Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Indian charity in Afghanistan.

India is committing a billion US dollars to Afghanistan. This Indian generosity is not seen anywhere else. Not even inside India itself, where the world’s largest poverty and health problems exist. The US is now inviting India to send cheap soldiers to Afghanistan to rescue the Americans where NATO and the British won’t help. The argument that US and Indian officials often make revolves around how charitable India is when it does this work, and that Pakistan is just trying to spoil the party.

But why is it that India is not spending a penny on charity anywhere else in the world but Afghanistan?

India is purely driven by its desire to secure Afghan soil for espionage against Pakistan. The Americans know this and it is obvious they want India in Afghanistan in order to maintain this occupied country as a military and intelligence outpost to destabilize the region.

So next time anyone tries to peddle Indian involvement in Afghanistan as charity work, please show them this picture and the accompanying story about astronomical poverty in India that makes spending a billion dollars in Afghanistan a joke, unless it is about something other than charity.

Check out the story with the picture above. Story is titled, India's Secret Flushed Out At Last. It is posted  here and here

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Sandy said...

Thats as ridiculous as it can get.Yes, India has poverty with millions still in poverty.So does that means that India should spend all its money only on removing it.Economics is about managing limited resources. If we had unlimited resources,surely more money would have surely been on poverty. Pakistan's average per capita islower than India. Yet it spends disproportionate amount of its GDP on defence. Why is that?I can give similar pics from Pakistan. Pakistan is not a rich country becoz it were then it would nothave to keep begging to the US or China. But i want to base my arguments on logic rather than rhetoric.

And let me tell u that Pakistan too has committed aound 200 million for Afghan reconstruction. Why on earth is that?I can use the same argument Pakistan wants to use Afghans in its proxy war against India. It was settled severalAfghan families in POK and Northern Areas.

Moreover India does not share its border with Baluchistan. Hence it can never directly support them even it wants to.Your so called ally US is control of Afghanistan and if India were doing anything, how is it that they never `got to know.But they keep bombing ur villages.

So why is India funding reconstruction in Afghanistan. Becoz it wants stability in the region. Fundamentalism that is on the risecan easily spread to India and with 13% Muslim population, a small part of them may get radicalized. Further, India's GDP is more than 1 trillion per year.The amount committed is over the next 5 years. Thats 200 million per year or less than 0.02% of the annual GDP. If spending such a smallamount can help avoid the potential damage then its worth it becoz the potential damage is much larger than 1 billion. Furthermore,Indian development work has been primarily in constructing highways and roads. Some these are even operational.

Moreover, this is not the only place where India has committed funds. India recently gave similar 1 billion package to Bangladesh.African nations too have been given aid.

Hasaan Rafique said...

There have been several reports about India carrying out secret work across Afghanistan to cause harm to Pakistan...
Obviously this is yet ANOTHER attempt of India to get the Afghans "USED" for their bidding...

They've been doing it not only in Afghanistan but also in Balochistan and NWFP...

Shame on India...

Sandy said...

This is really gr8. But just tell me onething, why is it that such reports only occur in Pakistani media. Why does the rest of the world ignore it. As I mentioned above, the Afghanistan is under NATO which is headed by US. How is it that they are unaware of what India is doing. And if Pakistan really has any proof why hasn't it been shared with the US and rest of the world? Why is it that u keep allowing them to bomb your people?

Connie L. Nash said...


Your points appear well-taken and your writing continues to improve. Sadly sadly this is not that far-fetched given the other deceptions we have been witnessing in growing measure over the past several years.

Sandy, surely you mean well but I tell you the question "Why is it that u keep allowing them to bomb your people?" is a zillion $ question with no answer...and all we can say worldwide in these times is that people across the globe must pray and be one and still only God knows when this madness will end. No matter the number who disagree, we can't take the place of God in the world.

Yet each one of us, each day, can ask Him what is that little purpose you have for me THIS day and trust Him and the good heart of us all around the world to choreograph a better world....

And seek a bit of heaven here as we love one another and seek each our divine creative role. Even in the little things and in the small and larger acts of love, like the revised Republic of Rumi coming to us to refresh us now and to send us hope for the future.

ReeBz said...

@ sandy If Pakistan is not a rich country, Indians too are not very rich!India's govt is rich but people are poorest! pity!
In India more than 80 carore people are those who manage to earn only RS 20 per day,more than 2.5 lacks are suffering from AIDS,5 carore people have sanitation problems and 28 states of India are struggling for separation!
Future of India is disintegration on the above mentioned stats!
so stop peeping in here and there just try to solve ur own problems first.

Rachit said...

Still you are playing on cards of Western Powers. They got us partitioned only to destabilize the region and still people like you are fighting against India. It's the time to get united and show the true power of Indian Subcontinent.

ReeBz said...

india isn't a subcontinent anymore. stop living in fantasy. see where world has reached dear one:)
that subcontinent had to be broken in two states as tyranny and injustice had touched the sky.
i believe same is what happening in india once again. history will repeat itself and i wish those 28 states struggling for independence get what they want.

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