Sunday, October 16, 2011

Garnier Light: Use ONLY, if You Want Your Skin to Breakout!

Few months back in scorching summers, I happened to buy Garnier Light with SPF 15. The company focuses for making the skin tone fairer within 28 days and also claims to protect your skin with harmful UV rays.

It is enriched with natural ingredients, where Lemon is considered as the main agent, to make your skin fairer with powerful protecting qualities of SPF15. The packaging, the advertisement and every singe detail involved in the promotion of Garnier 15 from the brand is so attractive, that you will end up buying one jar for yourself. However, you are definitely going to regret later on.

 I was happy to try the 28 days Garnier challenge, but unfortunately the claims made by the company could not prove the quality as promised. Seriously I could not use it for more than 3 days. It broke me out so terribly that its beyond explanation. I have a very oily skin, and I must say Garnier Light acts as a full fatal enemy to your face if you possess an oily skin like me. I tried it on my sister's face who has comparatively less oily facial skin but it also showed worse results on her face. It feels heavy on application and makes face look greasy.

You can see the texture of cream here, how unpleasantly thick!

I wish I could use it for 28 days, but it would be a serious enmity towards my face. I doubt its fairness qualities as well. It will just break you out by developing lots of pimples which every girl hates. My rating for Garnier Light is 0/10!
I know there might be some people with good experiences,therefore, you are welcome to share your views.



smarty said...

I will 100% agree with you. though my skin is somewhat anti pimples, it still made my face looked greasy.

hina said...

It did not do so bad with my face bit it will be wrong if i say that i like this. I will not feel like buying it again.

Anonymous said...

Yooooooooooo yoo eek Eek! hateee it........ ohh you have seems are talking about meee.

HTC Pakistan said...

Visiting your blog for the first time really great stuff thanks..

ReeBz said...

Smarty thanks for sharing your experience.

ReeBz said...


Hmm,thanks for sharing your experience :)

ReeBz said...

lolz i really couldnot figure out that what did you want to say. However i accepted your comment and published it. May be someone can understand:P Sorry i donot mean to be offensive :)

Anonymous said...

absolutely made me break out plus the pimples took long to completely go away..poor after results:(

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