Thursday, October 6, 2011

Khadim-e-Punjab: To control Dengue?

Dengue outbreak has affected all Pakistan but the devastating danger it has caused to Punjab,yet Lahore alone finds no similar match in the history of Pakistan. Several non profitable organizations and critics kept warning government that anti-dengue sprays should be done in the residential and commercial areas when the monsoon downpours had hit the city. Since the rain-water provides the perfect and complete breeding situation of dengue virus, there had been a high need need of dengue-awareness campaigns and measures for combating the infection at government level. However, Khadim-e-Punjab paid no serious attention. Till now according to the latest news received, death toll in Punjab has reached to 152 as reported by the Express Tribune. Moreover the total number of dengue cases in province has reached 13,399, out which 11,627 cases are from Lahore alone. This is an alarming situation, which has fetched international medical teams to Pakistan. However, it seems that none of them has managed to devise a way for defeating the dengue virus in the country yet.Dengue is a global threat but the damage it is causing in Pakistan needs some determined curbs.

Apparently, Shahabz Shareef- Khadim-e-Punjab, has been fighting against the killer mosquito by visiting  hospitals specified for Dengue patients personally and by arranging seminars etc. However, one should not forget that "We need actions, more than words". Sub-standard anti-dengue sprays including spraying used mobil oil in the dengue affected areas, price hike and shortage of common medicines like "Panadol" and mosquito repellent lotions/sprays define the failure of Punjab government in combating the deadly virus.  It is also a point to be noticed that releasing orders only is not enough, CM is also responsible to keep a check on all the authorities for whether or not, the imposed policies are followed. The fixed rated for CBC test reports are PKR 90. However, government hospitals are still charging the patients with heavy fees that ranges from Rs 250-500 in some cases. I personally paid a visit to "Ghurki hospital", by reading a Punjab govt ad in newspaper , and was disappointed to find out that, the mentioned hospital is charging patients with Rs 250/- instead of Rs 90/- Complaining on toll free number 080099000 also could not make any noticeable good. This is just one hospital, I am sure that the other labs must be doing the same.

I have noticed, that the government is paying much attention to advertising and self-praise instead of controlling the epidemic.Rather than, spending heavily on advertising, if CM pays more attention to the benefit of dengue patients, then it will possibly make a difference. On the other hand, when government has failed to control its own institutes it has ordered private labs and hospitals to do all the tests for free. Now this is the most insane idea of CM to come up with. When you are neither funding the private clinics, nor providing them dengue control kits, sprays and machines then how can you impose such a policy? This has pushed several private doctors into a big loss. I agree, there must be a complete check and balance on private hospitals, but to facilitate the war against dengue, government should allocate funds for the private hospitals as well.

Contradictory to CM's announcements Ittefaq Hospital is also taking the full benefit from the situation. Watch here

Pakistan has become a state having no power, no electricity/gas and inflation of consumables. Not only Punjab government, but Mr. President needs to be thrown away! Off to the the official records, Pakistan will be one of the richest state if all of its wealth from MPA's is brought in the banks of Pakistan. Lets talk only about Khadime Punjab. According to Daily Dawn CM is the richest member of Punjab Assembly with the assets of Rs 489.64 millions in the country and abroad. He has four properties in UK worth Rs 175.6 million. He and his wife own agricultural, non agricultural lands, land cruiser and has shown investments in sugar,paper,dairy,textile mills and poultry farms etc.Just a food for thought that if he really is a "Khadime Punjab" then why not he feels like spending some of his private money for the sake of his people? Plus, is there any scale to judge that from where he has gathered so much of money?Of course by corruption!
"There are eight investigations and two inquiries pending with the NAB regarding alleged corruption and misuse of authority mainly involving Mian Nawaz Sharif and in one case against his younger brother Shahbaz Sharif." Source: CoulmnPk

P.S: If you are a Lahorite do comment about anti-dengue spray in your area in the comment section below. Must remember that anti-dengue spray should always be done in every 9 days, best if it is done in every 3 days. Keep in mind that dengue fever is not fatal, so if you are diagnosed with one do not panic, take a good fluid diet and avoid ALL antibiotics.


The AbsoluteVerdict Team said...

I hate the dramas of Shehbaz Sharif. He always acts like a hypocrite and tries to show he cares for the people.

Caring for people doesn't mean that you merely lower the rates of tests to Rs. 90 (to avoid others getting credit for changing their rates first to 80). Something practical should be done if you REALLY care.

Here's a fact about Shehbaz Sharif:

The Food Department of Pakistan had 9000 tons of anti-dengue sprays/medicines stored. The requirement for facing the current crisis was 5000 tons.

Shehbaz Sharif got a party-member friend of his to IMPORT 5000 tons from India. Only AFTER they were imported did he come to know that Pakistan already had 9000 tons and there was no need to import more.

Either he was an ignorant idiot or he did it to reward his friend with an opportunity for corruption!

Saiyad Naiyarul Hasan said...

You are right dear the Slogan of Everyone in the Government is "Look Busy do nothing', either it is so called Khadim-e-Aala, or the comedy king "Gillani".

In real all are making fool out of us, and we the stupid ones are helping them out.

Blaming is the easiest thing, we need to get up and throw them out. In my book, if we are dare to change, we don't need to blame.

Keep it up.

Sharmeela said...

wow, what a write up. Reebz you are such nice writer please do start writing professionaly too dont waiste your talent i can see a big writer in you.


ReeBz said...

The AbsoluteVerdict Team

Thanks for the factual comment. I always love the comments which add up to the value of the already written content. however, i always look for the sources. It simply makes your statement credible even more.

ReeBz said...

Saiyad Naiyarul Hasan

Thanks for commenting.I agree with you that we the stupids are helping them out. We are the only responsible people who cast votes to such terrific leaders!

ReeBz said...


A very warm welcome at my blog. I also write professionally. You missed the profile description i think :) Thanks for the suggestion:)

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

I'd like to disagree with you over here. This guy needs more appreciation rather than criticism.

You have lived in Karachi, and you know we NEVER had a Active Chief minister. In fact apart from the Mustafa Kamal era, there has been no signs of any governmental activity in Sindh.

On the other hand, a lot of work has been done in Punjab. Dengue is not an issue. It is just a media hyped issue. Search the web and you'll find that Dengue is not lethal.

ReeBz said...

so when did i say that dengue is fatal? but our govt has made it so!its quite absurd dt u r asking me to search web when i hv written a full reserached article!i wd be rather more happy if u aslo had presented some facts to justify ur statement. secondly, you r right. i hv lived in khi nd now living in lahore, so you cant compare both the cities better than i do:) i still think that lhr is lot backward dn khi! i personally hv lost czn due to dengue, so it just is not a media hype!

Kiran Ashraf said...

dengue is a pretty serious issue, i know somebody who suffered from it and i know how it feels when u see a loved one on the verge of death. at first i really thought that the punjab govt. would be more active in solving it but all i heard was promises and ways (not implememnted yet) to solve this issue. plus our media actually made a mockery out of all this by giving headlines like, "machar jeet gaya khadim hsar gaye" "aik machar sab pay bhari" i mean thts jus shows how heartless w have become. great post

ReeBz said...

Kiran i agree with you. Media instead of creating hope is mainly playing role of a frightening body. at the same time its the duty of media to keep its people aware. Telling about deaths and new cases is the duty of media, however there is a real need that media tries to lessen the fear. Certain strategies must need to be formed in this regard.

R. Ramesh said...

media..this way or that way is always is controlled boss everywhere..either by politicians or the bosses or the corporates...there is nothing called perfect media -the fourth estate- anymore..and it is a known fact..hey..good post ya..

CN said...

How relieved I felt when at the end I read that this terrible nuisance is not fatal! I was beginning to fear for my friends and others there.

You have a way of putting together the indisputable facts which should lead to a pragmatic and increasingly effective activism for ACTUAL change. Along with your gifts as a journlist and someone who perseveres with details, you have what it takes now to flourish as a small book writer for starts. Why not begin now? Of few regrets regarding my youth, I would have liked a few older writers encouraging me to take my talkent seriously YOUNG.

I can scarcely believe the enormous difference in your writing month by month, year by year. Yet you also possessed seeds of the same perfection when I first "met" you online.

Congratulations for your hard work and honing your skills.

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