Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Indian charity in Afghanistan.

India is committing a billion US dollars to Afghanistan. This Indian generosity is not seen anywhere else. Not even inside India itself, where the world’s largest poverty and health problems exist. The US is now inviting India to send cheap soldiers to Afghanistan to rescue the Americans where NATO and the British won’t help. The argument that US and Indian officials often make revolves around how charitable India is when it does this work, and that Pakistan is just trying to spoil the party.

But why is it that India is not spending a penny on charity anywhere else in the world but Afghanistan?

India is purely driven by its desire to secure Afghan soil for espionage against Pakistan. The Americans know this and it is obvious they want India in Afghanistan in order to maintain this occupied country as a military and intelligence outpost to destabilize the region.

So next time anyone tries to peddle Indian involvement in Afghanistan as charity work, please show them this picture and the accompanying story about astronomical poverty in India that makes spending a billion dollars in Afghanistan a joke, unless it is about something other than charity.

Check out the story with the picture above. Story is titled, India's Secret Flushed Out At Last. It is posted  here and here

Courtesy :Ahmed Qureshy
original blogpost can be seen here
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cable operators to bycott IPL transmission in Pakistan-True Patriotism

Cable Operators Association of Pakistan has announced to boycott Indian Premier League by not showing any match of IPL.
Jabbar Khan President of cable operators  said that by not picking Pakistani players in the IPL, the league administration has insulted Pakistani players besides the whole nation of Pakistan. Cable operators through their unity would respond to the Indian attitude.

Woww that is something i would really appreciate.First ever time I'm feeling that still we have not lost our identity and our "self-respect" though it sometimes appear, as if it lacks extremely. I would like to go even a step forward, like the cable operators we should be united to boycott IPL from our side too.We are not interested in anyone who doesn't know how to respect others.

I have always supported the view that there should be no involvement of politics in sports and games, but it is a fact that it takes two to make a quarrel similarly peace cant be established until and unless  both parties are agreed on it. Pakistan has tried several times to build healthy and fruitful relations with India, but no offense to Indians, i must say India is such a country who is always hostile to its neighbors.All our efforts go in vain when India is not willing to understand any step taken towards peace by Pakistani govt.Establishment of peace is necessary for the well-being of people of both the countries.In case of any war the result will be total destruction, but like always,India loves to bluff and boast!India is not in such a state to handle wars with china and Pakistan at a time but its India's hobby to keep threatening Pakistan.India must know that now we are even more advanced in technology and in spirits than 1965,and it will have to regret if it tries to look at Pakistan with a bad eye!We know how to defend our country and when we are ONE & UNITED, we are the most STRONG nation of the world.Be aware!

As what attitude India has shown in IPL, it is really their childish,irresponsible and immature attitude.It shows professional jealousy which makes their mental level obvious before all the world! Shame shame !If our players are not selected in IPL than it doesn't mean that our players are not worthy of it.we have world class and world level's players and All rounders!we are T20 Champions!!
India just played a trick to insult Pakistani players as well as our whole nation and gave the lesson of "hatred" to the all world.History forms itself and such things are being recorded at India's credit.

I was reading some Indian blog where he called Pakistan a terrorist state, I don't know who he was but i replied him and here too for all Indians I'm making it clear that instead of blaming Pakistan without proofs first look at yourself.Your agents of "RA" are scattered in Pakistan everywhere.What you have done with our soldeir "Maqbool Hussain" covers the story of Indian violence.Even animals are not so cruel.At the same time all world saw how well we kept "Kashmir Singh",he was looking giant and healthy when was released whereas Indians torture on Maqbool's Hussain left him without his tongue,nails and made him a mental patient!This is BRIGHT INDIA!!Where si your Aman ki Asha now??
               Samjhota Express also is an example of violence before us!! Dear Indian brothers, we are not sleeping, we are well aware of everything going around us, and we realize it very well. We are prepared to defend ourselves but i wish that may Indian govt. gets some mature now!!Grow up please.

I'm happy that cable operators have decided to bycott IPL! i like to see us "UNITED,ONE & STRONG"-STRONG NATION,STRONG FAITH,STRONG PAKISTAN!

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Our dear Quaid!

I found some very rare and beautiful images of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, which i would love to share here with all the readers.No doubt these images are a wonderful heritage of Pakistan which help us in
 knowing our quaid's life style more and more.
*special thanks to RAI MUHAMMAD AZLAN, whose web provided these images.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Full body screening US policy- we condemn!

Dec. 29 (Bloomberg) -- A suspected terrorist’s attempt to blow up a U.S. airliner may override privacy concerns and intensify a push for full-body scanning equipment at airports.
U.S. officials charged a 23-year-old Nigerian man with trying to blow up Northwest Flight 253 as it prepared to land in Detroit on Christmas Day. President Barack Obama said yesterday he ordered a thorough review of the episode and called for new scrutiny of screening policies and technologies.

As i heard this news, my mind started ringing the bell. Its Another "Dummy",another drastic plan against "Pakistan" By U.S!
My first question is,
How it can be possible that, that Nigerian guy managed to escape from U.S strict detectors at airport?
Why the new policy is for the Muslim countries only?
Its nothing else, except another reflection of Brain-drain of Mr. Barak Obama,feeling sorry to say who is also among from the progeny of a Muslim.
Now I have realized fully that US can never be a friend to Pakistan.I'm alhmadullilah living in an independent Islamic state but unfortunately i find myself in the aura of those fears which a slave feels inside him always. We are the residents of an independent Pakistan but our souls and our hearts are US slaves. we need to wakeup!! we need to take steps! we need to protest! we need to unite our voices and stand against all our enemies! we need to be one! ONE AND STRONG!
Just on the basis of one Nigerian you cant suspect all the Muslims, and if you fear any terrorist activity, then your policies should be same for all nationalists.Don'T create racial differences Mr.Obama!
What if we ask that what you and your secret agencies have been doing in Pakistan since ages?Fake number plates on cars,XE agents are found openly threatening, quarreling and misbehaving with our country-men openly in streets?Mind it, you must have support by our govt cause its your pet but we LOVE Pakistan TRULY!
We the YOUTH are real power and strength of Pakistan and i'm just waiting for the day when we will manage to awake all Pakistan.
What if we also start "Nude-checking" of your ladies and men at airports? wont it be insulting?may be not for you!so we should start it i guess!but no, our religion ISLAM has taught us to respect ladies in the same way as we respect our own...
This is the difference between You and us.. between a Muslim and a Non-Muslim infect!
Your policies have caused us great pain Obama, you have taken lives of many innocent Pakistanis by your deadly drone attacks, you have snatched our peace of mind and smiles of our little children who are the blessing of any country,who are like butterflies of the garden..You have insulted our daughter Afia Siddiqui to the extreme.
We are tired now! We are fighting war for you but the loss is totally ours!we DONT want your AID! i spit on it on the behalf of every loving Pakistani!YOU are mean and self centered!
few years back when Russia entered Afghanistan you helped Pakistan and "Mujahidins" to Push Russia back, because you know you cant win any war without Pakistan! but now when you got success in your plan you started killing same mujahidins? and turned them into Taliban? I don't Doubt the existence of taliban, but whoever they are they are not from us..
Every Pakistani knows that you are not a friend to us, we hate your aids and your wealth which you spend in your so called wars against terrorism.. reality is "you have hidden agenda behind every war"-- your own benefits..we are just waiting for a good leadership in Pakistan and then one day InshaAllah we'll change the map of the world! (amin)

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