Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cable operators to bycott IPL transmission in Pakistan-True Patriotism

Cable Operators Association of Pakistan has announced to boycott Indian Premier League by not showing any match of IPL.
Jabbar Khan President of cable operators  said that by not picking Pakistani players in the IPL, the league administration has insulted Pakistani players besides the whole nation of Pakistan. Cable operators through their unity would respond to the Indian attitude.

Woww that is something i would really appreciate.First ever time I'm feeling that still we have not lost our identity and our "self-respect" though it sometimes appear, as if it lacks extremely. I would like to go even a step forward, like the cable operators we should be united to boycott IPL from our side too.We are not interested in anyone who doesn't know how to respect others.

I have always supported the view that there should be no involvement of politics in sports and games, but it is a fact that it takes two to make a quarrel similarly peace cant be established until and unless  both parties are agreed on it. Pakistan has tried several times to build healthy and fruitful relations with India, but no offense to Indians, i must say India is such a country who is always hostile to its neighbors.All our efforts go in vain when India is not willing to understand any step taken towards peace by Pakistani govt.Establishment of peace is necessary for the well-being of people of both the countries.In case of any war the result will be total destruction, but like always,India loves to bluff and boast!India is not in such a state to handle wars with china and Pakistan at a time but its India's hobby to keep threatening Pakistan.India must know that now we are even more advanced in technology and in spirits than 1965,and it will have to regret if it tries to look at Pakistan with a bad eye!We know how to defend our country and when we are ONE & UNITED, we are the most STRONG nation of the world.Be aware!

As what attitude India has shown in IPL, it is really their childish,irresponsible and immature attitude.It shows professional jealousy which makes their mental level obvious before all the world! Shame shame !If our players are not selected in IPL than it doesn't mean that our players are not worthy of it.we have world class and world level's players and All rounders!we are T20 Champions!!
India just played a trick to insult Pakistani players as well as our whole nation and gave the lesson of "hatred" to the all world.History forms itself and such things are being recorded at India's credit.

I was reading some Indian blog where he called Pakistan a terrorist state, I don't know who he was but i replied him and here too for all Indians I'm making it clear that instead of blaming Pakistan without proofs first look at yourself.Your agents of "RA" are scattered in Pakistan everywhere.What you have done with our soldeir "Maqbool Hussain" covers the story of Indian violence.Even animals are not so cruel.At the same time all world saw how well we kept "Kashmir Singh",he was looking giant and healthy when was released whereas Indians torture on Maqbool's Hussain left him without his tongue,nails and made him a mental patient!This is BRIGHT INDIA!!Where si your Aman ki Asha now??
               Samjhota Express also is an example of violence before us!! Dear Indian brothers, we are not sleeping, we are well aware of everything going around us, and we realize it very well. We are prepared to defend ourselves but i wish that may Indian govt. gets some mature now!!Grow up please.

I'm happy that cable operators have decided to bycott IPL! i like to see us "UNITED,ONE & STRONG"-STRONG NATION,STRONG FAITH,STRONG PAKISTAN!


Sameer Gupta said...

I suggest to start your own PPL.I am sure PPL will be a big hit and beat IPL.What rare you waiting for?

Hasaan Rafique said...

Nice post!


Its true that India has always been trying to blame and de-credit Pakistan in front of the world.

All this IPL thingy is another way to insult Pakistan and their players, but that doesn't matter. Let them do it, we don't care for IPL anyway, and moreover, they have at least given Pakistanis a reason to realize that they have no regard for us and that we Pakistanis need to unite!


Look at the events of the past few years. Whatever happens in India, they blame Pakistan for it. e.g. The Mumbai Blasts were nothing but an INSIDE plan of India, and as it was proven, no Pakistani or Ajmal Kasaab was involved, it was a plan by India's secret agency RA who caused the blasts through their agents Amar Singh and Heera Lal.


India is a nation which has broken several treaties with Pakistan (Sindh-Ta'as Agreement for example) and has also treated Pakistanis in a way worse than brutal, savage animals. As stated above, a prisoner of Indo-Pak war was tortured so much that he lost his mind, and they also cut his tongue, removed finger and toe-nails and more... but Pakistanis treated them with care and returned them unspoiled and unharmed. According to International rules, prisoners of war have to be treated well, but where was India's humanity...??

There is much more that can be said... India is a savage country...

ReeBz said...

@ Sameer Gupta,
issue is not this that we are not playing in IPL, issue is that our players have been insulted by India, which was pre-planned.
Therefore starting PPL will not make any difference here, but yeah it will do one thing definitely will help Pakistan to insult India and Indians players exactly in the same way..

filpaki said...

India is always hostile especially towards Pakistan.India has some extremists like sheo sina who forced IPL franchises to not to pick up Pakistani members!

Adeela said...

lol lol its a time to celebrate!! we defeated india under 19 match!!
india will have to face defeat in every field! whether it be the sports or war!

Sandy said...

u seem to be a typical ignorant Paki who has grown up hearing anti-India rhetoric. Your comments are typical and far far from reality. I dont even wish to answer any of it becoz that wud mean an article in itself.

1 Just go and read some non-Pakistani history books. And here is the wiki link to the 1965 war, check for urself who won the war(

2 "Pakistan has tried several times to build healthy and fruitful relations with India". Yes, thats exactly wat happened in 1999 in Kargil isn;t it. Or 26/11 attacks.

3 No international team is ready to come to Pakistan, I am not sure how will PPL defeat IPL.

4 I am not sure whether u actually saw the U-19 match. First of all, it was a truncated contest, only 23 overs. The match was close. Pakistan displayed that their next generation pace attack was as good as ever while same can be said abt Indian batsman. Indian fielding was miles ahead of Pakis. Paki batsman were playing rash shots as ever, but it lack of depth in Indian bowling and their lack of T20 experience at the U19 level that was the difference. One match doesn't proves anything. Just look at Pak-Australia matches and u will get to know the standard of Paki cricket.

ReeBz said...

@ sandy,
To you only one line statement from me.

"And, you seem to a TYPICAL ignorant Indian"

Thats all folk!

Sandy said...

Hmmmm.....jawaab nahin de sakte to ignorant bol k khisak gaye. Sahi hai.....continue to live in the world of dreams. Good luck to you and ur Land of Pure (Pakistan).

Waise, aren't ppl like Osama, Dawoob, Maulana Masood all in Pakistan. Are inn sabki presence se hi to Pakistan PAK (Pure) banta hai. Kyon sahi bolaa naa.

Best wishes from Ignorant Indian

ReeBz said...

Lol! no its not exactly about if i can answer or not, actually i have no time to waste in repeating myself again and again.You talked about this and that but you forgot to comment over the main "thought" of the post!cause infact you have nothing to say in your defense!
what other readers are posting here, its their views,but you seemed more interested in replying side-issues rather than main issue!

about 1965 war i don't need to check your provided link about who won the war!its an open fact and all know it!

so bother give the post another read and then come to the topic instead of just rambling..!

Sandy said...

Absolutely, don't check any links and dont ever bother to read why Bengalis supported Indians in 1971. Instead go and watch Zaid Hamid shows.

Thats the solution. Right. Pakistan is the best country in the world. It is the pure. It is a conspiracy of the entire world against Pakistan.

And last abt the main thought, if Pakistan can claim to have no control over non-state actors (militants), India can also claim to have no control over non-state actors (IPL). Ofcourse, in 2008 when Paki players were disallowed by their board to participate in IPL, i am sure there was no politics involved becoz Pakistan is the best country in the world. How can there be any politics.

I also dont have anytime to try and convince some1 as ignorant as you

Good Luck

ReeBz said...

Sandy you are no one to dictate us and no one to control our watching habits at Tv or anywhere. Mind your own business.
You seem to be under influence of "Sheo-sina" most extremist party of India.Mind telling what happened with that kurkuray??what a sudden death he had!

What about your non-state militants?why don't you have any control over them? opening fires at borders without any reason and warning is some thing sane according to you?what are your forces doing in KAshmiR? Insaaniyat ki toheen!!
I can speak much more, but no advantage I'm sure.

Sandy said...

Wah wah, tum mahaan ho. Hoge kyon nahin, aakhir Pakistani ho, jiske gun saari duniyaa gaati hai.

1 Pehle to Karkaray's death is under investigation. But even then, comparing Karkaray with the likes of Osama and Dawood. Wah yeh comparison to bilkul sahi hai.

2 Indian media reports that Pakistani troops are firing while Pakistani media reports that Indian troops are firing. Both the media were not present at the border and were briefed by their respective armies. Obviously one of them was lying. Possible Paki objective - help militants cross over by engaging Indian army. And wat cud b Indian objective. I am sure u can throw some light on that by giving out another conspiracy theory.

3 Regarding Indian army in Kashmir, wat is Pal army doing in Waziristan? Kashir is a part of our country and the troops are out their to flush terrorists.

ReeBz said...

I would have liked to continue this discussion if you had chosen some what educated way of conversation instead of "just-taunting".I can taunt but i will not, here is the clear difference between an indian and a Pakistani.

About Kashmir, it is not yours, we will get it BACK from you InshaAllah,it is Muslim majority area not even Kasmir is ours but Junagadh and amritsir too!
and what do you talk about Mr,whole INDIA is ours. Muslims ruled over India more than 1000 years, how come you can call kasmir yourS?

Sandy said...

Haha, sahi hai bhai....tussi gr8 ho. If u noticed, my first comment was pretty much to the point. I pointed out an independent source countering claims made by you.

But u chose to disregard it. It was clear indication from ur side wat ur attitude is.

Now, coming to Kashmir, as of 1947 it was a Muslim majority state with 53% of Muslim population with substantial number of Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists. Large number of Muslims chose to remain in India and hence it is absurd to assume all Kashmiris wud agree to join Pakistan. And that too in 2010, may that cud have been the case in 1947 but definitely not in 2010. And just don't confuse Kashmir with a religion.

Junagarh was a hindu majority Muslim ruled state. If going by your logic, Junagarh belongs to Pakistan, then surely Kashmir belongs to India, right. I am really eager to hear any conspiracy theory on this one. Plzz don't disappoint me.

Now 1000 yrs ago, Muslims used swords, lived in tribes and ill treated their women. Do u really buy that logic? 1000 yrs ago, US, UK and Russia were no where near the kind of power they presently exercise. Great logic by the way. Maan gaye, tum mein kuch baat hai.

And there are many other differences between an Indian and Paki, unfortunately u cannot see them.

Kashmir hamara yaa tumhaara....this issue is unlikely to be settled soon. But what I really wonder is that the rights of Kashmiris of which every Paki swears by, the right of self determination, do they themselves enjoy it. Can they elect their govt who can rule independently without any interference of the Army?

But woh to bahut difficult question hai....i am sure, usse tum answer nahin karoge.

Hasaan Rafique said...

"u seem to be a typical ignorant Paki who has grown up hearing anti-India rhetoric."

So do you seem to be, a typical anti-Pakistan Indian who has grown up brain-washed by incorrectly taught and biased Indian history.
That's why your famous Jaswant Singh was expelled from parliament as he attempted to correct few thoughts from the typical biased indian minds.
That's why one of your elections' candidate was opposed and banned after saying that he'll bring unbiased history in Indian curriculum.
Vivek Bukhshi writes:
"Kai Friese's article is based on the assumption that the existing history taught in textbooks in India is 100% accurate and anyone who attempts to change it is by default wrong. Whereas in fact, the truth of the matter is that the history being taught in schools in India was distorted by the educationalists, and at many instances, done purposely due to ideological or political reasons. This has been very clearly exposed by Mr. Arun Shourie, India's most famous journalist, known for his integrity, in his book "Eminent Historians - Their Technology, Their Line, Their Fraud" "

So that sums this up.


"1 Just go and read some non-Pakistani history books. And here is the wiki link to the 1965 war, check for urself who won the war"

There was no victory by strength of arms.
The UNO ordered ceasefire and both countries came to a stop.

However, Pakistan had captured ALOT of area of India during the war (which it returned after ceasefire). And India's General J. N. Chaudhary’s dream of having his drink at Lahore Gymkhana on the evening of September the 6th was squashed and his attacks and plannings were repulsed.
In this sense, Pakistan clearly won the war.


Hasaan Rafique said...

"2 "Pakistan has tried several times to build healthy and fruitful relations with India, but no offense to Indians, i must say India is such a country who is always hostile to its neighbors.".
Yes, thats exactly wat happened in 1999 in Kargil isn;t it. Or 26/11 attacks. "

Actually that's what happened when India captured Riyasat-e-Hyderabad Deccan from going to Pakistani by military force, that's when happened when India captured Jonagarh, that's what happened when India blocked Pakistan's rivers after partition, that's what happened when Hindus burnt Muslim ares before and after partitions, that's what happened when all the Pakistanis of Samjhota Express were killed, that's what happened when India captured Kashmir (which was an area of Muslim majority.

In recent past, that's what happened when India violated Pakistani air field and dropped war, India wanted to provoke Pakistan into war!
That's what happened when India restarted the water dispute to provoke war!
And that's what India is doing NOW by saying that it's ready to combat China and Pakistan in war!

Too bad, too bad..

And about the Mumbai Blasts and Kargil! HA!
You see only what your biased books and Media tell you!

Mumbai blasts were an inside plan of India! and there was no Ajmal Kasab involved, it was a plan of RA through it's members Heera Lal and Amar Singh! Ha!

And as always, India blamed Pakistan right after the attacks, without even trying to look into the matter! That is India's wish to bring peace to the sub-continent?!

Hasaan Rafique said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hasaan Rafique said...

About the indo-pak wars, they were also initiated by India. All the content of Wikipedia is open, anyone can edit, so there is no point using it as a source in controversial topics. They're all written by biased Indian minds! Infact, at 3:00 AM on September 6, 1965, without a formal declaration of war, Indians crossed the international border of West Pakistan and launched a three-pronged offensive against Lahore, Sialkot and Rajasthan.

It was started by INDIA!

The 71 war, there was a lot of misconception growing between East and West pakistan due to politics. India exploited Pakistan's dilemma to the full. It sought to wring full propaganda and strategic value for itself out of the Bengali suffering and misery. India launched an attack on East Pakistan on November 22, 1971. The use of modern Soviet missiles, geographical separation by a thousand miles lying across the hostile Indian territory, and the collusion of Mukti Bahini and the Indian Army, made Pakistan's military defeat in the East almost certain.

Again, INDIA!

The Kargil offensive! It was not by Pakistan, but by the freedom fighters who wanted to get free Kashmir from the brutal treatment of Indians! They captured high ground of a 140 kilometers long stretch of 4,500 meters high mountain ridges, near the strategic Indian-held garrison towns of Kargil and Drass. These towns lie on the only usable road between Srinagar, capital of Indian-occupied Kashmir, and the East. This threatened India's main supply route to its forces on the Chinese border.
The occupation by the Kashmiri freedom fighters came as a "Spring Surprise" to the Indian patrols. During the winter freeze, the area is abandoned by Indian patrols and isolated from the rest of Indian occupied Kashmir. In the beginning of May 1999, when the Indian forces returned to the mountains, they were surprised to find around 600 Kashmiri freedom fighters, occupying a territory 5 kilometers inside Indian occupied Kashmir. India alleged that these "militants" were sponsored by Pakistan, and that these militants crossed the provisional borderline, the "Line of Control", in an attempt to alter the de facto border by force.

The Government of Pakistan stated that it was not involved in any way and clarified that it is only the moral, diplomatic and political support that the Government of Pakistan continues to extend to Kashmiri freedom fighters for their cause of self-determination. It further clarified that the heights near Kargil were occupied by indigenous Kashmiri freedom fighters.

On May 26, 1999, India resorted to air strikes to drive out the freedom fighters. During this episode, two Indian aircraft entered the territory of Pakistan, one of which was shot down.

Again, started by INDIA!

Hasaan Rafique said...

Let's think about Kashmir issue!
In 1948, the freedom fighters along with Pakistani army was about to get hold of Kashmir (which was Pakistan's by right)

But Pakistan RESPECTED UNO's APPEALof ceasefire!

The matter was taken to UNO and at the Commonwealth Conference in Britain, the British Prime Minister Harold Wilson successfully persuaded both India and Pakistan to sign an agreement on June 30 to resolve the dispute. According to the agreement, INDIA WAS TO CONDUCT A REFERENDUM TO ASK KASHMIR's PEOPLE WHETHER THEY WANT TO JOIN PAKISTAN OR INDIA!


This is the character of India, which i had to mention here. I am sorry that a talk of IPL started all this exposure of India's true nature, but purely, your uneducated comments made me do it.

ReeBz said...

@Hasaan thanks for detailed comments with full historical records.

@ Sandy now take your time to read and please come back with logic only!

Komal Khan said...

ReeBz sandy couldn't defend India even in terms of IPL only. How would he be able to bear this much load and woh bhi with LOGIC!!!

Big task for him..

Ammaar Rafique said...

As for your comment Hasaan, the thing that you pointed out was that Indian Government did not carry out the referendum.
It is nothing new, search the Indo-Pak history for the following pages.
1. 1971
2. 1948
3. 1947
4. 1999

And you will see that it is the ordinary habit of the extremist Hindus.

And my message to dear sandy.
1. I am an ignorant Pakistani.(was ignorant till today about the thinking of true extremist Hindus about Muslims)
2. And since there has not been any referendum in Kashmir, how can you say that Kashmir would join India???

Percentage of Religious groups in Indian administered Kashmir is
1. Kashmir Valley
Muslim = 95 %
Hindu = 4 %

2. Jammu
Muslim = 30 %
Hindu = 66 %
Other = 4 %

3. Ladakh
Muslim = 46 %
Buddhist = 50 %
Other = 3 %

In 1947-8 India and Pakistan fought their first war over Jammu and Kashmir. Under United Nations' supervision, they agreed to a ceasefire along a line which left one-third of the state - comprising what Pakistan calls Azad Jammu and Kashmir, and the Northern Areas administered by Pakistan and two-thirds, Jammu, Ladakh and the Kashmir Valley, administered by India.

In 1972, under the terms of the Simla agreement, the ceasefire line was renamed the Line of Control.

Although India claims that the entire state is part of India, it has been prepared to accept the Line of Control as the international border, with some possible modifications. Both the US and the UK have also favoured turning the Line of Control into an internationally-recognised frontier.

But Pakistan has consistently refused to accept the Line of Control as the border since the predominantly Muslim Kashmir Valley would remain as part of India. Formalising the status quo also does not take account of the aspirations of those Kashmiris who have been fighting since 1989 for independence for the whole or part of the state.

Source : BBC
Indian/Pakistani Government Censuses

Sandy said...

Yaaa, this is exactly wat I was talking - young Pakis are fed with constant doses by the likes of Zaid Hamid and co.

1 Jaswant Singh's book says a lot of things. Perhaps u chose to read only wat u like chose to ignore the rest. According to whatever I have read, he says that Nehru was as much to blame for Partition as Jinnah, If Nehru and Jinnah had shown enuff flexibility, there wudn't have been any partition. He goes on to say that Jinnah did manage to get a nation state but fails to build it into a Nation, that broke into two in less than 25 years.

2 I have not the read the book but I have read enuff history from varied sources to know what is right and wrong and I am well aware how much history in Indian books is accurate. Here a link. It is a research by two Pakistani Historians which expose variety of lies of the Paki History books.

3 Each nation chooses to tell history in its own way which is often biased. As far as 1965 war goes, let me set the record straight. India says Pak started the war while India alleges the exact opposite. In reality it was Pakistan who attacked Kashmir. Kashmir was a disputed territory and according to Paki version it did not cross international border. India had made clear that an attack on Kashmir wud tantamount to attack on India and would be dealt accordingly. This is exactly that happened.

As far as the result of the war goes, both India and Pak had some portion of each others land. The war was a deadlock and Pak in no way had won. Pak had got lots of military aid from US after it joined their bloc. They had the quality in weopons while India had the quantity. Moreover, India had recently fought against China.

4 Regarding Kargil, this is a gr8 story. I am Mr Zaid Hamid must b extremely glad how his stories are being believed by ordinary Pakis. Why is it none these stories are believed by rest of the world.

5 India agreed to conduct referendum. But it was also agreed that Pakis would give away control of Kashmir and elections wud b conducted when Pak troops leave. It wud happen under independent observers. The wicked Pakis never did that.

6 26/11 was done by RAW....wah wah ....kya baat hai. U know, perhaps this is the reason why Pakis around the world are viewed with suspicion and frisked separately at airports.

I was absolutely certain, u will never answer the question that why haven't Pakis fought for their own right to self determination. And u haven't disappointed me either. Yeh to bahut difficult question tha hi.

Par tumne yeh bhi nahin bataya ki how did Junagarh become part of Pakistan? I was hoping to hear another conpiracy theory from u? Are bhai, ek Zaid sahib ko phone ghumaa kar zaara pooch to lo.

ReeBz said...

Komal and Ammar thanks for joining :)
@ sandy
your all questions have already been answered in detail by other commentators.
about self determination, whether we enjoy it or not, its not at all your headache!
as similarly its not my head ache that why thousands of Indians dying with a filthy disease "AIDS" per year on foot paths !! and why River Ganga is the world's dirty river, and why Indian women are burned with the pyre of their husbands!!why there are so many castes in india! i had an indian friend who converted into buddhism as she was first "shuddar" and was annoyed by the attitude of upper class indians!so dear here we are supposed to discuss only those issues which are in one way or other related with both Indians and Pakistanis!if its purely our issue then there should be no ache in your stomach!

Dont get jealous from Zaid sahab if you don't have any such great motivator!

and please sandy pay some attention to your style it sounds provoking which all of us are avoiding except you!

Sandy said...

U r absolutely right, it is not at all my headache. If u wish to be subservient, so be it.

@Ammaar Rafique
U r rite when u say that no referendum has happened and it does not means that Kashmiris shall choose to join India. But i am not sure whether they wud want to join Pakistan, particularly in its present form. I leave that question to Kashmiris.

But when the Pakis talk abt the rights of Kashmiris, they forget one basic fact - people in Northern areas or Azad Kashmir hardly have any rights. Only very recently have elections taken place in NA (after 63 years)

As far as history goes, its better u check out independent sources. I have provided one such link which is actually a research done by two Pakis. It clearly points out anomalies like who won the 1965 war or various facts about Partition. It directly attacks Pak history books.

However, if u choose to remain ignorant, so it be. If India was really responsible all this while why was Pakistan isolated in the international community in 1999 after Kargil adventure. U have the right to remain ignorant.

I am not jealous at all. I am thankful that there is no such Zaid on this side of the border.

And far as India is concerned, people in Pakistan are brought up demonizing India. We in India are divided along caste, class, language and religion. Gender divides right between all of them. Yet we have lived together as one nation. Nowhere else in the world u wud come across such a diverse country.

If u plot a graph with all countries across the world, you would notice all countries that r poor have some form of dictatorships. India is huge outlier in this. It is poor and diverse, and it is still a fully functioning democracy. Of course there are some flaws. Numerous predictions had been that its poverty and diversity will lead to its balkanization or military dictatorship. No of that has happened and is unlikely to happen either. Such is India.

In 2007, when Pakistan lost to India in T20 final, Paki captain thanked Muslims all over the world for supporting the team. Such is Pakistan where everything starts and ends with religion. Shoib Malik forgot that there were 3 Muslims in the Indian Team that defeated them. And ofcourse, even that very religion itself wasn't powerful enuf to hold things together. Bengalis parted ways. There is continous sectorian tension. Migrants are still called Mohajirs.

Pakistan chose to go for the traditional definition of nation state which states that people are bound by a common culture, language and religion. It tried to suppress the Bengali and Baloch languages and push Urdu. India on the other hand chose to create a new definition of a nation state where people live together despite their differences.

Just look at Sri Lanka, even there they tried to suppress the Tamil language. Thankfully LTTE is gone and there are effort to reintegrate the Tamils. Diversity is to be celebrated and not suppressed. Pakistan needs to learn from its past and adopt a different approach to sort out its baloch problem.

And lastly, surely I have been provoking u all. But so have u all. To suggest that Kashmiris are fighting a war of independence, where are such a huge quantity of arms coming. And to suggest that RAW conducted 26/11 or that Pakistan has always tried to make peace is as provoking.

And do u really think u r qualified to talk about logic particularly when u suggested that just becoz Muslim have ruled for 1000 yrs they shall continue to do so. British ruled for 200 yrs and they are today no where near their prime and neither they will ever get back there.

Sandy said...

I forgot ask, plzz tell me, how come Junagarh is a part of Pakistan. Iska jawaab to tumne diyaa nahin. I was really hoping for an interesting conspiracy theory from u? Why dont u ask Zaid sahib?

ReeBz said...

@ sandy find the answers of junagadh and Amiritsir in my above posts. i'm not fond of repeating myself again and again as i have already mentioned!
Thanks god that we have great ppl like zaid hamid but no any party like "Sheo-sina" who hate Muslims of the India and is responsible for their massacre!
Plus how can you say that India chose to live with no differences? Mr. you are the most ignorant guy of the world or you have chosen yourself to be so! India's religion is based on "several differences". I dont wanna target religion in any way but it has now become necessary but believe me there shall be no is just a fact.Hindus even differentiate between gods.this is rain god, that is crops god and blah blah. When there will be so many differences in such a basic thing then how come you ppl can survive without differentiating man?

You have a prob you keep on jumping already clarified items but the questions we ask you just ignore them.
It were Us- the Muslims who saved your mothers and sisters from being burned with the pyres of their husbands!you have cruel traditions. M i wrong??

about Language,dont you have Hindi as a national language?Urdu is national language just to establish a common way of conversation! all other languages do enjoy their freedom.About Bengal, it was Indian clever policies which created quarrels between East Pakistan and West Pakistan. if you call it so, then look up in ur surroundings, more than 45 movements are there who want separation from India!Time to shame !

ReeBz said...

Attention Sandy!
I'm closing this discussion here, as i dont want my blogsite a place of quarrel specially with a person like you, you are too clever and turn all the facts in your favor, but we all know that it is only the bundle of lies.
Hindu banya has always been considered as most " CHALAK" you claim to win 1965 war, so ya you won but only on table! you cant defeat our army into battle field mind it!

secondly, there are no talibans here, you just watch biased media reports. If there were any taliban and as they are considered the Islamic extremist, they would be bombing and killing those of hindu minorities existing here, or in dance clubs and at the places of gambling but why they are killing and doing suicide attacks in mosques only?Dare to think about it?
Most of the dead bodies of Taliban showed that they were not Muslims!!!

Moreover your behavior and treatment with Kashmiris show that it is not yours or if it is yours it proves that the rights of minorities are not protected in so called secular state "INDIA".

Our ladies are most safe in Pakistan the respect Islam has given to women no other religion can claim! you ppl use women like tissue paper!Shame!

LOL!when you dont know anything better dont speak! English is our official language and at most schools, unis and colleges English is the medium of study!

Secondly if you claim that kashmir is yours by this theory, then be aware, dont speak a word if we try to get junagard and AMRITSIR both back from you! will you let our forces do same, your army is doing in kashmir?

ReeBz said...

your comment was rejected by mistake, if you want you can send your closing comment once again.
by the way Sandy do check my latest post. It is specially for you!

filpaki said...

hey whats going on here!!
but m happy we defeated indian in everyfield even here :D

Anonymous said...

nice job sandy! haha all these pakis seem to have no good answers and together couldn't handle him. and there is one character saying "we defeated indian...." jealous losers

ReeBz said...

@ anonymous:
It seems that you yourself had nothing logical to say.. it is so clear and obvious by your comments. please next time come up with something logical and knowledgeable which can support your comment which you make in your defense :D

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