Thursday, October 20, 2011

Spring of Autumn Now Accepts Advertisements

I have been contacted by international advertisers several times to place their ads on my blog. For foreign advertisers, I will give my paypal account details when contacted.

I am pleased to inform that Springofautumn, now accepts all types of advertisements (graphic,text link,or graphic+text) from local advertisers. Ofcourse the rates for all types of advertisements will vary. Initially I am offering space at the sidebar only. However I shall be honored, if you wish to buy my place at header etc. (Rates for header will be decided in an individual chat session/discussion)

Following are the rates based on Google page ranking, unique site visitors and page views per month.

Stats of Springofautumn:

Google page rank: 3
Page views per month: 14,000 to 15000
Highest page views:1823 page views in a day.

Most of the traffic is sent through search engines and is direct traffic. Rest of the traffic is generated by referring sites.

Springofautumn's Declared Rates for Ads:
  • Text Link: US$20/month
  • Graphic Ad: US$ 40/month
  • Graphic+Text: US$ 80/momth
 Advertisement Policy:

1.All the payments shall be accepted only in Advance mode. Your ads will be placed within three days after I receive the payments.
2. Payments are accepted through money transfer in my account only.(For Pakistani advertisers)( Details will be provided in an email)
3. All advertisers who desire to place their ad must send a copy of their CNIC and their current Picture.
4. Advertisements shall be placed for which there shall be an agreement between me and the advertisers. For the time being I am selling place at my sidebar for 1 month,3 months,6 months and 12 months.
5. All the rates mentioned above are negotiable.

Springofautumn seeks to establish long term and beneficial relationships with the local advertisers. Foreign advertisers are also most welcome.
Contact at:


rIZ said...

whoa! :D

Omer ali said...

and what are the prices like ?

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