Friday, June 3, 2011

Bol music album, A flop?

According to a very critical analysis, printed by the author of Express Tribune, Shoaib Mansoor’s social film BOL’s music album is surprisingly flopped.

Mansoor has failed terribly in his latest venture BOL. He could not come up with the songs that could even meet his own standards. Though, great pop icons like Atif Aslam, Hadiqa Kiyani, Sajjad Ali,Ahmed jahanzeb and Shabnam Majeed were featured, Bol music could not achieve public’s appreciation, writes the author.
Bol album is flopAuthor compared the whole album of BOL with just one track of “Khuda k lie”- Mansoor’s previous movie, which is a true injustice. He writes that only the chorus effect of “Bandeya” would send people rushing towards Musical stores- a trait which is absent in the latest album of the much awaited movie. He opines that people unaware of Sajjad Ali and Ahmed Jahanzeb would mix them with Bollywood music, despite the fact that Atif Aslam is the playback singer for two of the songs. Therefore, the album has failed to impress even the die-hard fans.

Author criticized that its most famous song “Hona tha pyar” was leaked on you tube several months ago; however it seems like another duet of the Bollywood, with just a little difference of Katrina’s and Ranbir absence. Instead, one gets a chance to watch the performance of Atif Aslam and Hadiqa kiyani as an alternative. “The melody is catchy but quite forgettable; just run of the mill stuff”, writer mentioned in his article.
  • Author goes even further in criticism by analyzing many other tracks of the album individually. He wrote that “Dil pareshan hai” is a song which was composed and sung by Sajjad Ali for his own album, therefore, those who have already heard the song, wont appreciate this upbeat and revised version. However, it may become a treat to the first time listeners. “
  •  “Di Janiya” is certainly Mansoor’s bizarre attempt to create an upbeat hip hop number in which Hadiqa and Khiza have collaborated. Again, this one too sounds like any remixed song from Bollywood, even though the Punabi lyrics lend it a more original sound. Though Hadiqa does a phenomenal job on the vocals, the weird rap melody ruins the song.” he added.
  • “Kaho” is yet another collaboration of Atif and Hadiqa, which begins with the heavy drum beats. This track may be lucky as finally author has found atleast a single track which has the capabilities of ruling the listeners and staying in their minds forever.
  •  According to author, Shabnam Majeed and Bina Jawaad have done a marvelous job in the classical dance number “sayyian boliyan” in which Eman Ali has performed magically. However, even with the powerful vocals and poetry, song has nothing to offer something new.
  • Shuja haider and Ahmed Jahanzeb sung “Mumkin hey”, unfortunately both the singers couldnot lift it up to even an average “pop song”, author wrote.

Author ends his article by concluding that songs of the second popular movie are just bogus, boring and unlikely to be remembered. He questioned that why Mansoor didn’t collaborate with great music producers like Meekal Hassan and Rohail Hayyat.
Though author, shunned the efforts of producers and singers, it is to be noticed, that most of the readers/ listeners do not agree with the author. One of the reader commented, “Well, comparing every song to bollywood songs when they are not even similar in any way just proves that you watch those things a lot.

P.S. Shoaib Mansoor never claimed you will be stunned by the music, you dont need to be impressed. Just watch the movie. Let’s see if he gets the message across which exactly the purpose of making this movie is.”
Whereas several other readers left the same messages, for instance, a reader AN said, “Come on! Hona tha pyaar is a great song. It’s quite melodious and no it is not easily forgettable. Besides i really like din pareshan hai and Sayyaan Bolain. Don’t know what you were looking for but overall the songs were upto the expectations.”

Normally, Atif Aslam, the most famous and appreciated pop singer, sings in a loud high pitched voice. The pet style of Atif lacks in this album. Moreover, it was expected that Mansoor will look up for more than two songs of Atif, however, fortunately or unfortunately, the album contains only two tracks from Atif. May be for the same reason, Author calls it a “flop”.

Whether authors/analysts criticize the album or favor it, the final decision is yet to be made. Only the listeners and the fans of Mansoor have the rights to approve or disapprove the tracks! Let’s wait for the movie to be released. Let us wait for the June, 24th!

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Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Not really.I was a bit disappointed though.

Kiran Ashraf said...

thx for following my blog :) i cant say i was dissapointed but yea i was expecting a lot more but its not that bad. i am anxiously waiting for the movie though :)

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