Sunday, June 26, 2011

"There is no gift better than the friendship of a true Muslim", says Sampa.

Once again land of Pure has proved the world that she is the mother of loving, humble,and polite people.Pakistan with the help of Ansar Barni, has finally managed to get a ship released from the custody of Somali Pirates.

The crew consisted of 22 members among which only four were Pakistanis whereas six belonged to India, 11 Egyptians and one Srilankan.

Somali pirates
It is a point to notice that Pakistan itself is a poor country, belonging from third world but it has still proved the world and its enemies, that the people of Pakistan feel the responsibility of creating brotherly relations even with the traditional rivals like India.Honestly speaking all three countries should have worked together in order to set their hostages free, but the response showed by India was simply disappointing specially for its own people. I am happy that at these bleak times Pakistan empathized their neighbors and without any discrimination struggled hard to get all the hostages back.

Captain Wasi's daughter Laila
However,world should also notice and raise voice against the inhumane behavior of India with Pakistan. India tried to create obstacles even when Pakistani force was trying to rescue these hostages. No matter what, Pakistan has always led the hand of friendship, love and brotherhood to India. Sadly,Indian government has always replied Pakistan negatively with hatred.

This is simple, people of Pakistan cant be terrorists or human enemies. We even forgive and FORGET our brutal enemies.Raymond Davis, Kashmir Singh are few of the examples. Contradictory to it, one of our soldier Sipahi Maqbool Hussain faced the most terrible and inhumane behavior in the Indian jails. Below are the pictures of both prisoners. Just look and decide yourself who is in the worst physical conditions, Maqbool or Kashmir Singh?
Kashmir Singh with Ansar Barni
Sipahi Maqbool Hussain who lost his tongue due to series of tortures,during his imprisonment in india. 
The above pictures are a proof that Kashmir Singh didn't face any mental tortures though his fate was DEATH only. In no country,spies are freed.On the other hand Maqbool who was a mere low ranked soldier, faced mental and physical tortures of every sort.

In this "amn ki asha" being rowed by Pakistan ONLY, i liked just one incidence. Phone call of Sampa Arya to Pakistani television GEO.She credited Pakistani media and people of Pakistan. She appreciated the love of Pakistani people and said that there is no gift better than the friendship of a true Muslim! Whatever she said, was truly full of sentiments which we fully empathy.. It is simply unbelievable that how beautifully she ended the conversation by saying that "she believes ALLAH".This is all, i think as a Muslim, we have got the fruits of all our efforts. Islam has proved that it is the religion of LOVE and brotherhood to ALL!


Kiran Ashraf said...

Pakistan Zindabad :)

BehX@d said...

this incident is the answer to all those people who thinks we are terrorists....this is da tru face of Pakistan

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