diesel production and cut the energy bills. Our oil imports are expected to reach 6.5 billion dollars by the end of this year.

NUST NUST inroduces cheap Biodiesel alternate energyHowever, if Pakistan assures that 10% of total furnace oil and diesel consumed is mixed with biomass energy crops, then we could cut import expenditure by as much as $ 1 billion. Ex-Federal Minister for Science &; Technology Senator Mohammad Azam Khan Swati had said, “This provision is going to limit the greenhouse gas emission from vehicles. It will also assure more reliable and secure sources of energy, as the level of fuel produced from crops are expected to double by 2015”.
The idea of “Fast track bio-diesel production process” was presented by School of Chemical and Materials Engineering- A school of NUST. Seeds are obtained from Jatropha plants which are processed further to get bio-diesel.

* Jatropha Carcus is an oil bearing tree, which can be cultivated easily in semi- arid regions of marginal soils. Sind, Baluchistan, many areas of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwah and Punjab are ideal places for its cultivation. It can also be cultivated as a hedge around fields or on already used lands.
* If Jatropha is planted in hedges it can produce 0.8 kg to 1.0 kg seeds per meter of live fence.
* Jatropha takes 4 to 5 years to mature fully. If rain fed, these plants can produce 0.35 to 0.375 gallon of oil per tree or 375 gallons per hectare or 150 gallons per acre. Whereas if irrigated with 3 to 5 liters per plant every 15 days, it can double the amount.
* One acre of Jatropha plant is sufficient to make 2000 liters of biodiesel.
* The biodiesel is clean burning and the process inherently removes a lot of impurities.

Currently, Philippines and Brazilians are using oil made from Jatropha seeds, where it grows naturally. NUST has also maintained a model farm consists of 15acre of Jatropha cultivation. Half a million trees have already been planted. Also some 4-5 million plants will be planted this year. Moreover, most of the generators and vehicles are also running on bio-diesel fuel in NUST with no issues at all.
If government supports this project, and shows honest concern in the field, then Pakistan can cut down heavy expenditures of Oil import. Moreover people of Pakistan will also observe a noticeable decrease in inflation.

Originally it was written by me for ApnaTime.See here
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