Monday, May 9, 2011

Best gift of Mothers day!

I cannot express my feelings and emotions in words, though I wish I could. Yesterday was one of the most important days of my life and yes the happiest moment for my mom as well. I alhamdullilah , secured second position in “Karachi University” department of “Media Sciences and communication” for year 2010/12

Earlier I stood third in Karachi board of Intermediate, but the circle of happiness in which I’m flowing right now is 100 times more than the old one. I believe, if you are loyal to yourself, your parents and your loved ones, then none of your efforts go waste. Give your best to your task, struggle hard, leave all on Allah with full faith in him. And yes, stay LOYAL- that’s the key to success, that’s what I have experienced.

Those who cheat can never come forward, believe me I have observed it myself especially in these two years of uni life:) Cheating and forgery can though give us temporary happiness and temporary status, but once it is over, we FALL down, destroying the entire fake image of our personalities. Allah is keeping a sharp eye on us. Believe it, that if you call HIM for help, He will not leave you alone. Victory is for the “Believers”!

I don’t think I could have pleased my mom more than I have pleased her now, on this “mother’s day”. This all became possible due to her prayers of course.



Muhammad said...

Great! Congratulations ! so you're in third year now ?

And yea pray for me too !

ReeBz said...

Thanks. No I have completed my studies. I got this position in Masters!:) I/m no more a uni student!

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