Saturday, June 4, 2011

My journey at MORE

Life is a practical joke. With every achievement, every step you move forward, you are destined to not to move towards your "Destiny" but to be the part of that joke. When you are young, you are full of energies, potential, motivation, and courage. By young, i refer to the age above 20. This is the age when most of us are finishing their education and are stepping in the real practical life.

Same is the case with me, some days back, i was alot excited when i was appointed at the post of "content coordinator" in IT/ Telecom magazine MORE. I grabbed at second position in Karachi university department of Mass communication which even gave me more confidence. I neither underestimate myself, nor over. I know my potentials, my passions and i know clearly about my pre-marked borders. I still stand by with my previous post about MORE that all the staff in there was extremely awesome, nice and kind. I though have resigned from there, ending my journey so abruptly, I'm not going to discuss the reason of my resignation. I just don't want to degrade publicly, the firm where i worked . oh yes, Face books are though something different. Its a place where you can shout out loud like you are in a Hyde park ;)

My values were in contradiction with their organization policies, yeah i had some policy issues with them and had some issues with co-boss. I'm not discussing them here, as may be many of you wont take it worth considering. Many of you will be paying a deaf ear to it. Every one has his/ her own standards/targets and no one in the world could force him/ her to change them. Though I have left  on my own will, i still feel i had developed a sort of relation ship bonding with the firm. Its natural, isn't it? specially when you are the youngest, and every one treats you like they should? I confess, I was lucky enough to work with some of the most kindest BOSS (editor in chief) and the other staff. If I had not suffered from those contradictory organization policies i would have never left.

Anyhow lets come back to the practical joke.This job was my first step in the practical life and with many other experiences i had another worth sharing experience. "Trusting someone is the biggest mistake, specially when he is your colleague". I used to consider them all my elders and would follow their suggestions while I was their employee. However, after resignation i realized that there are people who are dual in nature. they just try to pull your leg, just for the sake of strengthening their own positions, right? Lol.spying someone who is half of your age , poking him to the last drop of your energy levels, and then reporting about him to seniors ,is not a good thing is it? I too could have done the same, but I wont. Though he didn't consider that mistakes are expected from me( he should have) but i do consider that my "one" word against him can destroy his career, and he is not in such an age to afford it. I will prove that though I am young, I'm not as mean as i should be!!

Areeba, You are a good worker and I am sure you will prosper in your career.

This is the excerpt from the mail of my ex-Boss.I must confess, he is a very kind, gentle leader. He knows how to tackle the situation.

I'm going to step in the roller coaster once again. got a call fpr an online interview bit it got missed as my microphone was not working properly :(

wish me luck!! Ciao :)


Love said...

good luck...sometimes these drifts and change of circumstances are necessary for they let u travel and experience more and better things... good luck... as u r still young and if you like with your attitude you can remain young for ever...:)

raw said...

Its part of one's personality growth; speed-breakers and bumps. I really want to know wht ACTUALLY conspired there ;)

Good Luck, u'll definitely find far better one =)

Kiran Ashraf said...

I am currently a student of mass comm and my teacher once told us that we have to be very very careful even when we are with our collegues cuz they can very easily back-stab us at any moment. i am really sorry to hear what happened with u but thats not the end of life. As your ex-boss said that u ll surely prosper in the future so i wish u good luck :)

Muhammad said...

Well best of luck !

BehX@d said...

best of luck for your future n hoping dat u a place better than this iznt only about MORE....iznt it??

ReeBz said...

Love, thanks for leaving your comment:) I am now following your blog "A journey called life".
I agree with you,I hope i will get better than this :) plus i alone didnot make the decision of resignation, my highly qualified teachers and professionals suggested me the same :)

I am glad I m lucky enough to get some very sincere teachers in my uni life, otherwise you know uni teachers... bah they dun mostly even try to remember ur name:P

ReeBz said...

Aww thank you :) i can tell you in a private message if you really want to know:)

Thanks for your comforting words:)

ReeBz said...

@ Kiran:
Ohh exactly your teCHERS ARE VERY VERY RIGHT!! i unfortunately didn't consider them the same colleagues, as they all were like double in age than ,meH, but i just realized that any one can fall deep down, in order to strengthen his own status and position in the eyes of Senior most people..

ReeBz said...

Muhammad: Thanks

bEhzad: agreed :) and you know the whole scenario ;) i had been telling you the details of me leaving the job since quite some time..

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

You'd surely have a better luck next time and your career is gonna be great,inshahallah.

filpaki said...

what they had been doing with you, we all know. good that you took very right decision on time!! what you bore for a month, no one else could have borE!!

Peerless said...

This was your first experience,these types of people are everywhere. Hope you would learn a lot from your future endeavors. Best of luck for your your next assignment.

Connie L. Nash said...

Yes, you will no doubt find the Next Right Step for you and flourish. Surely all here trust your reasons and your intuition.

Prayers and Blessings as you move to the next place of work.

Glad you are still blogging as well.

Soon tell us (or me offline) about what topic in your field do you have a sense of passion and excitement?

Eyewitness said...

Salaam Sister,

Sad to know that your journey at "MORE" was too short but at the same time its good to know that you haven't compromised on your principles.

Your blog's title and this post reminded me of a quote of a fellow blogger Marty Robin:

"The deep roots never doubt spring will come"

Spring will come, InshaAlllah.

ReeBz said...

Hamza and fipaki thanks to both of you for sending good wishes :)

ReeBz said...

I agree such people are everywhere and in extreme availability on Pakistan specially.. these ppl just know how to misuse the "real talent" of PAkistan, and how to destroy "local content providers" .. huh..!!

ReeBz said...

nice to see you after such a long gap :)and thanks for sending the best wishes and prayers in my way :)

I like writing about anything except sports. i have nooo interest in this field..

ReeBz said...

Walekum assalam :)
I knew since the day first that I cannot work at MORE till long, my values were in conflict with their policies.. and they didn't mention those policies when i joined them..
lack of professionalism..

Soon I will get a better job InshaAllah.. i do my work honestly and sincerely. Thats what Allah wants :)

Connie L. Nash said...

I am exactly the same as you on sports.

So glad to be back in touch with you our young media genius.

Here's my best email & would like to know how to send something by slow mail?

raw said...

ouch m late! yeah I want that private msg....

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