Saturday, May 28, 2011

Black magic & sorcery

Today I’m going to write on a topic which is spooky and scary. I have no personal knowledge of it, but observation is the essence and you can acquire any knowledge regarding any topic if you are good at it. Since I’m a social writer I consider it my duty to write on the topic of black magic and sorcery. Black magic is getting common in the world, even in Pakistan. Whenever I discuss it with my friends and acquaintances, I find out that almost all of us suspect one of their “khandaan’s family” to be involved in this sin.
There are many things/symptoms by which you can figure out if you are one of the victims or not. Here I will discuss only those which MOST of the people have suffered from.

1. staring:
In life you will meet with some people who are fond of staring at you without any reason. Such evil people are mostly found in family gatherings. It is the MOST common way of doing magic, I also have confirmed it from net. Such people have bad eye and they can cast spell on any person just by looking. STAY AWAY FROM SUCH PEOPLE. Most often, this is done by “females”. If you find any lady (who is also your relative) staring at you whenever you meet, then I m telling you, stay away from her. I also have seen such a lady. It is her habit to stare at EVERY ONE. She tries to pressurize her victims by staring. Believe me, all would say that her eyes are strange and when once I noticed, I saw that her iris is not of a common sort. It was sort of elongated. These staring females are also fond of squeezing your hand. DONOT let them touch YOU! Check yourself at net, magic is done simply by staring and squeezing. Once I found her staring at meh, I was feeling a lot afraid, yes- if a normal man is staring at you, you will not feel afraid but such people’s glares having evil intentions will give you gooseflesh! I gathered all my courage and stared back at her, right in her eyes by reciting all QULLs and surahs I remembered that time, believe me, she got a jerk in neck and then looked away! Since then I’m sure she is an evil women as EVERYONE says so! ALLAH’s curse upon her and on her offsprings. Ameen.

2.Avoid eating
NEVER eat things at such person’s home who does not eat same with you. Yes, sorcerers will make you eat things. They possibly have mixed something bad in your food which will pave way for them to do magic. One of my friends who were from interior sindh and her father was a religious scholar quoted same issue in detail. I also left eating at that same lady’s home I mentioned above cause of same reason. Keep a check on these fishy people, if they are offering edibles to you or one of your family members separately. Sometimes, these women target male members of your family and will very cunningly bring tea for them separately in such a way that you will not even notice it. I hate those people who don’t take a portion of food from the same bowls they have served for the guests. Once again I’m asking you do not eat if they do not eat with you. No matter what, make them eat or deny openly that you CANNOT eat unless your host shares the same food.

2. If there is someone who is fond of making sweets and desserts for you, be warned! Again follow the same rule, make him eat from the same bowl/plate. I read on internet too, that sweets and desserts help in breaking the auric shield, which makes a person vulnerable. If there is a person in your family whom you suspect for magic, then NEVER eat sweets from his home.

3. NEVER let anyone to lock the doors of your home when they pay a visit to you. They may be probably busy in hiding bad stuff under your mattress or pillows. This is also not uncommon. They excuse that they have headaches, stomach aches and want to rest, so they will ask a room from you and will get permission from you to lock it. Never allow them. Give them a room, ask them to rest but do not let them close the doors. Assure them that they will not be disturbed, so there is no need of closing doors.

4. If you suspect someone in your family, keep an eagle eye on them. These persons try to steal personal things from your home like a clothing, glasses or any thing else. I have heard that any item which directly touches your body is capable of catching strong magic.

5. Do not, use comb or ask for a comb from fishy people. They may get your hairs from it.

6. The easiest thing which you should be doing, if you start suspecting anyone for sorcery. Stop meeting them. Yes immediately cutoff with them, whether they are your blood relatives. Your life and your safety must me your top most preference.


• Do not skip prayers, please. When you skip your prayers, evil spirits can get hold on you easily.
• Keep your thoughts and yourself clean.
• Recite MANZIL daily, at least once. They are different ayats from Quran. You can easily get them in a form of a book from any stationary.
• Keep reciting ayatul kursi, and Qulls when you have to pay a visit to these fishy people. It helps!!
• You are most vulnerable for evil spirits while you are asleep. Therefore, sleep after reading ayatul kursi.

Symptoms if you are a victim:
• Depression
• Sleepless nights
• Blockade of family income.
• Dark complexion and dark circles. (you will easily differentiate if its because of your week health or magic)
• Obesity in some cases.
• Short breath while you sleep and grey smoke when you wakeup.
• A condition similar to sleep paralysis. It’s a state when you feel during your sleep that some body is over you or on your chest, trying to strangle and suffocate you.
• Do not sleep in an open air atmosphere, especially if you are a girl.

Some people donot believe on magic. However, it’s a fact that its true and evil sprits exist. Once our dear holy Prophet also suffered from witchcraft till a year. He suggested reading MANZIL to get yourself protected. We should follow his words, as it is the only BEST option.

Allah ki lanat ho un sub logon per jo dunya ka sukoon berbaad kerna chahte hen. Ameen!
Stay protected!


Hamza Bin Ladin said...

WOW.Scary stuff.

Jennie said...

Wow Reebz, you're a smart girl, this is not what I like to read from someone with your talents.
Black magic, like every other magic, does NOT exist.
Staring?! Funny eyes?! Seriously? You've never heard of birth defects of the eye? You've never met any one who was socially awkward? Maybe your family member stares at you because you're pretty. Or because they were thinking hard about something and didn't notice that their gaze had stayed on you for too long to be polite.

Dangerous hand squeezing?! Have you never met anyone with whose muscle control is slipping? Either through old age or illness or injury? It's a common enough affliction, definitely not magic.

There are rational explanations for these weird behaviors, and a few minutes of critical thinking bring them to light easily.

Further more, statements like, "it’s a fact that its true and evil sprits exist." Are not good writing. The word "FACT" means that you have proven, repeatable, measurable tests that can point to the existence of the thing you are claiming. There is NO such proof of magic, which makes it NOT a fact. It's a myth.

Try some critical and logical thinking next time, and rely less on unsubstantiated internet claims. You'll end up with a written piece that's much more solid and much closer to the truth.

If you are going to insist on the crazy internet sources, it's considered good writing form to link back to that source so that your audience can read what you found. A benefit to that is that the ensuing discussion can revolve around the same pieces of information.

I don't mean to attack you, I'm just trying to point out that writing like this is less than what I know you're capable of.

ReeBz said...

Jennie everyone has/her own believes. As a Muslim we believe it exists. Our Allah has told us ways to stay prevented from it. for us, this simply proves that black magic exists, so i really do not need to proof an already proved thing :)

I made this post not to prove or disprove anything, but to create awareness. Secondly, this post solely aimed at Muslims and at Pakistanis on a secondary level who belong from the same culture i do. You will never understand it, so just let it go.

Thanks for sharing your views :)

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