Thursday, May 26, 2011

Meera- The Hilarious!

Meera the most entertaining star from Lollywood celebrated her 25th birthday on May, 21st 2011. According to Meera, she celebrates her birthday every year with journalists’ community at Lahore Press Club.

The famous star Meera , in whose presence everyone gets a chance to laugh out loud, made her entry in Karachi Press Club almost half of the hour late than expected time. Dressed in cream colored outfit, Meera spent her birthday evening with media in style.

While speaking to the journalists, Meera said, “I would like to thank Aziz Awan and Asif Ali Pota, for remembering my birthday, which although falls on May 12, I was busy shooting certain programmes, recording certain stuff and so I could not travel back to Lahore to celebrate my birthday with my family and friends.” “On May 12, people from various quarters and places of Pakistan wished me, for which I am very thankful to them.” She added.Meera-celebrated-25th-Birthday

Meera, as usual, kept her unique identity maintained and gave various chances to the lucky journalists, for laughing out loud. She uttered “Happy birthday” on her own on which media man could not resist to make crazy laughs. While cutting cake, a lot of journalists present at her birthday started questioning about her age. She remained very careful and did not utter a single word; perhaps she was busy calculating her age. Before she could come up with a “finally-thought and decided age”, someone besides her shouted that Meera has turned 25. “It is her 25th birthday”. This again pushed the journalists in the “laughing-zone” which made Meera nervous and upset for quite some time. Meera however, once again surprised everyone by stating some very sensible words, which are not expected from her. She said, “We need to become serious, we are not serious people, just look at the nation, this non-serious attitude has led us, where? Sadly, Pakistan has become a laughing stock in front of the entire world.”

This made media men silent but wore evil grins on their mouths shortly, which called for Meera’s thrashing again. “I would want a serious attitude from the media, this is a serious business, and we have to give each other respect.” she said.

Sharing some other stuff she said: “I started working when I was hardly nine years old, I believe one is a born artist.” Stating in the same breathe: “Every morning I wake up and learn new things.”Giving other details, she said: “Now, I am planning to make a film called Askar. I am a Pakistani national; I hold a Pakistani nationality and represent my country on those same lines.”

However, in the end of occasion, Meera denied to respond about joining the former President Musharraf’s political party.

She said, “I will not comment on this. I am just here to cut the birthday cake and celebrate my birthday, today. No comments.”


Ph_ said...

Meera and her stories :P I wonder for how many years she has been celebrating her 25th Birthday :P

ReeBz said...

exactly i wonder same :P

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Lady,she's a celebrity.She has to remain young.
USke roozi par laat mat marro.
Envious women:P

BehX@d said...

did i miss a very eventful evening??? :P

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