Monday, October 31, 2011

Apna Network launches Apna Lahore FM

Colours of life and fun are now here to entertain the fans of radio in Lahore. Radio being the narrow casted medium is gaining much attention and popularity among all age groups specially in the youth. Radio therefore, can help changing the opinions and educating the masses in a constructive way.

Apna FM Network after the successful launch of Apna Multan FM 88, launched Apna Lahore FM 107.4 (Lahore ki Awaz) on Saturday 29th October, 2011 at Avari hotel Lahore. We hope that Apna Lahore will do great business like Apna Karachi 107 and will spread the shades of love, joy and cheers in the city.

I was lucky enough to be invited in the launching ceremony of 107.4 by the "Networking Head of Apna FM"- Syed Ather Raza Ajnabi. No doubt, the ceremony was amazing which was attended by media buying houses, renowned artists, government officials and advertising agencies etc.Arif Lohar's presence thrilled the huge crowd and his performance gave a new life to all the attendees. I had a brand new experience to have enjoyed such an energetic and scintillating launching ceremony.

While speaking to the ceremony CEO of Apna Fm said that he believes on covering the news from where it happens, when it happen and as it happens. We hope that the addition of this frequency to Lahore Radio stations will give  a new definition to event and news coverages as well as will make it self strong enough to indulge both info and fun seekers with it.

Got this promotional stuff at the end
 I congratulate the entire team of Apna Fm and Syed Ather Raza to successfully launch a great medium for the people of Lahore :)
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Empowering the Women: UET Women Empowerment Forum

"Woman must not accept; she must challenge. She must not be awed by that which has been built up around her; she must reverence that woman in her which struggles for expression”- Margaret Sanger

The exuberant UET- Techno Fest event, along with technical projects and presentations, competitions solely for the young engineers, also focused on “Women empowerment”, which in fact is the real need of the time.
Women empowerment is not an issue which is confined to only under-developed or developing countries. Women all across the world have to suffer from innumerable challenges. In order to get success they have to strive hard. However, with the increasing awareness, the term “women empowerment” has caught the attention. Both women and men, who were outraged by suppression of women’s talent, have taken initiatives to strengthen the skills already present in the women on a global level. Moreover, steps are being taken to convert them into a productive element for the country where they can walk side by side with the men of the society.
Pakistan, though a developing state, has given a lot importance to women empowerment. Due to state’s and non-state’s efforts, Pakistan has produced several women which are a symbol of proud for the country. Some of the examples are Naseem Hameed- Gold medalist of SAF games, Nameera Sameel- first Pakistani explorer to reach to the North and south poles and Saba Khan- Pakistan’s first fighter pilot.
Therefore, by realizing the need of hour, UET organized a seminar on women empowerment. The seminar emphasized on the importance of women in the field, and challenges which they have to face with. The purpose behind the seminar was to appreciate and encourage young girls in the field of engineering. The motivational speeches of speakers present in the forum served as an inspiration which illuminated their paths even more. The series of events were planned by WIE-UET (Women in engineering) Affinity group.
Women in Engineering (WIE) is one of the world's leading professional organizations which promotes the importance of women engineers as successful professionals and technologists.
According to IEEE website, “For the very first time in the history of UET, its IEEE who has taken a great initiative by establishing a vibrant community for women engineers known as "IEEE UET Women in Engineering". IEEE has opened new horizons and has provided a platform to women engineers where they can show their talent and serve technology. IEEE WIE recognizes and appreciates women's outstanding achievements in electrical and electronics engineering. It's the golden chance for women engineers in UET to come forward and make this world realize their worth and recognize their exceptional work and skills.”
WIE aims at encouraging, inspiring and acknowledging women engineers across the globe. IEEE WIE focuses at increasing career opportunities and providing a professional, economical and social support to women worldwide.

The women empowerment forum included:
• A lecture on “Women social Development” by a professional trainer.
• A talk titled why to join WIE?
• Launching ceremony of Pakistan WIE forum promotion project.
• A panel discussion, where successful professional women engineers spoke about how they built their careers by keeping the balance of their private lives intact. A session for questions and answers also took place at the end of the discussion.

WIE also arranged competitions to keep the event interactive. There were competitions for sketching, photography and a quiz featuring general knowledge, technical and entertainment questions. A competition “conceptualize your notion” also took place in which participants were asked to make flyer/ brochure on Adobe Photoshop CS4 to publicize the given theme effectively. This competition lasted for an hour.
While speaking to the forum speakers were of the view, that in order to achieve goals, woman of today needs to be brave, confident and emotionally strong. Speakers emphasized that self-discovery and self-understanding is the key to success. From the early stages of education, teachers and parents should help girls to choose the subject of their interest instead of imposing their demands on the young student.

One of the speaker encouraged attendees to depend on themselves rather than waiting for others for holding their fingers in order to take them ahead. “Trust yourself, and move forward” she added.
While responding to a question related to male chauvinism in the professional fields, a speaker replied that, now, the time has arrived to change the mindset of employers. “Employers should trust females, as they are full of talent and skills,” she said.

The event ended on a note of services by famous women for instance Benazir Bhutto- first Pakistani Prime Minister, Sania Mirza, Indra Gandhi etc who even with all the hardships moved forward by kicking off all the obstacles of their way.
"Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead."
—Louisa May Alcott

This is the Second Part of UET Techno Fest Event, 2011

See the: Direct Link to the coverage for MORE Magazine

Read first part of UET event here: UET Techno fest event
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Spring of Autumn Now Accepts Advertisements

I have been contacted by international advertisers several times to place their ads on my blog. For foreign advertisers, I will give my paypal account details when contacted.

I am pleased to inform that Springofautumn, now accepts all types of advertisements (graphic,text link,or graphic+text) from local advertisers. Ofcourse the rates for all types of advertisements will vary. Initially I am offering space at the sidebar only. However I shall be honored, if you wish to buy my place at header etc. (Rates for header will be decided in an individual chat session/discussion)

Following are the rates based on Google page ranking, unique site visitors and page views per month.

Stats of Springofautumn:

Google page rank: 3
Page views per month: 14,000 to 15000
Highest page views:1823 page views in a day.

Most of the traffic is sent through search engines and is direct traffic. Rest of the traffic is generated by referring sites.

Springofautumn's Declared Rates for Ads:
  • Text Link: US$20/month
  • Graphic Ad: US$ 40/month
  • Graphic+Text: US$ 80/momth
 Advertisement Policy:

1.All the payments shall be accepted only in Advance mode. Your ads will be placed within three days after I receive the payments.
2. Payments are accepted through money transfer in my account only.(For Pakistani advertisers)( Details will be provided in an email)
3. All advertisers who desire to place their ad must send a copy of their CNIC and their current Picture.
4. Advertisements shall be placed for which there shall be an agreement between me and the advertisers. For the time being I am selling place at my sidebar for 1 month,3 months,6 months and 12 months.
5. All the rates mentioned above are negotiable.

Springofautumn seeks to establish long term and beneficial relationships with the local advertisers. Foreign advertisers are also most welcome.
Contact at:
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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Garnier Light: Use ONLY, if You Want Your Skin to Breakout!

Few months back in scorching summers, I happened to buy Garnier Light with SPF 15. The company focuses for making the skin tone fairer within 28 days and also claims to protect your skin with harmful UV rays.

It is enriched with natural ingredients, where Lemon is considered as the main agent, to make your skin fairer with powerful protecting qualities of SPF15. The packaging, the advertisement and every singe detail involved in the promotion of Garnier 15 from the brand is so attractive, that you will end up buying one jar for yourself. However, you are definitely going to regret later on.

 I was happy to try the 28 days Garnier challenge, but unfortunately the claims made by the company could not prove the quality as promised. Seriously I could not use it for more than 3 days. It broke me out so terribly that its beyond explanation. I have a very oily skin, and I must say Garnier Light acts as a full fatal enemy to your face if you possess an oily skin like me. I tried it on my sister's face who has comparatively less oily facial skin but it also showed worse results on her face. It feels heavy on application and makes face look greasy.

You can see the texture of cream here, how unpleasantly thick!

I wish I could use it for 28 days, but it would be a serious enmity towards my face. I doubt its fairness qualities as well. It will just break you out by developing lots of pimples which every girl hates. My rating for Garnier Light is 0/10!
I know there might be some people with good experiences,therefore, you are welcome to share your views.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Fizy's Art-Introducing New Ideas

The land of Pakistan is full of talent and creativity. Be it any field, Pakistan is rich in smartness. While surfing online, I stumbled upon a very refined artistic brand from Karachi "Fizy's Art" who has modified the definition of handcrafted products by her bright new and unique ideas. I have seen lots of hand made work, but the work  Faiza Bhati is doing, you will definitely fall in love with,after reading this post.

The love, the efforts and the colors of happiness she is spreading by her work is matchless. Every inch, and every little detail of her products reflect the joy and excitement with full care with which they have been created. She is making scrapbooks, tag books, albums, greeting cards, notebooks, paper bags etc. In short I have never seen such a creative use of "PAPER"ever! Her talent speaks for itself when you see her customized work. Yes, she also accept customized orders and works on the given theme certainly for "you", for "us"
A very creative and beautiful card from Fizy!

My special love falls for her "Tag books" Seriously I have never ever experienced such a beauty in my life. According to Fizy : "Tag Books make perfect lil gifts for friends, family and special ones! ♥.Each tag book has 6 pages with photo frames and 12 tags for your notes and messages...unique as they can't be recreated as it is....we can make something similar but not exactly the same design!! so tell us how would you like your tag book/photo album and we'll create something very cute for YOU only!!"

Tag book- Front view

These tag books will simply be your treasure for all your coming life. Since they protect by conserving your captured beautiful memories , you are definitely going to grab yours! I am in love with everything. Not only the products but even the photography is extremely professional. you can also get yourself a customized tag book box to feel even more classy.
Tagbook box
Here is a thematic Navy scrapbook. Keep your eyes rolling from one pic to another :)

Just notice the intricate details. Aint it look perfect? I salute her creativity and her matchless abilities of designing new products with such an enthusiasm. I wish I could write more, but i simply have no words which could define the beauty of Fizy's work. Like her tagbooks, scrapbooks etc make you and your beloveds feel beautiful, I decided to give the same feeling to my blog by featuring her work in a post =)

Browse through more of her work here: Fizy's Art
Contact her at

Disclaimer: This is NOT an advertisement or a paid article. Author has featured it for her undefinable love and respect of Pakistani talent and creativity.
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

USA Tactics: "HAQQANI NETWORK" is actually "OSAMA" and "SADDAM" reborn

If we consider the history of America, we shall definitely come to know a rule they have frequently used: they always create THEIR men in every part of the world, and after using them, dispose them off like trash.

We saw this quite recently in the case of Saddam Hussain & in the case of Osama bin Laden. Earlier, the same happened with Gen. Zia ul Haq, the former president of Pakistan. The case of Shah e Iran was no different. After taking full advantage of them, the US used them as scapegoats to cover their failure.

Now in the aftermaths of the Afghan war, the US is finding another scapegoat and this seems to be Pakistan. By blaming the links of Haqqani network with Pakistan, they simply want to blame us for what they have failed to achieve in Afghanistan. In reality Haqqani network is no different from Osama Bin Laden or Saddam Hussain used by US in different times.
Let us consider each of them separately:

Saddam Hussain had been America's blue-eyed - clearly evident from the" neutrality” America acquired during Iran-Iraq war. In 1979, after Khomeni revolution a number of diplomatic hostages of the US were held by Iran. Carter’s administration also wanted to seize control of the oil fields in Iran and they could not have done this by their own marines because this would mean stimulating the Soviet Union to act under UN charter and stop America's progress. So, they looked towards Saddam who seemed to be pleased with this support.

An article written by Francis A. Boyle published in the Washington Post in February 1986 suggested Read more at "The Absolute Verdict"
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