Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Uniqso Offers Free Intl’ Shipping & Surprise Gifts on Big Eye Circle Lenses as Christmas Arrives

Uniqso offers free international shipping & surprise gifts this Christmas on all big eye circle lenses & color contact lenses; when the order amount exceeds $35.00 only. Uniqso also launches a brand new "Xmas GIFT BOX" with seven different gift items

(Press Release) - Nov. 27, 2013 - KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- Uniqso- An online home of big eye circle lenses and color contact lenses offers "Free International Shipping" & Xmas gifts on all orders of big eye circle lenses and color contact lenses; along with other big eyes makeup accessories. The "Christmas Gift Box" contains seven beauty accessories; intended for successful "Kawaii/Gyaru Look". This offer is valid till Christmas

Uniqso is a Malaysian based online store; specialized in dealing with big eye circle lenses and big eye color contacts. The "Unique Selling Point" of Uniqso is "Circle Lens Library" where the usage of circle lenses, risks associated with improper handling & care, treatment and other medical concerns are discussed for the knowledge of a lay-man customer.

At the festive and holy occasion of Christmas; Uniqso launches "Free international shipping offer" with "Surprise Gifts" when the order threshold amount meets $35.00. The Christmas gift box is a separate entity but a part of Christmas promotions. Priced at US$55.00 it contains following items:

1.     Any two items from Solone Alice Adventure Fantasy Cosmetics
2.     Solone Pocket-Mirror 
3.     Big Eye Circle Lenses from Barbie Puffy Series or Princess Mimi Series
4.     Lens case with mirror and bottle
5.     A cute Christmas gift (mystery gift!).
6.     A cute Yanqina Liquid Eye Liner
7.     An on demand wishing card 

To celebrate the Christmas; Uniqso along with free international shipping also offers "Free Christmas gifts". A "Cute Yanqina Liquid Eyeliner" worth $2.90 will be given with every order placed. Not only this; for all the orders above US$ 70; normal lens case will be upgraded to medium for FREE. Existing customers will be on the other hand upgraded from normal lens case to "Lens Case with Mirror" without any additional fee. Orders above US$ 70 will also be packed with a "Surprise Christmas Gift".

There is also a 15% discount for every new customer and a special US$ 1 offer / pair of circle lenses for a limited time. Uniqso invites everyone to submit their "Christmas Makeup Look” in" Monthly FB Giveaway" and avail a chance to win a "Free pair of circle lenses". 

For more gifts, promotions, rewards and ways of saving money visit Uniqso 

About Uniqso (
Uniqso is an online home of various kinds of circle lenses and color contact lenses. Get big eyes,crazy eyes, ulzzang eyes and cosplay eyes at cheap rates. Fast shipping+ Monthly promotions await you!

If you would like more information on this topic, please contact Media/PR department. 

Ree Ree
Media/PR Executive

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Born Pretty Store's Crystal Bridal Necklace and Hair Fork Review

Born Pretty is an online store that address and serve to almost all the fashion craves at the ease of our pockets. They expertise in selling nail art products and claim to ensure the best prices in the market with safe and sound in-time delivery. 

I was happily surprised to see the HUGE variety of jewelry and accessories along with stylish hair decorations and accessories. Born Pretty has a wide range of products from cosmetic contact lenses to out door sports, garden and home products. Also; cell phone and PADS' covers. It simply may be the one stop shop.

Necklace & the Hair fork together
I could not resist ordering some gorgeous products for myself; therefore I placed an order for "Three circles Gorgeous Clear Crystal Wedding Bridal Jewelry Necklace" and a "Butter Fly Hair Fork". Born Pretty Surprised me even more; when I received my ordered package super fast from Singapore to Pakistan just in a period of less than 10 days! 

Wedding Bridal Necklace

This is a very gorgeous Rhodium plated alloy crystal necklace. I was wondering what is Rhodium Plating; and after a brief research I found out that Rhodum is a very expensive metal that is used to plate the wedding jewelry to make them look more white and bright. It makes silver jewellery look like "white gold". 

"Rhodium is a rare, silver to white metal, that comes from the platinum group in the periodic table. It is one of the most expensive metals, at almost twice the price of platinum and three to four times the cost of gold" [Source] ( I do wonder if it is this expensive; how it is available for just PKR 800 :-o)

The rhinestone or crystals studded in the necklace are very vibrant and shiny. The size of the necklace is 33cm and 6cm is the extension to adjust the size. Rhodium plating though wears off after couple of years; you can give it a brand new touch again by getting it re-plated once again. Also; I haven't yet noticed any rhinestone fall that shows that all the rhinestones are firmly studded. 

The price of this bridal necklace is just USD 8.00. Very affordable and inexpensive it is a good value for money. These bridal necklaces are also available in two circles and four circles.

Butterfly Hair Fork 

I feel comfortable with hair buns in scorching hot summers. Since the buns gather all of your hairs up and provide enough air to the neck ; they are the best casual hair style for me. I am therefore always looking for hair bun accessories. I noticed a cute butterfly hair fork (that is now out of stock i guess. Cant find it on the site anymore) and immediately decided to place an order for.

It secures hair pretty firmly; bears the weight of my curly hair bun satisfactorily. It was available in cool summer shades both light blue (kinda ferozi) and baby pink. 

 It has a metal base and is also rhinestone studded. It was just for $2.00 

End of the Line:
Over all I had a very good experience with Born Pretty Store. The products I received are durable hence serving to both functional and beauty needs. Recommended!

Note : *PR SAMPLES sent for Review*
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Sunday, March 10, 2013

OoTD- Fusion of Coffee & Red with Tilla & Pearls

Hello everyone,

I have been away from blogging for a very long time and not to mention I missed this place alot. My job is keeping my busy as SEO is a full time job. I though keep checking updates from some of my favorite bloggers like Sara Hassan's, NayabLoves, Shang J, Feminine Crusade, Intensify beauty blog, Sadeestyle and few others, I couldn't leave my feedback due to my busy schedule.

Today I have managed to come up with an OotD post. 

The dress is made of crinkle chiffon with tilla embroidery. I designed it myself by getting an inspiration from a designer's dress.

I used tilla embroidery and tilla piping with white pearls and diamonties for the embellishment. Patch of Rose Red shamoze silk has been used with the diamontie lace in the frock's flare.

I paired it with choori pajama and high copper heels I bought from "The Shoppe" Lahore. I will try to review the heels soon if you want me to :)

This dress cost me Rs5000/- from designing to stitching including embroidery :)

Please leave your feedback, as it will definitely make my day ^_^

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