Monday, June 27, 2011

Cosmeceutique Circle- Skin care products by Mahnoor Baloch

I happened to order online for Mahnoor Baloch's skin care products when June hit this year. A very eye-catchy package (bundle offer) had been given by Cosmeceutique Circle till 11th of June as the much-awaited "summer Deal". According to Cosmeceutique, this bundle offer saved Rs 220/- for you.

Company offered one tube of Natural face wash, Natural sunscreen and Under Eye Gel, with free shipping anywhere in Pakistan. However, surprisingly, company even replaced one product with the another on your request with a slight up and down of the fixed rates.(depending on the rates of the replaced product)

Since I have no dark circles problem, I got under eye gel replaced by Pimple and acne cream whose retail price is Rs 600, face wash is available for Rs 280, whereas sunscreen costs Rs 390/- this makes PKR 1270/- and i had to pay only 1000,- which saved Rs 270 for me. The best part is though all the products are a bit pricey, they are all natural and contain ingredients like neem bark, tea tree oil, glycerin, sunflower oil, daisy flower, karanj oil, shea butter, orange, cinnamon, lavender essential oil, xanthum gum, cucumber, aloevera, olive oil etc

I would have reviewed it a bit earlier, so that you could have also availed this attractive deal, but unlike all, i wanted to try it and see the difference myself first. The bundle offer is no more available, but you can still order these or buy from any of their outlet. Let me tell you, each and every product of this bundle offer is AMAZING.  

Face wash is so light with a light sweet smell. I must recommend it to oil oily skin bearers. It doesn't have any oily texture and rinses off completely just in two or three water splashes. It regulates sebum production, thus controlling acne and other skim ailments. It leaves your skin soft and smooth, seriously.

Natural sun screen is yet another awesome product. It is a light milky and creamy formula. It is not greasy and will not cause oil secretion, once you step out in sunlight, like other common sunblocks. All the girls who go out regularly, i would recommend them keeping it in their bags and reapply after two to three hours. If you have it, you are in the magic world of cosmeceutique to keep your skin protected!

Acne & Pimple cream is the BEST cream ever invented for the treatment of acne and white heads, which are often found on your beautiful face as the bad marks. I have been using it for some 25 days or more now and i really have noticed the BIG change on my skin. Since it controls sebum, the acne formation is reduced.You just need to cover the affected area with thin film of the cream and rub it in circular motion until complete absorption. Repeat this process twice daily and you will see your facial skin blemish and acne free in as low as four to six weeks.

Pros and Cons:
  • Sunscreen and face wash are available in 100 ml whereas acne and pimple cream comes in 50g tube. I personally feel that prices are a bit too high, and once again like everyone they have played the "brand-game" here.
  • The fragrance of sunscreen is something which you would really not desire to smell again and again. It smells like a medicated cream, rather than any cosmetic product.
  • Fastest delivery is provided in all Pakistan, specially in the cities, which are having their outlets
All products are safe and tested for being hypo allergic, according to the company.
"Complete range is researched and formulated in USA, with thousands of satisfied Pakistani users", website says.
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    Sunday, June 26, 2011

    "There is no gift better than the friendship of a true Muslim", says Sampa.

    Once again land of Pure has proved the world that she is the mother of loving, humble,and polite people.Pakistan with the help of Ansar Barni, has finally managed to get a ship released from the custody of Somali Pirates.

    The crew consisted of 22 members among which only four were Pakistanis whereas six belonged to India, 11 Egyptians and one Srilankan.

    Somali pirates
    It is a point to notice that Pakistan itself is a poor country, belonging from third world but it has still proved the world and its enemies, that the people of Pakistan feel the responsibility of creating brotherly relations even with the traditional rivals like India.Honestly speaking all three countries should have worked together in order to set their hostages free, but the response showed by India was simply disappointing specially for its own people. I am happy that at these bleak times Pakistan empathized their neighbors and without any discrimination struggled hard to get all the hostages back.

    Captain Wasi's daughter Laila
    However,world should also notice and raise voice against the inhumane behavior of India with Pakistan. India tried to create obstacles even when Pakistani force was trying to rescue these hostages. No matter what, Pakistan has always led the hand of friendship, love and brotherhood to India. Sadly,Indian government has always replied Pakistan negatively with hatred.

    This is simple, people of Pakistan cant be terrorists or human enemies. We even forgive and FORGET our brutal enemies.Raymond Davis, Kashmir Singh are few of the examples. Contradictory to it, one of our soldier Sipahi Maqbool Hussain faced the most terrible and inhumane behavior in the Indian jails. Below are the pictures of both prisoners. Just look and decide yourself who is in the worst physical conditions, Maqbool or Kashmir Singh?
    Kashmir Singh with Ansar Barni
    Sipahi Maqbool Hussain who lost his tongue due to series of tortures,during his imprisonment in india. 
    The above pictures are a proof that Kashmir Singh didn't face any mental tortures though his fate was DEATH only. In no country,spies are freed.On the other hand Maqbool who was a mere low ranked soldier, faced mental and physical tortures of every sort.

    In this "amn ki asha" being rowed by Pakistan ONLY, i liked just one incidence. Phone call of Sampa Arya to Pakistani television GEO.She credited Pakistani media and people of Pakistan. She appreciated the love of Pakistani people and said that there is no gift better than the friendship of a true Muslim! Whatever she said, was truly full of sentiments which we fully empathy.. It is simply unbelievable that how beautifully she ended the conversation by saying that "she believes ALLAH".This is all, i think as a Muslim, we have got the fruits of all our efforts. Islam has proved that it is the religion of LOVE and brotherhood to ALL!

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    Wednesday, June 15, 2011

    Golden era of Pakistani pop music

    Time has though gone, but the era of late 80's and early 90's, has still captured the hearts of Pakistani pop music followers. The era of 90's produced many top stars of Pakistani music which i consider portrayed the real love, peace, harmony and culture of Pakistan, while giving the lesson of simplicity, honesty and brotherhood to all of its followers worldwide.

    Bands like Strings, Junoon, vital signs, Awaz took music of Pakistan to the skies of glory, where as solo songs by Zohaib Hasaan,Nazia Hasaan, Haroon, Faakhir, Juniad Jamshaid, Jawad Ahmed, Abrarul Haque, Hadiqa Kiyani, Sajjad Ali and Ali Haider attracted a wide and rapid ever-growing list of fans.

    Once you turn on your cassette players or ipods to listen to these songs, you will find your self flowing in the sweetest melodies and poetic lyrics. Even the videos of these songs would be perfectly harmonized with the culture of Pakistan. Simple and innocent. For instance, remember the video of  Zara chehra to dikhao, Sanwali Saloni and Zalim nazron se? All were the sure-hit of that time. Unlike the songs of the current times, most of which are sold to India, the songs of 90's would only feature the simple, fully covered models avoiding all sort of unnecessary fusion of the male or female models. That was the real Pakistani culture. That was the real essence of Pakistani music infact.
    Mr.Fraudiye was the most favorite song of 90's of all age groups.
    Pakistani music industry is I consider one of the most revenue generating and famous industry of the world. However, I don't like the idea of releasing albums from India. I don't know why singers believe that they will not receive the same welcoming attitude of public if they release them from Pakistan. It might be just a mental disturbance of them, I reckon. If the song is released from India, it will not bear the tag of Pakistan on the Pakistani talent. What worse, the videos featuring the songs are also in no way suitable for the Pakistani population. I know that media has changed everything, even the moral boundaries of this nation. Thatswhy, innocence has been lost from our society.

     No matter, what the music popularity chart shows, its a fact that people still love the music of 90's. Including the children  who were not lucky enough to be born in the mentioned eras. I also remember the songs of mid 90's, however i love to browse, find and listen the songs of old times again and again.Who can forget the memorable song Purani jeans, chaand sa mukhra, Mr.Fraudie, Ae Jawaan and dil dil Pakistan?

    Do you also miss golden era of Pakistani pop music?
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    Saturday, June 4, 2011

    My journey at MORE

    Life is a practical joke. With every achievement, every step you move forward, you are destined to not to move towards your "Destiny" but to be the part of that joke. When you are young, you are full of energies, potential, motivation, and courage. By young, i refer to the age above 20. This is the age when most of us are finishing their education and are stepping in the real practical life.

    Same is the case with me, some days back, i was alot excited when i was appointed at the post of "content coordinator" in IT/ Telecom magazine MORE. I grabbed at second position in Karachi university department of Mass communication which even gave me more confidence. I neither underestimate myself, nor over. I know my potentials, my passions and i know clearly about my pre-marked borders. I still stand by with my previous post about MORE that all the staff in there was extremely awesome, nice and kind. I though have resigned from there, ending my journey so abruptly, I'm not going to discuss the reason of my resignation. I just don't want to degrade publicly, the firm where i worked . oh yes, Face books are though something different. Its a place where you can shout out loud like you are in a Hyde park ;)

    My values were in contradiction with their organization policies, yeah i had some policy issues with them and had some issues with co-boss. I'm not discussing them here, as may be many of you wont take it worth considering. Many of you will be paying a deaf ear to it. Every one has his/ her own standards/targets and no one in the world could force him/ her to change them. Though I have left  on my own will, i still feel i had developed a sort of relation ship bonding with the firm. Its natural, isn't it? specially when you are the youngest, and every one treats you like they should? I confess, I was lucky enough to work with some of the most kindest BOSS (editor in chief) and the other staff. If I had not suffered from those contradictory organization policies i would have never left.

    Anyhow lets come back to the practical joke.This job was my first step in the practical life and with many other experiences i had another worth sharing experience. "Trusting someone is the biggest mistake, specially when he is your colleague". I used to consider them all my elders and would follow their suggestions while I was their employee. However, after resignation i realized that there are people who are dual in nature. they just try to pull your leg, just for the sake of strengthening their own positions, right? Lol.spying someone who is half of your age , poking him to the last drop of your energy levels, and then reporting about him to seniors ,is not a good thing is it? I too could have done the same, but I wont. Though he didn't consider that mistakes are expected from me( he should have) but i do consider that my "one" word against him can destroy his career, and he is not in such an age to afford it. I will prove that though I am young, I'm not as mean as i should be!!

    Areeba, You are a good worker and I am sure you will prosper in your career.

    This is the excerpt from the mail of my ex-Boss.I must confess, he is a very kind, gentle leader. He knows how to tackle the situation.

    I'm going to step in the roller coaster once again. got a call fpr an online interview bit it got missed as my microphone was not working properly :(

    wish me luck!! Ciao :)
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    Friday, June 3, 2011

    Bol music album, A flop?

    According to a very critical analysis, printed by the author of Express Tribune, Shoaib Mansoor’s social film BOL’s music album is surprisingly flopped.

    Mansoor has failed terribly in his latest venture BOL. He could not come up with the songs that could even meet his own standards. Though, great pop icons like Atif Aslam, Hadiqa Kiyani, Sajjad Ali,Ahmed jahanzeb and Shabnam Majeed were featured, Bol music could not achieve public’s appreciation, writes the author.
    Bol album is flopAuthor compared the whole album of BOL with just one track of “Khuda k lie”- Mansoor’s previous movie, which is a true injustice. He writes that only the chorus effect of “Bandeya” would send people rushing towards Musical stores- a trait which is absent in the latest album of the much awaited movie. He opines that people unaware of Sajjad Ali and Ahmed Jahanzeb would mix them with Bollywood music, despite the fact that Atif Aslam is the playback singer for two of the songs. Therefore, the album has failed to impress even the die-hard fans.

    Author criticized that its most famous song “Hona tha pyar” was leaked on you tube several months ago; however it seems like another duet of the Bollywood, with just a little difference of Katrina’s and Ranbir absence. Instead, one gets a chance to watch the performance of Atif Aslam and Hadiqa kiyani as an alternative. “The melody is catchy but quite forgettable; just run of the mill stuff”, writer mentioned in his article.
    • Author goes even further in criticism by analyzing many other tracks of the album individually. He wrote that “Dil pareshan hai” is a song which was composed and sung by Sajjad Ali for his own album, therefore, those who have already heard the song, wont appreciate this upbeat and revised version. However, it may become a treat to the first time listeners. “
    •  “Di Janiya” is certainly Mansoor’s bizarre attempt to create an upbeat hip hop number in which Hadiqa and Khiza have collaborated. Again, this one too sounds like any remixed song from Bollywood, even though the Punabi lyrics lend it a more original sound. Though Hadiqa does a phenomenal job on the vocals, the weird rap melody ruins the song.” he added.
    • “Kaho” is yet another collaboration of Atif and Hadiqa, which begins with the heavy drum beats. This track may be lucky as finally author has found atleast a single track which has the capabilities of ruling the listeners and staying in their minds forever.
    •  According to author, Shabnam Majeed and Bina Jawaad have done a marvelous job in the classical dance number “sayyian boliyan” in which Eman Ali has performed magically. However, even with the powerful vocals and poetry, song has nothing to offer something new.
    • Shuja haider and Ahmed Jahanzeb sung “Mumkin hey”, unfortunately both the singers couldnot lift it up to even an average “pop song”, author wrote.

    Author ends his article by concluding that songs of the second popular movie are just bogus, boring and unlikely to be remembered. He questioned that why Mansoor didn’t collaborate with great music producers like Meekal Hassan and Rohail Hayyat.
    Though author, shunned the efforts of producers and singers, it is to be noticed, that most of the readers/ listeners do not agree with the author. One of the reader commented, “Well, comparing every song to bollywood songs when they are not even similar in any way just proves that you watch those things a lot.

    P.S. Shoaib Mansoor never claimed you will be stunned by the music, you dont need to be impressed. Just watch the movie. Let’s see if he gets the message across which exactly the purpose of making this movie is.”
    Whereas several other readers left the same messages, for instance, a reader AN said, “Come on! Hona tha pyaar is a great song. It’s quite melodious and no it is not easily forgettable. Besides i really like din pareshan hai and Sayyaan Bolain. Don’t know what you were looking for but overall the songs were upto the expectations.”

    Normally, Atif Aslam, the most famous and appreciated pop singer, sings in a loud high pitched voice. The pet style of Atif lacks in this album. Moreover, it was expected that Mansoor will look up for more than two songs of Atif, however, fortunately or unfortunately, the album contains only two tracks from Atif. May be for the same reason, Author calls it a “flop”.

    Whether authors/analysts criticize the album or favor it, the final decision is yet to be made. Only the listeners and the fans of Mansoor have the rights to approve or disapprove the tracks! Let’s wait for the movie to be released. Let us wait for the June, 24th!

    It is my last story for VoP or ApnaTime See here
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