Monday, May 9, 2011

War against terrot-where Pakistan stands?

Osama has died million times and once again he dies. The best part is that he died in Paistan.Srange, he was hidden in Abbotaabad, which may be considered as the “Head quarter” of American intelligence agency “Black water”. We all know that black water is a lot active in Pakistan, especially in the areas surrounding capital.

Some years ago or so, when we were pushed in war against terror I wasn’t as mentally mature I’m now but still I felt that we are not doing something good by providing our land to America for attacks on Afghanistan. I agree that Afghanis are not our friends at all. I never appreciate Zia’s policy of welcoming Afghanis open heartedly in Pakistan. It’s our country and only we deserve to live in it. Our forefathers shed their blood and sacrificed their lives for us, not for them. Pakistan is heading towards destruction. In my opinion more than parliamentarians, more than PM and President, only citizens of Pakistan have rights to decide about the future of their country. Why the hell on first place Afghanis were allowed to migrate to Pakistan? Whoever came into government just worked on fillingin his pockets? Zia did jihad or whatever but he was a pro-American. He also fought a war of America. Now too some years back we were pushed in “War against terror” only to get “LOVE” from America. Government of Pakistan spent billion of dollars in this war, did operations in its own country, and took the lives of many innocent people, just to get so-called aid from America. Our government is “Murderer”, PM zardari, geelani, Kyani and Pervez Musharraf are all culprits, may be agents of America. Before this war against terror, there were no as such suicide bombers, no Taliban’s and no terrorist activities. This was all the out-growth of America’s evil nature. I remember when America asked Pakistan to be its Patron for war against terror all were afraid that if Pakistan did not agree to the terms and conditions of America then we will be sent to Stone Age. Well where are we standing now? Is it something different from Stone Age? Even after spending billions on this war we are still in danger, even in more critical and life-threatening dangers. Pakistan is no more a sovereign state. Curse on the entire coward Army of Pakistan. Shame on the “Army of Pakistan”, General Kiyani should be ashamed of himself. Such a coward chief of army staff I have never seen in my life. In my opinion there is no need of nurturing the white elephant of Pakistan Army when they are unable to protect Pakistan. More than 70% of country’s budget is spent on the army of 7lack cowards. But what are we getting in return?

Raymond Davis in the context of current event:

We all believe that Raymond was a hi-status American agent whom our stupid government released without even taking us in confidence. Raymond deserved “DEATH” or at least we should have made a deal to bring Afia back. I don’t know if there is a single person loyal to Pakistan in our government or opposition. America once imprisoned one of Nigerian minister for 21 years as he was involved in the accident of a US citizen. In the light of this Raymond Davis should be hanged to death right after the case was registered against him.
We released him with those thousands of pictures he took during his stay in Pakistan. I DONOT BELIEVE THAT THERE WAS ANY USAMA IN ABBOTTABAD. The changing and still developing American statements can prove it.
At first we heard that:
• Usama had no weapons.
• There were no telephonic or mobile usage in that compound, therefore American intelligence started suspecting that Osama is inside this compound.
Later on, the next day we heard different contradictory statements from US officials:
• According to them they killed usama, though they wanted to arrest him alive. But as Osama had powerful weapons, they were not left with any other option than killing him.
• Forces recovered hundreds of laptops and mobile phone devices.
• Thirdly, they claim that Osama did not keep Relations with any of the neighbors, then why was he interested in inviting children to him by awarding them RS 50 per ball? If this world be the case, then Osama would never love to interact with the street kids!
See, yourself and judge.

Secondly OSAMA was the most wanted TERRORIST of the world, and all the NATO forces wanted his death. I just can’t understand that why his dead body was buried at sea when the entire world was hunting for him? At least they should have celebrated their victory in front media. Were they so much afraid of his dead body even, that they wanted to get rid of him immediately?

I personally believe that this raid on Osama is just a fraud by Obama as elections are approaching. So, all the US presidents use Osama to win elections, that’s why pity Osama keeps dying again and again. What a magic!! Strangely enough, the weird and fishy construction of that compound, seriously ring the bells. In my opinion either it was built for backwater agents or there was some important documents hidden by Pakistan army or government which US army wanted to occupy. Most probably, atomic program of Pakistan isn’t safe anymore. This compound could also be one of the Raymond Davis’s camera’s special? What do you think?

We as a nation, demand resignation from President, PM and Chief-of-Army staff! Protect Pakistan or be off! Be a pet dog of America yourself! But we will not let you USE us!

P.S: General kiyani and Shuja Pasha-Head of ISI have got three and one year extension respectively. Don’t you think this all was preplanned? And govt of Pakistan was equally involved in it? They were assigned to assist US forces, so they were awarded with a prior extension!

P.P.S: I m sorry dear readers, weekends are always so busy, as I had more important works and more important posts for my blog this weekend, I couldn’t form “the interview “ as I promised. InshaAllah I will not make you people wait long. Kindly do me a favor and help me bringing those people to me, who took part on creation of Pakistan. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


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