Friday, September 28, 2012 Amazing Shopping Experiences is Pakistan's premier online store that stocks international branded cosmetics.

I always have very pleasing experience by shopping from Like everyone i was a bit afraid to shop something expensive from the store at first, so just for the sake of trying, I ordered MUA bronzer in march/april, that reached me in right shape.

My three purchases-three great experiences
With the first successful purchase, i was encouraged to shop more from here. I therefore ordered for a Remington Blow dryer which is around PKR 4,200. Other than a bit delay in delivery i found no bad point.  Even there is a reason behind this delay. I wouldnot be having this dryer if hadnot existed. It was not available in Lahore's malls. Or you can say that i didnot want to take risk. There are many fake versions available in local malls/stores of such electronics, hence making it very difficult for a lay man to differentiaite between fake and original.
Contrary to it, has made its name in reliable shopping in such a little time period. You can trust on the site/store with blind eyes. I placed a special request for the dryer since it wanot available on the website. I had to provid them with the images, model no. and all the further details possible by googling.

I would here like to pay thanks to the customer service representative Hifza, who has always been so kind and helping. The immediate responses of all the queries from her, really push you for a purchase.

My third purchase was the BH-Party girl Palette, that too reached me in perfect shape. The orders/products are all wrapped-up by bubble-sheets with care. I am very happy and satisfied by the working of this store, since it has brought all the branded international cosmetics in everyone's reach. You just pay, and become their fan!

Love you <3 p="p">
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Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint- Beach 03

ello, I am back after a very long time, kindly accept my apologies. I had been quite busy in office life,and i hope you can understand how tough life becomes when you yourself are the head of department. My responsibilities werent letting me to manage time for my blog. Anyhow, I am here with a great review- once again LizEarle is here.

Liz Earle sheer Skin Tint- Beach 03

Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint in Beach 03
Liz Earle is the brand loved by many. It seriously is worth it. I was offered Liz Earle sheer skin tint moisturiser in shade beach 03.Shade beach 03 is defined as "the medium-to-dark shade, this works well for suntanned, olive tones and a variety of Asian skin tones", by the company. It comes in a 40ml black squeezy tube with a glossy finish. I am in love with glossy tubes and packagings. No doubt, all the packaging of the product is very sophisticated and seems to adjust your mood if you have a decent aesthetic taste.

My Experience
I was very excited to jump into trying the makeup range of Liz Earle, and surprisingly i got my hands on the very most wanted product of the brand couple of months back. Sheer skin tint is packed with SPF 15. It is light weight, but very creamy. I have oily skin and after squeezing a little amount of it from the tube i found myself a bit reluctant to apply it. I was afraid that this creamy mixture would make my skin oily or shiny that i absolutely hate. However, on applying and blending it completely i was happily encouraged to add it into my daily casual routine. It blends well, giving my skin a very glowing dewy but natural finish. It provides light to medium coverage. It will not conceal blemishes, acne marks or pimples. However, the redness or skin irritation (not chronic) will be concealed to some extent. I would strictly suggest you to not to consider it an alternate of your foundations, as it provides only light to medium coverage. If you have naturally flaw-less skin then only you would prefer to skip your foundation.

Swatches, and a comparison with the shade present on the liz website
I use it daily as a tinted moisturiser and not as a foundation.Only a little amount is enough for my whole face. It keeps my skin moisturised and hydrated with a little fancy look. I have my heart for it, since it keeps my skin look naturally glowing. However, i avoid using it when I need good coverage or a party look. I also wear my usual sun block beneath it, as spf 15 isnot enough for the hot climate of my city.

It is available for £21.00, and is available in four shades.

  • A perfect alternate of a BB cream
  • Blends well
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Suitable for casual looks.
  • Provides perfectly natural look with a healthy glow.
  • Vert attractive packaging
  • I donot like the smell.
  • Less shades, there is a need of atleast two shades in between beige 2 and beach 03.
  • SPF isnot enough for warmer countries.
End of the Line
Welcome it daily, if you fancy a healthily glowing skin.

P.S the shade present on the website is almost 3 times darker than the real shade. Please see the comparison in the picture above.

**This is a Sponsored Review, however the opinion shared about the product is unbiased and honest**
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Friday, September 21, 2012

Ishqe Rasool: Government, Media or the People of Pakistan?

Burning banks, killing own country men, destroying public property, blood-shed, riots and robberies. Is this the way to show love to Holy Prophet P.B.U.H?

Government of Pakistan declared 21st sepetmber,2012 Friday a day of expression of love to Holy Prophet S.A.W, that should have been welcomed by the people of Pakistan. We should have observed it peacefully to cast a positive image of Pakistan to the other world. Unfortunately we are the people driven by emotions or most probably some hidden henious facts. Is this ishqe rasool that totally nutter masses gather at a place burn tyres, put buildings, cars and petrol pumps on fire and rob the shops and malls? Isn't it insane to punish our ownselves on a crime which we cant even think to commit?

I agree that the blasphemous film has infuriated us. The producers and everyone involved in its making should be punished exempolary, but look who is at loss today? The one who made the film must be laughing, lying back in his couch by seeing these religious bigots!!

We should have got our protests recorded in a peaceful way. All the rallies organised, the seminars and the live programes at media would have been enough to do this job, but we the genius people of Pakistan love Holy Prophet S.A.W more than the sahaba karams, it seems. Do we even know what were the teachings of Holy Prophet P.b.U.H about? He was sent as a mercy to the entire world. Unfortunately, being extreme sentimental we are destroying our own identity. This day instead of promoting relegious peace, harmony and love-has promoted loathe, anger and furiosness. We will be called Violent, intolerants and extremists at global levels.

Who is responsible for today's deteriorating social and political condition?

Though its only in Pakistan that a day devoted to the Love of Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W has been observed at official level, I think that government is equally responsible in the blood shed along with  media. People are insane, illeterate and emotional that drives them crazy. However , it is surprising that government and media both, plan the policies and form strategies by keeping their brains aside. In the race of capturing more and more furious pictures and clips from the mad stampede media channels try to overtake each other. The situation would have been quite peaceful if there had been no violent attacks shown on media. Broadcasting and telecasting such events/tragic incidents only flare up fellow beings to ignite more flames!

On the other side, PPP government that is trying to be so innocent since morning is actually very cunning. There would be no angry mobs if President Zardari had taken only one decision of sending the embassador back to America. He could have sent him back for few days till the disaster in the country settles. We know we are the slaves of America and Zardari cannot live without the fund he gets from America. If government really wanted to show protest it could have banned NATO supply.

In my opinion all of the three, the people of Pakistan, the govrnment and the media are responsible for these wretched killings.

Very welldone, This is what we are. We have sent a negative message to the entire world. We are Muslim Fundamentalist. All religions including hinduism and christianity detest the content of the film then whom we are angry at? Instead of killings, we should have demanded a better way out. We should have demanded to send the ambassador back! Why the 2 billions Muslims couldnt get a bill passed against blasphemors yet?

 If this is jihad then why not join together to fight against the non-believers who support this blasphemy idea? Why should we kill our own people?? Why....?

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