Saturday, January 16, 2010

Full body screening US policy- we condemn!

Dec. 29 (Bloomberg) -- A suspected terrorist’s attempt to blow up a U.S. airliner may override privacy concerns and intensify a push for full-body scanning equipment at airports.
U.S. officials charged a 23-year-old Nigerian man with trying to blow up Northwest Flight 253 as it prepared to land in Detroit on Christmas Day. President Barack Obama said yesterday he ordered a thorough review of the episode and called for new scrutiny of screening policies and technologies.

As i heard this news, my mind started ringing the bell. Its Another "Dummy",another drastic plan against "Pakistan" By U.S!
My first question is,
How it can be possible that, that Nigerian guy managed to escape from U.S strict detectors at airport?
Why the new policy is for the Muslim countries only?
Its nothing else, except another reflection of Brain-drain of Mr. Barak Obama,feeling sorry to say who is also among from the progeny of a Muslim.
Now I have realized fully that US can never be a friend to Pakistan.I'm alhmadullilah living in an independent Islamic state but unfortunately i find myself in the aura of those fears which a slave feels inside him always. We are the residents of an independent Pakistan but our souls and our hearts are US slaves. we need to wakeup!! we need to take steps! we need to protest! we need to unite our voices and stand against all our enemies! we need to be one! ONE AND STRONG!
Just on the basis of one Nigerian you cant suspect all the Muslims, and if you fear any terrorist activity, then your policies should be same for all nationalists.Don'T create racial differences Mr.Obama!
What if we ask that what you and your secret agencies have been doing in Pakistan since ages?Fake number plates on cars,XE agents are found openly threatening, quarreling and misbehaving with our country-men openly in streets?Mind it, you must have support by our govt cause its your pet but we LOVE Pakistan TRULY!
We the YOUTH are real power and strength of Pakistan and i'm just waiting for the day when we will manage to awake all Pakistan.
What if we also start "Nude-checking" of your ladies and men at airports? wont it be insulting?may be not for you!so we should start it i guess!but no, our religion ISLAM has taught us to respect ladies in the same way as we respect our own...
This is the difference between You and us.. between a Muslim and a Non-Muslim infect!
Your policies have caused us great pain Obama, you have taken lives of many innocent Pakistanis by your deadly drone attacks, you have snatched our peace of mind and smiles of our little children who are the blessing of any country,who are like butterflies of the garden..You have insulted our daughter Afia Siddiqui to the extreme.
We are tired now! We are fighting war for you but the loss is totally ours!we DONT want your AID! i spit on it on the behalf of every loving Pakistani!YOU are mean and self centered!
few years back when Russia entered Afghanistan you helped Pakistan and "Mujahidins" to Push Russia back, because you know you cant win any war without Pakistan! but now when you got success in your plan you started killing same mujahidins? and turned them into Taliban? I don't Doubt the existence of taliban, but whoever they are they are not from us..
Every Pakistani knows that you are not a friend to us, we hate your aids and your wealth which you spend in your so called wars against terrorism.. reality is "you have hidden agenda behind every war"-- your own benefits..we are just waiting for a good leadership in Pakistan and then one day InshaAllah we'll change the map of the world! (amin)



Hasaan Rafique said...

I agree with you Areeba!

The modern security equipments and methods are more than reliable and fool-proof. There are equipments which provide complete 3-dimensional view of a person and any metallic, explosive or drug content can be detected in an instant!

Nude checking of Muslim men and women at US airports is only and only another step to disgrace and insult the Muslims!

One should also note that whenever any person is discovered to be carrying harmful materials in an airport, it is always with the aid of modern security equipments, NOT by full-body and nude screening! They're of no use at all when we consider security instruments of today. As i said above, all this is just to insult, disgrace and disrespect the Muslims in front of the whole world!
Shame on them!

USA is the real terrorist nation! They're responsible for all the chaos in the world, using secret agencies to destabilize and break the Muslims! All the so called terrorism in Pakistan is actually the operation of black-water! Drone attacks on civilian sites destroying villages and causing massacre, threatening the Muslim countries throughout the world, waging war on Afghanistan and Iraq on the base of insane arguments and trickery, later proved to be lies and false accusations!

And they keep going on pretending to wish for world peace, whereas in fact they've uprooted peace from every corner of the Muslim world! And about the matter of World-security when it comes to Muslim countries owning nuclear weapons, let's not forget that the ONLY country in the world who used atomic bomb is USA itself, and they speak of world peace...! Shame, shame, shame!!!

filpaki said...

This is just another step to show their hatred towards Muslims.

Khurram Ali Shafique said...

Nicely written :).

Khurram Ali Shafique said...

Don't wait for good leadership. Be your own leader. Following the principles of Quaid-i-Azam, every Pakistani can be their own leaders, today and right now, and it begins with ourselves, without waiting for the right time or right people, since we are already at the right place.

ReeBz said...

Thanks for the comment & appreciation.
I agree that every one should first correct himself, and should follow Quaid's principles but wrong or right leadership does play a very vital role.History has seen nations making or destroying their futures just on the basis of leadership.
Without leadership everyone will be sacrificing his/her life at his place but we'll be unable to unite.. Same were happening before the creation of Pakistan but the efforts of Muslims didn't show any positive effect till they were blessed with magnificent leadership of Jinnah.

Thinking said...

hmm...I wonder why US always made an annoucement of every single change they took for the enhacement of security checking on their Airports?

I mean it is their country and they have all the rights to protect it.

The reasons may be :
a) They're just over acting all the time.
b) They're still afraid of intelligency of other countries and in real fear of being attacked again.
If they are afraid of others then they should reconsider their own behaviours....hmm... aisa karo gay tu koan aye
c)They felt guilty of something and now want to become victum so that can change people's perspective about them.

Whatever the case is...I always find these things positive as gradually these incidents are waking up the real KHUDI of Pakistanis. The same happened with the British rule in India...they crushed and crushed and finally the crushed raised and made them leave.

Allah protect us all and protect our beloved country Pakistan...Ameen.

Nice post Fariba...thanks.

ReeBz said...

@ Thinking thanks for the comment :)
US is such a state who does not feel guilty ever.US just want to crush and crush all others in order to capture others' resources. US is cruel and greedy! I agree with you, they should recheck their own behaviors.But dont you think why everything, every strict rule is for Muslims??
haha just remembered a funny thing, have you seen new pictures of Osama?lol US turned one of their own country man's pic into Usama who is against US wars! fuuny :D they wanted to avenge him so its a nice way of revenge na:P?

I just wanna say US keep on plotting all the time how to hurt Muslims and how to make an excuse against them to start a war!

and hey,
I'm Areeba or ReeBz not Fariba :)

Thinking said...

aha...I am sorry Areeba...Reebz.

ReeBz said...

Its ok :)

filpaki said...

I condemn too!!!!
we should always have same rules for all the americans1

Bradly Jones said...

Thanks for the post. It's like five years of not being in Nigeria has finally made me out-dated for this to be news to me. The change is amazing. Great blog!

call Nigeria

Anonymous said...

Masha Allah! well written
this is the voice of every pakistani...
But our hopes ruined, when we see injustice in our own country :-(
but we start again with new hopes...May Allah give us strength to lead and save our Pakistan.Ameen

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